Caged in my Arms Chapter 23

Maan came to a halt and turned to face Tia, who did not appear to be concerned like the others.As he remembered his wife’s sad face yesterday, his anger increased multiples for the girl who started it and is responsible for his jaan’s being sad yesterday. You miss. Khanna Come here, Maan asked her in his strict tone, glaring at her.

Tia was so happy to be called by him that she forgot about everything else, but her joy was short-lived as his furious eyes met her and she shivered in his rage.Geet was standing confused, but she was still a little angry with that girl and now found him calling her. It made her blood boil. Why did he call her when she had forgiven them all? He should beg my wife’s forgiveness. declared, angrily stretching the word, making everyone shocked, along with Geet and Tia. Sir, I already had..she tried to say something to him, but his one glare was enough for her to shut her mouth. I am sorry mam..she said meekly in a low voice that couldn’t reach anyone else apart from Geet. Sunai nahi diya, He asked her angrily, “Geet held his hand tight to make him calm and stop him.” I am sorry, Mam. Tia said it loud enough to be heard by everyone and her whole body burned from this insult in front of the whole office.

Geet was still angry on her that She didn’t say a word, and seeing that she just brought her crocodile tears in her eyes to melt her like she melted before sometimes when everyone was asking for forgiveness from her. Please forgive me, ma’am. She faked her tears looking at her, but from inside she was all burning with rage and jealousy that she could just kill her now. Geet was angry at that rude girl, but seeing her condition melted her heart, as Tia had thought, and she just forgave her. It’s OK. You can go now. She just utters these words, turning towards Maan. Maan smiles at her assuringly and takes her inside his cabin, holding her protectively in his arms. Tia wiped out her tears, angry at seeing the scene.


Geet just sat down on the sofa in his cabin feeling tired of all the events. What happened. .?he asked her seating beside her. Thank you. She said turning towards him ,her eyes were blazing with different emotions that touch his heart feeling with happiness. I want something from you instead of this thanking word.he said huskily decreasing the gap between them.there faces was inches away from each other. What..?she asked confused turning startle at his closeness. You know jaan..he whispered on her lips sending shivers in her while body as his breath touch on her lips that started to tremble in anticipation.

Ummm.. Ma…but her words remain in her mouth itself when he take her lips in his own shutting her. Her hands goes on its own accord on his shoulders snaking on his back as he pushed his tounge inside her sweet mouth and started to suck her mouth hungrily. He pulled her more to himself holding her soft waist. Geet got drown in his passion and layed back on the sofa taking him on herself. He kissed her breathless and came down on her neck sliding her saree from her front. He shower his wet kisses on her bare front whereas geet just squirm under him shaking her face from one side to another. The knock on the door made them came out of there passion.geet was baffled at herself she don’t know what you do just wrap her saree pallu on her front feeling all shy to met her eyes with him. Maan looked at his tigress who is all shy today.he heard the knock and felt so irritated that he shouted loudly ,leave now..

Geet shivered, hearing his loud voices. She glanced at his face as he looked at her scared face and calmed down a bit. Geet, there is a restroom. When you go there, neat up your saree. He said it to her in a calm manner, keeping his anger under control. She nodded silently and stood up to go, but she stumbled upon her saree, which was a mess, and landed in his arms in a hugging posture, and he engulfed her small form in his big one. Careful, jaan. Or is it that you want to be in my arms forever? He teased her further, carrying her back. Maan.. she moans out, feeling vulnerable in his touch. Her hands go on his neck, hanging on him. Whereas he picked her up in his arms so suddenly that she buried her face in the crook of his neck. 

It’s been two days since her office visit with her hubby. She was still smiling to herself, shying away at the thought of his closeness. That’s when she felt a sudden pain coursing through her lower abdomen, and at that instant, she rushed towards the washroom. Her mood gets all spoiled. She became grumpy and just laid down on the bed, feeling tired all of a sudden. It’s still painful, though only slightly, and she tries to ignore it by falling into deep slumber in her condition.
Nakul..where is Geet? I asked Dadima about not finding her on the dining table. I don’t know, Dadima, maybe in their room. Nakul’s answer made her worried. Let me check once. So she rushed towards their room upstairs. It was in the afternoon, and both Dadima and Geet were alone in the mansion along with regular servants. It was lunch time, but Get was nowhere to be seen for a few hours now. Bete knocked a few times, and then, after sometime, opened the door, finding it unlocked. 

As she steps inside, she only sees herself sleeping on the bed. She came close to her, patted her a few times, and sat beside her on the bed. Geet seemed to be in so much pain when she opened her droopy eyes and looked at Dadima’s worried face. But her expressions changed at once on finding her. She hid her pain at once, smiling softly at her, not wanting to make her worry unnecessarily about her. She sat on the bed, taking support from bed rest.
What happened, dear? Are you fine? Dadima was asked about her concern for her. She could see her pain on her face, which she was trying to keep under control. Yes, Dadima, I am fine. I just want to sleep more. She answered her meekly. However, bet.She asked, her cheeks flushed.Nahi. Please, muze sone dijiye na..please. I do not feel hungry. I just want to sleep more. Dadima saw her small face. Can I call the doctor please? She asked, checking her neck and forehead. No dadima, it’s not needed. Seriously, I am all fine. She tried to make herself as normal as possible in front of Dadima. Finally, Dadima agrees with her and leaves her to sleep. As soon as Dadima went outside, pulling the door closed behind her, she burst into tears of pain as she crushed the cushion in her hands.


Maan came inside the silent house late at night, feeling weird about the welcome silence of the house. He makes his way towards the stairs to reach his room to meet her. He was so busy in his line-up meetings that he didn’t get time to call her even once. Finally, he will be near his jaan. The thought itself refreshed him, leaving his tiredness behind. Ask Dadima to put a stop to it. Dadima, why are you still up? You should be sleeping now. Maan turned towards her, angrily worried for her. How can I sleep when my children remain hungry? Is anyone else still awake? He glanced around in the empty hall but found no one and turned his questioning gaze back on her again. He rushed towards her as soon as she said it.

Geet..kya hua use. .wo thik to hai na?  Ha dadima boliye na ? He continued to ask her questions after questions, which worried her. If you can give me time to speak, son, Dadima huffs at his behaviour. She is alright but didn’t go for lunch downstairs nor did she have her dinner in the room all day. Dadima explained to him, making him more concerned for her. I will check on her father. You can go to sleep now. It’s already too late. But you eat something as well. Yes, Dadima, I will go along with her. Can you just go to your room now? So he followed her to her room, and when she went inside, he rushed to his room, concerned about his jaan.

3 thoughts on “Caged in my Arms Chapter 23

  1. Wowhooo good one maaneet moments in office was lovely geet is falling hard for her hubby…tia deserved it…now what happened to geet hope everything will be fine with her health waiting to read more ❤️


  2. Lovely part
    Tia still has grudges with Geet as she can’t say anything to maan
    Geet’s suddenly unwell how will Maan take this
    Cabt wait to read his reaction and their conversation
    Cont soon


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