Business Proposal Prologue


She’d found the perfect “stud”

But then she’d known she would. After all, Geet Handa was a diligent and proficient businesswoman. And she’d been just as meticulous in selecting a father for her baby.

All her hard work had led Maan Singh Khurana to her door, a willing participant in this “hazardous short-term experiment,” after she had placed an ad for a “strong, healthy male” and had her doctor screen the candidates. Or so she assumed.

Maan,on the other hand, had come to see Geet for a different reason. Before he could explain that she had the wrong man, they were on their way to her secluded ranch to “get to know each other better.” And that idea intrigued Maan. So did being the father to Geet’s baby … as long as she agreed to “do it the old-fashioned way.”


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