Mehbooba s2 Chapter 83

Maan watched her shock face, slowly turning pale. He walked around the desk, she moved back in fear…not him but something else, her eyes moving around with anxiety.

He stopped on his track and closed the blinds of the cabin, locked the door with remote before turning his attention back to her.

Maan…Geet squealed out in low voice out of fear.

His heart became heavy seeing her in this condition, she looked into his eyes which has soften now…just one look and she found herself rushing to his open arms.

I was so scared…she cried clutching his coat then accidentally she tore the buttons of shirt, baring his chest, Maan just held her tight in his arms, trying to sooth her all fears and pain.

I was so alone and still I am scared for you…she sobbed on his chest, then pulling back cupped his jaw, running one palm on his chest, “aap humari Jaan hai…kaise kuch hone dete aapko? She blabbered, showering numorous kisses on his face, each kiss pouring out her innocent love through it. 

His heart fluttered with enormous emotions, almost he found his eyes moisten with the intensity of her pure love.

Her lips reach his M shape lips, and she halted hearing his words, ” agar aisa hai toh muzse sabkuch kyon chupaya…why did you do this? 

She furrowed her brows on his question.

“You hide things from me, when it was related to me and my life..” why Geet! He suddenly grabbed her arms seeing her silence.

She actually got the shock hearing him, she stood stupefied.

What things you are talking about? She managed to ask with her thudding heart.

Don’t act innocent again..he jerked her closer, almost their noses touching and she could feel his hot rasping breath against her mouth.

I didn’t hide anything…I don’t know what are you talking..she murmured, unable to lie anymore as she turned her face away.

Maan jerked her away angrily, “you don’t trust me enough to share anything..? 

Aisa nahi hai, she instantly defended herself.

Aisa hi hai Geet, aur kitna jhut bologi…I never tolerate lies or liars in my life but i didn’t say anything to you, waited for you to open to me.

Just because I love you!! 

Geet cried hearing his confession. I did everything for you, he blackmailed me..he tried to kill you, humare paas aur koi rasta hi nahi tha…

You could have tell me..

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20200920-140738-e1633791476417.png

No…he hired those men to kill you, your one of guard is also hired by him Maan, he had also hired the shooter, which is now keeping his eyes on you…she became hyper while tears were continuously rolling down on her cheek.

No one can do any harm to me, no one Geet..he grabbed her in his arms, she stopped in her track watching him with disbelief.

He nodded, the guard you are talking about is not hired by him, he is my loyal guard, he couldn’t bought him, he told me about the money offered by Kunal Khurana to kill me. 

She shivered, and clutched his shirt hearing him.

Even the shooter… that over smart guy think, is hired by him is actually my man. 

Geet gasped, the relief washed over her, ” aap sach kah rahe ho…? She asked like little girl, still not able to believe..

I am saying truth, but you don’t believe me, do you? His eyes shows the pain for her disbelief on him.

She shook her head but couldn’t open her mouth since she realised he is saying true, she couldn’t trust him or his capability to handle the things that she ended up making blunders, not…but crime.

She looked up startled again at him, “means, you knew everything..? 

He nodded.

She frowned, phir bhi aapne humse galti karvayi…she was so guilty but if he would have told her before, she would have been save from this guilt.

Galti toh tumne ki hai geet, mujhpe vishwas na karne didn’t tell me anything, I just wanted to know how far you will go with your insanity.

Geet jerked back in anger, yeh humara pyar ka pagalapn hi tha…jisne humse woh gunah karaya.. She snapped back.

Apne pyar pe vishwas bhi hona chahiye Geet, you don’t trust me enough…

Geet down casted her eyes in shame, still hurt hearing his words.

After a moment of silence, Geet spoke, “humne gunah kiya hai aur hum jante hai ki woh mafi ke layak nahi hai. She looked up to see his face showing nothing but blank expression.

She continued, “I am ready to bear any punishment…

As soon as the words left from her mouth, she watched him taking steady steps towards her. He reached her in a moment, grabbing her in his arms furiously.

Really…!? His tone was sarcastic while with one hand he tilted her chin up. She nodded, looking into his eyes, and he with his other hand on her back, it pressed her closer to him, and still closer, until she was so close she could barely breathe. 

She gripped his shoulders, her knees turned so weak…feeling his hands moved, one sliding through her hair to cup the back of her head, while the other slid down her back to caress her waist chain. Then abruptly both his hands were on her bottom as he lifted her to his….

She gasped out of shock, his lips hovering her, merely touching… although he loved touching her, feeling her trembling in his arms as she was now. But he have to control, he licked her lips trying to sooth his wild desires, while his hand cupped her breast through the cloth, squeezing them gently, teasing her nipples, which had already hardened under his manipulation. It tingles at a touch or cause fascinating sensations elsewhere.  She was pulled back from the trance ruthlessly by him.

Using every ounce of willpower he possessed, maan pulled his mouth away from hers. His hands softly leaving her…

Geet kept looking at him slowly moving away hands then at his face, he turned his back to her abruptly as if nothing happened between them some moments before.

Jo mein kahunga wahi karogi..!? He asked in stern voice, pulling out some papers from the drawer of his desk.

I will follow your words…! She spoke blankly as he turned to face her, he raised his hand showing her the documents, “sign this…” 

Geet frowned, yet she had no option than to follow his order, she walked up to him, taking the pen from him, she was ready to sign when he held her hand, 

First read it before you sign.

Jarurat nahi, 


Because I know you, you won’t do anything to harm me, 

Itna janti ho muze toh phir us waqt kyon bharosa nahi kiya, 

I told you Maan, she stood up facing him, “I was tense and so worried about you, hume kuch nahi suza us waqt.

What if this are the papers to prove you’re guilty to the police, you might go behind bars. He asked in his bossy attitude, all the while judging her.

Geet was taken a back, she couldn’t believe he would even speak something like this, although she deserves this punishment but those words from his mouth hurt her.

Although composing herself she spoke in heavy voice, “I have already given you permission for the punishment, had confessed my crime, if you wish then, you can send me to jail…” 

Alright, Geet…he leaned back on his bossy chair and continued, “It’s my wish, you shall read those papers first before signing. 

That’s when she read those bold letters, “Divorce,”..? Her eyes opened wide as further she read her and kunals name on the document.

Yeh…she looked up at him, words forgot to come out of her mouth. She couldn’t believe, what she was seeing. 

You are seeing right, this is divorce papers for you, you are signing it now, for kunal’s signature, you don’t worry about that, it was taken care by me.

She was tongue-tied again, and looked at the papers again, she caught kunals signature there.

He signed it…!? Geet couldn’t believe, how could he?…

Usne tumhe dhamki di thi…he won’t leave you, Maan got up finishing her sentence, and she nodded without a blink, apko kaise pata? She asked little frighten seeing him approaching her manically, he was raging like a bull.

You knew everything?? Kaise…she asked still in shock, 

Maan narrated her, how he was doubtful about Kunal , he had even tap her phone calls and the day he met with the accident, he had got the call regarding kunals doing only. It was Yashoda who had witnessed the fight between both and heard kunals words when she was about to entered her room. 

Geet stood dumbstruck, she couldn’t meet his gaze now, feeling low of herself, and she failed to trust him when she so proudly claims to love him.

But he never failed, he never failed to surprise her with the enormous love he showered on her from their first meeting itself.

With those thoughts on mind, without thinking much, she signed the papers, bringing winning smile on his face.

Maan pulled her against his chest, pecking her forehead with utmost love, “thank you,” he muttered.

She looked at him with tears brimming in her eyes, “thank you toh hume aapse kahna chahiye, Hume us rishtey se aazad karne ke liye..” and why are you saying so…she pouted, wiping her own eyes.

Thank you for freeing yourself from that bond, because now you are going get bound to me very soon. He added possessively, biting her nose.

Geet went pale with the thought, he cupped her face, “kya hua.., you are not happy? 

Aisa nahi hai ..par..she stopped, he urged her to continue, she hesitated, sab log…your nahi pata woh kaise react karenge..? Unhe pasand nahi aaya toh..humara yu divorce …and then marriage..

Maan let her finished and then spoke, “I told you before also Geet, logo ki parwah karna Chod do…think about yourself and your own happiness.

Her face sulked, he scooped her and took her to his chair, taking her on his lap, he cupped her face again. 

Listen Geet, you have full right to live your life the way you wished, you don’t wished to marry me..!?

He asked teasingly but she didn’t reply still hesitant somewhere.

If you never wished, then also it’s not problem because you have agreed to bear my any punishment and listen to me.

She looked up confused, not able to relate his talks when he added with a straight face, “get ready to become my Bride,” agar tum nahi bhi mani to bhi mein tumhe utha ke le jaunga…sab ke samne, khsakar ke tumhare mom ke samne … 

Geet had her mouth wide open, her eyes widen in shock, hearing his comment as he ask her to got up, she saw his face showing nothing but unknown to her he was smiling from inside seeing her expression.

To be continued…

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    Chapter 83
    Sensational update….. brilliantly written
    Geet’s actions and words show how much she loves Maan
    Maan’s question is reasonable
    she is shocked that he knows everything
    of cos Geet denies
    Maan feels she does not trust him enough
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    Kunal was indeed overconfident and lost in the end
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    but she did everything for her love
    Maan wanted to her to trust her love
    Gosh she is ready to face punishment
    passionate moments
    adore this possessive Maan
    not surprised that Geet was willing to sign the papers without reading it as she trusts him
    Maan’s response was correct
    however her reasons are valid
    so he asks if those papers are to prove her guilty and she could be jailed
    oh she is even prepared to go to jail
    not surprised that its Divorce papers and Kunal already signed
    wonder what Maan did to get this done?
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    finally Maan reveals how he got to know everything
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    loved that Maan told her not to worry about others but think of herself and her happiness
    she does have a right to live her life to the fullest
    trust Maan to tell that if she does not agree he will take in her arms in front of everyone especially her mom
    Geet is speechless

    update asap

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  5. Such a lovely update.. so nice that Maan is aware of everything that was going on behind his back.. Kunal thinks he is oversmart and underestimated Maan’s intelligence. I wonder what Maan will do to him now.

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  7. when geet accept her mistake n ask for punishment n get shock with that maan knows everything n now helping her to get divorce from kunal n ready to marry her before her mother who is against it

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