Mehbooba s2 Chapter 94

He looked widen eyed at his innocent wifey, who had deep frown on her face and lips pouting with sadness.

When he remembers the reason behind his cursing, “now why are you here?” He left her and turned his back to her, “tum toh chutti lena chahti thi na aaj?”
Yes…but you came office without having anything. Isliye hum aapka lunch laye hai…
Maan rolled his eyes, he couldn’t even show her anger when she behaves as if nothing happen. He turned around to see her, showing him lunch box with her wide innocent eyes.

She looked most beautiful woman of the world right now standing before him in her maroon colour saree.
He sighed approaching her, “tumne khana khaya..
She pouted, “no…how could I … without you…” At the end she gave him sweet blushing smile.
Now that wiped off his whole frustration of the day. He couldn’t help but smile back at her and pulled her to the couch.
Both fed each other again, as if it was most natural thing to do. After that, Maan kissed her hands, making her amazed and shy at the same time.

Thanks for the delicious lunch and sweet surprise…
Don’t thank me Maan, Hume achcha nahi lagta..she pulled her hands back, and snuggle in his arms,
When you don’t like me saying thank to you then how could i? It’s my pleasure to do anything for you.
Is it?? He smirked, his fingers rolling on her back.
She left out a small chuckle, Hume gudgudi ho rahi hai, chodiye, she tried to pull apart but he jerked her against his chest again.
Not before you give me a long kiss. He whispered huskily against her lips almost touching those fluttering petals.

Kya…words left from her mouth, hearing him.
You said, you find pleasure in doing anything for me, !?
Maan…let me go, koi aa jayega..she whispered back…trying to distract him for she was too shy to follow his words.
yeh tum bhi janti ho, no one dare to step in my vicinity apart from you..he smirked.
She frowned turning red, now began playing with his buttons not giving him a single glance.

Jaan…he urged her to look at him and she slowly raised her lashes to look into his eyes, there was longing, love, passion and desires were pouring out of them.
She got pulled to it by its charisma, drowning in his eyes, she put her lips on his mouth and cupped his jaw making him sigh in her sweet mouth.

He gathered her close, moulded her body to his. She locked her arms around his neck. There was desperation in her efforts, it was passion , he concluded. She was too dazed. It had happened too quickly.
He lifted her hips against his as he’d been starving for the taste of her.

Her groan was lost in his mouth, slanting across hers. without breaking the embrace, his body half-covering hers. She was clinging tightly to him still, as caught up in the kiss as he was.
he started kissing her. A lot of passion surfaced in that kiss with amazing speed, pointing out the frustration he’d been living with for hours without her. Her response was just as passionate.

He let his desire reign unchecked, touching her, he couldn’t get enough of touching her. His lips moved to her neck, kissing her there next to her ear.
His hands slowly work on removing her saree…

She didn’t realize it at first, But when his hand covered her breast, the abnormal heat from it was the first clue that there was no longer a cloth barrier between them. Her blouse was unbuttoned, her saree pulled down.
Panic was her immediate reaction, that she was half-naked somewhere other than in the privacy of her bedroom. She gasped out, “Maan, we are in office?
“I don’t care…waise bhi…it’s not first time, forgot last time in conference….
Geet quickly put her palm in his mouth shutting him.
It took her a while to remember it as he was still caressing her breast.
Don’t…her cheeks flaring…
Just then the intercom in his office buzzed, and she thanked the caller in mind as she left a sigh of relief but it was for short while as he just slammed his mouth on her again, pulling her arms around his neck.
His kiss got more ravenous, his tongue exploring deeply. She was losing all thought again, caught up in a tide of turbulent sensations far beyond her meager experience.

His caresses became more bold, slightly rough, his breathing as ragged as hers. She had a feeling he was caught up in his own passion. She hoped he had more control of it than she did.
His mouth moved lower, sucked on her neck. It tickled, it fired her blood, made her want to curl around him. Lower still and his lips surrounded her breast. She knew his mouth wasn’t that hot, yet she felt scorched there, was afraid he was trying to fit the entire mound in his mouth.

The sensations were getting deeper. Vaguely, she felt him fighting with her skirt, realized he wanted it off.
Please Maan…she shyly stopped him.
His hands covered her breast now, kneading them.Her head dropped back with a moan she couldn’t contain. With her legs straddling him, she was feeling a new heat now, deep in her core.

“We will continue this in our bedroom at night,” he said, his voice more husky than usual.
She blushed heavily not able to open her mouth, he got up wearing his shirt.
Geet was not able to stand up because she was trembling. She managed it, but looking down at him as he began to slowly button his shirt, her knees nearly buckled. He grabbed her in his arms, “are you okay?
She nodded looking everywhere than him. He helped her with her saree and hair, which was long golden mass and beautiful.
He stopped in his track and watch her as his hand trailed down her body. His look was filled with awe, he did seem overly taken with the sight of her beautiful trembling form.
She was standing there panting for each breath, her lips swollen from his kisses, she looked up noticing him lost in her, her brown eyes looked almost black they’d turned so dark.

Geet was amazed she wasn’t embarrassed, to have him looking at her like that. Well—maybe just a little.
Thier romantic moment broke with the continuous ringing on his intercom. Geet pouted and giving him cute glare she storm towards the phone, receving it for him.
Maan raised him brow seeing her antics , after a while she put the receiver down before turning to him, “aapki meeting hai, regarding *** project. You should get going. Clients had arrive and waiting for you.” She finished and he nodded before taking steps towards her.
Alright, but before that…he was about to hold her wrist when geet shouted, “nahi…I am going…” And she ran out of his cabin with red face.
Geet…Maan yelled from behind but she was already rushing towards the elevator, scared about her hubby’s never ending passion.


Few Days went by Geet trying to mingle with Annie and silently asking forgiveness from dadi as well. But both Khurana ladies were stubborn as if. They declined to budge at all. Dadi’s heart although melting but she didn’t show it to geet. She gave her hard time…whereas Geet did not left a single chance to manofy dadi.
Annie was growing more jealous of her bhabhi now, seeing the love & care showered on her by her dear bro and father. She failed to digest the fact that it’s Geet’s right as the daughter in law of the house.
When Maan returned home that evening, he was greeted by an highly anxious Geet who hugged him tight.
Kya hua….!? He sensed something disturbing her, as he wrapped his arms around her.
I missed you, so much!!
Maine kaha tha , come with me, but you wanted to be at home only. He said but her words warmed his heart.
There was no response from Geet, he parted and looked down at her, “Geet…” she raised her eyes to look up, he took sharp breath seeing those teary eyes.
Kya baat hai? He cupped her face. She just shook her head in no…blinking her eyelashes to stop the tears.
Maan was surely getting angry seeing her sad face just after he was back from the hectic day of office. But tried to keep his cool.
Tum muze agar kuch batogi nahi…toh how would I understand Jaan, what’s bothering you? He tug her hair srand behind ear, looking into her eyes. She gulped her saliva, ” I want to tell you everything…I ..I..
He waited impatiently hearing those words from her mouth.
I… Geet opened her mouth to speak when there was a knock on the door. Both turned around to see Nakul standing out, “dadi ma ne dinner ke liye bulaya hai..”
Unse kahna hum bas aa rahe hai. Maan told and he went off with the message.
Geet quickly wiped her eyes, you must freshness up first, hum raat ki baat kar lenge…
Are you sure?? You know you are my first priority, I am ready to hear out to you anytime, just speak up to me…he rubbed her cheeks lovingly.
Geet smiled hearing his words, it soothed her heart and she shook her head, “I am fine now, aap jo sath ho…” She confessed rubbing his shoulder and he pressed her against his chest, cocooning her securely in his arms.


Maan noticed the strange silence at the dinner table, he looked at Annie, to see her pouting face.
Annie, are you okay? How’s your day? You didn’t tell me..Maan began casually only to get disappointed look from his sister.
Aapke paas mere liye time kaha hota hai, aajkal…she complained..playing with the food in her plate.
You know Annie, recently we have got few new projects…it take hell lot of time..aur phir Geet bhi nahi…he suddenly stopped realising what he was speaking.

Woh, so you mean Maan, Geet ke bagair aapka patta bhi nahi hilta…teased Dadima with a smile seeing her grandson’s face.
Geet blushed, she looked up at Maan’s face, who was now looking at her, when her gaze caught Annie, her smile vanished and she gulped hard seeing her murderous glare.
I am done…” Annie got up pushing the chair back in anger.
Annie, dinner pura toh kar ke jaiye, Geet mustered the courage to stop her, “humne aapka favorite banaya hai Aaj, don’t you like it.?
Nahi…muze tikha jada pasand nahi and I am full..she said calmly controlling her rage, then biding everyone goodnight she stormed off to her room.
Maan kept watching her back, thinkinh something, he looked at geet, who’s face sulken…he held her palm and pressed it. She looked at him and he gave her curt nod of assurance.
Dadi saw their silent gesture and then looked at the way Annie has gone. She had noticed her behaviour, after Maneet marriage, she is looking disturb and behaving so…


Maan knocked on the door of his little sis and pushed the door which was ajar.
Annie looked up and pouted, you don’t need to knock before entering you know bhai!?”
Maan smiled warmly walking inside, he stood before her, and Annie rushed in his arms, “I missed you so much?”
Just like geet, Maan thought, and patted his sister head affectionately, “why so…I am here only Annie, he said, parting apart.
Yeah, par muze nahi lagta…she pouted making him chuckle.

You are laughing on me, go…I don’t wanna talk with you. She turned her face away.
Achcha, what do you want…he asked knowing his sis well.
Annie became excited, ” I want to go out with you tomorrow.
Ah…not tomorrow Annie, we will go out some other day,
Kal kyon nahi, Annie pouted.
I have some imp work tomorrow,
Apne behan bhi Jada jaruri…?
Maan nodded, and Annie became upset again, “then I don’t want anything, I just want my brother for a whole day.
Annie try to understand, I surely will take you out, but not tomorrow.
It’s okay bhai, I understand, she gave him fake smile, I just want to sleep.
Alright, Annie, good night
Good night bro.
And he left from there, Annie looked at his retreating back and fell on the bed burying her face in the pillow.


Geet looked at the moon above, and few tears rolled down her eyes, she was again feeling anxious, it was almost suffocating. Why can’t she stop those feelings, now she have Maan who loved her equally even more than she could contain then why couldn’t she stop those thoughts which was bothering her so much.
Maybe because it’s his family, he loved them as much as he does to her. She want them to accept her and loved just as she does but she couldn’t force anyone could she…??
She was suddenly startled out of her thoughts, feeling his hand on her shoulder. She quickly wiped her eyes and turned slowly to face him.

Geet…he called her seeing her downcasting eyes.
She blinked them before meeting his caring gaze.
She tried to smile bit failed miserably.
Kya hua? He asked gently.
Kuch nahi…she muttered and turned around, cool air made her shiver but soothed her anxiety for somewhat.
He lifted her in his arms earning a small gasp from her mouth non the less she clunged to him. He took a step to go inside when she clutched his neck, “ander nahi, please.
He was clueless for why she is behaving so, seeing his questioning gaze she blurted, “I am scared.
Maan was surely getting mad with her weird behaviour, but he soon understood it’s because of her illness and he nodded his head.
Humne kaha na ander nahi, she became hyper seeing him stepping inside. ” Wait a moment, Jaan. We would go to the terrace. Is that okay for you?”
She nodded and Maan muffled his smile seeing her small face because right now she looked no less than little lost kid. His heart melted and he jerked her closer, she snuggled in his arms as both went to the terrace.

Maan droped her down on the floor, while she took in a view of her surrounding for a while before walking towards the swing placed there.
Maan joined her and she snuggled closer in his warmth.
Few minutes passed, none speak, letting the moment passed in silence as both absorb the feeling of each other, remaining close to each other.
Woh Chand dekhiye Maan…I so loved it, Hume bahot achcha lag raha hai ab…watching it with you.
Maan smiled seeing her glowing face, he felt relief washed over him seeing her back to normal, she was opening up slowly.

To be continued…

Precap :- will Maan know, what’s troubling his wifey nowadays….!?

Thank you so much guys for your support 🙂 I apologized for this late in updating, it happened because of some  reason. do please like and comment, and motivate me to write further 🙂 just pray that I would be able to start new stories on Maneet soon 🙂 I really want to…


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  1. very nice update emotional also
    maan feel little relax when geet agree to share her mind with him asking for some time.
    dadi seeing annies behavior towards geet after marriage but she dint try to make her understand even after knowing geet loves maan in same way


    1. Very nice update. Few parts are emotional and very well written. Something is troubling geet but Maan is unaware about it. Annie is rude but dadi not saying anything is quite dispointing. Thanks for the update


  2. Fabulous Chapter

    Geet at Maan’s office and he decides
    to spend a little intimate moment with his wife
    its sad that Geet still has not won over Dadima
    while I feel Annie must just be jealous
    as Geet is now married to Maan and living in the house too
    I like that Maan wants to know what is troubling his wife


  3. Compliments of the New Year!
    All the best for 2022
    Thanks for the pm.

    Chapter 94
    Tremendous update…. superbly written
    well Maan upset that she took leave
    but how can he stay angry with Geet?
    after all she did not even eat without happy
    lovely moments
    liked how she took the initiative and kissed him
    of cos Maan gets intimate with his wife
    Maan admires his beautiful wife
    admire Geet’s efforts to bond with Annie and seek forgiveness from dadima
    hate Annie’s attitude
    well dadima gives Geet a hard time but Geet tries harder
    sad that Annie is jealous of Geet
    Geet is relieved that Maan is back home
    as expected Maan sensed that something is troubling her
    pleased that he questioned her
    at least Maan tells Geet she is his first priority
    so she assures him she is fine
    not surprised that Maan noticed the silence at the dinning table
    great that he interacts with Annie
    Geet made Annie’s fav food
    Annie was indeed rude
    nice that Maan and dadima saw what happened
    glad that Maan went to spend time with Annie
    feeling for Geet
    her thoughts are reasonable
    Maan came at the correct time
    he is surprised with her behavior
    and then happy seeing her back to normal

    lovely precap
    update soon


  4. Superb update so geet is trying her level best to makeup with Annie and daadi…poor geet is really disturbed with that issue….Annie is highly feeling insecure because of geet being pampered by her father and brother.. maaneet passionate moments were superb… waiting to know how will geet tell what is bothering to maan..


  5. Is he going to know about the problems,will he come to know about himself or will she share this with him, looking forward to further ❤


  6. Awesome part
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    Also Annie needs to understand Geet a staying together can lead to more misunderstandings without any conversation
    Ending was sweet with Geet finally opening up a bit making maan more happy
    Cont soon


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