Kunal looked at her dumbstruck, then after a while broke into silly smile, “you are joking, right?” 

Geet wasn’t sure how to react to his question, hum koi mazak nahi kat rahe, she snapped frustrated to see his smile…whereas, she was fighting with her inner self.

That’s what I am saying, he suddenly turned serious. Don’t ever joke around me, “because, I hate it,” 

Geet was taken aback by his demeanour, she didn’t get time to comprehend as he rushed forward to yank her by her arms, she hissed, then looked at his furious face, “I hate jokes…”

Leave me, you are hurting me…she tried to free herself from his harsh hold but he was not in a mood, 

What happened to you? And leave me, Hume dard ho raha hai…she moaned in pain.

Yeh sawal toh muze tumse puchna chahiye, what happened to you, kyon aisi behki behki si batein kar rahi ho… he gritted his teeth.

I am not saying anything rubbish but truth, she whispered looking straight into his eyes, hum Maan se pyar karte hai bas unhi se…ab se nahi from before marriage…now you know I don’t love you…so humara is bebuniyad shaadi mein rehna ek bewkufi se badhkar kuch nahi hai…she looked determine.

Now you want freedom from this marriage, from me? He was furious.

She kept mum until he spoke again, you want divorce…? Answer me..? He shook her vigorously.

Yes…you said right, I want divorce…hum aur nahi bardasht kar sakte, yeh jhut mhut ka natak…

So you meant to say, you were playing around me, faking your concern or so called wifey duties.

Humara woh Matlab nahi tha, she immediately defended herself.

Aisa hi matlab hua na Geet… You cheated on me…you lied to me..

Humne aisa kuch nahi Kiya hai…bas aap se sachachai chupayi..

So that’s not counted into betrayal…he blasted, 

I didn’t…she sobbed pulling away harshly, hum aapse kuch kahne ki himmat nahi juta paye, sirf aapke liye…she cried, you know, you always claims to love me, just hearing your confession frequent times, I couldn’t muster the courage to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth.

But now you have hurt me beyond Geet, he cried in frustration, pulling back his hairs.

Geet became numb with his anger, something she couldn’t have seen but today she was getting to see new Kunal, her husband’s different demeanour.

After a moment of silence, he began, “you want to divorce me…?” 

She looked at him and then nodded in yes.

But I can’t…” I won’t free you from this marriage nor from me.

Kunal…she gasped in horror.

You can’t do that.

Yes I can baby…he jerked her closer holding her both arms, almost she could feel his hot breath fanning over her lips, she turned her face.

Look at me, he turned her face harshly to him by holding her cheeks, she couldn’t grasp a thing further as she was in little shock of his behaviour.

Listen to me carefully, you don’t love me that’s not my problem, my problem is that Maan…he has been always the obstacle in my path to success and everything.

Geet gasped in horror shock, she couldn’t comprehend at first what he was talking.

You heard me right babe…and you won’t get divorce until I want…until I want, you won’t leave me or try runaway from me…he pushed her away harshly saying so…

Geet looked at him turning his back the her, she watched like dumb, his body shaking now, she assumed it maybe, he must be crying but then her eyes widen in shock after seeing him turning around , he wasn’t crying but he was laughing..

Laughing like a maniac, he turned around and saw her shock face, 

Kunal aap…she was confused.

“You think I am fool Geet?” He stopped and walked further facing her. “You thought I won’t get to know about your affair behind my back?” His face suddenly turned dark scaring her to the hell.

She stepped back in horror, more from hearing the truth from his mouth.

He walked towards her, taking each step further along with her each steps she had walked back.

I married you because there is a reason. You know the reason? 

She nodded like a child, because you love me…

Love…oh cut that crap…I never loved you, he scoffed.

Geet did not know how to react…all the while she only thought about his feelings, she was guilty for breaking his heart but he never did love her to have hurt his feelings.

Phir humse shaadi kyon ki …she whispered in broken voice, having no straight to hear further…

For my business offcourse…you know your uncle was really impressed with me, I wanted that to happen only…I waited for that moment and Mr.ranjeet handa helped me. He brought me to your house…

I thought after marriage, I will get everything…money…his shares of company, maybe I could even beat MK in his business.

But I got nothing of that sort nothing at all… Even he refused to help me.

He raised his voice suddenly turning his back to her, but in return what I got…he turned back to face her furiously, “only this beautiful doll,” his voice turned husky…with eyes turning dark scaring the hell out of her. 

Geet was petrified, she sticks to the wall seeing him approaching her, he shake his forefinger from her forehead to her cheek, then going down to her shivering lips, he traced them, enjoying it’s softness.

“The doll was of no use although…until I realised the secret of hers,” he ended with a chuckle. She is in love with my rival…Maan Singh Khurana!” He finished with clutching her hair harshly, she yelped in pain, leave me. aapko kya ho gaya hai Kunal,….she stammered, you was not like this before…” She cried trying to put some senses in him innocently, although knew he doesn’t love her but only lied to her.

What do you know about me…ha..? He jerked her head making her cried in pain.

You don’t know, how much I hate the mere existence of MK, he turned her briskly banging her head on the wall.

Ahhh…she yelled in pain but there was no one to hear her scream.

You don’t know anything, Kunal was turning mad in rage, as he saw his plan failing miserably.

He had always been so jealous of MK, he had envied his success and lifestyle. But when he had got the chance to conquer that everything he couldn’t get success.

And now having everything, he is all set to snatch you from me…

I will never let this happen…he blasted on her.

Geet nodded in no, as blood started to ooze out from her head, she was feeling dizzy with throbbing pain in her head.

He kneels before her, pinning her chin harshly, “you dared to love my enemy now get ready to face the consequences, babe.” He warned her huskily sending chills down her spine.


She sat in the lone corner, totally broken like a doll, her husband has referred. Tears were long dried, her eyes were hollow without any emotions. She reflected back to the dreadful incident which took place just hours back. 


Few hours back…

Kunal had called the doctor home to aid her injury, she blinked her eyes to keep them open but soon darkness engulfed her and she felt herself floating in air, probably in his arms. She wanted to protect but nothing could she done at the fragile moment.

After an hour when she woke up, she found him talking on the call…she tried to get up, not wanted to stay near him anymore but her straight gave up and she stumbled on the bed, making Kunal turned back. 

bhagne ki koshish kar rahi ho…? He bend over her, she frighten laid back, with wide horror eyes, “I told you, you never gonna leave me until I want.” 

Hume jana hai…she dared to speak.

Kaha Jana hai tumhe, us Maan ke paas?

She turned her face away in anger…and tried to get up but he forced her to stay back, “let me go…” she wriggled in his harsh hold.

“Listen to me or you will regret the consequences…”

I won’t…Hume aapke sath ek pal nahi rukna…” 

She got up as he left her wrist surprising her, she could careless, and tried to open the door but next moment he approached her, shaking her arm, reaching her bare waist he grasped her leaving her  horror stuck.

Yeh…aap…kya kar rahe hai…Kunal…she felt his fingers playing her blouse hook as he snapped one hook open.

Jo Maine pahle nahi kiya…but now you leave me with no option. He smirked.

Please… she pushed him away, stay away from me…she pointed finger to him angrily.

You can’t stop me…he approached her again this time pulling her pallu away from her chest, 

No…she held other corner in her hand, other hand crossing over her chest.

Kyon Geet, Maan he toh tumhe kaha kaha nahi chuha hoga, sach kah raha hoon na main…” he gritted his teeth.

She turned her face away in shame and anger.

But I am being your husband you didn’t let me have my right on you…

Now I don’t regret my decision” she spoke angrily.

You will now regret it Geet, he pulled her in his arms in a jerk.

Chodiye Hume…”she whispered helplessly, feeling his hands roaming on her bare back. 

You choose this…he said in low husky voice, nuzzling on her neck.

Few tears rolled on her cheeks, “what do you want…” 

Now you came to the point…he pushed her away seeing her immediately wrapping her saree back…he smirked.

I want his destruction….I want his downfall, and you will help me in this.

No…. Geet couldn’t believe, how he could demand so…

I will never…you are disgusting…

You have to honey, you got no other way out…” Kunal.

Geet stood silent, then saw his lusty eyes on her, she know she couldn’t destroy her love with her own hands. 

Kya karna hoga Hume?, 

Nothing much babe, just give us the tender info of his next govt project, and new ones…

She gave him angry glared, “yeh sahi nahi hai, you won’t try to steal his hard work…” She warned him.

I am not honey, you didn’t hear me, did you? It will be you, who will give me his each info, since, Maan loves you so much, hai na…he smirked evilly.

That doesn’t mean I will take advantage of his love and faith on me…she fired back.

That’s your problem not mine…I told you option, give yourself to me or just this little info..

Geet made a disgusted face, she knew arguing with him is of no use now, he has turned crazy to destroy her love, but will she let that happen…never ever…her self conscious spoke.

If that cost her anything, she will die before doing something like that to him… She won’t let Kunal also touch her…she is his and only his.

Kya socha hai tumne, he asked looking at her silent.


aapko jo karna hai kariye, I will not betray him.

Strange…you could betray your husband but not that other man.

You don’t deserve to even call one…

Then alright, tumne mere paas aur koi option nahi choda now I have to take his life…

Yeh kya kah rahe hai aap…

Wahi jo tumne Suna…

You can’t…, she flared suddenly, caught in a storm of helpless anger.

Yes I can darling, if you want proof then let me tell you…

Geet frowned on hearing him…

You remember the award ceremony, where you taken the bullet on yourself that was for Maan…? 

Her eyes widen in realization…she was horror stuck, “you….did…that….?” Her eyes moistened, she stammered badly unable to take this all in one day.

Her whole shuddered even to think about that party night, where she would have lost maan…

And that all cause of this man, who stood before her now so shamelessly.

Of course darling…he smirked and if you disappoint me now, I will left with no choice either.

Kunal knew her weakness and he took the opportunity to use it in his way.


His words still stinging her ears, making her flinch with the intensity of the hatred he possessed for Maan.

Maan…she moaned out in pain, kuch nahi hone denge hum aapko…she suddenly became hyper, kuch nahi…I won’t let any harm to touch you till I am alive. She spoke determined. 


Maan couldn’t rest in peace after that night, he was guilty for putting her in the humiliating situation because of his deed. He couldn’t muster the courage to hurt her more with his presence by her side, it could have risen the suspicious in employee’s minds about the duo. That’s why he prefers to stay away from her for few days. 

But in those days, he was haunted by the pain she had gone through all her life, the argument he heard of her and her mother. 

His blood boiled to even think upon, what suffering she must have gone through each day because of that man.

He got up thinking something, and fetch out his phone to dial the agent he had hired already for his work.

After an hour, the agent was present there with the one scared man. 

Sir, he is the waiter from that party hall who witnessed the whole scene but kept silent because of fear.

Maan looked at the man stood before him, really frighten for bringing him like this here.


Kya dekha tha tumne, aur us aadmi ka Naam batao, phir yeh log tumhe chod denge…Maan threatened him literally in most calm yet authoritative voice, while eyeing his well-built guards who surrounded the dark room.

That man began shivering, he joined his hands, “I will tell everything…but I don’t know the name of the person, although I had seen his face.” He pleaded.

Maan nodded and gestured him to continued, “that night…”and he narrated him everything what he had seen, 

Maan’s fist clinched in fury again going through the memories of that incident, he would make his life hell, he vowed to himself.

He asked his guards to leave him back to his place not before giving him reward for his work.

Maan was deeply thinking something when the agent gave him cd, “sir this is the footage we got from the staff…

Maan frowned and looked at him when he added,” sir, I think we could see his face…you might recognise him.”

Maan nodded and asked him to proceed, adi played the cd…it has only one part of the hall…

But their eyes widen seeing the face of the person who just entered the corridor where the incident had happened with Geet.

The corridor had no cameras, it was only outside, that’s the reason sir, we found it tough to get this footage.” The agent explained.


But Maan was burning with own anger and pain. It was adi who broke his trance, “sir, yeh toh Rajeev sir hai…your doubt was right.”

To be continued…

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