Maan stood at the door watching his wifey keenly. He just wanted to give some space to absorb everything that happened in last few hours. 

His eyes widen seeing her taking pills. He clinched his fist and rushed inside. Before Geet could even open the tab he grabbed her wrist startling her. 

Yeh kya hai? He asked obvious still wanted to hear from her mouth. 

Sleeping pills…she shivered under his strong hold.


Woh Hume neend nahi aayegi…Aaj .she stammered looking down not dare to look at him least she wanted to see his anger again.

But Maan was so worried for her, he was frustrated not furious. She was not ready to open up and he felt helpless first time in his life that couldn’t able to help her even.

He knew he became strict to her for a while but that was for her own good.

When she will understand him, she even did not trust him a bit to reveal her past.

He sighed, as he thought about the time when he stepped inside doctors room to heard her crying 

She wanted to reveal something but her words stopped seeing him there.

Geet had quickly wiped her tears seeing him there in fear of his anger.

Neelam notice everything, she made her drink water and ended the meeting there only.

Geet had walked out silently still dazed in her past. He had hold her hand, are you okay? She only nodded not able to meet his questions gaze.

I want to go home. She mumbled only audible to him. He agreed and took her home directly still thinking about the solution to pull her out of this depression.

Dadi had suddenly engulfed her in her motherly hug surprising Geet, I am sorry beta, I didn’t know about your health. 

Geet became more upset, means if she not have been ill then dadi ma had never changed her I’ll thoughts about her. She must be surely feeling pity on her.

Hum bilkul thik hai dadi ma, why are you saying so? Geet muster the courage to ask.

I know beta, Maan told us everything.

Everything!? Means what else he told Dadi ma, Geet looked at Maan, he guess her look, clearly disapproving.

He sighed, Geet I didn’t want to, dadima instisted. 

It’s okay! She mumbled although disappointed with all the happenings around her.

She take a step to go but felt heaviness in her head, and lost her balance. 

Geet, sambhalke beta..dadi gasped but Maan quickly held her securely in his arms.

Sweetheart!! He whispered and she opened her dizzy eyes. He just scoop her taking her to their room.


Now with everything swirling inside her head, she couldn’t sleep. 

How are you so sure that you won’t get sleep without these? He asked in clear strong voice showing her the bottle and next moment that was on the floor.

Geet gasped seeing his angry eyes, you won’t take them again understand!? 

She just nodded her head fearfully, come now, go to sleep. He grabbed her delicate wrist and pushed her gently to the bed. 

Geet just followed his words not wanted to upset him more. Already her behavior must be irritating him. but what should I do Maan, that’s why I was not marrying you. Humne khudke sath aapki life bhi kharab kar di. What would he get from this marriage, nothing but seeing me like this , will bear immense pain. And no happiness but only frustration. She cursed herself and her fate for ruining his life as well. 

Dil haay dil mera dil hai dil
Kab banjayega tere kaabil
Mera dil haay dil mera dil haay dil

How could she rectify it now. She knew she will not be cure soon adding to his miseries. She wasn’t able to open up to him. Kaisi patni hai hum…tears were rolling down her close eyes as she rolled her body in the corner of bed.

Her thick hair fanned about her face on the pillow. She had drawn herself into a tight ball, her knees close to her chest. His expression softened.

He  sighed, noticing her posture. But he calmed himself and sat near her.

She curled on her side, away from him. He lay quietly, listening a moment to her breathing. Jaan…” He extended his arm until his hand touched her smooth flesh. He lightly stroked her spine, his fingers resting a moment at the small of her back, trying to make her relax.

But Geet broke into sobs hearing his sweet voice  and next moment buried her face into his stomach crying furiously.

What happened? Rona band karo Geet. He tucked her hair behind her ear, wiping her tears, few more tailed down from her close eyes. 

Hume neend nahi aa rahi, I can’t sleep. 

Bas itni si baat ? And you are crying? 

She shook her head in no snuggling more closer, not really noticing their position. 

Maan groaned feeling her warm breath on his ma***** . 

Kya hua .she hiccups asking him so, as she left him.

You are innocent devil, torture me and asking what happened? He teased with smirk, 

But geet did not get the meaning of his words, she thought otherwise and sniffed again, I am sorry. I know I do nothing to make you happy but trouble you only. 

Geet..Maan groaned angrily pushing her back he hovered her. She stopped crying and looked at him with her teary doe eyes.

There is one thing you can make me happy with ..he whispered huskily eyeing her shivering lips, then his gaze darkened as it moved down to her cleavage which was poping out from her night dress.

Sweet blush covered her face getting his intention. Her heartbeat raised manically. She shuddered under his body weight as he pressed himself more poking his hardness the her core.

Maan…she quivered as his lips covered her sweet mouth. He kissed her gently taking his own sweet time not wanted to rush reasoning her health. He only wants to distract her and make her sleep. That’s why he broke apart sliding beside her.

Sleep..he ordered her littarally palming her eyes closing them. 

But still I am not sleepy, she pouted wanted him to love her more. He looked at her and next moment pulled her in his arms patting her head which lay on his chest. 

Geet smiled affectionately at her dear hubby and his attempts to make her sleep. 

I am not baby!! She pulled apart not making him angry, then what are you, I am making you sleep and you!? 

 I am your wife and Koi aise apni patni ko sulata hai kya. She muttered to herself still somewhere fearing his red eyes.

But he heard her and let out a small chuckle before pulling her against his chest again.. sleep Jaan, you need rest.

After a while, 



I love you! 

Love you too Jaan…

Tujhe hameshaa chahoon
Bas chahoon main kahoon
Tera deewana bangaya jaaneman
Tujhe bataaon kaise
Haan kaise main kaise
Tere liye hai pagal har dhadkan

His breath stuck in his throat feeling her feet moving on his calf, he held her leg but that was wrong move as his palm came in contact with her bare thighs.

Geet had been wearing the new night dresses he brought for her as per his instructions.

Now that troubled him. He looked down at her only to see her dark eyes boring into him.

I love you loads…she cupped his jaw affectionately confessing her heart to him again so sensuously. Her heart felt heavy having this amazing man beside take care of her like father does to his baby girl.

Dil haay dil mera dil hai dil
Kab banjayega tere kaabil
Mera dil haay dil mera dil haay dil

And today she just wants to shower her love on him. Her husband who never failed to love her or his any husband duties.

Next moment she captured his mouth for sensous kiss the way Maan had taught her.

He was undone at her innocent passion. He moaned into her open mouth and felt her tongue touch his.

He left arm grasped her hips, and lifted her on top of him. Her eyes were on his face, wide and dazed.

His fingers moving in her hair making her relax, still he only care for her. Her eyes moistened she blinked back the tears not wanted to make him upset.

Maan Jaan…she called out lovingly then blushed seeing his smirk.

Don’t look at me like that or I won’t able to love you! She whispered parting away.

Aise na kaho…he whispered back, holding her wrist planting kisses to her arm length till he reach her armpit, she shuddered with cold as he removed her dress slowly that was just one piece.

Mere haseen sanam aasaan
Kar de ab to meri mushkil
Haay dil haay dil mera dil hai dil
Kab banjayega haay dil.

Now she laid in his arms in just two piece of lingerie.

Maan smirked seeing her burning red for getting his attention.

Maan …she hugged him out of shyness. He felt her breasts pressing against his chest, and wrapped his arms tightly about her back.

Precap –

I am sorry for hiding this from you. But now I want to tell you everything maan, every little secret of my life.

Thank you so much for your support guys..smiley31 I see how much you guys were waiting for this update. smiley17 

Few more updates then this ff will end. stay tune. smiley2

I am planning to continue bodyguard, Aashiq and MSKs lost bride as well. Are you interested…


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