AAP ki kasam


Yeh sab meri hi gunaho ki saza hai…Mere pyar ko meri hi nazar lag gayi.

You said right, Dadima. I insulted our marriage, the vows I took…

I lied to her…and cursed this marriage but now she is getting the punishment of my lies.

Now nothing could happen, she has just few days left.

NO….he screamed suddenly out of sheer anguish.

Kuch nahi ho sakta meri Geet ko …nothing would happen to her. I won’t let anything to happen to her. He was in pure rage.

If something happen to her, I will burn this whole world. I would destroy the whole world.

Don’t ever leave alone…he held her hand pressing it firmly.

Never…she whispered in small voice with warm smile adoring her face. 

Seeing him still unsure, she added, Aap ki Kasam… ( your swear )

And he sealed her mouth with his for a soul searing kiss.

Now here is my Valentine surprise for my Readers…smiley39

Hope all doing well and as I had told before that will start new story soon.

Here is it, although I was planning on to start SS but then I didn’t got time and till then Feb came..smiley36 so decided to start this one.

This also I was planning to post on promise day but again was held up…smiley36

So now, do give your reviews fast and press like, I want 45 likes to the prologue then only will post first chapter…I am serious this time..smiley15 if you want first chapter fast then full my quota fast, I really will post first chapter as soon as this reaches 45 likessmiley17

P.S. don’t judge the book by it’s cover or just prologue…smiley36


6 thoughts on “AAP ki kasam

  1. Wohooo sounds interesting dear this gonna be wonderful story line waiting to read this eternal Love story…thanks for bringing a new one.. congratulations for you new story dear keep going đź’—


  2. Congratulations girl 🙂 for new story but it seems saddy saddy, I hope it will be again a grt work but also a happy one. Looking forward to read this.


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