Aap ki Kasam Chapter 1

Maan… Maan… 

She was shouting with enormous fury, as she continued to bang on the door of his room. Will you open the door now or have you been died? 

Next Moment the door was opened to furious woman who stared at him so hard like killing him just with her glares.

I went to sleep mistakenly… he decided to confess before she could blast upon him.

But that didn’t save him the rude words that she lashes upon him, have you been really sleeping or cheating on my back.

What are you talking… I can’t even think about that… he was badly hurt. His eyes were burning with tears.

I see… men like you only know to do that, you guys think us a shit… I will show you what I do to you… next moment she pulled out her belt to hit him, pushing him down to the floor with her feet.

No… he screamed in horror

And got up sweating like anything… it took him a moment to realize that he was dreaming, no… Not dreaming but having the same nightmare again.

“it was the same dream again…’ he wiped the sweat off his face and left a breath. Just then he saw his dadi ma and dad had walked in probably hearing his shout.

Maan, what happened son? Again having nightmares? His father asked worried.

He shook his head, now in my dream she was hitting me with the belt.

What!? His father exclaimed

I don’t know why I am the only one to get those dirty dreams…he whined in anger.

Leave it son… now relax and go back to sleep. Dadi softly wiped his sweaty forehead pecking his head. He nodded sipping the glass of cold water.

You go to your room maa, I will accompany him tonight in room.

What!  No dad, please you go to your room and don’t worry about me. Maan was never comfortable sharing his room with anyone.. he preferred his privacy.

Raj sighed agreeing to him silently, and walked out of the room with dadi.

Don’t know what will he do after his marriage, the thought crossed dadi’s mind, she had been behind him for marriage from last year but he was not ready for it yet giving lots of reasons but she wished to see him settle soon, maybe his nightmares will also disappear. She decided to pull the topic again before the father son duo. With this thoughts on mind she went to sleep.


I will never forget her face. Maan thought furiously walking back and forth before the portrait of the beautiful girl hanging before him.

As he remembers what the doctor said to his nightmares.

“He must have seen her somewhere for sure…”

( credit of the beautiful sketch goes to the respective sketcher )

His friends got the clear look to the portrait their friend had sketched and tried to remember had they seen her somewhere…?

Yaar, I don’t remember seeing her anywhere…

Even I don’t…other also joined; everyone nodded their head in yes.

Maan sighed in frustration combing back his hair…

Seriously dude, she must have been your wife in past lives as your grandma said, and he chuckled making Maan more irritated.

You are f***** talking nonsense… I don’t believe those shit…he lashed out on his friend.

Even we don’t Maan, but seeing your nightmares and the face you see clearly in your dreams.

On that you even don’t remember where does you have seen her..

That what is the main problem, i damn don’t remember where didi met her or why I have been watching those nightmares every other night with having her abusing me like I am some damsel in distress.

To his last words everyone muffled their laugh; after he gave his famous glare did they stop.

Seriously dude, why was you even getting beaten by your wife.

ARYAN!!  Maan have had enough…mujhe koi shauk nahi hai aur nahi kisi mein itni himmat hai ke Maan Singh Khurana pe koi aank bhi uthakar dekhe. He was having furious red eyes ready to burn the girl of his nightmares to ashes. He just need to find her.

Yeah that’s right! Armaan pressed his shoulder, but how can you be so sure about her existence. I mean, aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ke woh ladki ho hi nahi in real. 

Aur sapne kabhi kaha sach hote hai Maan. its only our hallucinations, our thoughts. Wah bas tumhara waham hoga.

You guys say whatever you want but I am sure she exists. Woh bas Mera nightmare nahi hai. Just once let me find her, I vow to show her the real hell, she would dare not to mess with MSK again.

There was determination in his voice and some kind of junoon was there in his eyes which made them just nod to his words.


Geet watched with a frown as her mother paced around the room restlessly. She noticed the tension in her shoulders, the strain on his face.

She’s been suffering from chest pains for some time and the doctors diagnosed a heart condition at the moment it’s not too serious, but she’s been told she has to take things more easily not to worry so much.

Then why the hell her she is stressing herself this much, thought geet rushing to her.

What happened ma? She stopped her holding her shoulder.

Geet kuch sahi nahi hai… Madhu breathed out anxiously as she faced her daughter.

To geet’s confuse look, she said further, your grandfather has called us for some work.

Geet frowned innocently, “we have to go urgently, he had sent the driver and car for us.

Geet just nodded sadly, she knew he had sent the vehicle because they both can’t afford the expenses right now, nor have any penny with them.

It’s been an year now, her father left them alone, with him everything was gone. Geet who had brought up with the golden spoon in her mouth had faced the real terror of life. Her mother was also just as innocent as geet, she couldn’t do much to save the mansion they once lived in, which was on lease by Samarth Handa.

He was working up to a heart attack. She had seen it eating into him the last four years.

At first, she thought it was an exaggeration. Now she knew that his insecurity had strong reasons for being.

Her father was slowly being destroyed, without mercy, overwhelming them. It wasn’t ever a clean, sharp kill.

It was her father’s life, the business he had spent over thirty years building, and his very reason for existing.

Loose everything we have, everything!’

Those words of her father, she could still remembered hearing, once he was discussing this matter with her mother alone.

The Handa Corporation had been climbing like a star, shining and new, secure at last after ten yean of hard work and scheming.

“Now the house would go with everything else.”

Geet sighed and shook her head, the feeling of helpless despair flooding over her again. There had been nothing she could do to shield them against the ruthless people. Today what she had witness in her one of interviews made her shudder through the spine.

She had been really innocent and indoor girl all those years of her life, her father had shielded her in his protective arms all those years and when today when he was not here how much she craved for those secure arms of her father, warm chest of him, so that she could shed her tears on his chest, even hit him complaining him for leaving them alone behind to faced the cruel world.

Geet beta, why theses tears, her mother wiped her cheeks that’s when geet noticed she has been crying remembering her father.

Don’t cry dear, he is in our hearts, hai na? Madhu tried to console her daughter and her as well.

That made geet cry more, she hugged her mother tightly shedding tears on her shoulder.

Kya hua aaj ke interview mein,

Geet stiffened hearing her, she remembered, how that disgusting man tried to misbehave with her.

Madhu closed her eyes in pain, she could guess from her body language what must have happened, after a while she opened her eyes determined with something and pulled her apart.

Now you are giving no more interviews…

Why? Geet frowned for that was no solution to their problems.

Yes, because you are getting married soon.

What? But ma i don’t want to leave you, that’s why I am not marrying anyone, said geet with finality however she was secretly dreaming about her prince charming but in this year she had faced the reality which was totally contrast to the dreams she had lived in her whole life.  

‘There’ll be no miracle, Geet.’ Dreams don’t comes true beta, we have to accept the reality and move on.  She said seeing her daughters lost look.

Oh sab sirf kahne ki baaten hai, There’s nothing you can do.’

‘I know. But yeh bhi sach hai, miracles happens, you just wait and see mother. She said with strange glint in her brown eyes.

Crazy.. madhu slapped her head with a chuckle knowing her filmy dramatic nature.

She knew that it would take a miracle to save them but miracles didn’t happen for innocent people like them. Devils made them happen. They made everything happen and anyone who stood in their way is hurt. Who should know that better than she did? She still felt the pain remembering her husband, she still could remember his losing image, his straight back was bent, and the wide shoulders drooping; his hair was almost completely white. He had tried to fight, tried to win and he had been accustomed to winning. But there was no way of fighting the ice-cold energy that was Rajveer Khurana, no way of defeating the wealth and power he commanded.

It would have been better if her husband had simply bowed out long ago but RK had known be would not. He had known that Samarth Handa would fight to the end and he had slowly forced the breath from the firm, watching the struggle with a glacial detachment.

Samarth Handas was finished in that struggle, she doesn’t want her daughter now faced the same struggle. If she get her to marry to some nice guy, her life would be settle and then she can peacefully leave this world to be in heaven with her hubby.

But every wish came with the cost and today she was in so hurry to do that because she don’t know how many days she had left with her because of the heart problem she have. She wanted to see geet settled before something happens to her.

Her heart cried for her daughter but she masked the small smile on her face and both mother daughter duo rushed out to go to their native place where samarths father had called them.


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  1. Lovely part where is maan is completely disturbed by his night mare and the image which keeps haunting him…he believes that women is for real .. meanwhile geet is facing the real cruelty of world after her father’s demise… waiting to read more ❤️


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