Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15


Both were lost in there passion unknown of outer world.
She moan again lost in his passion as he continued to shower her with his wet kisses sliding her pallu down .

Maan..she moan again  as he was burying his face in her chest completely with close eyes her chest was heaving with her high breaths.


Maan on the other hand was lost in his jaan’s warmth that he was feeling today.
Her phone ring breaking there sweet passionate moments. Geet come out of her lost state totally shock on her ownown behaviour .she left flabbergasted on her state.he all body turn red realising there position..there phone was ringing continuously and maan look at her.

GHSP 169_4923

Jaan..he called out to her softly looking at her flush face.
Let me take phone..can you please maan be side so that I can stand up.
She said softly still going red in coyness not meeting his eyes she was holding his shoulders.
Why not ..for my jaan anything..he reply dreamily totally in the effect of bhang. .saying so he slide down to one side from her still looking at her intently her messy state.

Her lips quiver as small smile touch her corner of lips listening his reply, on that his intense gaze.
She try to stand from bed but phone was continuously ringing. She pick it up and her worried sound of dadima on the other side.
I am fine dadima. .you don’t worry. 
But bete aap Kaha ho..she asked her not finding her around from long time.
Ji..I .am. .wo..her cheeks was just burning more and more reminding there closeness.
I have come to room dadima to freshn up. .she finally answer her in single breath.
Thik hai bete..but come down for sure .we have to wrap it up. .
Ji.dadima ..I will..
As she cut the call and look at her side to see him still laying on his one side keeping his head on his hand and staking her continuously. Now his gaze had turn hungry.
She followed his gaze and gasp big on finding at where it was.
She had just forgot about her state on ringing mobile continuously. She just in seating position itself take that in hurry forgetting her saree or pallu has fallen aside .

Maan.. she glared at him angrily trying to hide her all shyness and her state she rushed to washroom collecting her saree on her body wrapping it.

Maan chuckle in his intoxication aa he lay down on her side feeling her there on the bedsheet. 

She came up from washroom and goes into kitchen again to fetch some lime water to him to get him out of that hangover.
Let’s get up maan  quickly.she order him coming into herself .
He was laying on her side feeling her .she knows that ,had seen it..her eyes had turn moist to see the madness of his love.
She try to drag him but he was not bugding from his position .
Jaan..I am not going anywhere. .come na..we will sleep together I am feeling so sleepy. .he buried his face in her stomach on her thin material of saree.

geet shiver with his hot breath which was burning her skin in thin material of her saree.
she  clutch his shoulders tight controlling herself from getting lost in him again.
maan..lets have order him again in high tone.
he glance at her taking out his face from her stomach nd pouted seeing her rude behaviour.
geet try to hide her smile on his cute gestures. She forcefully made him to drink that nimbu pani. He made a face on her forcing or that lime water.she ignore it .

After five minutes she drag him towards bathroom to make him shower himself so that he cAN come out of this bhang effect.
as they step inside, he stumble on wet floor and she hold him ,he was very strong to her but she somehow managed.
and started the shower that drench both of them.
before she know his strong arms hold her form her waist pulling her closer.she shiver in cold water aswell as with his rough passionate touch.

jaan..why didnt you said me before you too wanted this..he commented nibbling her earlobe passionately that she close her eyes arching her neck towards him.
ummm..maaan..she moan going lost in his sweet tortured.
ha..jaan..he reply totally in the effect of her .
his lips travel down towards her neck more down on her bare chest.
she shiver clutching his shoulers as he continue kiss her with shower falling on both of them.
he came more down towards her waist kissing her bare parts,her sari sticking on her body like second skin.

he admire her beauty with his hungry eyes as he again make his way upwards but this time from her back.
geet she was tottly lost in his passion standing sticking to the wall of he came upwards with his hands carrasing her body sensually each parts of hers.
he came upwards on her bare back that was hididng nothing but revealing too much with just one knot on her neck.
he kiss all her back hungrily sending current in her spine.


maaan…she moan softly.her legs turn jelly in his desires and she fall on him from her back .he hold her protectively in his arms sticking her to himself as his hands goes on her bare stomach clutching that tighlty with his rough hands claiming his possession on her. her pallu had long back fallen making her half bare to his hunger.


he buried his face in her neck from behind as she arched her face towards other side feeling his beard making her vulnerable to his rough touch.
he started his assault there by his hungry kisses and atlast place his lips on her petals.

maan.. she moan in his rough lips as water continue to cascade down on both of them.
he turn her harshly.. to which she wince..
ouch…maan.. she hold him from shoulders balancing herself in his arms.
maan on the other hand come out of his passion seeing her pain..

he leave her for sometime taking shower on himself  he combed his wet hairs back in water trying to calm himself where as geet continue to stared her hot husband holding him from his shoulders..


precap : and aftermath..

.his reaction…

her reaction…


Geet stared at her hot husband continuously holding his shoulders. She was completely lost in his wet look that forget her own condition.

she was also half bare in his arms.Maan take shower on himself calming all his nerves and open his eyes to meet the magnificent view of his jaan.He grasp her in his arms suddenly making her stumble upon him.she gasp with sudden pull and clutch his shoulders tightly. 

Maan..her lips quiver. He take in her look as his eyes roam on her whole body making her shy away with redness.her eyes got lower with his intense gaze in cascading water. Jaan..and his eyes widen with big realization. He look around total in confusion and her .she was in her blouse and skirt with him.what is she doing and…he look at her trying to grasp what had happened here.what he is doing here and how they both landed here.

Geet..he called her softly to gain her attention as he take her suddenly in his arms stopping the shower he walk out of washroom.Both were dripping wet.he made her seat on the bed.OMG. Maan..why did you made me seat here.she asked flabbergasted as the bedsheet got wet with her wetness.

He didn’t utter any word,just  take out hiz wet shirt baring himself to her eyes..she open her mouth in big shock as what he is going to do now.he cheeks puff in furry.It’s her mistake on the first place that she got lost in him and let him to touch her.he is going further in his that monsterious behaviour. She glared at him angrily .Maan..she was ready to burst on him but he just rushed to cupboard and take out the towel from there and came near her rushing.geet turn confused .Without saying anything he started to dried her hairs softly shocking her.

Geet turn numb for a moment before few tears rolled down from her eyes.she is too shock to react.sat there shock as he softly rubbed her hairs trying to dried them.Jaan..why were you standing there inside shower. You know will get sick’s not good for health.on that it was cold.But she turn more numb as her head was shaking with his actions ,that was drying her.Jaan..stand up now go fast ,changed your cloths..he order her hell worried for her health.Jaan..he shook her and she just rushed in washroom feeling so vulnerable .He was still confused as what happened after he drank that…And his eyes widen in big shock or realization. .Damn..he drank that bhang. He stamp his forehead being so frustrated on his act of jealousy. What he did. He closed his eyes in frustration. 

Did he hurt her in anyway, she was also so quite sometime before before rushing to washroom. .he got that thought suddenly in his mind.Did he hurt his jaan. .his heart turn restless as he try  to remember what happened after he drank that bhang but nothing came in his blank mind..just worry for her was hammering in his head.Here geet kept wipping in her own miseries unknown of his worries for her.How could she think on that line when he was no where near that..she curse herself .her tears was nowhere to stop as she kept on remembering his words that was fill with worry and unconditional love for her.Jaan..why were you standing there inside shower.

You know will get sick’s not good for health.on that it was cold.She stumble on the wall behind her and slide down breaking in more’s all making her miserable, confused and vulnerable .this two sides..whereas on the one side it’s his love for her that always speaking volume screaming loudly to her whereas other side it’s his that brutal act with Rajeev on that day on there marriage. She cant forget that still, how could she get that out of her mind. she had seen all happenings infront her own eyes..him squirming in pain and him being so brutal to heard his screams of pain.Her head started to spine. Again that day come in her mind.she was trying to forget it ,forget him to see his other side but it’s. Nothing happening like that..

Aahh.she he hold her head clasping her wet hairs.It’s this family on the other side and beside it’s her unconscious mind or heart that was going towards her husband .She is hell confuse with ownself,her life and own future…Her mind Started to get blurred as her eyes started to droopy before going into unconsciousness. Maan rushed towards washroom in his wet self only not caring about himself but her.Jaan ..jaan…he called her softly first but don’t get any reply .He felt all silence in the’s scare his the door. geettt. .he BANG on the door but there was not any movement happened idea there room apart from his actions.Jaan..please..he started to bang it loudly finally being frustrated hell scare he broke it.Maan gasp audibly too see her laying on wet flour unconscious and her cloths..he didn’t notice that before..Did he…He stand shock for a moment before rushing towards her.Geet..geet..he patted her cheeks few times and take her in his arms hurriedly not waiting further.


Bhabhi kaha hai dadima. .annie asked Coming towards her all tired from playing holi. It’s started to turn dark but geet didn’t show up down who has gone for freshn up to her room.She is coming annie ..she answer her uncertain though because it’s an hour now.all she was not back.Just then her phone rang and she heard the frantic voice of maan.Annie and dadima rushed towards there room asking aryan to wrap up the party fast


Maan..dadima gasp seeing geet laying on the bed with blanket on her body.What happened son.she asked worried to him as he was also looking in so much  fear as if like child fear to loose there mother.What happened to bhabhi ..annie asked scared on finding her like that seems like unconscious. Dadima. .she had catch fever.high tempt. .it’s seems .he reply being all scare for her.What. .she was shock as sometime before only she was playing downstairs in colours all fine..then how suddenly. .She have  so much fever dadima. .check that. .annie asked her keeping her hand on her forehead. It’s seems like plying holi she catch that..annie added further as dadima seated beside her checking her forehead. Maan did you called Dr. Yes..she said she is on her way to khurana mansion. He look frantic. are also wet from head to toe..annie look at his condition getting that he is also wet little bite dried though .Maan..get changed fast .or you are also going to be ill. Dadima pushed him inside washroom making him understand that it’s for geet only as he needed to be fit and fine for look after her Dadima ..woh..please changed her cloths..he closed the door hurriedly. She thought her cloths may be she send annie downstairs and closed the door.As she open her blanket,she gasp with her condition. .small smile appear on her lips thinking on happenings .


He stands in the shower feeling miserable. .how much he wanted to do that work himself not his dadima or other person.But he knows his jaan..she will be so much angry and upset on him for doing this although it’s all his rights but..he is helpless in front his jaan..He felt so much there inside heart to see her like that unconscious. Did it’s all because of him..the question pop inside his insecure mind. is..that the reason she was in that torn cloths almost laying unconscious. Don’t  know how much he had hurted her drinking that damn thing.To be continued…

14 thoughts on “Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15

  1. Great part
    Omg Geet is stressed and it’s taking a toll in her health
    Though she is confused with her feelings for maan but both needs to talk first
    Cont soon

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  2. Lovely update so geet getting lost in maans love and care but feeling miserable on doubting his intentions and worried for the behaviour he did with rajeev… meanwhile maan thinks he hurt geet in his unconscious state… waiting to read more ❤️

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  3. Nice update.Geet is trying to understand the other side of Maan.but she is unable to forget his ruthless behaviour with rajeev.Even though he is under the influence of bhang he did not cross his limit which Geet thought he was about to.Hope Geet understand s his love.

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