Caged in my arms Chapter 17

It was midnight when she started to shiver in the cold as her body temperature suddenly came down to the extent that she started to shiver. 

Maan was sleeping beside her when she felt her shivering. He quickly woke up and took her shivering form into his own.

Jaan, please.Are you OK? He tried to wake her up, but she was in a deep slumber.

Geet. Open your eyes.Geethe patted her, but it was to no use. She snuggled close in his arms, seaking his warmth.

He can feel her body going too cold.He just crushed her in his warmth, wrapping both of them in a duvet. 

He was going to hell over seeing her in this condition. She was his Sherni (tigress), always ready to fight with him or anyone if anything went wrong.

And here she is getting all meek about her condition.

Maan.He can hear her moaning as if she is feeling pain.

I am here. You just sleep.

He tried to make her relax with his warmth. But her shivers didn’t get down.So he started to rub her hands with his own, giving her warmth as his feet started to rub on her legs.

It had started to burn his raw desires for her, but he was more worried about her health, so he had to ignore that.

Her hands went on his neck, clutching him tightly. She started to moan in his arms, feeling hungry desires in her sub-conscious state.

He groaned with her actions, and his hands started to rub on her whole body as he buried his face in her neck, sniffing her.

Maan… she moans yet again, going lost in him.


She opened her eyes in the late afternoon, feeling much better now. Her body hurts a little bit, but leaving there is no more illness.

She tries to stretch her hands, but they are not moving.

Geet looked at her side to see his face so close to hers, almost touching her nose tips.

Her breath got stuck as she tried to see their position. He was holding her protectively in his arms, sleeping almost on her.

A red hue came across her cheeks, seeing him sleeping soundly on her bare neck.

And something struck her and she looked at herself again.

A loud gasp left her mouth.

Her saree was nowhere on her body.She was just in her skirt and blouse. and he was sleeping on her.

Her whole body burned with anger as she turned red in her extreme fury at this man.

She clutched his shoulders tightly to make him wake up.

But her hands froze when she saw his face, which was as calm as a baby sleeping soundly.

How could she wake him from his deep sleep? But she had no heart to do so with anyone.

She just laid down on her back feeling tired of everything, her thoughts that included positive and negative ones. A few tears made their way from the corner of her eyes thinking about the possibilities and her condition. 

That’s when he stirred a little feeling of sun rays on his face. He tried to hide his face in her neck even more, which messed with her senses.act started to burn her and she lost all self control and pushed him so hard that he bandaged his back on the bed beside her.

Arghh… he groaned in frustration as she awoke from her sleep, but he was immediately on her side, checking her tempt.

Are you feeling fine now, Jaan? Is there any pain? He asked out of his worry and unconditional love that was glistening through his black eyes.

What happened? Are you fine? He again asked her to cover her cheeks and felt her tears.

Did you cry? Is there any pain you feel? ….

Jaan, Jaan.. He called her, trying to get her attention, but she was lost somewhere.

For God’s sake, answer me Geet. His voice got high, making her lose her senses.

And the next moment, she broke into a whirlpool of her emotions in his arms, holding him close to her.

He let her cry since maybe she was still unwell as his hands caressed her head and back.

She clutches him hard, hiding herself in his arms, feeling his love and care instead of her behaviour towards him, which is not good.

It’s all making her vulnerable or too emotional. 

She was not like this so rudely before. Then why today? She looked closely at his face and saw that he had a beard too, growing up with his tired eyes.

And she again remembers his face from the previous day. It’s the same..why? Still, questions remain.

They heard the door knock, followed by Dadima’s worried voice.

Get bete, the door.

She came out of his embrace, her cheeks turned pink, seeing her condition still remained. There remained unanswered questions about her condition or his.

Stay here. I will open the door.He wrapped her in a blanket and as she lay there still feeling pain in her whole body, he wrapped her in a blanket.

What are you betting on? Dadima’sinquiredComing inside the room,

I am fine, dadima. She answered softly, glancing at Aryan, who was also there, smiling at her.

It appears that Bro has taken good care of Bhabhi..

He winked at her, making the atmosphere light, but it didn’t get nice with Maan as he hated the way he was calling her name.

It’s bhabhi. Aryan.She is your bhabhi. So don’t call her by name. Understood.

But bro… he stopped him from showing his palm.

As he turned towards her, he saw her red eyes out of anger and pouting her lips at him. She glared at him furiously and turned her face away from him, showing that she was upset with his behaviour. 

He sighs. When didn’t she get angry at him? It’s always the same. 

Yes, bete. He did take good care of yours instead of warning/advice. 

Matlab looks confused at first at Dadima, then at him again at Dadima. 

Maan just goes inside the washroom, leaving them to talk.

As Dadima narrated all that happened, his eyes turned moist as she blanked her lashes to stop them, but a few tears rolled down on her cheeks, feeling his love and what she did again to doubt his intentions. 

Bete, n. calm down.”Ab sab theek hai.” You are also fine.

Dadima wiped her tears which she thought of her gradDIL love for her grandson. But she knows that it’s out of guilt as she remembers his droopy and tired eyes. his face and his grown-up beard.

It’s all because of her. in this condition. It’s all for her. He did take good care of her and ended up in his own unwell condition. 

Oh… God… what she did and what he did. It’s viral still. He never left her side; instead, he slept holding her close to him.

She needs to check on him now. He is well now. Geet becomes restless on hearing all this. It’s because of him. She needed to see him now, but he was still in the washroom. 

Maan… maan… she called him restlessly, not able to wait longer for him to come outside.

Her blanket started to come down, revealing her condition. 

Aryan just averted his gaze and rushed from that room, biding dadima bye.

Geet.calm down.He will just come. Let him freshen up also. He was not looking at himself from the time you got him. 

Geet just nodded softly in agreement with her. She had to wait more. which was killing her.

She wraps the blanket again, embarrassed by her actions. She sighed, thinking that Aryan was not there. It’s only Dadima.


Precap –

… and hugged him tightly on his bare torso, burning him in his hungry love for Jaan.

9 thoughts on “Caged in my arms Chapter 17

  1. Nice update.Maan cared so much for her that he did not think about himself.when she felt cold and was shivering he took care of her keeping his desires aside.Even though she felt angry on the condition she was in the morning she did not hate him .After Dadima explained her how he took care of her she couldn’t stop herself.Her illness has worked as woter to the seed of love to bloom up.

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  2. The way maan took care of her was no nice he never cared about him all mattered him was his jaan to be safe…but geet as usual misunderstood but happy that daadi cleared everything and geet was feeling miserable waiting to read more ❤️

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