Mehbooba s2 Chapter 95

Her words made him smile, she sounds like little girl…however he followed her gaze and looked at the full moon shining above them. 

Chandni raat hai, tu mere sath hai

Chandni raat hai, tu mere sath hai

Kuchh hawa sard hai, dil mein bhi dard hai

Kuchh hawa sard hai, dil mein bhi dard hai

Dard be-dard hai, lab pe koyi baat hai

You know, i was habitual of watching it every night before sleep, that dad had brought those stickers of stars and moon for the walls of my bedroom. She finished with the sweet chuckle.

Maan listened with. Interest while she continued, “mom had said me once, you should talk to the moon , he would listen to you, and even would make your wish come true..

After a brief moment of silence, Maan came up with a question, “”so, what was you talking about to the. Moon tonight, when I walked in..


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Maan waited holding so much patience, while she came up with another lie, “yeah, I was just missing my parents. ” She gave him nervous smile.

Yahi baat tum mere aankhon mein dekhkar kahogi!? He lifted her chin to meet her gaze but she again stolen her gaze away from him.

That’s it, Geet!! He jerked her away angrily, she gasped in terror, 

You won’t stop lying to me, will you? He hissed in angry voice, it contents hurt and pain but she failed to notice in her own fear.

She stood rooted whereas maan just rushed away from there with angry strides.

His words rang in her head and soon tears flew down on her cheek. She broke into sobs kneeling down on the floor. Why can’t she stop hurting him… Everything he does for her only but she couldn’t return an ounce of happiness even to him.

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She realized seeing her upset hurt him immensely therefore she would hide her pain behind smile from him. 


Next day afternoon, Geet was waiting for maan sitting in the living hall. while sitting, she remembered the sour incident taken place in the room after he left her alone on the terrace.

When she had walked in their room late night after their argument or basically his shouting upon her. she has slowly tiptoed to him and climbed the bed beside him. she slowly put her arm on his stomach snuggling closer to his sleeping form. to her shock he rudely pushed her away, let me sleep…

geet felt her eyes burning again with the rudeness of her husband. it was something new she couldn’t digest. she just turned to her side and had wept whole night. 

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Maan had given her the brief look before storming out straight to the gym to remove his frustration. 

Whom are you waiting for, Geet?

the sudden voice startled Geet out of her thoughts, she looked up to find dadima looking at her with her piercing gaze, waiting for her answer.

woh…maan…she stammered.

Just when he walked in to dadis surprise. Kya baat hai bete, you are early today.?”

I have some urgent work Dadi. Chale geet. He moved to her without waiting for his Dadi’s further interrogation. 

Let’s go Geet, he caught her wrist and dragged her with him.

But Maan…dadis words left hanging as he told her before walking out, we will talk later , u am in hurry…

Strange…he never did this before, she murmured and walked up to the couch, just then Rajveer walked down, seeing his mother’s thoughtful face made him ask, “kya baat hai ma…kis khayalo mein hai aap..?

I am thinking about Maan, he never ignore me before but today and she narrated him what all happened.

Raj sighed knowing about Geet’s appointment today.

Don’t know what she had done to my grandson, Aaj unhone humse baat karne ke liye bhi phurasat nahi thi…nahi unhone humare sawalon ka Jawab deha jaruri samza.

Ma, why are you thinking so much..he must be in hurry. raj tried to console her hearing her angry voice.

Yes he was but he was not like this before. And I think Geet is changing him.

That sure, she has changed him, ma but for good why are you seeing everything bad in it…

I am not , she makes me do so ..

Why are you talking so about her, she is innocent ma.

I don’t think so . I don’t believe her anymore.

Raj sighed, just one relation can’t change everything. You have to trust her, you know, Maan can’t choose wrong.

I know that Rajveer, she said still not convinced.

Then, uske bharose par Bharosa kijiye ma, you will feel better 

That’s what I am unable to do, Hume Maan ki bahut chinta hoti hai.

I understand mother, but now geet is there to worry and care about him, don’t you think you should retire from those duties now, he said with a chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

Again the same thing, Raj. Hume us ladki par bharosa nahi hai ab..

Now mean, you trusted her before, ma.. and that girl has name Geet, your granddaughter in law she is. 

Why are you defending her so much, she asked giving him a look.

Because I trust her , she is innocent and pure child.

She is pretending …

Ma bas kijiye, kyon us bechari ke piche padi hai, if you have forgotten then she is the same girl whom you loved and adored so much , now what happened…just because she did second marriage changes everything?

Sabitri kept looking at him unable to find right words to argue now, 

If it was Maan in her place, what would you have done. I thought ma, you are broad minded..but if someone is getting tortures everyday he or she have the right saved her, don’t you think. And Geet did the same .

He took a deep breath, seeing his mother silent, I am sorry mother if I spoke rashly to you. But it’s not because I am angry on you or something, but I cared for her. She is like Annie to me, she is the daughter of this house ma. He held her hand, “and already she is suffering enough alone…”

What…suffering means…!? Savitri asked curiously.

Raj realized what he blurted but he decided now to tell her, it’s right moment maybe her hatred for her will be decrease.

Yes mother, she is suffering from depression and God knows from when, it was Maan who came to know about it fortunately and he narrated her everything about her illness and appointment also.

She doesn’t want anyone to know about it and feel pity on her. Woh already tense hai, she maybe will feel embarrassed and more down.

How can she think we will pity her, hum pyar karte hai usse.

Rajs face broke into smile listening his mother.

Oh God, what I done. She was already going through so much and I didn’t left a chance to curse her unknowingly. 

Don’t worry ma, she will be fine. Maan hai na uske sath..? He tried to comfort her.


Geet kept stealing glances of her angry hubby now and then through the whole drive but he couldn’t give her one glance. 

She pouted and finally decided to break the silence, “Maan…” He stiffened hearing her sweet voice but decided to ignore her.

Maan…she held his arm he jerked it away angrily, she smiled seeing his anger.

I am sorry baba…she said sweetly.

But that was wrong words she used as Maan became more furious hearing her, just those words she knew to utter, he thought having fed of her tantrums he increased the speed of car in anger.

Geet gasped, she looked at Maan in horror, then rasped out, please speed Kam kijiye..

But he wouldn’t listen, 

Maan… She called out but he turned dead to her, he stopped the car after both reached the destination.

He walked out slamming the door shut behind…followed by panting Geet, she felt almost dizzy and stumbled on her steps, it was his strong arms which held her in a moment, both share a small eye lock.

Maan pulled apart harshly and walked inside building leaving Geet in tears for his rude behavior.


Geet stood at the door of nishas cabin waiting for Maan. When he walked up to her, he asked her, “why are you standing here…”

I was waiting for you…she said in low voice in fear of his anger.

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Maan was lost in her sweet plead and beautiful eyes but soon composed himself, “why do you need me for every step .!?” He hissed in anger.

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Geet was badly hurt hearing him, she silently turned the knob and walked inside greeting Nisha in low voice.

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Maan closed his eyes in regret, his heart bleed to see her like that, bit he need to be tough with her Little being soft couldn’t resulted in what he needed. And she needed to be taught a lesson. Forgiveness never comes easily. Instead of saying sorry, she would have told him, she trust me but that never came.

It hurt him so much seeing those teary sad eyes but Dr.nisha also had warned him to send her alone next time. He needs to give her some space.


What’s it, Geet!? You looked upset, the first thing when geet entered, Nisha noticed her sad sulked face, her teary eyes couldn’t be hidden the pain she was going through.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dgrn58nvmaash47-1.jpg

Nahi toh .hum bilkul thik hai.. she stolen her gaze.

You are not good at lying dear…apki nam aankhe bhi sab sach pata rahi hai, Geet.

Geet didn’t open her mouth and silence spread through the room.

Nisha offered her glass of water, “leave it geet. Hume batayiye what you did in those few days..we didn’t meet !?

Nothing much. I spent time with my family. 


I cooked their favorite but no one tell me how is it..!? She pouted blabbering out in a flow.

Achcha…why so..? 

Nisha asked curiously trying to make her talk when Geet realized what she blurted , she immediately shut her mouth.

Geet…you won’t speak, Nisha sighed seeing her going silent again.

You can share anything with me, that’s what we are here, she held her hand on the desk. We are here to talk, to listen to you. 

Her soft voice and caring nature affected Geet , and she smiled, the real one.

Aap bahot pyari lagti ho Geet, muskurate hue..keep smiling like this, you look beautiful.

Geet blushed , her smile brightens but then she frowned, “are you saying the truth or just saying to make me talk…”

Nisha was taken back with her blunt words, not at all dear, I am saying the truth , you ar really beautiful and innocent too…she added seeing her pouting lips.

I am not..

You are…why you think so, she asked with wide eyes.

I know Dr., I am not…though everyone says it.

You are really nave Geet..aur pyari bhi ho..Nisha said then chuckled seeing her red cheeks. she got so impressed with geet and both gelled up soon.

After a while Geet blurted out what was bothering her so much these days, of course carefully hiding the thing of their marriage.

Maan was taken a back hearing her words, for this she was tense these days. It’s not that big issue for him but offcourse it was for geet, already suffering through decease.

He had denied to accompanied her inside but had taken charge on the next room of nishas cabin. He was watching and hearing her from the CCTV unknown to her. Nisha was first in denial but he was stubborn and he forced her to do so.

But further words from his wifes mouth, bleed his heart, 

They are not ready to accept me however and how much I tried, Dadi ma is stil upset, she thinks I broke her trust, now I started to believe that maybe yes I must have hurt her so much to make her believe on that fact. She sobbed. 

Nisha gave her the glass of water, Geet drank few sips trying to wipe off the tears but the continued to fall without her will.

Let them flow Geet, you don’t need to hold it in here before me. Nisha tried to console her.

Seeing Geet’s red cheeks, she continued, you know everyone are different, have different pov, and everyone does feel sad, and cries , it’s not only you, she finished with chuckle.

But he calls me cry baby. She pouted sniffing cutely.

That made both Maan and Nisha chuckled.

So that make you feel bad?

Geet shook her head, “I don’t know..” 

His everything, everything he says, affects me..

Nisha smiled hearing her, so was Maan..

You are not the one who is cry baby here… everyone does shows their emotions in different ways. Humans are not stone … we all are same..just some habits are different. 

Geet just nodded trying to absorb the meaning of her words. 

And Geet, crying is not the sign of weakness, if you think like that.

Geet bites her lips feeling embarassed. 

After a moment of silence, Nisha continued, Don’t you think, you should give them some time to accept you.

Hu ..? Geet was confused.

Your in laws. Seeing her in deep thought, she said, just like you need to adjust in your new home, give them some time also. They would surely accept you. No one can resist my cutie pie for long. She pinched her cheek, making her blush. 

Believe me, Geet. She held her hands, trying to passed her positively to her.

Now do one thing, close you eyes 

Geet was hesitant, “do as I said Geet, common..” Nisha persisted her.

Geet closed her eyes , when after a moment of silence, “now remember the happy moments of your life. Geet tried hard, but she was still so disturb she could only feel sadness at the moment thinking about all things. His angry face came to her vision and made her cry.

Seeing the frown on her face, Nisha said, Geet..happy moments dear.

Soon she saw tears rolling down on her cheeks, she sighed and waited for her.

Geet slowly opened her eyes sobbing hard now, seeing nishas look, she muttered sorry and wiped her nose.

There you go again, Geet, you won’t say sorry when you are not at fault here. Understand this.

Try to change your this habit, will you? 

Geet nodded still crying.

And you can cry how much want, I didn’t stop you , did i? 

I don’t know….I. Feeling…like..crying just..she spoke between hiccups.

Nisha nodded in assurance, she knew people do cries on some sessions, it was the motive of it. Emotions just flew out of them.

Now say, why were you crying? 

Seeing Geet’s hesitance, she persisted again.

He is angry on me..




Because I didn’t tell him about why I am sad.

Nisha smiled, then why didn’t you tell..

How was I suppose to,


It was his family, I couldn’t tell him, he would have thought I was complaining against his own family to him.

Nisha sighed, you already thought before about his actions?

Geet looked confused.

Nisha took deep breath, “but your not saying him anything would have hurt you.

Geet nodded, yes..he is highly upset.

He is your husband Geet,..that’s make him your better half. 

Geet was in deep thoughts, Nisha suddenly pulled apart, as her cell buzzed with the Apart set by her.

Alright, she turned it off. Time for some snacks. Look dear, I didn’t get to know how time passed.

Geet smiled, realizing she too didn’t get to know, 

Maan too ordered himself black coffee, and turned his attention to the screen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tumblr_n72cg3lct81tv2jz4o5_250-e1583160356160.png

What would you like to eat, nishas asked with the intercom in her hands.

Seeing Geet confused she offered, some pizza…or burger…?

Geet has her eyes widen listen those nake. Nisha could clearly see some uneasiness in her.

I don’t like that.

What? Everyone does like junk food, you are expenciojal Geet..she chuckled.

Alright, then what would like to eat. 

Um…not really able to think, Geet blurted, some pasta.

Alright said Nisha with a smile and put an order.

Kya baat hai, would you mind sharing with me? She held her hands, feeling her uneasiness still.

Kuch nahi ..Geet wriggle her hands out, suddenly started sweating in AC room.

Geet, are you okay?

Geet left out a cry getting up..

Geet…it’s okay, Nisha walked behind her holding her hand, she took her to the balcony to have fresh air.

Shit..Maan got up seeing them moving away from cameras.

He walked out and stairght opened the door of her cabin, both has been already in the balcony, they failed to notice his presence behind him as he with his slow pace walked behind them.

I just remembered…few things…Geet sobbed.

Would you mind share with me..Nisha bend her head to look into her teary eyes.

Geet shook her head in denial, it just make me feel scary and creepy…she shuddered getting those flashes with rajeev.

Nisha was confused so was Maan, his heart thudded badly feeling her pain, he wanted to hear her, what was troubling her more.?

To be continued…

Precap :- Geet open up to Maan…smiley9

I apologize for this much long gap in the update, but the thing is, my update was ready long back but it got deleted, I was so irritate to type it again still I did after few days, and again same thing happened. smiley18 I typed this update thrice..smiley36 and finally done with it. 

I hoped this had come out well, let’s see will Geet share it with Nisha or Maan has already interrupted them…smiley36

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  1. very emotional update
    listening geet’s talk with nisha , maan is shock with the reason geet is sad.
    nisha trying all possible ways to pour geet her heart n fear.
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