Maan couldn’t stop fuming once he saw his face on the screen. He was already going insane with the thought that how she bore him all those years. He is stain on the pure relation of brother and sister. Where as she called him “bhai..” 

There were few clips of him running out and then he saw the sight of fainted Geet in his own arms. The sight itself boiled his anger further as the night flashed before his eyes. 

He got up in a jerk pushing back the chair furiously. Adi and the agent looked at him in horror so was the guards, all shuddered in terror seeing him in so much fury.

Next moment, he was walking out of the main door followed by anxious Adi.


Geet opened her swollen eyes to hitting sunlight which was peeking through the window.

She looked around her surrounding and soon reality dawn upon her. Her whole shuddered again going through the memories of last night.

She tried to get up with remaining straight in her body, “ahhh…” She held her head which ached like hell. Her forehead creased…she somehow managed herself till washroom.

Her whole life swam before her close eyes, as she sat inside bathtub. It wasn’t her fault that she is weak and fragile, she could blame her circumstance and the environment where she grew up. It was her nature, she couldn’t change it in one blink at least…to trust someone, care for others feelings…

It wasn’t my fault, she shouted, crying bitterly… She missed him terribly at the moment, needed him as much as breath.

My fault was to let others use my weakness and me. She was suddenly angry upon herself. 

No…hum Kunal se ya aur kisi se nahi darenge ab…yeh zindagi humari hai, I better know, how to live it. I will take my own decisions now…enough of my childishness…enough of my mom’s craziness for this unwanted relationship.

If she get to know my husband’s true colours, she would be more than willing to get me divorce.

Yes, her eyes shined in happiness, “yeh humne pahle kyon nahi socha, “see geet, when you start thinking positive, you find ways to come out of your problems… solutions toh apne aap nikal gaya.” Yes mom will definitely help me in this.” 

She thought happily getting ready, “I will show this to mom as well, she touched her forehead putting new bandage herself, what your so call lovely …na..devil son in law had done to your daughter.” 

And your devil husband could do something more interesting with you my darling wifey,” 

She was suddenly startled seeing his reflection in the mirror, as he walked from behind, “if you don’t listen to me…” he added squeezing her arms harshly.

She hissed angrily turning to face him,” hum aapki khokli dhamkiyo se darne wale nahi hai,” she told him clearly with furious eyes, and remove his hands harshly away from arms.

When she turned around, she heard him saying, apni maa ka bhi fikar nahi hai tumhe…?

She turned around to face the devilish smirk on his face, it only made her feel disgusted for having been foolish for those months of marriage, unaware about his true colours.

“Aap itne niche gir sakte hai, Kunal…I never thought.. ” she hissed angrily, only to hear his chuckle of sarcasm, “abhi bhi waqt hai, don’t do anything of that you will regret later, paisa hi sabkuch nahi hota…yeh fame aur business ke liye aap jo yeh sab kuch kat rahe hai, it is just shallow…you will drowned in your own deeds if you not stop now, then when you will try to come out, you won’t able to come back to the one will be there for your help either.” She tried to put some senses in him for his betterment, for her own also.

Least she knew, he was already blinded by his false ego and obsession to become better than MK and snatch everything from him which he didn’t had in his whole life.

Kunal jerked her angrily away,” tum nahi janti mere junoon Ko… Woh sabkuch hasil karna chahta hoon mein, jo Maan Khurana ka hai…he made a fist of his palm, showing her his madness.

She took a step back as new realization dawn upon her, she nodded in no…

As if reading her thoughts, he laughs manically,” that include you also, 

Hum yeh kabhi nahi hone denge…she still shook her head, he approached her manically, jerking her both arms, you can’t stop me nor anyone. He left her only to warn her further,” jo kaha hai waisa karo, or get ready to lose your family and love.” He walked towards the door, stopping on the doorstep,” ise bas dhamki mat samzo Geet, pata chala, kal pachtaogi…” He smirked and walked out.

Geet became numb again, her resolve to get help from her mother seem to be broken down, with his warning. She rolled down on her knees, not knowing what to do now…


Maan, we have collected enough proofs to put him behind the bars, all thanks to you. 

Inspector abheejit smiled, walking along with Maan, who in return gave him victories smirk. 

Main bas itna hi nahi chahta, I want his destruction.

Now we have every little evidence of his black money and illegal work. His reputation will be at stake now, once media will make it big news. 

Kahi muh dikhane layak nahi rahega woh, abheejit sneered, 

It is sure, he won’t able to show his face to anyone nor himself also…said Maan , thinking something devilish,” he will be not able see his own face in the mirror, uski rooh kaap uthegi…dobara meri Jaan ke bare mein aise ghatiya sochne ki liye…” He thought.

“I will take the revenge Jaan, for all the tortures you have to go through because of him.” He vowed, already finishing his half plan.

Now only last bit remain for the destruction of the culprit, but it will happen before the eyes of his Jaan, he want her to have the satisfaction in heart, seeing her culprit burning in hell of his own deeds.


Hum Maan ko abhi sab sach bata denge, I can’t hide it from him and trouble him further. Thought Geet taking hurried steps to reach his cabin, 

Maan…she pushed the door of his cabin, only to find it empty. ” Yeh kaha chale Gaye..?” 

She asked pinky the same, unki koi meeting bhi schedule nahi hai abhi..” 

He had gone out for some important work, Geet, I don’t know much, but adi sir unke sath gaye hai. And it’s been long, abhi tak toh unhe aa jana chahiye, pinky checked her watching and confirmed, increasing Geet’s worries further. 

Hey babaji…unhe please salamat rakhna, she was so restless.

Geet , kya baat, itna pareshan kyon ho? Pinky saw her face, it was sweaty as well, and why are you so in hurry..?”

Pinky, I can’t share anything now, don’t be mad at me, please..waqt aane or tumhe sab kuch bataungi…” Geet pleaded her, knowing she is only friend, she had got in her life after losing so much in own madness.

Pinky held her hand, “I won’t mad at you, itna kyon tense ho rahi hai, bas itna hi Jaan chuki hai apne friend Ko…she gave her sweet smile making give her moisten smile. 

And if know you are hiding something or many things from me, I will wait for you to share everything with your friend, and I assure you, it will keep secret between us.

Pinky… she hugged her dearly not caring about the states from the staff.

Crazy girl, leave me..sab dekh rahe hai..and dare you to cry.

I don’t care anymore for others, Geet said parting apart, she wiped her tears, she felt better for getting silent support from her. 

“Thanks…” she muttered only to get wack from pinky , she chuckled, still somewhere little fear was lingering, what will happen when she get to know her love for Maan..” will she too leave her like her childhood friends. Will she too think of her low and wrong…” 

Her thoughts halted with the ringing of her cell, seeing the id, her face became pale. She excused herself and walked away to her cabin, 

As soon as she pick up the call, his husky voice shuddered her, she began to dislike the feeling now, his voice and everything,

“Did you start your work…?”

What are you talking about…? Geet played innocent.

Playing smart ha…? Don’t try to fool me around, you know, you already failed, he reminded her about her affair with Maan.

Geet gulped her saliva, and spoke determined,” humne aapse pehle bhi kaha hai, hum aapki dhamkiyo se darne wale nahi hai.

Achcha, then you want proof ha..for my devilishness..” he snorted.

Geet became silent,” wait for a while, you will get it soon…then you have to be scare from my warning, mere kaminepan se tumhe Darna hoga Geet..and he cut the call.

Kunal…she was getting breathless now with the tension. She dialled Maan’s number, it was out coming switch off…

Maan,…shayad meeting mein honge ha, she tried to sooth her own heart.

She then dialled adis number, he too didn’t pick up, although the call was ringing.

She now panicked, and strolled her cabin restlessly, her head felt heavy now and she failed on the couch, feeling dizzy.

She closed her eyes for a while, then opened in a jerk hearing her phone ringing.

She sat up and her eyes shined to see it’s adi’s number, before she even say hello she heard his fearful voice from other side,” Geet, Maan sir ka accident Ho gaya hai…

Where are you now…? Geet asked hurriedly, 

I am at now *** hospital, but don’t worry, it’s minor..

But Geet did not hear anything further, she was in a panic state, and just ran out of the office like crazy leaving whole staff behind staring her in wonder.


Maan…she rushed inside calling out to him, seeing the bandage on his head, although it was little, still it horrified her to an extent, she crushed herself straight in his arms.

Maan was taken a back with her sudden hug, he looked at adi, who was looking at both wide eyed, seeing Maan’s stern look he excuse himself, eyeing the nurse as well to leave both alone. She nodded and follow him out.

GHSP 452 HQ_4064

Geet, I am perfectly fine…it’s only minor, now stop crying….he patted her head, hearing her soft cries, one thing she could not bear that is to see him in trouble, and here he was on hospital bed just because of her. She couldn’t stop cursing herself. She concluded already, it must be kunal’s doing.

GHSP 452 HQ_5074

Once Geet parted, Maan noticed the wound on her head, yeh kaise ho gaya..? He touched her head she winced, and stole her gaze from him.

I…I…don’t know, but when I was lost in my thoughts, I don’t know when I skip a stair and..she gave him silly smile.

Maan narrowed his eyes on her, tum sach Kah rahi ho…? 

She nodded, he grabbed her arms, she again winced silently, but he noticed her every small gesture and expression of pain and her efforts to hide it from him.

Yeh bhi sidiya girne se hua hai…? He asked showing her the handprints on her arms which had turned bluish by now.

Yeh…woh..ha..woh Kunal ke hai…

He twitched his brows in fury for her efforts, moreover hearing his name, shayad jab unhone Hume bachane ki koshish ki hogi, tab yeh hua hoga..she couldn’t meet his gaze. 

Maan couldn’t buy her lie but seeing her getting restless, he let it go for a moment. 

Aap chodiye na in sab baton ko..

Tum Kah rahi ho toh chod diya, he whispered huskily jerking her closer. 

Maan, she wriggled in his arms, tell me, how this happened? Aap ka dhyan kaha tha gadi chalate waqt, you should have been drive carefully.

I was careful darling, pata nahi kab achanak truck aagaya piche se, adi was also with me, but use chot nahi aayi..I am thankful, as I was one driving the car.

Maan remembered the moment, he had got the phone call, listening other side, he was in pure rage and agony, in that moment the accident happened. Although later he got control over his car and got saved himself and adi.

Geet, on the other side was shocked further hearing him, matlab yeh Kunal ne hi Kiya hai, she became more scare now…

At the moment, adi walked in along with the doctor, Geet immediately parted, with red hue on her cheeks, Maan smirked seeing her face.

Adi was one soul, confused to see both, he was somewhere getting clues but couldn’t believe anything just like that.

Aap bilkul thik hai ab, Mr.khurana, it’s only minor, do din mein yeh bandage bhi thik ho jayega.

Maan gave her a look, like hear what doctor said.

Doctor caught it and with a smile he said to geet, “Don’t be tense anymore, Mrs. khurana, “your husband is alright now, you can take him back home, I am assuring you.”

Geet and adi’s eyes popped out hearing him, Geet’s face was whole red with shyness, while Maan smirked seeing it.

Husband! Yeh inke husband nahi hai…yeh humare boss hai, Geet ke bhi, adi cleared his doubt so innocently with silly smile.

Oh I am sorry, Mrs. Geet…and mr.khurana

Geet just nodded with awkward smile, while adi received Maan’s famous glare for interfering. 

Now what I did, why is sir giving me this looks…he became petrified.

To be continued…

Now story has came to climax, what do you guys think..? 

If you guys have any idea or particular scene in mind for Maneet, this particular Maneet in this FF, then don’t hesitate to tell me…I will surely try adding it, 

What do you guys want to see next in story, do give me any ideas or your fantasies you want see on this Maneet. 

If you have any punishment decided for the villains of Mehbooba, then I am desperate to read you…

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    1. Hoping everything gets clear to them and they found the way to their happiness,she just need to tell him what is happening,he will do the remaining things, looking forward to further…

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  1. Nice part.
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  3. wonderful update.Maan has all the evidence against Rajeev now and he has to pay for his deeds.Geet though made up her mind not to listen to kunal’s words but he scared her with Maan’s accident.How did Kunaal act so innocent since marriage.He has so much of hatred towards Maan.will Geet able to tell Maan about Kunals dirty ideas?Will Maan be able find out Kunaal’s nature.eager to know.

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