Caged in my Arms Chapter 12 & 13

Geet took the blessings of dadima touching her feet.

Sada suhagan raho. .dadima bless her making her jerk upwards hearing her blessings. It’s is  true,isn’t it. She is married women now.
What happened bete. .dadima ask seeing her expressions.
Nothing dadima. ..
Are you fine now..she asked her.
Ha dadima. Main bilkul thik hoon..all fit and fine.geet stretch the line wanting to reduce her worry for her. She wanted to play the holi.neither dadima will let her do that if she not been assure of her health.
Yeh lijiye ..happy holi..geet applied little colour on her cheeks wishing her with her bright smile.
Happy Holi bete. .dadima did the same.
I am going to play in colors now dadima, ok..where is annie..geet ask turning enthusiastic to play the holi.
She is already there in the middle of everyone playing…dadima gesture her at side where was holi party going on.
Geet just ran towards her direction to play the holi.

Maan came down and saw his jaan was busy in enjoying the colours.


Soft smile came on his face looking her happy. Why not you aswell join her, maan? Dadima came near him catching his smile and the reason. She is all happy to find her grandchild happy and getting his happiness. 

Maan blush silently hearing her as he just nodded and take step towards her leaving dadima shock at his approval. She just smile with wet eyes.
Oh Maan.we are so shock to find you here. the group of his some business associates with rajeev’s friends came along shock to find him in the party where he hated it and never came for before to play the holi.
Guys..leave me aside…you carry on with yours…I have just came here..
To meet your beautiful wife and join her in playing…what say Maan..
And that’s it..his blood started to hear him talking about his jaan.
He just storm from there without listening more.
Everyone just shrug there shoulders in nonchalant knowing his behaviour well.
Maan in his own fury goes towards drinking area to get some drink for his burning throat. .and he drank the bhang (means hemp,it is an edible
preparation of cannabis. It was used in food and drink as early as 1000 B.C. in the Indian subcontinent. Bhang is traditionally distributed during the spring festival of Holi.=courtesy google) place there in his red mist.
Geet just fully enjoyed in colours with annie and each one present in the party.finally going tired she goes in her room for washroom.
As she came out and just wipe her face sighing a breath that’s when her breath stuck in her throat feeling cold hands on her  back that was bare with just one knot tie on her neck of blouse.
She turn around and gasp loudly to find him there looking at her intently that her skin turn red in his passionate gaze.
Maan was in his own illusion and effect of bhang that he just wanted to be near his jaan..wanted to tell her his much he loves her. So he just rushed behind her stumbling seeing her going inside there room.
He pulled her closer holding her waist with one hand and apply the colour on his hand on her cheeks lovingly .she stared in his droopy eyes turning suspicious now to see the look on his face.
Happy Holi jaan..he added lovingly applying on her other cheek.she shiver in his touch arching her body in his arms. He slide her hairs behind her ears cupping her nape he pulled her slowly towards himself..
And it just click her seeing his behaviour. .
Maan you drink it..maan had you drunk that bhang.? She asked softly looking at him waiting for his answers.
Maan just swing slowly on his place holding her protectively in his arms smirking he look at her.
She turn worried at instant for him
acknowledging the fact as he hands cupped his face.
Maan are you OK. .she asked again..making him seat on the bed but he was not ready to leave her today that he make her seat on his lap .she try to stand but he didn’t let her pulling her closer he blabber out.
Why are you going away  from me…just for one moment seat beside me na ? He asked longingly looking at her like a child wanted some love.
Her heart twisted with his look and query.
Maan you are not fine..just layed here I will came in sometime..she again try to stand but he didn’t let her instead glued her to himself. 

No i will not let you go away from me this time..I will not. .you have already given me enough pain of partition before. Now I will not let you repeat that. He blabber in his effect of bhang making her star at him with open mouth as first time she heard from his mouth talking himself about his own pain.
Maan I am here only…she managed to utter in his tight hold.
Yes you are belong here only my arms..cage in my arms…
He hold her from her nape brushing her soft lips with his rough ones.
She clutch his shirt tight not knowing how to react just run away from his clutch or stay like this as she is hell worried for his condition today..
Maan..she utter softly .


Geet look at him feeling defeated .she have  to handle him now.he was not in a control.

Maan look at her with droopy eyes all lost in her wanting love from her. He pulled her more closer if that possible. Geet gasp with the sudden pull and clench his shirt tight in her fist .

He carrased her shivering lips feeling hungry to take them in his rough own. 

Maan..she moan feeling his touch on her lips.

He stare at it continuosly like some candy but not wanted to hurt his jaan again doing something without her consent. will not hurt you anymore but please don’t leave me..he pleaded her like small child cupping her face in his hands .

Her eyes fill up with his words, here she is waiting for him to take her lips into kiss like he always does but he on the other hand was hell scared for her to leave him.

There was fear residing in his heart that if she goes away leaving him. 

She looked at him clearing her tears , he was not in his senses, his eyes was on her continuously swinging on his place holding her.

She touch his cheek softly unknown to her hands reach to him and his heart turn brighten at her one touch.he stumble on the bed behind along with her taking her on him.

Geet gasp at sudden happenings and clutch him tight from his shirt.her hairs come on his face which was so closed to her own.there breaths mingling. Geet started to gasp for air in his hot proximity. 

He take her all hairs behind keeping them stuck behind her ears taking in a beautiful image of his jaan in his hungry eyes, he carrased her cheeks softly .

Jaan...he murmur huskily in her ears sending goosebumps in her all body as she just hmmm in response getting lost in his passionate closeness.

His hands carrased her bare waist bringing her more closer in his arms .she was sticking to his body like a second skin.

He kiss her on her cheek.a wet kis.her cheeks turn red in hotness of his actions as she started to wriggle in his arms to get up from him.

But he again pulled her on him turning angry suddenly. .

Why are you always try to go away from me..Haan geet..he take out his frustration in his droopy self.

She stiffen at his sudden changed of behaviour. 

Why ...he pulled her harshly into him again turning her on her back coming on top of her.she gasp at this with her eyes wide open.


Repeat it jaan.. he husked on her soft cheeks that was going more and more red.

Jaan..phirse kaho na..

Kya..she look confused at him.

Mera naam (my name)..

She looked amazed at him.

I wanted to hear it from my jaan’s mouth so desperately. .you know it’s really hurt me how called me monster always…you know jaan.

He empty his  heart finally burdening her with his pain and love for  her.

She looked at him shock listing his unsaid pain.

Jaan..I know I am monster..I know it’s for you because I had snatch that boy from it like that na ?.ha…jaan..his eyes turn red in fury ,teeth clench gritting them he asked her on remembering rajeev. 

Geet shiver to see his anger, how could she say him , she is trying to forget him now..despite she wanted to know about his wellbeing. She had just cheated on him..but she cant cheated his family or the love they are showering on her unknown of her past or there sons pain.

She try to stop her tears but few make there way from her corner of her eyes.’s not needed here.why are you bringing them again and again in your eyes..he asked her wiping her tears hurriedly like if they will stay for long time then that will just increase his hurt..

And it is for that boy,isn’t it jaan.he asked her painfully.

She nodded no hurriedly to make him understand her point of view.

No , it’s certainly not for Rajeev but him .the person infront her describing his love Nd pain for is for him ,her heart is paining. She herself in great shock of this but can’t stop her emotions .

But you have to be always mine jaan.that may whatever have to be mine..I will not leave you.

He said holding her cheeks in his hands as he carrased her soft cheeks with his beard one.

She shiver with his passionate move hugging him closely she take his face in her neck hiding that there as he smooch her neck hardly making sound.

Maan..she moan out loud rubbing her face more with his totally lost in his passion. 

to be continued. ..

14 thoughts on “Caged in my Arms Chapter 12 & 13

  1. Wowww I Just loved the update so maan cannot bare anyone talking about his jaan and he drank the bangh…and not in senses geet is worried for him and Hurts her to see him in this condition waiting to read more ❤️

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  2. Aww dadi can see how much maan loves geet me he I even willing to play holi for her

    Look at him drunk because someone talked about his wife. She on The other hand enjoying herself not knowing of his pain

    But then he can see it and feel it when he opens up with her in his drink State

    She can eee another idea of him

    Liked by 1 person

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