Caged in my Arms Chapter 22


Geet felt she just got the biggest thing in this world.she felt peace running through her whole body finally as his hands hold her possessively from her waist showing the world that she is his wife.Belong to him only.she is his possession. 
His bodyguards were pushing all media people aside where as he was taking her inside protectively holding her in his arms. 

Geet was all lost in her husband that’s how dadima and his siblings saw them coming inside.annie hooted playfully whereas aryan whacked her as he knows his geet bhabhi too well .he saw her face that was all red on being caught like that.Maan saw her blushing furiously and his heart fill with immense happiness on finding her happy finally and reason is himself. What could be more precious than this thing for him ? 

He looked at his dadima to see her beaming in happiness as well smiling whole heartily at him.


he knows she is happy when he is happy. Her happiness lies in her grandchildrens.
He crushed the glass of whiskey which he was sipping non stop.his eyes was red in extreme fury to see her happy with that man.that man holding her possessively in his arms.
Soon he smirk Evilly eying them with almost rage rushing through his whole body.
Don’t worry MSK..i will snatch that possession of yours very will not able to find her whereabouts. .that far she will go..
He laughed evilly before breaking the TV with his bottle.
Maan I have to say something .geet said softly don’t know how to start conversation with him.when she herself was protesting to this in the beginning. 
Maan looked at her amused ,she is giving him shock after shock from the beginning itself.but that what his wife is.his Geet.he smirk at her nervous face turning towards her.


What happened jaan.when you find it important to talk with me ? He taunted with hidden pain inside him that hit her heart at right point.
She gulp hard in fear and pain for him.
It’s. .it’s. .Maan.his words made it more difficult for her to talk with him now.
Maan sigh before coming towards her he made her seat on his lap ,himself seating on the bed.
Geet though was uncomfortable but her heart didn’t said her to stand up she felt it’s right place for her.

Kya baat hai ? He cupped her face giving her courage to spoke further.
Woh..i.I am sorry.she blurted out and he looked at her confused to which she clarify further not meeting his piercing gaze.
I couldn’t have shouted on’s not your fault.woh tumhare office main..but before she speak further he made her shut keeping his palm on her mouth.she shiver with his touch on her petals her hazels turn wide looking into his own. 
It’s not mine. It’s our office , Jaan.he said out making her blow away for sometime.
He take out his palm slowly brushing her lips. She quiver with his touch and her hands clutch on his broad shoulders.
It’s Our. Everything which is mine is all yours.and yours is all mine .he whispered huskily roaming his eyes on all over her body making her all red with his words.
His gaze roam on her bare belly that was hiding inside her transparent saree .she caught his gaze and as a reflex her stomach ache inside.
She turn nervous strangely not angry this time on his acts.she try to stand up from his lap but he didn’t let her go instead hold her more tight .
Maaann ..she moan out in whisper as his hands caressed her bare waist and her belly.he press it with his broad palm .her breath stuck inside ,her eyes get droopy .her nails pierce inside his neck and he groan in pain.
Her each actions provoked him further and he jerk her in his arms hugging her tightly.
Maaann. She moaned out loud this time giving into his actions.her hands went on his back clutching him tightly.
Maan was lost in her ,his hands started to roam on her bare back hungrily

his face went inside her crook of neck and he sniff hard her scent inside making her more vulnerable. She stick her face more to his as his beard rubbed her cheeks. 
Oh..Jaan. ..he groan holding her nape he tilted her face burying his face inside her neck.
MaaNn. .she whisper in true bliss as her pallu slide down her from shoulder baring her to him.
He came down on her half open chest leaving wet kisses on her neck.he kissed her hard on her upper c****.
Her breaths became heavy in his passion.

Maan..she moaned out loud biting on his neck she hugged him tightly making him aware of her condition.
He saw that she cant take it’s obviously all new for her.
He laid down on the bed taking her beside him ,she was hugging him in laying position ,hiding herself into his arms still in the effect of his passion. 
He smile softly before covering them  both with blanket.
Geet opened her eyes at morning sun rays. She never felt this much fresh and peaceful that now she is feeling.
She try to move out from the bed.but her body felt heavy as if caged with something
She looked downwards to see him sleeping peacefully on her holding her tight from her waist .his face was buried inside her neck.
Shiver ran through her whole body on seeing there possition. She looked at her saree which was spread beside them wrapping him with it.
Her whole burn red in shyness as she remember there night intimacy. She hold his shoulders to woke him up but after seeing his face, she didn’t feel to do that.he was sleeping so peacefully like a baby on her. Her heart filled with warmth seeing his face.

She caressed it silently caring not to woke him up but stirr little before opening his droopy eyes.
Geet get nervous finding him waking up .maan looked at her beautiful face pink in shyness.he saw there position and woke up silently not wanting to make her embarrass more.
Jaan..get ready fast .you are coming with me today to our office.he declared wrapping her body with blanket.

Geet turned nervous on hearing him,after  yesterday insult ,she is feeling difficult to go there and face them. maan came closed to her seating beside her he hold her hands in his own caressing her back of hand he hold her chin making her to looked at him.


geet, you don’t need to be nervous or scared of anything when it is your office,you own it. you are the boss there, so its your right to throw them out of there if you want. he made her understand  softly seeing her fear.

her tears rolled down on remembering yesterday incident .he wipe that nodding her no.she just hugged him feeling overwhelm with his love.

as they step inside on the main floor flowers cascade down on  both of them making her happy.she catch them in her hands looking upwards from where the petals falling on her face.
all office turn silent looking at them entering. they glance at the gorgeous lady ,there boss.,MSK’s wife. her actions made them surprise and they got lost in her beauty and grace

maan saw her happy face and it turn him happy but soon his eyes turn furious seeing all male staff staring at her .he grasp her possessively in his arms holding her waist more tight,she looked at him and his hold and smile sweetly at him showing her dimple.

meet my wife,your boss ..MRS.  GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA.he proudly announced her before whole office that she felt goosebumps all over her body on hearing her full name in his mouth.

all office buzzed with loud claps, old and new staff all,were present ones were fearing for there job now knowing the MSK they know he will not think twice before making them throw out of this job.
Maan glared furiously at them and they just keep down there head seeing his glare.
Geet was enjoying all this till the time they all just rushed towards her and try to hold her feet. she flabbergasted backing up little holding his hand. where as he was standing as cool as before.they she deserve that sorry form them and in that way only. he just smirk dangerously on them holding her protectively in his arms .
maan what is this.. she asked from him confused and later turn towards him finding him silent.

yeh aap kya kar rahe hai..please stand up.she made them all stand and they stand before her still looking down.
please forgive us .mam. we didn’t know about you but yesterday only in interview of sir we get it.. one of the employee asked for forgiveness from her.
yes mam. please forgive us. all said in unison. tia was also there in between them ,but she was just burning in rage from inside to do this. to see her happy with MSK. to see his hand on her waist holding her protectively.
MAAN .. Geet turn towards him again not knowing what to do.

you are boss here geet,you can give whatever punishment you wanted to give them. i am going to throw them out now.he utter angrily last words glaring each one of them. how could he leave them that easily when they hurt his jaan too much.insulted her.


all got shocked and scared started to plead him and her.
no no sir.please forgive us. 
nope.. how did you thought even to pushed her out of my office. her office. he pointed at her glaring them angrily. 
how dared you all to try to throwed her out of her office. how dared you.. he blasted finally remembering her sad face yesterday, how much upsate she was. when its her office only and she didn’t get proper welcome instead pushed her out of here. 
geet was staring him lovingly but she is not that stone heart to snatch food from their mouths, and they did it unknowingly ,they must having there own family to feed also.she just realised all this after the press conference that calm down her anger giving her peace and solace which she wanted. you cant do this.she said softly looking at his angry face.
yes , i can do this. i am going to do that only.. how dared they .his eyes was still red in fury glaring them.
nahi. maan listen to me. its not there fault either.. and i have forgiven them.. she try to made him understand softly holding his hand.
but his anger was little bite reduced. still he was angry on them.

you  only said na.,its my right to punished them ,so let me decide, and i am forgiving them…
geet.he was surprise on her behaviour. she herself was so much upset and angry yesterday then..
maan give them one last chance for me please.. she requested him with her hazels boring into him. and he nodded frustratingly. 
all staff got happy, they were all amused at happening between them. they were seeing how there maan sir was listening to his wife. where he didn’t listen to anyone before apart form his dadima. they even looked at her respectfully on finding her sweet and kind hearted.
Thank you so much mam. they all thank her joining there hands. 
but remember its last chance.. maan growl in anger at them ,he still cant able to forgive them.but for his jaan anything…
they all nodded in agreement and he turn to go holding her but something struck in his mind and he stop again.


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  1. Wohoo good one so geet cannot control her feelings for maan which is taking toll on her.. happy that she is taking a step forward with maan…she is feeling content being with him…so who is the villain entering in maaneet’s paradise. . The way maan took geet to office was nice.. tia is in rage waiting to read more ❤️

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