Panic flared inside her. This wasn’t going the way it should. By now he shouldn’t be drifting away from her; he should be wanting her. Loving her for whole night.
She heard him catch his breath on what sounded like an impatient sigh, She bit her lip and moved closer to him.

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“Maan…!?” She was about to hold him when he grabbed her instead, holding her both arms…before pushing her a little.
The shock of his sudden action was too much for her to cope with.
She was still lost in the rapturous dream of her own intense desire and love, and she burst out eagerly,
“Maan, why are you doing this?” Please … I know you want to…” She stopped being shy to proceed further with what she was about to say. she gazed pleadingly up at him, her mouth soft and trembling, her body, supple and eager for his touch; he, tense and angry for something, the brown eyes darkened almost to black, his mouth drawn in a tight hard line, his body tense as though he was holding himself back.
And then he breathed harshly, ‘yes, I want you as much as you want me…’
Her face reddened hearing him, ‘but before that I need to know how much you want me, how much you love me…’


He saw the shock and pain on her face, her voice shaking as she implored huskily, “You don’t trust me…” Tears weren’t very far away; she could feel them clogging up the back of her throat.
She heard him sigh, and then rapturously felt his arms go round her. She was being cradled against him, her head resting on his shoulder, the heat of his chest against her merely covered breasts…
She quivered with nerves and excitement, aching to reach out and touch him, but scarcely able to even draw breath, never mind do anything else.
His voice softened slightly as he spoke, “it’s not about only trust…”
When she couldn’t utter a single word out of shock, he continued, “I want to know, do you desire me the same I do… I want to hear it from your mouth.”
Her eyes widened, and went brilliant with shock as she absorbed his meaning.
She pulled apart, suddenly creating distance between both, She had wanted to run away then, but shock of his words, had held her rigidly where she stood, shivering like a rabbit before a hawk, totally unable to do anything other than stare blindly back into his savagely dark eyes. Her whole redden with the thought of his words.

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Remember, you still have punishment to bear, he murmured. She gaped at him with open mouth, he grabbed the open invitation, giving her butterfly-light kisses. he grabbed her waist, pulling her close.

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They were both breathing heavily, her shocked brown eyes, wide and dilated, staring into his mischievous golden ones, their eyes locked together. “the day I proclaimed you as my wife before our family, you stood silent, when your father was ready to take you away. you know, how I felt, ?
geet felt her throat choking hearing his painful voice as she remembered the day, he had show their marriage certificate to everyone, stopping her there by from going away from him.
I felt my breath going away from me. I felt I am forcefully keeping you with me. I felt I am forcing myself , my love on you. is that true geet?
She flushed with shame and pain then, but he hadn’t let her look away, holding her chin with hard, fingers as he said huskily, “Look at me, Geet. and answer me, is that true..?
sach toh yeh hai, ke aap hum pe vishwas karna bhul gaye hai ab…

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she muttered as few tears rolled down her cheeks hearing him. She turned away from him then, struggling to subdue the sob of terror and anguish that rose up in her throat.
Maan closed his eyes, feeling guilty for making her cry on this special day of their life but he couldn’t held back, when her silence was torturing him now.
agar jo apne kaha woh sach hota toh hum abhi yaha khade nahi hote… I wouldn’t have married you with all rituals again. she said softly, turning to face him. he could see the whirlpool of emotions on her face, her lips quivering to confess to him while her brown eyes shone brightly whispering of the tale of her pure love for him.
she waited for him to make a move but when he didn’t she rushed forward to him, leaping in his arms, hum bahot pyar karte hai aap se… she cried, dobara kabhi mat kahiyega, ke you have forced me.

“I love you so much, Maan.” He felt her breasts pressing against his chest, and wrapped his arms tightly about her back. that’s what he was awaiting to hear from her mouth so desperately.

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“And I love you, jaan.” He brought his mouth down to hers and kissed her, savouring the taste of her. He grew more demanding, and wrapped his hands in her hair that hung to her waist. He shuddered when she dug her fingers into his back. She was filled with passion, innocent passion, and it was driving him mad.
He released her hair and his hands caressed her. He cupped her buttocks and lifted her to press her belly tightly against him. He pulled away from her and shrugged quickly out of his kurta.
She gasped and forget to breathe seeing him half bare standing so close to her. His skin tanned and firm against the powerful male muscles. Something seemed to expand and flower inside her, A soft flush of colour spread over her body as she saw the way he was looking at her.
For what seemed like a long time she was too stunned to move. While his gaze absorbed her pure beauty that stood bathing in the moonlight which was coming through the open window.

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She was indeed a beautiful woman, her dark-brown hair superbly coiffed to reveal
a long, slender neck, beautifully arched like a swan’s.
He looked down into her liquid, brown eyes and long darkened lashes, her lips raised, inviting his kiss, a kiss that he knew could be long and deep; fully reciprocated by her.
His eyes wandered slowly over her rounded, white breasts, barely concealed by the low-cut, red velvet of her dress
and his memory filled in the rest of her curvaceous body—the feel of her warm and naked, lying pressed against his own bare flesh.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. His fingertips traced the straight line of her nose, and gently outlined her cheek. His fingers caressed her throat and moved up to tilt her face so that she was forced to look at him.
He snuggled her against him, lifted one of his hands, and cuddled it against her breast. Gradually his fingers closed, gently but firmly.
His hand moved down to the waistband of her blouse, slipped beneath it, and gradually slid up the smooth softness of her skin. She hardly ever wore a bra, she shuddered deliciously. Tentatively, her fingertips graze against his skin. It was burning hot.
She could feel the steady, even thud of his heart. Instinctively she moved her hand to touch the place where she could feel that strong beat.
Her fingertips trembled against his skin and then, Shocking waves of delight shuddered through her as he held her palm to his mouth, slowly caressing it. She could feel her breasts peeking in wanton delight.
“Geet, I want you to love me…show me tonight, how much you love me darling…

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