Aap ki Kasam Chapter 3

Savitri Khurana entered in the Handa Mansion with her royal Grace, making everyone stood up in respect for her. She greeted everyone and caught the familiar face, “aap madhu hai na?” She asked with a gentle smile to which madhu just nodded with mist smile.

After long years, dadi proceeds to talk with her. From her talks she got to know about the misfortune happened with her and her daughter.

She couldn’t help but feel guilty for having been reason somewhere for her loss. Although madhu didn’t tell her the name of the person who destroyed her family but she knew well, who’s it.

Geet kaisi hai, kaha hai woh..? Asked dadi wanted to meet the girl.


Yeh sab batein toh baad mein bhi hogi, Savitri ji, samarth Handa inturrputed, ” we need to talk about business first.”

Savitri nodded and watched his lawyer handling some documents in madhus hands…who without even reading signed those documents.

Beta ek baar padh lena chahiye, before you sign something. Aur yeh land aapke naam pe hai? 

Ji maa ji, mere aur Geet ke naam pe..

Now Samarth was taken a back, he only knew about madhu not geet, where is geet? Call her then.

Madhu was scared hearing his stern voice suddenly, “she has gone out with few native girls from here.

I called you two here for work, yaha waha tahlne ke liye nahi Bulaya tha.. he hissed glaring at Madhu.

Just then they saw one of girls of village running into the mansion, aunty ji, Geet…she gasped for breath while hearing her, everyone shoot up from the seats.

Kya hua Geet ko..madhu asked getting impatient.

Geet.. woh, when we were coming back, some goons surrounded us, I somehow escaped but she got trapped.

What!! Aur tu usko akela chod ke aayi.

By then the girl was crying furiously.


Maan forgot to breath, seeing such a beauty standing so close to him. He was shocked, seeing the face of his nightmares coming into reality. The same face which he had sketched on the canvas but she looked more beautiful in reality.

Soon, anger started cursing through his veins realizing it’s the same face which haunted his dreams, abused him in his nightmares and she might be same cunning witch in reality. Thinking of all those things, he pushed her away rudely breaking her trance as well.

Geet who had been lost in watching his face, couldn’t remove her gaze however her mind warned her. She had been first time this close with the man and felt secured in his arms. And now watching him, made her fall in love with him at the first sight. She was reminded of the dreams she had been seeing of her prince charming whos face was blur in her dreams, but today it seems got the face.

She came back to reality in harsh way with his push. She was startled couldn’t comprehend his anger and what for? Why he is angry , why those Gorgeous eyes are red in fury now when sometime before they were so soft as if melting her whole.

Hey Maan …his friends suddenly walked to the place searching him where he was standing.

Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho…

We searched you everywhere…

Their words halted once they saw the girl, she was in messy state that the couldn’t recognise the face from the portayrait.

But Aryan was the first one who gasped in shock, OMG!! He walked near her to confirm and his eyes widen further, she… it’s her…he pointed frantically at her making his friends rushed towards her as well 

Geet was now so frightened, are they same like those goons who was chasing her. She thought with fear and took step back trying to hide herself as well crossing her arms over her chest.

Maan was pulled back to reality with her soft landing on his arms, his anger rose seeing his friends behavior, he then looked at geet who by now was crying, she clutched his shirt collar, please ..save me…

He instantly pulled out his shirt and wrapped that around her petite form and pushed her behind him.

Stay away guys…you scared her. Maan warned them.

His friends gaped at him not able to believe he just told them off…that too for the mere girl.

Hey Maan, relax buddy ..but wait where did i seen her before, he scratch his chin trying to remember.

Amy, she is the same girl from his portrait. Aryan replied making everyone shout out in unison, WHAT!!?  They turned their heads again into her direction who was peeking from behind Maan. Small smile tugged at the corner of her lips hearing them, but how did he find her picture and from where. She pouted in confusion.

Shut up!! Maan shouted in rage making all shudder with his anger. Geet too was frightened, her hold instantly losen from his shirt. He felt it and looked behind to see her moving away from him. He didn’t liked it a bit that he grabbed her small palm quickly making her gasp. She looked up and he gave her an assuring nod. His eyes again softening toward her making her smile like an innocent child.

We need to drop her off her at her home securely, he ordered them and all just nodded in silence in agreement. 


Kaha hogi meri bacchi…madhu cried, while Savitri was trying to console her. Samarth called few of his local men and police station to look for geet. He asked for the area from where the girl came leaving Geet alone.

Just then they heard the screeching of the vehicle , all ruahed out only to see, few group of guys climbing out of the jeep.

Maan bete, itni der kaise hui aapko, Dadima approaches him but she halted seeing petite figure of girl appearing from behind.

Geet…madhu ran towards her.

Maa… She rushed into her open arms and both cried hugging each other.

Dekh liya mother daughter milap. ..aarmaan whispered in their group only to receive Savitri glare. 

They instantly shut their mouths and followed the elders inside.

Maan, Geet aapke sath kaise…asked Dadi after all settled in the huge hall of mansion.

Seeing his confuse stare, dadi told him, jo aapke sath ayi hai, woh Geet hai. Inki samarth Handa ji ki poti.

Now he looked at her, she stole her gaze away from him, feeling her cheeks burning.

Maan narrated her all what happened and how he saved her. 

Dadi was surprised as she has not seen his tha side, and right now also she could see his eyes now and then moving to geet. She also caught Geet blushing. She drowned in deep thoughts.

Just then samarth called geet pulling her out of her thoughts, Geet beta, come here, you have to sign some papers.

Ji dadaji..Geet got up instantly moving towards him. His lawyer handed her the document of land and she looked at her mother who nodded in agreement, samarth also nodded her to sign the papers.

And she signed those property papers without giving it single glance. 

Dadima just watched in surprise , 

Geet beta, aap jante hai, yeh kaunse kagzaad hai. 

Ji…Geet looked confused this determined dadi that the girl herself doesn’t know she was selling her own property. 

Maan was now throwing daggers at her. He felt disgusted at the sight. How could she just signed those papers without reading them even. 

Samarth let out a fake chuckle, ji use padhne ki kya jarurat..

Kya matlab hai aapka, she is illiterate? 

No…I am educated. Said Geet promptly with a cute frown.

Then don’t you know Geet, ? Dadi began only to be interrupted by Madhu, ji use sab bata hai, bas jara si bholi hai meri bachchi. She is willingly selling this land. Madhu lied knowing her father in law and his temper, if he can, he would stop them in the village itself. Or worse will get Geet married to any old man. She was so helpless without her husband. If she was having slightest idea, she would not have step in the village on the first place. But now she knew both her and her daughter are trapped, and the only escape was now to listen to samarth Handa silently.

Please, Savitri ji proceed further. The lawyer asked her making her sign on the papers unwillingly. Maan couldn’t take it anymore,he already found it all irritate. His friends followed him out.


It was nearing to evening, khuranas were ready to move out with Maan’s friends. Just when dadi notice the hustle bustle in the surrounding, all people were getting everything ready for some function. 

Yeh itni tayyari kis cheez ki ho rahi hai, 

Ji..sham ko Holika Dahan hai na, usi ki sab taiyyari. 

Dadis face light up, barso baad humne iska jikar suna…waha shahar mein toh sab piche chut gaya. She waited for madhu to stop her, seeing her eager eyes madhu couldn’t help but said, if you want to witness the Puja, you can stay for the night maa ji 

Bas yahi sunna chahte the hum madhu, aap ka bahot shukriya, I really want to join the puja.

Isme shukriya kis baat ka, ma ji, it’s your wish, if you want to stay.

Hum bilkul rukna chahte hai..

What!! Dadi ma..no way, I can’t stay more in between these lunatics. maan blasted as soon as he hear her plan.

Maan mind your words, izzat se baat kijiye, 

What izzat, these people know even the meaning of this..? 

Look who is speaking…mocked dadi.

This is Maan Singh Khurana, if you don’t know.

Yes i know, humare wajah se hi aap is duniya mein ho..

Hu.. whatever!! Maan rolled his eyes, do whatever you want. I am going. He turned to move but his steps halted listening her, “thik hai, this old woman will take care of herself alone. Aakhir aapne dikha hi diya, you don’t care for me.

Now from where this come? Asked Maan turning towards her.

Apke bartav se saaf dikhayi deta hai. Jis tarah aap hume yaha chodke Jane ki baat kar rahe hai, 

well I am not leaving you, you are not coming with me.

Iska ek hi matlab hai.

Alright fine, I lose, you won.

That’s better. Smirked dadi at her victory and moved out but failed to notice behind her Maan smirked devilishly, well dadi ma MSK never lose not before not will in future. 


Precap :-

He kept gaping at her without a blink, his hands clutching her shoulder, unconsciously he pulled her closer. 

Geet gasped feeling his move; she blushed in pink shades, watching his admiring gaze not moving her face at all.

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5 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 3

  1. Loved the update so maan did save her and also was protective with her around his friends…His devil mind has started working I guess waiting to read more ❤️


  2. Nice update.Geet has fallen for Maan in the first meeting only.dont know what Maan will do now as she is the person of his night mares.eager for next update


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