Mehbooba s2 Chapter 84

Geet was totally blank about her next step, she doesn’t know what to do now…she was happy and satisfied somewhere for getting freed from this unwanted relationship and Kunal. His thought brought back the painful memories along, she shuddered remembering his evil smirk or the bashing he did to her the day, and she discovers his true face.

They failed to see his true face, when her mother fixed her marriage with him. It was not their fault if he pretended to be nice human being when in actual it was all his plan to conquered his business and defeat Maan in the end.

Maan…she moaned painfully, if he hadn’t protect her through all this, she doesn’t know what would have happen with her, she would have lost herself in a mess of her life.

Kya hua Jaan? Maan heard small whisper of pain and held her shoulder, he had just returned from the meeting, and saw her lost somewhere. 

She instantly jumped in his arms, he cocooned her like a child.

After a moment of silence, she spoke, Hume ghar Jana hai..

Maan pulled her apart, where..? 

Kunal ke ghar…she answered only to see anger reflecting on his face.

Tum waha nahi jaogi..he said with finality.

She expected this only, but she had to visit that house last time. She had spent those few months after her marriage there, she decorated it beautifully with her own hands, had dreamt about Maan…the house had witnessed her longings and silent love for Maan.

My stuff and cloths are there Maan, I need to take it.

Tum nahi jaogi, matlab nahi jaogi, tum meri sun rahi ho and that’s final…he couldn’t trust the man, he might hurt her.

Par Maan…Hume ek baar Jane dijiye.

Tumhe Jana hi hai toh, you could visit tomorrow, I will make arrangements, 

Matlab, she was confused, what arrangements he will do…

You will know everything tomorrow, for the night you are staying at my house, KM.

Maan, she gasped looking at him bewildered, hum waha kaise…yeh aap kya kah rahe hai.

What I am saying….? You used to visit there, just like that, come with me…

But hum kaise…What will your family think.

It’s your home also, and your family also geet.he held her shoulder, trying to convince her.

Geet wasn’t convince, seeing this Maan said again, “you can’t go to you parental house now, if you are thinking to travel at night  …then forget about it, I am letting you go. Now let’s go, I am taking you to KM. Saying so he walked her out of the office.


Geet was so nervous to face Dadi and his father. She prepared herself mentally, before following him inside.

You’re early today, son. Rajveer greeted him when his eyes went towards geet who was walking slowly behind Maan.

Geet beta, aap..? What a pleasant surprise, he beamed in happiness.

Namste uncle…words slipped out of her mouth as she bend to touch his feet, he patted her head but with a glare making her scare instantly.

You forgot to call me papa, with distance people tend to forget, I guess…he pretended hurt with small pout on his face.

Geet broke into sweet smile, Aisa nahi hai dad..I am sorry.

Unki bato ko chodiye, geet, come here, I am desperate to meet my child…dadi walked down spreading her arms.

Feeling overwhelmed with the warm welcome again by family, Geet rushed in her arms, kaisi hai aap dadima..she asked, wiping her tears which were ready to fall any moment.

GHSP 223(2)_6184
GHSP 223(2)_3661

jaisa aap chodke chali gayi thi, thik waise hi hai hum. she pouted, making geet chuckle.

kya kare, humari beti ko humari yaad nahi aati..

GHSP 222_2189

aisa nahi hai dadi…

just then, they heard annie’s scream, “lisaa..” followed by lisa’s barking…

the pet straight ran towards geet, without giving time to her, it jump upon her. geet balanced herself with a sweet smile on her face, she was soon forgotten about her whole mess up life and was enjoying her sweet time with lisa.

maan smiled to see her finally happy… but it vanished as soon as he saw her pale face again.

dadi couldn’t keep shut as she asked geet most common question, aap akeli aayi hai beta, kunal nahi aaye aapke sath..?

geet stood silent, not knowing what to answer… she became pale which was not liked by maan at all.

before he could say anything, rajveer interrupted much to his relief, ma… let her freshen up first, and let’s have dinner… look at her face, she looked tire, he held her shoulder, geet bite her lips to control her tears.

raj gave his son an assuring nod, before speaking again, let’s go beta. go to your room upstairs..

geet gave him small smile as if thanking him silently.

she walked away towards the stairs, when she heard annie’s squeal, bhaiii… meri treat kaha hai… she looked behind to see her jumping in maan’s arms, she was hanging on his neck, you forgot..”

never.. how could i…I don’t wanna be in touble. maan taunted and annie wacked him.

maan felt her gaze on him, he turned to see, painful smile on her face, as she adored the scene before her eyes… stealing her gaze from him, she ran upstairs the guest room, that was suppose to be hers now.

his heart squeezed, knowing her feelings well, just let this night go, geet.. tumhare har sapne pure karunga mein, tumhe phirse jeena sikha dunga…yeh vaada hai mera. He vowed to himself looking at her retreating figure.


It wasn’t easy for her to sleep with so much thoughts on her mind, she twisted and turned on her bed, feeling so alone… she couldn’t even cherished the love showered by maan’s family on her, with the fear it might disappear once they would find out the truth.

it was not her fault, people will point finger on her only, her character only… she got up feeling suffocated and rushed out to eh balcony, the cold air somewhat soothed her.

maan, however thought to leave her by herself for the night, could not manage to do so… his heart took him towards her at the end… knowing she must need him.

He watched her magnificent sight bathing in the moonlight.

Geet… he called her in his husky voice, reaching behind her.

She was startled finding him so close to her own…aap.?

Phir tumhe kya laga…he jerked her in his arms by holding her waist.

mere hote hue kisi ko tumhe chune ki bhi izazat nahi hai geet..he whispered huskily, caressing her cheek.

Geet looked into his eyes, which were overflowing with love and passion, how she got so lucky to get her love reciprocating.

He stared back, slowly moving closer to her. 

He brushes his lips to her soft ones, making her clutch his shoulder, she was about to submit to him but he parted leaving her high and dry…

Abhi nahi…he answered her questioning eyes.

She was dumbstruck and embarrassed, looked down slowly walking away, but he jerked her back, lifting her in his arms, he looked down at her, whereas she had put her head on his shoulder holding him tight.

Maan took her to the bed, laid her down before joining her beside, “yeh thik nahi hai, kisi ne dekh Liya toh…” She whispered innocently.

Koi nahi dekhe ga, aur agar dekh bhi Kiya toh koi problem one would say anything to me or you. He whispered back.

Both now facing each other, with his arms on her waist, while hers on his shoulder, 

Aisa kyon..she asked with pout, 

He pecked her lips, before answering, because soon our marriage is going to happen…

She blushed looking down, but worry took over her little moment of happiness..

Don’t worry about anything,” i will handle everything, try to trust me once, his words halted by her soft palm resting on his mouth.

She shut him at instant, I believed you, I know, you will manage everything…she was so guilty and hurt hearing his words.

He pecked her palm, holding it in his hand, he looked into her eyes… she blushed and crawled closer in his arms, resting herself completely on his chest, while he willingly pulled her on.


She called him after a moment of silence, 

Hmm…? He had his eyes close.

Thanks again for everything…

Hearing her words, he jerked her down hovering her, “ek aur baar thanks kahogi, toh achcha nahi hoga…

Kya achcha nahi hoga, she played innocent loving his irritated look.

You see, he gave her challenge look before bending down to bite the corner of her lips.

GHSP 230 HD_9149

Um. ..Maan…she whined, soon it turned to moans as his full lips travelled to her cheeks, he licked her soft skin, making her clutched his nape. He showered furious kisses on her whole face, before going down on her neck, he bite her there as well.

When something stuck him and he stopped in his track.

Geet opened her eyes slowly, feeling something crawling on her neck, she jerked up in sitting position, as she saw her wedding chain in the fist of his hand.

You don’t need to wear this anymore…muttering so he threw that away, looking at her face, she looked broken, as he held her softly by her waist, his eyes darted to her vermillion…he wiped that with his thumb.

She closed her eyes, feeling so overwhelmed she threw herself in his arms, Maan pulled her more close, crushing her soft body, “Hume jaldi se apna bana lijiye, I won’t able to live away from you anymore. ” She whispered huskily sniffing his scent, from the crook of his neck.

Whereas maan rubbed his beard with her soft cheek, making her quivered for more, “I will..just some more time..” he whispered, pushing he back on the bed, both slept in same position, his head buried in her bosom while she held him tightly closed to her heart.


Kunal was turning insane with anger, he couldn’t believe his hard luck, how dare you geet!?” He swore angrily reminding about her betrayal to him. He had tried calling her but her cell was switched off whole day. 

It was her, because of her his plans foiled, he remembered the calls he made to his personal agent who was keeping his eyes on his wife.

He had informed him about her, she has seen with MK, both had drove to his home KM.

Kunal was raging like a bull, he was ready to murder her, if she come in his sight but his bad luck, he couldn’t do anything before the Maan Singh Khurana.


Next day brought the doom for Kunal Khurana, who had thought to finish MK but instead he himself got trapped in the web created by MSK.

Maan was waiting for his lawyers call only, he had even talk with his friend cum inspector abheejit for the case. They had collected enough proofs to show Kunal guilty and put him behind the bar for whole lifetime.

However Maan tried and warn everyone, media was there hovering over police force who was taking Kunal away.

He was rebellious, as they took him in a custody, still unaware about who is behind his doom.


Geet sat shocked on the couch, her wide eyes watching the news flashing on the screen. She was shaking in terror literally, as she saw everyone around her watching the same news.

What is this…!? This is really true..? Dadi said in disbelief.

Geet beta sambhaliye Apne aap ko…dadi immediately rushed to her, seeing her shivering and sweaty form.

Don’t worry beta, there might be some mistake, humare Kunal aisa nahi kar sakte.

Yeh sach hai dadi, woh gunehgaar hai, for that only cops had taken him in custody.

Dadi was taken a back with this information so was everyone, Maan was not in the sight yet.

What are you saying bete,!? Asked still shock dadi.

Dadi, unhone humse kabhi pyar nahi Kiya, woh sab zut tha…bas dikhawa, Geet cried, ” sirf humse shadi karne ke liye..

What…hum humare pote Ko jante hai, jarur kuch galat fehmi hui hogi bete, woh Aisa kyon karenge…dadi couldn’t believe her.

Sirf Maan se Dushmani nikalne ke liye…Geet confessed innocently only to get jumped up on her sit as dadi raised her voice in anger, “yeh aap kya kah Rahi hai..kuch bhi bahki baat mat kijiye, humne aapse yeh expect nahi Kiya tha Geet.

She is saying truth Dadima, Maan walked inside with abheejit and his lawyer at one side.

To be continued…


Most awaited…


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  1. 🥰 thank you for PM and update 😊
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  2. Superb update dear. Finally everything is sorted in geets life. Maan handled everything so brilliantly. Kunal got punishment for his all bad doings and geet is free from his clutches. Can’t wait for next update. Thanks for pm

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    1. Superb update it is…
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  3. Superb update.At last Geet is going to be free from Kunal.Maan had sorted down everything as he said.Dadima is not in a position to accept Kunal as culprit when Geet told her that he wanted to destroy Maaan.slowly she too will accept.Now eager for Maaneet marriage..

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  4. Wowww happy that geet is free from kunal and I am happy to see the way maan taking care of her…now maan bought her in KM kunal completely caught in his web lovely waiting to read more ❤️

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  5. Finally everything is out and maan supported geet infromt of all and maan’s dad knows about kunal and maaneet from begining is somewhat shock but great move.

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    1. Rajveer knew everything from the time of Maan’s engagement..if you forgot, before he was unaware, and yes he only knows about Maan’s feelings, 🙂


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