Caged in my Arms Chapter 8

He stared at both hugging each other…his whole burned in jealousy and anger to see him touching his jaan.his fist tighten in great fury to see them together making his muscles  prominent to beat him now and there only.

He looked at her smiling face looking all delight to be with that boy.  Why…why…just 3 letters buzzed in his mind.

Why did you break my heart,
Why did you go away
, away, away, away…

Why did he fall in love on the first place.why…
Why..Dammit. ..he BANG furiously with his legs on his car.

(Dil mera churaya kyun jab yeh dil todna hee tha)

Why did you steal my heart,
when you had to eventually break it?
Why did you connect with me,
when you had to eventually turn your face away?

He storm towards his outhouse in great frustration and his burning heart.the soul reason is she.his jaan.his can he hate her for that..

Ho, dil ko dhadakna tune sikhaya,
dil ko tadapna tune sikhaya

You taught the heart to beat,
you taught it to throb

He broke the ice cube in extream pain of his broken heart before it started to beat for his jaan.
He scream in great pain and frustration as he broke it again bleeding his hands But it’s nothing painful infront his heart’s unbearable for him as he got the flashes of there togetherness. There hug.that smile of hers.

He wanted to tell her his heart today but it’s nothing happened instead he got the shock of his life and this heartache to see her with other boy.there engagement also is going to happen .he was following her last 4 days to get to know about her.
What happened son.dadima asked him worried seeing him sad from last 2 days.
It’s nothing dadima. He hided yet again his pain deep inside in his heart not to make  worried that old lady.

One drop of tears make its way finally from his eyelids as he closed it to control his miseries. It’s unbearable pain she gives him today.

Ankho me ansu chhupe the kahee inko chhalakna tune sikhaya

Tears were hiding somewhere in my eyes, you taught them to weep

Dil mera churaya kyun
Why did you break my heart,
why did i fall in love
Why did you go away, away, away, away…

No he is not going to seat here in his miseries .he is maan singh khurana. The Great businessman. He can get her by hook or crook now.yes it is going to happen like this only.she is his.only his.his jaan..he can’t let her go.he will get her..he smirked evilly as his evil side overpower his all goodness.


Maan came out of his past hearing her payal sound.he turn towards her to see her fidgeting with her saree pallu seems like wanting to say him anything or ask from him. His all pain and frustration goes leaving him peaceful and small smile come on his lips seeing her first time approaching him.
Do you wanted to say something .he initiated it knowing her discomfort.
Ha…geet jerk upward her head looking at his burning gaze on her she turn her face away as instant.
Hmm.she nodded.
He stood crossing his hands on chest waiting for her to speak.
Umm. Wo ..I was saying that umm. ..she continue to fiddle with her pallu not knowing how to speak fearing for his reaction.
You can speak.i am not gonna eat you up .he spoke up knowing well her condition.
Geet look at him as what he is saying. She get some courage and started again.
Wo..could I know that where is Rajeev now..
She whisper last words from his name lastly fearing from him.
As she continue to stared down clutching her pallu tightly.

Aag kyun lagayi jab bujhaye dil chodna hi tha

Why did you start the fire, when you didn’t want it to end?

He stand there dead feeling nothing but fire of anger burning his whole body.his eyes turn red in fury clutching  his fist tightly he looked at her in great pain.again that name.that came from her mouth.


Why did you break my heart,
why did i fall in love
Why did you go away, away, away, away…

Yess he knows.because she loves him damn. It. .she loves that baster…where as he…he closed his eyes in pain snap opening that in great fury to meet her scare one.
She scared from him.that’s what she feels for him .
He storm towards her dangerously where as she take step backwards and stumble where as he hold her securely in his arms from waist. His hands reach to her cheeks holding them tight there faces closed to each other, lips millimeters away both can feel each others breaths.
Look at me geet…he husk dangerously on her face.
She shiver in his arms as a reflex. .he hands clutch on his shoulders tightly fearing for fall reasoning her legs had become jelly  in his proximity.
Look at me .he repeated again holding her chin tight in his forefingers he made her look at him.
She look at his red eyes that holding anger and passion at the same time.she gulp her saliva her lips parted in fear of his next the same time her all is melting without her will.
His lips grasp hers parting one licking them.she closed her eyes in unknown feeling don’t know what was that.she feels his lips doing unknown magic on her own.she try to pushed him wanted to get out of this unwanted feeling he is casting on her.
He hold her tight from her bare waist not letting her to go away from him. He lock there lips completely pulling her closer and closer.
He was going to kiss her furiously that his phone buzzed loudly breaking there kiss that was going to start.
She shiver coming out of his spell.twars of frustration roll down her cheeks as she   darted her furious gaze on him before bursting on him.
You monster. .you again did that..she quiver in her anger.
A kiss…jaan..he named her unsaid words clasping her in his arms again.
Leave me…leave me…she struggle in his arms.
It’s entire your fault provoke me to do that .he husk ed yet again caressing her lips with his thumb.
Me…she look at him confused.
Yes it’s you.didnt I had tell you to not utter that name should be always me who should be reside there on this soft petals of your or your heart and soul he poked her chest on her saree softly clarifying his point.
You are not there where Rajeev are…before she complete he kissed her swiftly leaving her all red in anger.
You monster. ..I will not leave you…she banged on his chest wepting out her all frustration on him..
He smirk seeing her red face hiding his pain hearing her answers.
But she didn’t see that instead saw his smile that was fake.
When I told you to level me jaan.instead I want you to stay in my arms like this forever and ever.he reply huskily pulling her closer.
You ..I will not going to be yours not in this birth or remaining ones.its only..
She stop seeing him coming closer to her face ready to take her lips in his own.
She just slap his cheeks to move that other side turning her face other way.
Maan turn surprise at her behaviour. He like that.infact he loves that.he loves her all about.
I will make you mine soon your heart body and soul it’s my promised to you. He whisper near her ears kissing softly on her earlobes .he can feels her shiver to his touch. He smirk seeing his effect on her.
She glared at him furiously seeing his advance,pouting angrily.
He take that pouted lips in his own to quench his heart thirst but..ouchh..
He hisss in pain and looked shock and furious at the same time at her smirking face.
She just bited him on his lips.

Tit for tat Mr.Khurana. .she come out of his arms slowly seeing his hold loosen on her.
That will what happens if you try to come closer to me you get that monster.she clinch her teeths angrily forget geet fact that she herself was lost in him at first kiss. She storm out of his study regretting to step inside here.

Maan stand still shock at her behaviour. That was his jaan.his love..his Geet. His Sherni. The tigress. .he smirk evilly licking his lips that was having her touch on them with his own little blood.

I am not going to let you go away from me geet not in this birth or remaining. You are mine and you will remain forever here in my arms,jaan. CAGE IN MY ARMS.

6 thoughts on “Caged in my Arms Chapter 8

  1. Lovely update 🤠 maan is lost in the past thinking about how he was to propose her but geet was already in love with other person which hurt him…and here he decided to get his love by hook or crook maaneet moments were nice I am sure geet will fall in love with maan soon waiting to read more ❤️😘

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