Aap ki Kasam Character Skech

Character Sketch

Maan singh Khurana


Hottest Devil …knows how to play with girls. Hottest bachelor in town.The only heir of khurana empire…full of attitude…can get whatever he needs at his point of finger by hook or crook… spoilt brat. Only money speaks for him.


He is Casanova…have friends group just like him. He is having Nightmares about one woman who tortures him in dreams depriving him of his sleeps.



Pretty Angel… Kind hearted ,sweet,chirpy and Innocent. She was a princess to her parents… was pampered a lot by them…

Soon to be Mrs.MSK


She is soft and bubbly. She is stubborn sometimes. Dreams for her Princee Charming and has strong belief on her dreams and her parents.


A sweet caring and innocent mother of Geet.

Who don’t know much about the outer world. she loves her husband n her daughter to extent. 

Rajveer Singh Khurana

The rude & arrogant business man. MD of Khurana Constructions. He leaves no stone unturned to make his construction company number one not only in India but around the world too. Although successful and powerful yet he is always friendly, caring, and sweet with his only son.  He would do anything for his son and his this pampering or should say ignoring had spoiled Maan.

Savithri devi khurana

maan’s Grandmother. 

Perfect blend of traditional and modern personality. Open minded, sweet and caring..always trying install som morals and values in her grandchild but always faced failure.

her only wish is to see maan happy…knows about her son and grandson very well…

Maan’s friends…

Well, I just realised something need to discover by readers itself while story move forward…

His friends, each have different shades which you guys would discover yourself in the story. 

Do like and comment, please, how do you like the CS.  I am updating from phone, so couldn’t upload other pics, but found it necessary to add maneets pics. 

But definitely will add his friends pictures in updates as per when character is again introduce. 


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