Caged in my arms Chapter 18

Geet was sitting in a daze of her own thoughts after Dadima left her.

She did remember a little bit now that he cared for her at the time of her fever.

She needs to check him to see if he is fine or not.

What was the point of him staying close to her when the doctor had clearly warned her?

But who can stop him from showing the madness of his love?

She sighs in frustration, really fearing his insanity now. the door. She banged on the washroom door, impatiently wanting to check on him.

and he came out just wearing his pants.

She hurriedly checked his forehead and neck for any tempt, but that was cool, giving her a breath of relief.

And the next moment, she throws herself on his bare torso, hugging him tight. Her blanket slipped off her body.

Maan was standing clueless and shocked at her behavior. But when she hugged him, his whole body burned in hunger for love for his jaan and he took her in his arms, tightly clasping her to himself.

What happened to you, Jaan? Why did you get up from bed? Let’s get back.

Saying so, he tried to pull her from himself, but she was not willing. Instead, she hugged him tight and nodded her head in no.

Geet… what happened? He again asked her if he was worried about her now. His behavior when she woke up is making him all puzzled and worried for her. A few

tears rolled down her cheeks, touching his neck.

Now he is on alert.

Geet.He pulled her forcefully and looked at her tearstricken face and cupped it at once. Are

you feeling pain anywhere? His eyes reflected pain for her.

Are you fine now? Finally, she spoke up, giving him relief.

What happened to me.It’s you, Jaan. You were I’ll and still you are not fine jaan. He wiped her tears and looked at her lovingly. 

She held her hands on her cheeks, staring at him with great admiration. 

Let’s sit on the bed. He tries to take her, but she stops him.

Nahi maan.You need to shave yourself. Yeh kya haal banake rakha hai apna. She scolded him, glaring at him.

Maan stared at her in wonder. what happened to her.This fever had affected her mentality too, but before he could think more, he felt himself dragged inside the washroom by geet.

He gasps as he sees her taking the brush-needed items in her own hands, and she takes steps towards him, leaving him speechless at his jaan’s audacity.

Geet.Let me do it myself. I can feel him grasping her soft wrist in his tight hold.

But she wriggled out of his hold.

Nahi.. Muze karna hai.

Let me do it now.

Nahi.jaan, you are not well, and it’s cold and wet here. Just get out and rest on the bed.

His voice was turning higher with each second. First her strange behaviour today, and now she is not feeling well either. She is demanding that he help her. 

Nahi muze karna hai matlab karna hai .. did I stop you when you were taking care of me… hmmm..

She pouted her lips, making his gaze divert towards it. His gaze got fixed on it and he nodded, getting lost in her.

She beamed but soon saw his gaze and her cheeks turn red, half in embarrassment and half in anger at seeing his act.

You will never change..uff..she taunted him angrily, making him come out of his lost state.

He looked at her serene face that was so close to his that she was brushing his cheeks, making foam of shaven soap.

He grasped her bare waist, suddenly making her jerk and the blade in her hands with which she was trimming it hurt his cheek. He groans

in sudden pain as blood drops appear in that place.

Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam
haas haske sahenge hum
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam
sanam teri Kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam,
sanam teri Kasam

How much you want torture me you can do it

But I will bear them all with a smile

This love of mine will not decrease

Beloved I swear this on you

She gasped as her hands stopped in their place, seeing that it had happened because of her.

OMG..I am so sorry Maan…it’s painful…she asked out of worry for him.

He smiled, seeing her concern for himself as he jerked her further, making her hold on to his bare shoulders.

Maan… let me look at it… she touched it softly and winced, finding a little cut.

Why are you smiling? Look into who has hurt you…she confessed, innocently perplexed by his happy expression.

It’s not hurting Jaan, but it is here that hurts me the most. He pointed at his chest where his heart was beating for his jaan, who was unaware or pretending to be. 

She glanced into his painful eyes, looking deep inside him. She cupped his cheek with one hand and, as a reflex, he kissed it, sending shivers down her spine.

She jerks back to reality..and looks at herself. A loud gasp came from her mouth. She instantly crossed her hands on her chest, turning her back to him.

He chuckled softly at her, approaching her, and encircling her in his arms from behind, his hands on her bare stomach, his face inside her neck, kissing there.

That made her fume at him. Here she is so shocked and embarrassed in this condition, and he starts his actions.

She turned furiously jerking him, glaring at him before barging out of the washroom angrily. 

 Jitna tadpaayegi mujhko, utna hee tadpegi tu bhi
Jo aaj hai aarzoo meri voh kal teri aarzoo hogi 
Jitna tadpaayegi mujhko, utna hee tadpegi tu bhi
Jo aaj hai aarzoo meri voh kal teri aarzoo hogi  
Yeh jhooth nahin sach hai sanam
sanam teri Kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, 
sanam teri Kasam

She hurriedly wrapped her saree and started to feel dizzy after making so much haste.

As a result, she sat down on the bed, the pain of cursing coursing through her entire body.

As he came out, he saw her sitting, resting her back on the head post, wearing her saree. 

Jaan called out softly to her, putting his hand on her shoulder, but she jerked it angrily upsate on him and herself for getting lost in him again and again. I don’t know what’s happening with her.

JaanLet’s’s get freshened up first, then you have to eat something. He added, softly ignoring her behaviour. 

She is weird. Like her her anger is unpredictable. Thinking all this may make her irritated, he ignores her behaviour as he is hell-bent on preserving her health. It is not totally cured now. It will take more than 2 days, at least. The doctor had said to them.

Gaining no reaction from her, he finally took her in his arms and rushed towards the washroom. 

Leave me.She glared at him furiously, but made no attempt to get out of his arms. 

She too wanted it to feel like a fever.

But she doesn’t want to show him now. I’m not in the mood to do it now. still could not forget what he had done for her in the last 2 days.

 Nafrat se dekhna pehle

andaaz pyaar ka hai yeh

Kuch hai aankhon ka rishta, gussa ikraar ka hai yeh

Bada pyaara hai tera zulam
Your cruelty is very loving 

sanam teri Kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, 
sanam teri Kasam

Maan smirked, seeing her glare, but there were no attempts from her side to let go themselves. Maybe her weak body was not supporting her. He thought he was entering the washroom. 

Her eyes widen in surprise and glisten with delight as she notices the bathtub filled with rose petals, and the entire bathroom is fragrant with other flowers and scented decorations.

Jaan, you take a long bath to relax yourself. It will reduce your body’s pain.. I will be here. If after you are over, you are still not fine, hmm.?

He kept her on the floor and went out to make a landline call to Dadima to arrange breakfast in their room.

Geet was too shocked to react as she glanced at her surroundings, sitting inside a bathtub that was filled with warm water. She is really feeling relaxed in this warm water, soothing her aching body. She took a quick shower though her eyelids were drooping in that tub, but she controlled herself and put on her bathrobe as she came out, remembering she didn’t take her clothes inside.

She was just hoping he was not outside, as she hadn’t heard his voice in the last 5 minutes, so she took steps outside the washroom and left a sigh of relief on finding it was empty.

She quickly took out her saree from the cupboard along with her other clothes, and locked the door in fear that he would be back anytime. 

Maan, who was dressed in a saree and had wet eyes, stared at her in awe. always loved her in sarees more than in any other clothes.

He steps towards her and stands behind her, glancing in the mirror at both of their reflections.

She shivered, feeling his hot breath on her back as she headed for him.

Why didn’t you wait inside Jaan? He asked her to sit on the chair before the dressing table.

Maan. Oh..mere clothes bahar the…toh…she found it difficult to talk to him because of his closeness, which was driving her insane.

Her eyes were drooping from the effect of the medicine and part of his closeness. 

He takes the sindoor box, opens it, and fills in her partition, claiming all rights to her.

She jerked open her eyes, coming face to-face again with the big reality of her life. It’s him now..only him..

She glanced at his eyes through the mirror that was holding his possession..his madness, his insane love for her.

She diverted her gaze, finding him staring at her with great intensity.

But then again, her hazels went on his face and she instantly stood up, turning to him. didn’t treat your wound..look, it’s still fresh..she screamed in terror as she noticed him still hadn’t treated his cut on his cheek.

She rushed towards the drawer and took out the first aid kit and aid kit, blowing it softly, sending current through his whole body.

Maan was sweetly surprised by his jaan’s behavior. She was so worried about him and he was enjoying her care and attention to himself. Moreover, her closeness was making him crazy with his hungry desires. 

And he grabbed her suddenly, not controlling himself more. He pulled her into his arms.

She gasped at his sudden pull and glared at him angrily, seeing his behavior. 

Kitne bhi tu kar le sitam
haas haske sahenge hum
Yeh pyaar na hoga kam
sanam teri Kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam,
sanam teri Kasam

Why do you always show me your angry glares… ha… jaan? he asked her, getting lost in her aroma.

It’s. You always does likes this..

Like what..jaan..

Like what are you doing..she try to unclasp his hold which was so tight on her waist leaving his handprints there.

It’s my love jaan.he huskily reply 

Aah..maan leave me she bang on his chest.. holding his hands that was on her waist.

Maan instantly leave her seeing her painful expressions.

I’m Jaan. am so sorry. Let’s go. You have to eat something. He picked her up in his arms and made her a seat on the bed.

As breakfast arrived, he forcefully fed her despite her resistance, along with her medicines, which she denied at first, but he made her eat them too forcefully.

It’s been 2 days now since she got back to consciousness. He didn’t leave her side then, and he also took care of her needs.

Looking after her health.

She was really in touch with his care and love that she couldn’t remember now, apart from this, what he had done in the past with her, with her love, her family.

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  1. Lovely update so geet is worried for maan and cannot control her emotions meanwhile reality strikes and she is shocked about her own behaviour their passionate moments were so nice … waiting to read more ❀️😘

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    1. Thank You πŸ€—
      Yeah, she couldn’t hold back her feelings..which was irrupting for him…πŸ˜‰
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