Caged in my Arms Chapter 26 & 27

Geet opened her eyes slowly feeling drowsy still. As she yawn trying to stretch her hands but her body felt heavy.

She looked down at his face which was buried inside her chest. Her whole body shivers with his closeness as she remembers there last night.

Her cheeks turn pink with their contact but her hands didn’t stop from reach his head as she combs his hairs softly remembering his care last night.

It was feeling all different…new to her. The feeling is so much beautiful. She can’t name it still…or unknown of it still knowing it..

All she knows is she is no longer angry or   upset on her husband. .but he is dear to her now..she is concern for him..his health seeing him going mad for her as each day was passing.

He felt her soft palm caressing his head. it felt magical …her touch is magical. She herself is magical..his jaan.only his ..he buried his face more into her half bare chest .

Geet startle with his move shy away she try to struggle in his hold and he let her knowing her inhibition. She turns her back towards him still his hands wrapping on her like a iron cage.

Geet deson’t know it’s all giving her Goosebumps, her brain turn dizzy preventing her to think on the way to ran away from bed.

Maan looked at his wife her changing after’s seems she is changing .changing in his love. He chuckled placing his lips on her bare back that her skin burn hot in his touch.

Maaann. .she gasp loudly clutching the bed sheet in her fist.ger face buried inside bed.

Are you fine now? He asked, his voice coated with his great worry for his jaan.still remembering the previous night, her pain he regret the first place to witness her pain.

Geet stop for a moment remembering all about what he is saying. She did forget her pain in his arms.that thought it made her amazed or thrill to think of her husband. There is no pain now..even she just got a peaceful sleep leaving behind that dangerous pain of cycles. .

She came out of her thoughts feeling his big palm rubbing on her back of waist.

Jaan…are you fine? He asked again seeing her not moving. And she turned around suddenly in his arms.

He takes her on himself turning on his back. She came along hugging him tightly and buried her face in his chest.

Maan was too much awe at her new persona. She was shying away moment after. Her skin was turning pink in shyness.

Geet…look at me. he called her softly and she take out her face from his chest still shy to meet his eyes she cascaded down her eyelashes taking his breath away with her alluring self.

He looked at her mesmerizing face .his gaze travels down on her shivering petals. His throat turns thirsty. .that he gulp hard controlling his passion but that did broke when she chew her lips a bit and he slam his lips on her making her gasp in shock.

He started to suck her lips hungrily trying to quench his thirst. He looked at her face to see her calm and rather lost in him. That made him satisfied at his move.

Geet as if waiting for this move clutch his shoulders tightly drowning in his hot kiss ,her eyes turn droopy as he turn he around softly not to hurt her. His hands started to roam on her bare waist to stomach giving her Goosebumps. She doesn’t know what was happening. .her hands went inside his hairs behind his nape pulling him on her more. She tries to move her lips on him. He end the kiss with pulling her lips in his teeth. Her eyes was still close .he didn’t moved rather kept his lips still on her own as if knowing her desires.

Tell me, are you fine..? He repeated again licking her lips that were swollen a little with his sucking.

Still drown in his passion she just hmm in response. Her hands were still on his nape not ready to leave him. Whereas he sigh in  relief listening her and kept gaping at her beautiful face.

It was a moment when she jerk opened her eyes suddenly making him startle as well

What happened?  He asked concern for her.

Ummm. .i..have to go to washroom. .she murmurs softly only to be heard by him.

He nodded understandingly and slides down from the bed to let her wake up.

As she tries to sit she just realized her condition and quickly wraps herself with the bed sheet.

Stay a minute…i will be back. Saying so, he rushed inside the washroom making arrangements for her warm water.

As he came back he saw her seating on the bed still wrap in that bed sheet looking like a doll.

He takes steps towards her as her heart started to beat fast with his each step.

You don’t need to hide yourself from me..he stated huskily. .his voice holds that possession and passion for her that made her shiver and her hold become loose on bed sheet that slide down from her body as if listening to his words.

He takes her in his arms suddenly startling her that she hangs on his neck.

I can walk. She stated  despite her heart wished to be in his arms. Her hazels lock in his chocolate orbs which was not ready to leave her face.

Yes you can but I don’t want you to that take little trouble when I am here for my jaan.

His reply made her shut again with the unconditional love he was showering on her. Her eyes fill up as she managed to argue back again.

Lekin tumhare is lad-pyar se main toh moti ho jaungi na..? She complained sweetly trying to make the situation back to normal.

Then let it be..i will love it more when my jaan will be fat. .a little more cute and more beautiful for me…he reply pulling her more closer in his arms.

She was startle yet again with his pure love holds him tight to never to let go of him.

For sure his love was pure that was not for her body as she thought in the beginning but herself. .her soul..


She came out wearing saree and his gaze lock on her. he was yet again mesmerized by his jaan that his steps took him towards her only. geet looked at him coming closed to her, her heartbeats rose suddenly. She places her palm on her chest to stop its heaving but it didn’t instead its increased multiple finding his intense look.

maan looked at her going nervous, he smirks finding her state, as he reach to her , he grasp her small waist that she shiver in his hold banging on his chest.

maan.. she moan out in the effect of his hotness.

ha..jaan..he husks in her  ears kissing it. she shiver yet again clutching his shoulders. His shirt turns fist in her palms.

His lips cascaded down on her bare neck, more down on her shoulders. He continue to shower his wet kisses on her, that she moan continuously in his arms going crazy in his the effect of her pe***** it made her more vulnerable.

Their morning romance come to halt with the knock on their door… it was third knock that brought them out of there moment.

geet, she blushed hard not knowing how all that happened suddenly. But it made her heartbeats to rise frequently. She rushed to washroom again to calm herself down.

maan, on the other hand did saw her blush and it make him happy that because of him, he is the sole reason for her happy face.

He opened the door to meet with grinning annie. He raised his brows as if asking her the reason of her foolish smile.

What? What are you asking me and why? You yourself know the reason. She teased him again smiling that ear to ear finding her brother happy.

maan just smirks at her finding no words to answer her. He just let it go.

Can i borrow my bhabhi for today?

why? He turns little serious. geet came out of washroom to find his face little tough, she wonder what is the reason.

oh bro…relax. I am not asking for whole life. It’s just…

ANNIE..his voice raised making her flinch..

I am so sorry bro…it just…slip of tongue.

Beware annie…it should never happen again… his expressions was blank…but both can heard his hidden pain.

annie knows her dear brother so well and his unsaid pain but geet first time saw it and felt it too. her eyes turns moisten that she wiped it at instant but annie did noticed it .

What’s the matter annie ? She asked coming from behind him. he went inside his study calming his nerves.

Oh i am so sorry bhabhi and she told her what happened.

it’s all right’s not our fault..

it is bhabhi..ab dekho bro toh naraz ho gaye.annie made a sad face glancing at his study.

No worries annie, i will handle him. geet follwed her gaze and assured her.

annie feeling there closeness just nodded in yes and went from there silently.

geet looked at his study and went inside to find him seating on his chair but lost somewhere. she didnt like it. It was him who looked after her each needs and happiness. and now finding him sad and that too because of pained her heart.

she place her hand on his shoulders and he came out of his lost state. he glanced at her first and at instant hugged her tight standing from his seat. geet was taken aback but knowing his condition she hugged him back giving him much needed solace.

I can’t live without you…please don’t go away from me.. she heard his childish demand and felt a twitch in her heart .her heart felt heavy as she clutch him back hard going into his unconditional love for her that heart of his ,so pure…so innocent .

No i am not going anywhere leaving you alone.. As her words came out from her heart he snap out of her hug and smack his lips hard on her.

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  1. Awww in love with passionate moments happy that geet is drowning in his love….and is happy being in his love and care…maan insecurity rises when Annie just made fun and she feels she hurt her brother and geet to realised the pain her dear hubby is going the way she consoled him and assured her presence was lovely waiting to read more ❤️

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