Caged in my Arms Chapter 20

Maan was too much shock to react anything.he just rushed out to meet his jaan. Don’t know from how much time she was waiting for him. it’s been 3 hours at least to dadima’s called and messages. But why didn’t he find her outside or didn’t even notice her in waiting area as well.Thinking on all the possibilities he rushed in main hall of of his office floor. and check the atmosphere had little bite changed…

his sharp mind can sense the happenings. He takes steps towards reception to asked there but his feet halted on thee spot hearing some whispers.Did she was fooling someone …how could that girl..Other employee – what’s new in that’s always like this.our boss is that hot and happening. But he didn’t let them complete as he roar in dangerous voice.Do i give salaries to all for doing gossips in my office.

as he glared at all of his staff he continued to roar.. Back to spread all over office and he rushed outside thinking to call dadima once for asked her about geet.He didn’t get that they were talking about his geet only.


Geet rushed to there room banging the door behind.and fall down on the bed broking in her uncontrollable tears.

How could he..?just one question kept banging in her head that was fill with just his thoughts from last 5 days.that she forgot all about her past, her family ,her love..That chudail. .she pierced her nails in the cushion angrily tearing that apart thinking it as that receptionist who dare to eyes her husband.

That is the reason definitely ..she knows now.. how dare she..? Her teary eyes buzzed red in fury for both of them.


Dadima who was resting inside her room come out after an hour and servant tell her about geet being at home rushing to there room in upset mood. She at once turn worried for her and rushed towards there room.She had called her several times but geet was not opening the room door. It turn her more worried for her .she had try to called maan again but he was not answering it.maybe busy in meetings .she had concluded it.


Maan called her at once after seating inside his car .Hello dadima, did geet has came here in office.As soon as he asked her in return he heard her worried voice making him worried as well. Maan, she is not opening the room door from last 2 hours .His breath stuck in his throat and heart stop beating for a moment on listening her.his jaan..Dadima I am coming. .just few minutes. He just managed to utter this before cutting the call.***Geet bete.opened the door.tell me what happened. .bete..please opened the door. Dadima try but again got silent in return .It’s making too much worried to this old lady.

She stumbled on her steps that aryan hold her supporting her. What happened dadima. .Aap itne tense kyon ho..asked annie who has came with aryan.Woh geet..she is not opening the door.from long time she is inside. She said with her uneven breaths.Dadima, come..aryan made her to seat on the sofa in hall and made her to drank some water and she relax keeping her head on his shoulder.Geet..Geet. maan came rushing inside hell worried for her.but soon witness dadima was hell tired and tense with the happenings. Dadima. .are you OK. He asked worried l seating on other side of her.Hum thik hai bete ,you check on her.she is not opening the door and has lock herself inside.

Ji dadima. .I will just take rest here.don’t come.he warned her and rushed upstairs followed by aryan as annie sat beside dadima. Till now all servants had came in the hall worried for there geet memsab and dadima as well.What happened dadima ? Do you know,  why bhabhi had lock herself like that.asked worried annie. She has gone to our office..and dadima narrated all there morning conversion. I don’t know but what had happened there that she is upset this much.nakul had tell me and I tried very much to make her open the door but she is not listening. Bhagvan humari bachchi ki raksha kare..she prayed silently worried for her.Here maan was continuously banging the door but she was not listening. It’s making him frustrated still he tried with soft manners. Geet..Jaan..please opened the door.Bhabhi please tell us what had happened. .? Worried aryan  called as well.Finally going frustrated he dashed the door hard to broke it and it’s got open and both of them rushed inside horrified for her.She was unconscious on the bed with one cushion little bite tore .That scene made both the brothers horrified as they rushed near her.

Geet… your eyes..Jaan..please.jaan.he was so Scared to see his jaan like this.Geet ,he again patted her cheeks but she is not opening her eyes.sweat drops had appear on his forehead to see her like this.Bro..let me..aryan get the glass water from beside table and sprinkle some on her face and she jerk opened her droopy eyes. Jaan. He gasp crushing her in his hard arms as his eyes turn moist .

Why did you do this .tumne to meri jaan hi nikal di.he utter sighing in big relief.Geet was not in a condition to talk to anyone now or grasp on what he had said .she looked at him in confusion aswell at aryan.

Geet..are you fine dear.asked worried dadima rushing inside.Why didn’t you opening the door? She asked further seating on the bed beside them.Geet just looked at them trying to remember what happened and all things come back to her at once making her sad and angry at the same time.Woh main so rahi thi dadima. (I was sleeping)You were that didn’t listen our voices or banging on the door.asked dadima astonish along others as well. 

They are literally shock on her relevition. Woh actually ,my head was busting so much pain that I took that pain killer and don’t know when I goes to deep slumber that didn’t heard anyone or any sound.

She clarified herself keeping control on her anger  aswell he head was still heavy.Which pill..let me check.maan looked at it at once and made a called to there doctor.Doctor clarify it’s effects aswell same as geet had told them.Are you feeling fine now.asked worried maan looking in her gazes lovingly as he cupped her face in his hands.

How could she.after what she had faced..because of him only.her hazels blamed him for her condition which he didn’t get instead turn confused. There eyelock broke in between with annies clearing throat. They just realised all family is’s nothing for maan but geet turn embrassed. Dadima wanted to asked her ,that what happened in the office and her reason of becoming upset but she thought to asked later seeing her condition .also it will be OK if both husband and wife sort out out there problems in between them.She take stubborn annie with her out who was ready to tease both of them more .aryan understanding the situation came out himself and rushed to his room to freshen up.


Jaan..are you fine?. He asked with his moisten eyes glistening love and fear inside them.She melted in them forgetting her all anger and sadness for a moment. You just taken my breath away.he utter but she cant bear that and placed her soft palm on his mouth nodding him for no.


I will die if anything  happens to you.he stated his true feelings glancing deep inside her hazels.

Geet gasp audibly at his revelation going lost in his love.he kissed her palm.softly that was still on his lips.she shiver in that touch taking her hand downwards but he grabbed it carrasing it softly he asked her,Why did you went  without meeting me.And that’s all come back to her. Her visit to his office ,her insult and that girl specifically. She jerk out her hand out of his hold angrily making him surprised aswell.

What happened ? He asked her totally clueless as she try to stand up with her heaviness in her head.Geet..relax..why are you taking tress .he made her seat on the bed forcefully. That she jerk his hands away again making him upsate.

Then what you expect me to do after facing that humiliation in your office.she Bursted atlast the truth on him making him shock.Silent spread across  the room .as the words sunk in him he turn angry at once .how could be that..Humiliation ..his jaan.he looked all confused. 


What.who did it.what happened exactly , tell me jaan.He grasp her arms tight shaking her .Geet as she remember the incident few tears well up on her cheeks. She wiped it hurriedly turning frustrated on all happenings. 


Geet..don’t cry please.tell me who did this ,I will not leave whoever had try to hurt you.his eyes blazed in anger seeing her tears.Who dared to done that to his jaan. Geet ,please tell me.He asked her impenitently seeing her silence.Ha..tum office aayi thi na.phir kya hua ..i was in meeting jaan but you could have waited for me  but.Enough maan.she shouted .this man. She is saying that she faced  humiliation there, still he is asking her that she could have waited for him standing in that place.How could you..that girl insulted me .your so called staff they were ready to throw me out…still you except me to …she Bursted on him controlling her tears.Maan looked at her sad face and felt extremely angry on his staff .

You didn’t. ..they don’t know me as your wife and taunted me saying I am not and even ready to pushed me out of there ..she turn her face at side remembering her insult.Maan was shock on hearing all this.his staff insulted her , his jaan.He tighten his fist in extreme anger.How dared they..? His eyes spitted fire.Now he got all the thing clear.that gossip was inside his office ,she could have come to there office to met him and he was busy in his meetings. Also had told the receptionist to not to called him or disturb him of anything. 

He combed his hairs in frustration seeing her sad face that  was because of him.

6 thoughts on “Caged in my Arms Chapter 20

  1. Superb update…so maan rushed home hearing geet’s condition and everyone was worried as she wasn’t opening the door… thank god she was fine…I Loved the way geet reacted infront of his family and told about the problem when they were alone…maan was so tensed hearing the incidents and was angry on himself as his jaan has been hurt because of him… waiting to read more ❤️😍

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