Mehbooba s2 Teaser

Chalo beta…Aarav said holding geets hand…they were about to walk out when all heard Maan’s thundering voice, “no one will take away my wife from me.”

Geet’s eyes widen in shock, as she turned around to face him along with her father.
Yeh kya kah rahe ho tum…hosh mein toh ho,

I am saying the reality, reality is she is my wife, legally… he added, as his lawyer passed him some documents, Maan show them to everyone around, Aarav snatched the papers from his hand, his eyes widen seeing Geet’s signature on the papers.

Yeh tumhare signs hai yaha pe…he shows it to geet, she became numb, seeing the marriage documents…

Maan..yeh, she forgot to speak, “marriage certificate…humne sign nahi kiye.


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