Aap ki Kasam Chapter 2

Maan rearranged his clothing after his girlfriend had practically twisted his shirt about his neck in her insistent attempt to detain him.

He then walked into the KM only to get halted on his steps seeing his grandma already waiting for him.

Maan took deep breath as he hastily ran his hand across his raven hair, settling it back into place as best he could.

savitri caught sight of him as she surveyed her grandson and then frowned disappointingly at Maan’s somewhat ruffled appearance.

Judging by his appearance, Savitri concluded what must have happen again.

Heaving a disapproving sigh, Savitri once again scrutinized her handsome, but disheveled grandson. If Rajveer Khurana had look after his upbringing nicely then he would not have such a spoil lifestyle, Savitri mused sourly.

Rajveer was so engrossed in establishing his business and ruining the businesses of his enemies that he had permitted Maan to run wild. There was nothing this carefree boy hadn’t attempted since he had returned from New York, finishing his school four years earlier.

The child came and went as he pleased.

Indeed, Maan Khurana was adventuress, a free spirit who insisted upon living life to its fullest, no matter what the consequences.

She breezed through the city like a devastating whirlwind, leaving no stone upturned, having numerous affairs… those bitchy girlfriends running around him.

Each time Rajveer grumbled that his son had become rebellious and unmanageable, Savitri scolded him for not taking a hand in the child’s upbringing.

Savitri realized that he needed a strong-willed woman to curb his wild behavior and to calm his temper. 

Maan Singh Khurana, the hottest bachelor in Delhi, had a bit of the devil in him.

An endless string of young women came to her doorstep, for marriage, if not then just to be his girlfriend.

The child was virtually impossible to please.

This way I would remain happy. He had declared.  He simply refused to take the responsibility yet of marriage.

Kitne baar kaha hai dadima, don’t wait for me. He approached her.

Humne bhi kitne baar kaha hai, don’t waste your life like this. Savitri argued yet again knowing although he wont listen.

It not that what i am doing… let me enjoy my life dadima.

Humne mana nahi kiya hai, just change your wways son.

It’s my life dadima, let me live it with my won ways, he raised his voice trying to prove his point to his grandma.

An argument ensued between grandmother and grandson again waking up whole household, Rajveer also walked down to witness the daily drama. He sighed heavily and listened his mother again putting condition before his son,

I want to see you properly wed before I departed from this world.

There was no great rush since you are going nowhere. Maan insisted. After that silence spreads in the hall for a while.

Then, with plain-spoken eloquence, Maan announced, I would not

marry until I will damned well ready and I am not ready yet!

After that heated exchange, both father son duo moved away leaving upset savitri behind, she looked at their retreating figure, and knew it’s her last chance to manofy maan into marrying and change him for good… his father also won’t help her in this matter, she realized seeing his silence today.

So to not to miss this golden opportunity she pretended to yelp in pain holding her chest. She looked from the corner of her eyes, both father and son rushing towards her in fear.

Dadima.. ma… both held from either side as she collapsed in their arms.

Dadima.. are you alright… maan patted her cheek.

Ma.. open you eyes please, raj rubbed her wrinkle hands.

Both were equally frightened. I will call the doctor now.. saying so maan was about to get up but dadi just opened her half eyes, no maan.. i have no time left, i guess.

No dadima, don’t say like that.

I am sorry, because of me it happened. Maan was realy guilty and feeling miserable.

I promised dadima, i wont bother you further..his eyes moistened for he loved his grandma so much.

I promise dadima, i will do anything you say…

Sach maan…

Yes dadima…

Yeyyy… and she got up, “now you are trapped, my son.” She had wide smirk on her face while both raj and maan looked flabbergasted at her.

So you were acting all these? Asked maan shocked.

Of course and you have given me promise to do whatever i wish. She clarified with a childlike enthusiasm.

But it was fake… he argued.

But your promise wasn’t son..

Maan sighed, fine.

Now, you are going to marry.

Not soon dadima.

You promised me, she pouted.

He rolled his eyes, okay but meri bhi ek shart hai.

Whats that…? she frowned so as rajveer, curious to listen since maan got ready for marriage now.

Ladki meri pasand ki hogi.

But… dadi pouted trying to protest since she knew his choices, those skinny modern girls.

You have lost that right grandma, now when i am ready to wed.

Savitri just sighed nodding him to continued, i will choose the girl who I want to marry.


It’s been an week from that day, and dadima had not left a single day even asking him same question, “Have you lighted upon a woman to your liking? Please, say yes and give this old woman an ounce of peace.”

Today wasn’t different, Maan drew deep breath, trying to keep patience infront his melodramatic grandma.

“I am not getting any younger you know. This aged body of mine is

deteriorating so quickly that I may not be alive when next day. My dying request is to see you wed.”

Maan’s gaze soared toward the ceiling. Heaving a frustrated sigh, he said calmly, “Grandma, I hardly consider you in your dotage,” Inside the body you label as decrepit is an energetic young woman who will undoubtedly outlive us all.”

“No, my dear child, inside this body is a fragile bones and a shriveling heart that aches to see you happily wed,” Savitri contradicted.

“I do wish just once you would greet me with something other than ‘Where is the woman of your dreams and why haven’t you married her yet?'”

Maan grumbled, his tone harsher than he’d intended. He was already frustrated on not able to find the girl of his nightmares to teach her lesson of lifetime, on that those nightmares only getting worse day b day. Now he would find peace only when he would be able to find the girl.

You are twenty seven years old, for God’s sake! You need a woman to care for you, one who will look after you. You need to be responsible, Your father is too busy counting his money to see to your future, so I am left with no choice but to intervene.”

With great difficulty, Maan dragged in the trailing reins of his temper.

However his Grandmother was right, he couldn’t digest ill words against his father. He loved both of them equally. He find nothing wrong in his fathers doings. Why would his grandmother have so much grudges against her own son.  

After his wife’s death, he had completely devoted himself to his work, having no regard for anyone but himself. His obsession for making money preoccupied him, and Savitri considered it disgraceful, that he ignored his son after his wife’s death.

He had never taken time for anything else, not even for his wife. Nonetheless, savitri constantly belittled his father for neglecting his son, who was sorely in need of guidance.

Maan had no issues against his father, since his father had given him much needed freedom to live his own life the way he want.

“Father is a very busy man,” He said defensively. “And I am quite capable of taking care for myself.  And I have no complaints about my life,” he added with a careless shrug.

“Of course you don’t!” Savitri railed.

“You have been left to run wild and your father has conveniently forgotten that he need to install some morals in his son… He was married to his business long before he wed your mother. but I will not be satisfied until you find a wife and begin to lead a life of your own.” her strength failed her and she thumped down on the bed.

Dadima, please don’t stress yourself this much. Maan rushed to her, giving her glass of water.

I won’t when you promise to listen to me.

That i had done, you just need to give me some time.he pleaded.

Savitri nodded realizing she was going overboard, she really needs to give him some time.

“Answer my only prayer, Maan. Find a woman who can fill the emptiness in your life.

Seeing his confused look, she added, the world is thick with gold diggers maan, I do wish you would be more careful of the company you keep. One day you might find yourself held for ransom by those who live a hand-to-mouth existence. The riffraff you dare to call friend could easily turn on you.”

Maan fell to her knees and clasped his grandmother’s hand in her own, becoming more concerned by the minute hearing her low voice.

he would never forgive himself if he were the cause of his grandma’s distress.

Maan dearly loved the old woman, despite her tendency to harp on the same annoying subject.

“Does it mean so much to you to see me happily wed?” Maan reached up to smooth silver strands of hair back into place.

“It means everything to me, child,” Dadi breathed hoarsely. Then she gave her grandson’s hand a weak but loving squeeze. “You are all I have left in this world. My last wish is to see you wed to a woman you respect and admire, one who will not cast you aside for the sake of her fortune, one who will shower you with love. You have been so long deprived of true affection.”

maan noted the sentimental mist that clouded his grandma’s eyes, and he could not bring himself to disappoint his grandma, not in the woman’s weakened condition.

Maan had grown up like a wild wind. Only his grandmother had attempted to offer him direction.

he decided to give his grandma what she wanted, even if it was not in his power to do so.


Next day, 

Maan we need to go to hoshiyarpur, are you coming with me? 

Kis silsiley mein Dadima.

For some land, just yesterday I got the call from handas there, they are interested to sell their land. I have already shown my interest in the land from there.

But what would you do buying that land.

I will do lot more, don’t forget I am businesswoman first before your grandmother,

She smirked proudly making Maan chuckle. 

Alright, I will accompany you but in my jeep.

Yeh kya baat Hui Maan 

No argument on this Dadima, have you seen the road from there, first of all I was no interested visiting such places, it’s you for whom I am going to that place.

Okay okay…don’t give me tantrum.

I am not, for god’s sake try to understand me once, he whined.

I understood, you can come from whichever vehicle you want, and with whoever. I have no issues, told Dadi tightly and next moment Maan called his friends. 


After a long journey, all decides to take a break, they had reach at the boundary of the village. When Maan received a call from Dadima, informing him that she had reached the handas mansion safely.

Maan jumped out of his Jeep followed by his friends, all scattered around admiring  the place. 

Although, all had been in denying mode to visit such place, but now couldn’t deny the fact it was most peaceful from the hustle bustle city life. 

Everywhere they turned, there was only greenery.

Maan took out water bottle and walked away to check out his surrounding.

He was just admiring the green pleasant view and turned around taking  sip of the water when something soft collide into his chest follow by soft muffle.

He was startled, as he stumbled back a little, and noticed the soft object was none other than a girl.

Please…save me… Some men are behind…me…she was shivering badly out of fear, her head buried in his chest , her quivering lips touching his little open chest , making him shuddered with desires. He has been near to many girls before. But her touch seems so pure and divine. 

He noticed her wearing village clothes, which were torn now from many places. Her bare skin was visible to his eyes…

Her hot tears wet his chest pulling him away from his lusty island. Next moment, he wrapped his arms around her petite form, “don’t worry, I am here” 

Hearing soothing voice from the stranger she slowly pulled apart to look at his face. And world stopped around both.

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  1. Yahoo good one maan is completely living in different lifestyle and is not interested in marriage now he loves his daadima alot he finally agrees for marriage…and maaneet meeting is superb waiting to read more ❤️


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