Caged in my arms Chapter 21

Maan saw her sad face and anger curse through him, he dialed adi immediately, and he saw geet going into washroom with slow steps. He keep phone on hold and rushed towards her.

What happened? Are you fine? He asked in concern.

She doesn’t having energy inside her after shouting on him, just nodded silently without meeting his gaze.

He sigh in restlessness and supported her till the washroom, she goes inside absentmindedly and he attend his called again.

After sometime when geet came outside he looked at her to find her fresh than he saw her going outside there room, he rushed towards her holding her hand.

Where are you going? He asked in his stern tone frustrated on her behavior today but it’s not her fault at all, he knows. It’s her frustration and bolted up anger which was from stating trying to burst on him and today its get chance and it did blasted on him. 

He was glad today, she did lash out her anger on him, he knows more than that she is hurt. Maybe today even more after facing that and he will make sure that got heal beyond her imagination. 

Though one thought making him confused, that how is she accepting this marriage, when she is the one who had denied it, reasoning her love for that guy?

That thought brought him out to reality stopping him to go further with his thoughts .anger rushed through his veins as he saw her wriggling in his hold that was going tight on her soft wrist.

maan let me go.. What are you doing? Her face wrinkle in pain and anger on his behavior. 

He pulled her harshly on to him and she banged herself on his hard chest clutching his shirt tight in her fist her hazels roam on his bare chest before meeting his red eyes. She flinch at his fury.

He jerked her closer in his arms clutching her waist tight he stared at her face passionately .his hands caressed her soft cheeks sliding her locks behind her ears. His fingers roam on her earrings slowly coming down its reach her slender neck.

maan.. she moaned with his seducing touch as she closed her eyes in great bliss. He surely doing magic on her. Her lips got parted in need of air in his hot proximity.

maan saw her state and smirk before his rough lips hold her lower lips in his mouth and big gasp come out from her mouth ,he hold become tight on his shoulders.

he take her lips fully in his mouth and started to kissed her hungrily, chewing her lips in a process, his hands goes on its own accord on her bare back pressing it to his heart desires. She gasp for air in his hot mouth and he stuck his tongue inside exploring her sweetness all over her inside mouth.

geet didn’t know what is she feeling now, this kiss as if giving peace to her wounded heart after facing that humiliation in office. Her hands was binding on his neck, she let him to do that feeling solace in his kiss.

Maan after sometime broke the kiss and looked at her face. Her eyes was still closed in the effect of kiss. Her breaths was heavy. Lips had swollen a bit in his passionate kiss. 

He touch it softly pressing them wanted to take them again.

Geet opened her dizzy eyes slowly to meet his passionate one. Red hue spread across her cheeks making her more beautiful. She downcast her eyes not bearing the heat his eyes sending to her.

She tried to push him, but he didn’t let her as he caged her in his arms again tightly. His hands started to claw at her bare waist, sending a chill down her spine. 

She moans at his touch, unknowingly rubbing her hands on his shoulders, which burned him more with his desires. He jerks her closed, causing her lips to brush against his own in the corner. Both of them.

She simply flowed with him, finding solace in his every action.

He rubbed his beard on her soft cheeks making her more vulnerable. She started to go weak on her knees and throw herself on him, not bearing anymore this sweet torture, still wanted more of it. It was her first experience and it made her drown in his passion.

He could hug her back passionately, feeling peace at finally having her close to him. 

geet can feel his heart beating fast with their closeness and she now realized ,it’s her heart also doing a summersault with this beating along with him rhythmically .

She jerked out of his arms, totally amused at her new discovery. She had never felt this before, not even with Rajeev. She owes it to love… love. Is that really so? Now she’s starting to have doubts about that.

How full-filled she could get she thought. She is doubting her own love. But..

What happened to Jaan? He asked concern for her, worried if she didn’t like it. But her next action amused him as she kept her hand on his thudding heart on his chest.

Can you hear it? I mean, can you feel it? She asked, getting all amused, making him amused as well. He looked at her innocent face. How innocently she was asking him. ut didn’t she know this? It is his love. That is his love for her…felt by this heart, which is thudding with excitement at having her close to him. Its happiness is showing.

yeh itna jor  se kyon dharak raha hai ?(why its beating so fast ) she asked him making a pout of her swollen lips.

He smiled softly pulling her close. He kept her hand on his heart and she stopped dead to feel its rhythm. It’s making her all amused.

It’s saying one name. Do you know, what is it? 

She nodded her head negative totally confused by his question.

It’s your name, Jaan. It’s beating for you, it’s taking your name..GEET.

She stopped dead on listening his answer. How could it be? It’s called love. Then which she felt for rajeev. Wasn’t it love? 

maan looked at her face that was changing expressions, he could see her turmoil, the thought of that guy came rushing to him making him fume in anger again.

How could you feel my heartbeats, if that heart of yours is not for me..ha geet ? He taunted angrily making her flinch at his tone.

Her eyes turn moist with the pain of his and her own. She has no idea why everything is becoming so perplexing. She didn’t find any answer to his question thereby just stared at him sadly.

He closed his eyes in regret for making her sad. Already she was upset enough.

Get ready fast, there is something I have arranged. It is urgent. He asked her, softly staring at her face. He wiped her tears before they could fall down on her cheeks. 

She can’t take it anymore, from morning she was feeling uneasy then office incident and now finding him this closed she busted in tears throwing herself on him. He just hugged her tight feeling her pain. 


Geet descended the stairs with Maan on her side, holding her. She met with Dadima and asked her to be sorry for her behavior. Because of her, that old lady became worried. 

As both came out into the living area, her breath halted in her throat on finding a small crowd and media people were also there.

She looked horrified at him, whereas he just gave her an assuring smile holding her hand.

Its press conference arranged by maan to introduce her, his jaan, his geet to the world as his wife..Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. 


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The entire office, upon hearing the news of her new unknown identity, received the biggest shock of their lives when they discovered the same girl they had insulted in the office that morning. They have begun to fear for their jobs. Will not take him a minute to throw them out of his office. 

The receptionist named Tia …who was watching this turn horrified, for her job but along that jealousy strike her hard on finding that gorgeous girl to be Mrs. Khurana. His wife .on whom she had big crush. She is one of that all that girls who was behind him. but first she have to do something to just stay here first in KC. because its high profile company and if he throw her out of this then no company can give her job with his threat and influence. 


She didn’t know what she was feeling or how to describe it in words, but she felt intense happiness and respect for her husband rushing through her as she stared at him, lovingly lost in him. Whereas he was answering all the media’s questions, proudly owning her as his wife in front of the whole world. He never let a question slip her mind; he answered them all on her behalf, leaving her seat beside him silently.

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