Mehbooba s2 Chapter 91

Maan woke up the first thing in the morning, only to see his beautiful wifey cuddling cutely in his arms, like a baby. She was sure right then, for she has nothing on her body apart from his body covering her.

He smirked with the thought that this day he had always looked forward to. And now having her in his arms, like this was nothing but a dream,

He watched her stirring and then slowly opening her eyes, 

Good Morning, honey… ” He whispered in her ear, waking her up fully.

Geet had woken up to the lovely sight of her husband, but as soon as she realized her condition, shyness took over and she tried to pull apart.

Maan grabbed her back to his chest, crushing her bosom to his chest thereby.

She moaned, and soon her sweet moan was covered by his hot mouth. He kissed her carnally, drinking away her sweet nectar, chewing her already bruised lips, then left her… not before murmuring, “I love you.”

She was all red as she tried to push him away, “Hume jane dijiye…” She couldn’t meet his gaze.

“First look at me and reply to me…” He pinned her chin. She couldn’t muster the courage to follow his words, so she nodded her head in “no.”

Maan was highly disappointed with her clear denial. “I thought after last night, there would be no hindrance or shyness about that sort of thing remaining between us. And you proved me wrong. “

She instantly looked up at his angry face. How could he think that she wouldn’t be shy after last night? Sure, she needed to open up to him, but it would take time for her to… how could she make him understand that? He wanted everything quickly, just like he used to get in his life. But he needs to understand her point of view too…. So many thoughts ran through her mind, but they forgot to take form words and she kept mum just staring at him.

Maan watched her face. She looked totally tired, yet there was a new glow on her face. 

Alright, he moved away from her. She was hurt, thinking that he was angry with her on the first morning of their marriage.

She pulled the sheet up to her chest, stealing gazes at him as he wore his pants and was ready to walk away to the washroom.

When she felt the shot of pain in her womb reaching her whole, she shuddered and yelped in pain.

Maan briskly turned to her to see her falling down on the bed. He rushed to her, and wrapped his arms around her back. She was sobbing by now in pain.

Relax, it will go away soon. He felt guilty a bit for being the reason for her pain. Never before had he encountered such a thing, but today, having sooth his wife just after their wedding night, was something he had never imagined.

Geet has buried her face in his chest, crying softly, Maan rubbed her back trying to sooth her.

She calmed down a little and moved away shyly when her gaze fell on the dark red spot. It took no time for her to guess it’s the blood, and the realization dawned upon her that it’s her only.

Maan followed her gaze. He frowned, seeing her shocked face, Geet..

Yeh khoon…hume kahi chot lagi hai…? She checked herself frantically.

Maan stared at her bewildered for a while before he really knew she was unaware of this stuff. That’s why she was getting frantic.

Maan…yeh khoon…and she blanks out in his arms.

Geet… Geet… he patted her cheek, really worried about seeing her unconscious.


Mr. Khurana, she needs plenty of rest for her body as well as her mind. I think, she is stressed out. said Khurana’s family doctor after checking Geet.

Maan shook his head, eyeing the unconscious Geet with worry written all over his face. 

It happens, don’t worry. Just take care of your bride. Saying so, the doctor left.


Maan was constantly staring at her, thinking about the doctor’s words. He was guilty of her condition. Lost in his own needs and desires, he failed to protect her from himself. 

Rajveer looked at his son. He could see from his posture how he was feeling right at the moment. Don’t worry son, she will be fine. He patted his shoulder.

I should have taken care of her, dad. His voice was full of regrets.

Maan, it happened. Dadi walked from behind. Don’t worry, she will awake soon. She needs plenty of rest. She assured him, not able to see her son so worried.

Maybe she must have gotten scared about everything new here, aur shadi ke waqt aksar ladkiya yeh face karti hai. 

Yes, son, and you are there to look after her. Rajveer boosted him as well.

Maan sighed and shook his head, looking at Geet. 


This is her first morning in our home and she is lying on the bed. 

Annie couldn’t stop her big mouth, as she followed Dadi behind. She was fed up with Geet’s tantrums every day. That’s what she thought about all this. 

Dadi stopped in her tracks and gave her a stern look, “woh aapki bhabi hai, Annie, I want you to give her proper respect.

But dadi, you see…I think she is faking this all.

Aisa nahi hai Annie, woh sach mein beemar hai. And you talk to me. It’s okay, but don’t you talk like that before your bhai… you know about his anger, don’t you? 

Janti hu Dadi, tabhi toh chup hu…but I can’t tolerate her presence in our mansion. Saying so, she rushed away from there.

Dadima kept watching her back. She didn’t know whether she had accepted Geet yet, but she couldn’t see her son in pain.


When she drifted back to consciousness, she found herself lying in the big bed, under a soft sheet.

She looked around to find herself alone when she noticed Maan walking inside from the balcony, “I will bring her, yeah sure.” He finished the call, eyeing Geet. He walked towards her.

Geet kept gazing at him innocently, then her surroundings again… when everything dawned upon her. Remembering the blood she saw in the morning, she was suddenly frightened. 

She could not hold back the tears. They flowed like two big rivers down each cheek as she watched him approach her.

Not soon, his two big arms wrapped themselves gently around her, pulling her against the softness of his shirt.

“Sh… Don’t cry,” he muttered into the crown of her hair. One hand gently patted her shoulder. It was all so comforting that she let herself go, leaning against the strength of him, letting the cleansing tears run for all they were worth. When the tear ducts were empty, she sniffed a couple of times, and found that his handkerchief was drying her cheeks. Both of her arms had twined themselves around his waist, squeezing her against him more closely.

How are you feeling now? He asked softly, sitting down, holding her on his knees.

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Better, ” she sighed into his comfy shirt, then pulled herself away from his too-comforting chest.

He looked at her for a long minute, the softly curved planes of her face, swathed in a veil of gleaming hair, a face as pale as her hair was dark. Next, he pulled her close and kissed her very satisfactorily. 

I apologized. Was I so hard on you last night? He asked, combing back her hair, tucking soft tendrils of hers behind her earlobe.

She blushed with the memory of their love making, and looked down feeling his fingers moving on her cheek.

Bolo na Jaan…” 

Nahi…’she looked up at his face, then into his brown eyes, “Don’t say that… it was…” She again remembered the blood sight. It was because of blood. You know, I can’t stand the sight of blood.aur woh toh phir mera, she stopped and became terrified.

Maan watched with a frown as she suddenly became hyper, Hume kahi chot lagi hai kya? I don’t know…

His eyes widen in realization, he just stared at her, Geet looked at his shocked face and became confused.

Maan knows now that she doesn’t know anything about man and woman’s relationship. He took a deep breath and held her shoulder. “Look Geet, tumhe Kahi chot nahi lagi hai, yes it was your blood but…” he stopped, not knowing how to explain to her, but he had to, he knew and proceeded further, “haven’t you had knowledge about these things?”

Geet was totally confused about what he was asking, she shakes her head innocently.

He sighed, “Alright, I’ll tell you. And he explained her about it in simple words, so that she understands. “It happens with every girl first time after consummation.”

She was scared, he cupped her face, “ismein darne wali koi baat nahi hai, now you are okay?

She nodded and hugged him again. One more thing was troubling her.  “Maan kitna der ho gaya…she noticed the clock on the wall, and was terrified seeing it was late afternoon.

Relax, you were unconscious. It’s not your fault.

But what would everyone think? She became teary again.

“Koi kuch nahi kahega,”

Both turned to see Dadi walking inside, followed by the servant who brought in the brunch trolley.

Geet instantly made some distance between them, pulling up the sheet. 

Dadima Why did you come up here? You should have called me. Said Maan, getting up. He took the bowl of soup from the trolley, bringing it to Geet.

It’s okay son, when my children have an empty stomach, how I will sit calmly. She commented as she sat beside Geet. 

How are you feeling now? Dadi affectionately caressed her cheek, for a moment, Geet thought, she had forgiven her, but then it could be for Maan. Dadi must be showing her care.

However, she replied to her with a soft smile, “better, Dadima.”

Hume maaf kar dijiye Dadi, it’s my first morning after marriage, and I ruined it. Her eyes became teary.

It’s okay dear, there is nothing to cry about…

But we have to do some rituals…aur mere wajah se…

Oh common Geet, woh sab purani baatein ho gayi, Dadi tried to assure her, “We do it for our children’s wellbeing, but for that we first need to be fit and healthy. Then everything comes afterwards. You don’t need to stress about those things, understood. 

Geet was overwhelmed. She nodded, feeling relaxed and happy that her thoughts matched with hers.

Now have your brunch fast, apko jaldi se thik hona hai na..

Geet nodded with a pout.

Then don’t stress over small things, dekhiye Maan ko, he wouldn’t eat without you. Subah se unhone bhi fast rakha hai aapke liye. She taunted both of them.

Geet was guilty again. She just nodded and saw Dadi walking out without saying a word, but she knew she had made her upset again, reminding her of her last set of words, which had been a hidden taunt directed at her.

Dekha tumne dadi ne bhi wahi kaha, why do you take tension. Maan cupped her face.

Geet had no answer. How would he feel if she told him about his Dadi? She was beginning to get scared from her two-sided behaviour now.

‘What’s wrong?’ Maan asked, noting her strained expression. 

Geet just nodded, although her eyes became teary hearing his question. She almost felt like she needed to say everything to him, which was bothering her so much, eating her inside. But will it be right to give him trouble with her nonsense things and fear when he has already been doing so much for her.

She blinked her eyelashes then wiped her eyes, turning her face away.

He held her chin, turning her to face him, “Geet, look at me.” He demanded, and she obliged, slowly looking at him.

You can just tell me anything, you know!? Kyon muzse nazre chupa rahi ho? 

He saw her struggle again. She wanted to say something but didn’t know how to open her mouth. She still needs the courage. It was quite painful to think of giving him trouble. He would be more angry and sad, knowing what was troubling her so much. She knew this after seeing her dad struggling to keep calm between her mother and his mother. When her grandma tortured her mom unnecessarily, Her father would feel the pain of her mother. 

“You’re tired,” he said softly. It’s been a long, hard struggle, with lots of confusion. But it’s all over, Geet. All the heartaches, all the loneliness, all the fighting. From here on in, I’m going to take care of you. Relax. ‘ 

She could believe him. It seemed to be all over. It seemed as if the terrible years were behind her, and there was refuge in these strong arms. She thought, with a small smile covering her face. Maan chuckled, seeing her innocent smile.

He bunched up three pillows against the backboard of the bed, then reached down and plucked her out of her little nest, settling her against the pillows.

‘Here, have this.’ He handed her the bowl of soup. She accepted, feeling light at heart with his smile, all the while her smile couldn’t leave her lips as they both fed each other, doing the ritual of the newly married couple. Maan couldn’t wipe his smileither, l seeing her happy.


After that, Dadima sent the girls up to help her in the bath and get ready. Maan sensed that Geet was quite uncomfortable, so he sent the girls out again.

Maan, Geet gasped. What will Dadi Ma think? 

You don’t worry about what someone is thinking about you. Tum khud ka khayal karo. Said Maan, trying to keep his patience. 

But Maan… Geet tried to argue and he became frustrated, “If you continue to behave like that, Geet, then… he stopped seeing her face, she was ready to cry.”

He closed his eyes to calm himself, when he heard her small voice and opened his eyes to see her pouting face, 

“Then what…” “Chod denge hume?”

His eyes widening upon hearing her, nahi Jaan… he ran towards her, holding her in his arms, “Meine Aisa kab kaha.

par aapka irada toh wahi tha… I know. She was really upset. She struggled in his arms, chodiye Hume.

Jaan…Jaan…suno..I apologized, “Muze waisa kuch nahi kahna tha.” I was just frustrated. Tum hi batao, if you worry about these small things every time, how will you survive?

Geet became silent. He pinned her chin, “Look Geet, stop worrying so much, aur darna tumhe kisis se bhi nahi hai. Nahi meri family se, na kisi gair se. Mere hote hue kisi ki himmat nahi hai tujhe chune ki bhi, ya tumhe aankh uthakar dekhe bhi… there was so much possessiveness and authority in his husky voice that made her shudder but boosted a strange kind of confidence in her. She found herself nodding along to his every word.

That’s like my wifey, now let’s get ready.

Kya…she looked at him.

What? I need to show you things here and how they work. Maan said with a hidden smirk.

She nodded innocently, believing his words, but that was half true, as Maan just wanted to enjoy with his wifey their first day of marriage in the bath.

to be continued…

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24 thoughts on “Mehbooba s2 Chapter 91

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    Geet faint seen own blood 🥺she is so naive , Maan explain her😊Anni still not accept Geet 🙄 Maan really taking good care of her

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  2. Wonderful update dear. Was waiting to read this one. Geet fainted she is uch a innocent girl.Maan and family is so worried about her but why dadima is using double meaning sentences. Hope dadi stay positive I really don’t want see such a sweet person to turn Grey. Overall superb and thanks for the update

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  3. geet fainted seeing her blood .
    doctor say its normal not to worry but take care of geet
    annie shows her non acceptance towards geet’s stay in km
    geet can see hiden meaning in dadi’s care
    maan explain geet everything in simple words about man n woman relation
    great update

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  4. Surprising and so Fantastic Chapter

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    had no idea why the blood was there
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    but thankfully Maan explains her everything
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    her first morning with her husband and she already fainted
    I really felt bad for Geet
    but glad that Maan has patience with Geet
    otherwise he surely would have gotten angry

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  5. Nice part.Geet is so innocent that she saw the blood and said hame kahi chot lagi hai kyà.Maan explained her in a simple way.Annie still did not accept Geet.Dadima was so concerned that she brought breakfast for the couple.eager to read the bathroom romance.

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  6. Poor geet frustrated with her continuous stress and she is still couldn’t understand the behaviour of daadi. .and worried of conveying it to maan…Annie started getting fedup with geet already happy that she defended geet and asked her to respect her as bhabi…the way maan was worried and cared for geet was nice… waiting to read more ❤️😘

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