Caged in my Arms Chapter 19

Geet opened her eyes at the early sunrise only to find herself alone on the bed. That was when her eyes landed on the side watch and her eyes widened in shock. It’s 9 a.m.


She quickly got up from the bed, feeling better now. It’s been 2 days since she was literally caged in this room with them. She chuckled, remembering his complete care for her.She rushed downstairs to get ready immediately, wondering where he had gone.

Good morning, Dadima, She wished her mother was seated in the living room. Good
morning, Geet. How are you feeling now? she asked her.
I’m fine now, Dadima…please don’t ask any more questions about it.

I am already tired of sitting inside the room. She blabbers, making pouting faces, to which Dadima chuckles.

Nope beta, no more asking, let’s have your breakfast. They both headed towards the dining hall, and Geet asked her about Maan’s feeling restless about not finding him around herself. For the last 5 days, he had been with her 24 hours a day, looking after her. It was like he had become habit of her. Dadima, maan kaha hai? she asked her softly, not meeting her gaze.

Why bete? He has done enough of your work by looking after you. Now let him do his work also. “Dadima,” making a straight face but inside all in a teasing mood,

She snapped at her right away, thinking about her words, and she realised it later, glancing at her face to see how angry she was. thought that she was angry at her because her father didn’t look after himself.

I am so sorry, Dadima. I didn’t mean it. Her voice quivers in fear and her eyes get moist. She couldn’t think on this line, but she thought Dadima was seriously angry with her.its nothing like that dear, i  was just pulling your leg.. hey bhagvan humari bahu to bahot bholi hai..she added to make the atmosphere light.

She shocked me at first, then made me laugh. is indeed a lady with a golden heart.Actually, he has gone to the office. It’s been 5 days since he hasn’t gone. He is looking after you and worried for you. He never did this before to ignore his office. But in these days, he did, and he did it big.

GHSP 111 HD_8977

I’m speechless bete to witness his insane love for you…a mad love.He adores you, but I’m afraid I’m not in love with him. am happy for my grandson that he got his love of life and change from his workaholic self. She chuckled at that. She finished by placing her hand on her head and blessing both of them.

Listen up, Geet is drowning in her own guilt after hearing all of this.At first he didn’t go to his office because of her, and listening to him talk about his love for her from Dadima’s mouth, it all made her restless even more.He hadn’t even eaten his breakfast. khali pet hi chale gaya..saying it’s an urgent meeting line up. Don’t know if he will get time to eat his lunch also or not..?Dadima’s worried voice reached her ears, making her come out of her thoughts.Ji, kya kaha kaha aapne dadima aapne dadima aapne dadima aapne dadima aap asked her again and she repeated it again, making her more restless for him. I don’t know why there is so much restlessness in her for him.dadima, kya main ja sakti hoon, maan ke office main? asked her to make her happy.Ha beta, kyoun nahi. You can go and also see our office. Dadima replied by beaming at the thought.Then, OK, I will take his lunch with me to his office. She replied honestly because she was worried about him because she remembered his condition two days ago when he was caring for her.


She stood in front of the big, magnificent building and got lost in it for a few minutes before taking steps to go inside.

can i know..where is Mr. Maan singh khurana’s cabin..she asked directly on the reception to which she turn startle on her sudden asking . she was already little rude girl.she asked her for the appointment .AND sHE BURN IN JEALOUSY TO SEE HER GORGEOUS BEAUTY.why do i need an appointment ,when i am …but before she speak further on the reception phone rang .it was maan who asked  her to not to disturb him as he is in meeting for next 2-3 hours. as she keep the phone down she give this message to geet. geet just started to fumed on she have first time came to his office and he didnt even receiving her properly.but tell him my name,he will allowed ,she asked further to her .sorry miss. i cant ..please you take appointment first or can wait in waiting room.she reply to fuming geet in fear of her angry boss because if she called him again then he will fire her from this job at that right moment. 

But… I am his wife.. she continues, to which a few of the staff who were listening to her mock her, not believing her along with the rpts.miss.Every day, some random girls say, “How do we believe you?” but it’s not your or all girls’ fault if he’s that hot and handsome.” added, giving a lusty look.


geet..her anger reach to its peak seeing her giving that dirty looks for her dare she.infact she is mocking her.her..Mrs.MSK.

How dare you talk that dirty about my husband? You better n’t do that again. She shouted at her, being all frustrated.Excuse me… who are you to tell me what to do or not do… and this is my office… MK’s office.and you are shouting at me while standing in my office.Now it was time for her to take it out, and she shivered in anger, turning red. First, let her see this obnoxious girl…think about it.Stay within your limits. It’s my office and my husband’s. I am Mrs. MSK. When you get that fit in your brain, girl. She shouted further. All the staff made a circle around them and tried to make her understand to leave the office now, but no one was ready to believe her that she was Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. It hurt her, really hurt her, that he didn’t tell his staff about his office.

she totally forgot that she herself was not ready to accept this marriage and here feeling hurt  for him doing so. her eyes turn moist but she control herself not showing there her weakness to anyone.


she just rushed from there to go out as they were all ready to throw her out. she has been not came face to face with this much humiliation which she have face today.


here maan was busy in his meeting that didnt notice his phone that buzzing with dadima’s calls and later dadima just leave him message saying that geet is coming to there office.geet ran out of the office feeling vulnerable,dont know till where she reach on the road that fill with traffic lost in her miseries. when she did realised  took a cab to mansion. all way to khurana mension she was just crying on her own miseries..why he did that..she cant able to degest that fact even her insult there.she rushed inside and ran towards her room telling one of the servant not to disturb her.she wanted to take rest. dadima was in her room after sending messages to maan.


his meeting finished off and took a sigh of relief,it was an important one.he thought to take his lunch first before heading to his next meeting thereby forgot his mobile there only and headed outside .as he came in the living area..(main area of office)

he felt her aroma..he felt her presence there but ow could be she there.he shrug off his thoughts and headed towards his cabin to take his he completed his lunch ,he remember he had forgot his mobie in conference hall only,where he have his next meeting. he goes inside seating on his big chair,he take his mobile in his hands and was ready for next meeting , thats when he notice his mobile light was giving signal of miss calls,or messages. he opened it check it and got worried at once seeing dadima’s few miss calls. he was about to called her thats when check his messages and got sweet shock on reading it. thats mean his all intuition was right. geet was here.his jaan. his happiness was knew no bounds.he was feeling thrill on the thought but wait..its few hours msgs and miss calls.he check it tis been 3 the thought dawn on him..oh..shitt.. he bang his hands hard on the table before rushing out of the conference hall.adi managed this one..i am in hurry. he asked him hurrying outside leaving all his staff in big shock on his strange behavior today. he never did this before.

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  1. Omg that was good update so geet was feeling restless without seeing maan and she decided to take lunch for him and reached his office which wasn’t a pleasant visit and she was upset about maan why he didn’t disclose his marriage and was that maan got to know about her visit he already rushed to mansion what will happen if he comes to know how his staffs received her waiting to read more ❤️

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