Maan rushed towards the room, hell for his jaan. As he opened the door to step inside, he was greeted with the painful sight of his Jaan was crying silently, trying to walk up to the washroom holding the side wall and one hand was clutching her stomach. It seems like she was in great pain.

Jaan..he gasps, making a rush towards her to hold her in his arms as he saw her stumbling a few steps and about to fall.
Aahh… get moaning in agony as she felt sharp pain rushing through her entire body from her stomach.
Relax..Jaan. I am here. he hugs her protectively in his strong arms making her aware of his presence.
She cry silently hugging him back but soon one jolt of pain make her more frustrated and she pushed him back from herself shouting in her own pain. shouted in turn towards washroom to go inside but he jerk her towards himself in his anger at her behavior. 
That causes tremendous pain to her and she shouted literally. 
Aahh. .what……doing..
…sob. …it’s. …sob. …paining. …sob. …sob. ..and…sob.
She cried out loud in unbearable pain and he crushed her trembling body into himself hell scared for her now.
I am so sorry. .jaan..he buried her face in crook of his neck where her tears soak his skin.
What happened to you..where are you feeling pain ? He asked too much concerned for her trying to made her look at him.
It’s. ..sob…here…she try to speak but he didn’t understand what she is trying to said in-between her sobs.
Relax  jaan..Let’s have some water first. he tried to pull her apart from himself but  she didn’t let him sticking her body to himself .
No…please…dont…it’s. ..paining..she shiver in her cries of pain hugging him more tightly
Maan, though, didn’t understand her words, but could make out her pain. He took her in his arms softly. She was still crying, silently moaning in pain.
He made her drink some water first, then, taking her on his lap, he sat on the bed.
She somehow calmed down a little, but her hiccups were still making him feel miserable to see her in this condition.
She felt droopy with uncontrollable crying and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling tired with pain.
He continued to massage her back, trying to make her relax. It’s hurting him to see her in such a vulnerable condition.
Jaan.. he called out softly, to which she just hmmed in response. He tried to move her a little but heard her soft voice come in quickly.
Don’t’s. .paining.
Jaan..tell me now what happened ? Where it is paining. Why didn’t you called me ? He asked her all questions in one time .
She sigh in throbbing pain in her stomach. 
You were so busy in office.I don’t want to made you worried for me when you must be having much load of work .
Her reply made his heart flutter in overwhelm. His jaan was thinking of him  , its more than precious thing for him.
You don’t have to think of this things jaan ,when its related to your health or you yourself. It’s the first thing I want to know and have all rights to knows. are you understanding ? He asked her looking at her downwards when she pulled out her head from his neck and looked at his face which was reflecting her pain.
She wince suddenly scrunching her face in pain.
Where are you feeling pain ? He asked her concern.
It’s here, she gesture him towards her stomach clutching that tightly as if feeling great pain and trying to control it.
Maan hold her hand which was on her belly.let me called Doctor first.saying so he try to moved but she didn’t let him.’s Nothing.please don’t her words shock him. 
What ? Are you you are crying in this much pain. And you calling it nothing. .it’s nothing.he repeated frustrated at her behaviour or more of concern for her.
Why are you getting angry.muze pain ho raha hai aur tum..? She crunch her nose in irritation at him.
He closed his eyes to calm himself. He knows she is right .
Achcha now can you please tell me ..why are you denieing for doctor.
He asked her in soft manner cupping her face.
Her face turn pink in embarrassement to his question making him more puzzle now.
Do you know the reason ? He asked suspicious at her weird behaviour today.
Aahhh..she wince again holding her stomach. 
Are you going to tell me now ? His voice turn high now in frustration .
It’s my monthly cycles. .Do you get now. she shouted back frustrated of all things.
But soon realised what just she blurted and looked him bewildered trying stand up from his lap.
Maan turn confused for a moment as she just blurted in fast pace .it take him a few seconds to grasp what she had blurted and its expressions turn shock and embarrasse which he hided from her keeping his face straight. 
Soon he find her standing up from his lap and he grasp her quickly before she get up.
Geet dont know how to react she started to wriggle in his arms forgetting her pain for a moment .
Leave me..but his hold was tight but soft enough to not to hurt her.
Aahh. .she suddenly moan in pain again stopping her struggle .
Geet.what are you doing.don’t do that jaan. It will pain you only.
His voice concern for her he looked deep in her hazels.
You are my don’t need to be shy from me or hide something like this from’s your right aswell as it’s mine.he clarify her softly holding her chin.
But her eyes turn moist again hearing him she hugged him tight feeling vulnerable .
He knows its not easy for her to do as he said. It’s there girly thing which she might be feel embarrass to share with him just like now but where it will be her health concern then he have all the rights to know.he can’t see her in pain or in  any trouble.she is his’s hurt him more than her ownself.
To be continued…
Part 25

He engulf her in his arms rubbing her back to sooth her.she hold on to him dearly drowning in his care.

Let me called annie atleast, she would but before he complete his sentence she stop him coming out of the  hug.

No’s not needed. Why are you troubling her

No’s not trouble but she can help you.

Nahi.she must be sleeping .no need to wake her up.

Listen jaan.he try but she stop again.

No you are not going to disturb her  nor dadima. She pointed her finger at him .

Accha. .toh tumhara dard kam ho gaya..
He palm her small finger teasing her.

No .it’s still a lot.she pouted in pain remembering it .not getting his teasing. 

He smile at her innocence.
Then let me do something jaan.he carrased her tummy lovingly. 

Ummm. Kuch karo na..she press his hand which was on her stomach. Unknown to both of there closeness it was residing on her bare skin.

He  made her lay down carefully on the bed.her face wrinkle in great pain it’s pained him to see her like that.

Stay here.i will just come.he asked her softly and ready to go but stop feeling her hold on his wrist.

Where are you going ?
Geet.just stay for a minute ,i will come he glance in her amber pools and assure her before disappearing from there room. 

It was  just 
as a minute as he said before stepping  inside there room with warm oil bowl in his hands. 

He glanced at her painful face seating beside her on the bed.she was litterly squirming on the bed like a fish out of water.

Jaan. .are you OK. .he asked out of his extreame worry looking at her condition. She was clutching her tummy with her hands .

She didnt spoke anything nor she opened her closed eyes that were shedding  uncontrollable tears.

Making himself steady for his jaan he carrased her forehead first in relaxing manner,that she opened her dizzy eyes.
Maan..she whisper out in pain ..

He uncover her stomach completely making her shock for a moment. She looked confused at him.

Let me..he whisper out huskily that she nodded silently to him closing her eyes .
He unwrap her saree completely from her  waist seeing it’s fit tight on her tummy.

She didn’t utter a single word but let him do whatever he was doing ..

Chaaha toh bahut na chaahe tujhe
Chaahat pe magar koi zor nahi
Chaaha toh bahut na chaahe tujhe
Chaahat pe magar koi zor nahi
[I tried to a lot, not to love  you
But you can’t control love
I tried to a lot, not to love you
But you can’t control love]
Dil hi toh hai tumpe aa hi gaya
Dil ka sanam yeh kusoor nahi
Chaaha toh bahut
Chaaha toh bahut
Chaaha toh bahut

[My heart has fallen for you
Beloved, it’s not the fault of my heart
I tried to a lot

She closed her eyes laying there letting him do whatever he was doing. She felt his big palm pressing on her tummy and she moan out in pain ..

Aahh maan. 

Just a moment jaan.he whisper huskily looking at her face that reflecting great pain.he can’t see her in that condition. It’s paining him more to see her in pain.he started to massage her tummy with warm oil. 

She felt her body trembling with his touch and part of it was her vulnerable pain .she clutch the bedsheet tightly as she felt her pain reducing a bit and she sigh in relief.
Maan looked at her.his heart thump with happiness at the thought that seems she started to trust him.

Tera naam hai in honthon pe
Seene mein hai tasveer teri
Tune mujhko apna maana
Yeh hai sanam taqdeer meri
O yeh hai sanam taqdeer meri

finishing his massage he wrap her with the blanket and rushed to washroom to freshn up.he was hell tired and hungry but nothing matter more than his jaan’s health.beside that she too had didn’t eaten anything while day and in pain didn’t told anything, bear that all alone.

He stamp his hand frustratingly on the washroom wall .he was not there in the morning nor afternoon beside her when she was in her pain.the whole day she bear it all alone.
He quickly put his track pants on and hang got out of the washroom. He looked at her sleeping peacefully on the bed.and great relief wash over him.finally she was out  of that pain but she needed to eat something .

He strode towards her to woke her up but as he sat beside her on the bed ,his heart refused to do that .he carrased her forehead softly to which she stir a bit turning on his hands she placed her cheek on his big palm.

Jaan..wake up ,let’s eat something. .he try softly but she was in deep slumber again refused to heard him.
Geet..he again called her but she didn’t move.he just layed beside her on the bed and take her on his body softly engulfing her in his arms.

She stirred a little holding him dearly like child would do with his father.he smile at her gesture but soon his body heat up with there closeness as her half bare self touch his own burning him with desires. 

He buried his face inside her neck as his hands started to rub on her bare waist. 

Maan. .she moan in her sleep feeling his wet kisses on her upper chest.

His hands goes downwards on her bare thigh feeling her soft body ,his fingers ran over there whereas she clutch his nape pulling him into herself. 

Geeet. .he groan in deep pleasure as he felt her lowers touching his hardness.he stop for a moment realising about her MC. He felt embarrass for a second but soon take out his face from her and looked at her adorable face lovingly.
She was sleeping peacefully still in the effect of his passion. He leave a long smooch on her forehead lovingly and engulf her again in himself .

Dil yeh pukare milke sanam
Dil yeh pukare milke sanam
Honge kabhi ab door nahi

[Beloved, our hearts are saying that
Now we’ll never be far from each other]

He heard her soft breaths and kept looking at her gorgeous face until he started to felt droopy and his eyelids get closed going into sleep.

this is the video I had created for this FF, hope you guys like it 🙂

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  1. Wonderful update the way maan took care of geet was so nice…he was regretting for not being with her from morning…the way geet trusted on maan was so natural maan was happy seeing geet releif on pain… Maaneet passionate moments was hot waiting to read more ❤️


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