Aap ki Kasam Chapter 4

It was evening, when everyone gathered in the Handa Mansion for Holika Dahan. 

Maan walked down wearing kurta pyjama much to his annoyance, but dadi knows well how to made him do things of her choice. 

She smirked seeing his annoyed face, her gaze went behind him, all boys following behind, descended down as well, making same faces as Maan’s, as he couldn’t leave his friends in peace when he was made to wear traditional clothes, he didn’t leave them, so now all were standing in row before Dadi in traditional clothes, looking handsome as ever. 

Girls from the town began drooling over them. Dadi whacked Rahul who winked at one of the girl making her blush.

Stop this things here…she scolded making all boys pout in annoyance, kaha fas gaye yaar, Armaan whispered.

Maan just rolled his eyes and excused himself. He was just walking aimlessly watching around, when he bumped into something rather soft. And the fragrance was recognized by him. He pulled the girl apart and he forgot to breath , seeing the gorgeous face of the same girl of his nightmares.

She was looking just breathtaking in white traditional clothes she was wearing giving her angelic look.


He kept gaping at her without a blink, his hands clutching her shoulder, unconsciously he pulled her closer. 

Geet gasped feeling his move, she blushed in pink shades, watching his admiring gaze not moving her face at all. She herself was floored seeing him in kurta. He was looking like true prince she had fantasies always. 

Sudden push from the passing by lady brought them back to reality but by now she has landed herself in his arms. Her lips were touching his jaw line making both shuddered with an unknown feeling. 

Geet immediately parted and rushed away from there feeling extremely shy and scare at the same time. 

Maan kept watching her way from where she ran away. It was when his friends nudge him he came out of his la la land. 

Yeh kya hai tere gaal pe. Asked armaan. While Aryan rubbed his cheek with his thumb, examining it, “yeh toh lipstick hai yaar.

Tu toh yaha bhi shuru ho gaya Maan, against dadis warning, bol na kaun hai woh ladki? Rahul smirked devilishly.

Maan’s glare shut everyone, he just stormed off from there not caring to answer.

What happened to him?

He didn’t behave like this before?

Kuch toh hua hai yaar.

Yeah, ..

Let it go guys, might be, he is just frustrated with that girl, Aryan replied indicating to geet and all agreed knowing about his nightmares and it’s effect on his mind.

Soon the rituals began, and all surrounded the Holi fire, making big circle. All were moving in circle praying to the holy fire, while his gaze again caught her sight, she was just before him across the fire…her beauty was glistening in golden light of holi fire. 


At night, Maan couldn’t sleep he kept turning on the bed, her images kept popping behind his close eyes. Her milky waist, body…her hazel eyes, those plump lips, everything started swimming before his eyes making him thirsty for her. He wanted to see her hidden treasure behind those clothes. He jerked up with those wild thoughts of his. 

What the hell I am thinking, don’t forget Maan, she is your enemy not someone to l…

He stopped his thoughts immediately and soon evil smirk appears on his lips. Sure she has to pay for making me go through the hell but who said I can’t lust over her…


Geet looked at her mother sleeping peacefully after waiting for her. But she couldn’t just go to bed, however tired she was…her eyes were thirsty to have his one glimpse…in one meeting he stolen her heart, yes, it was love at first sight for her. He had dream about her of her Prince charming from the time she knows this thing and now seeing Maan and after few moments with him, she knew he is the one for her. She blushed with the thoughts, her whole burn, she began feeling hot just with the reminder of their closeness downstairs. How his strong arms held her closer, pulling her to him. May be, just may be, he also like her. 

She walked out lost in her thoughts and straight way followed the path which her heart shows her.


Maan walked out feeling hot all of a sudden with those wild thoughts, be it in his city, he would have been with one of chicks doing s**… but here in village he couldn’t do much also with dadima hovering all of them. He removed his shirt in frustration and moved out to have some fresh air. 

when he heard some chiming sound behind him. He turned to find the angel of his dreams or should say, the bitch of his nightmares was walking towards him.

Geet has been thinking on her decision of meeting him like this at mid of night. But her restless heart couldn’t stop her from seeing him. She just want to take his one glimpse. 

Her steps halted seeing him looking at her way only. She for a moment mistaken him as someone else but as he approached  small smile enlightened her face, she left a breath finding it’s him but no one else. His presence had given her sense of security from the first meeting. Right now too she felt not less. 

Tum yaha kya kar Rahi ho itni raat Gaye? Asked Maan , already having misconceptions about her. No sane girl from good family would do something like this. And he had not expected from her atleast to meet him at night. 

Maan..” she whispered in her seductive voice caressing his cheek making him shuddered with passion. 


her hands encircled his neck and then move upward in his thick hair giving him sensual feel. Unconsciously he leaned his head in so that his nose was nearly touching hers, and his heart stopped for a moment.


She put her lips on his, her tongue pushing past his lips and tangling with his. he couldn’t resist. he didn’t want to. he just wanted her.

He lowered his hands to her bottom and pulled her tightly against his body, pressing his erection against her belly. Her breasts ached for his touch, their shameless peaks announcing to him just how aroused she was. A pulse throbbed hard between her thighs. 

She moved her hands over the muscles on his back, then around to his chest. Suddenly she pulled apart feeling lack of breath…he never wanted to break the kiss, he wanted to explore her more, he wanted…


Hu…he turned around briskly to her calling, Geet was watching him confused… She was scared seeing his eyes suddenly burning with fury, his breathing was ragged… And she knew he was upset fir something, 

He took a step realizing he was dreaming about her, it made him furious, how could chit of girl make him lose his control. What happened to his taste.. he thought frustrate, where those high class modern girl and where this gao ki chori…he made a disgusting face eyeing Geet.

Geet pouted seeing his gaze, she could feel something is not right. So she took step back in fear, she actually had decided to have some moment with him on pretend of saying thank you to him for saving her.

What!? Speak up!! He was rude but he couldn’t help , she was the reason and she have to hear it, he thought giving reasons to his behavior.

Um… I just wanted to thank you.. woh subah I didn’t get a time.

Yeah.. alright,  and goodnight, saying so he turn to walk away making her frowned.

Maan… Suniye…

He stopped in his tracks hearing her sweet voice, and that word “suniye”.. he chuckled and turned around, kahiye .” 

He mocked, she didn’t get but smiled sweetly out of nervousness, “um..I just want to say something..

And what’s that? He saw her fidgeting with dupatta, urgh..girls…he thought fed up with the slow pace she was talking with…

Will you hurry up, I don’t have whole night to sand and listen you. He barked making her shuddered.


Her eyes fill up instantly for no reason he had raised voice on her before, she was Princess of her parents.

Wait Maan… Don’t make her cry now, it’s golden opportunity that has come to you on its own for success of your plan. Just grabbed it.

Okay..okay..relax ..no tears, he walked near her , her lips shivering, ready to cry. 

Hearing him she wiped her face with back of her hands like a child. 

Now…come.. what you want to say, he grabbed her shoulder, but she removed his hands, no..I can’t now . 

Par abhi toh tumhe muzse baat karni thi…he frowned.

Ha..I will tell tomorrow, she replied quickly feeling conscious with his closeness. 

Geet… His breath fanned her face, giving her Goosebumps. He marked it and evil smirk appears in his face, before she could move away he grabbed her shoulder, jerking her closer, almost touching his nose with her. 

She gasped watching him with her wide brown eyes, lips parted in shock, he so wanted to turned his sometime before dream into reality but somehow stop himself.

Kya baat hai, why are you hesitating how .he whispered huskily knowing every weakness of opposite sex.

Woh … I …she gulped hard feeling his close proximity. Her hands rested upon his bare chest, in intention to push him but he grabbed them instead making her condition worsen. She was never close in any mans proximity apart from her father and now being in her loves arms giving her all together different and sexual feelings. 

Kaho na Geet… He was not leaving any chance to tease her, as he grabbed her waist with other hand. His long fingers pressed into her soft skin making her moan…


Yes Geet, go ahead ..

She came back to her senses and felt his fingers playing with her waist chain. 

Please leave me..

No not until you speak, he demanded, rubbing his nose with her.

Please chodiye na, she wriggle cutely, her attempts only provoke his desires, as her body rubbed on to his in perfect manner. His one hand moved lower on her back, holding her to him, bringing her breasts into contact with his hard muscled chest. Her nipples tightened, ached. It was so unfamiliar, unexpected, she was flabbergasted…

He chuckled low seeing her flush face, his hot breath fanning across her cheek, his grasp becoming stronger.

I can’t speak …she confessed gripping his broad shoulders more fiercely in an instinctive effort to keep her knees from buckling beneath her. 

Her heart was pounding and she was certain he must be able to feel it. Certain he would be able to see the fluttering pulse that she could feel moving at the base of her throat.

Why…? he asked, his dark eyes compelling. 

She pulled away from him, her breathing labored, her body sluggish from unfamiliar desire. 

He looked amused. It was infuriating. Even worse that he knew exactly how he had affected her.

I…I can’t with your close proximity…she confessed and then regretted seeing his smirk. She blushed furiously and was planning to go but before that he hooked his arm around her waist pulling her to him, tilting his hips so that she could feel the length of his hardened arousal.

She drew in a shaky breath unaware about this new thing which was poking her..but it was sure making her uneasy.

He chuckled. You are too innocent or you pretend to.. He stroked a thumb across her hot cheek admiring her pure Beauty. She look stunning. One of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen.

Her hair styled into plates with Jasmine flowers adoring it that fell down past her shoulders and ended right above the swell of her lush hips. And that necklace fitted right in the dip of her cleavage, touching her where he wanted to touch her.

Geet was confused and somewhere was hurt hearing him thinking like that about her. 

I don’t pretend anything…she said in low voice, he looked upon her hurt face, while his hand moving down the length of her arm and moved it to the small of her back; he saw her pulse jump at the base of her neck. He fought the smug smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth. 

My feelings are also true, she said looking down, her lashes covering her flushed cheeks. 

Maan stopped and looked at her surprised, he had not expected something coming from her like this. 

What’s that? He asked to confirm, 

She stared at him, almost frightened by his denial, she nodded in no, having no control on her emotions she began wriggling again, mujhe Jana hai…she was on the verge of tears, how to tell him that she loved him very much, it was insane. But it happened to her now she couldn’t stop her heart, she couldn’t think of love ving without him. What will happen when he would go away from her tomorrow after Holi celebration. Worse, how would she marry anyone than him if in future her mother fixes her alliance with someone else. 

I can’t … She breathed out seeing him.

What!? He was confuse, she was teary now so he left her and taking the chance she ran away from him. Not stopping to his calling on her back.

Geet..Geet … 

Shit . He hit the stone with his feet in anger, crazy girl ..he was definitely angry on her for leaving him in confusion in the mid of night.


Geet rushed to her room and walked into washroom, crying her eyes out there, with the fear to lose her new found love.

After a while she calm down and washed her face, while changing into her night dress she began thinking, mujhe kuch toh karna hoga…I can’t seat and see him walking away from him. If I want to live , I want my love close to me. If I can’t, I will die, that I can’t do…meri mumma ka kya hoga, she pouted with the thought. 

I should get the courage and atleast confess to him, yes that’s right, her mind and heart both gave her green signal on that. 

Then Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega, u can’t lose without trying .. she smiled big and then, I think might be he also like me that why he was holding me like that, she blushed with the memories, she was too have to understand his real motive, too unknown of the things goes in society and high class city life. 


Precap :- 

Geet’s confession 😇

Maan’s reaction 😈

let’s see what happens in n next chapter, will geet really confess to him…with she get the courage…what will be Maan’s reaction…

It’s just the beginning guys,…there is more fun in the way…so stay tune…😉

Thank you so much to all my friends for being patient and waiting for an update. Thank you so much for lovely response to the story.

One thought on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 4

  1. Lovely part
    Maan still confused and trying to be different maan to Geet
    But how did he dream about her so negative
    Cont soon


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