Tum dil ki dhadkan mein,

Rehte ho, tum rehte ho

A. haan. a.

O. ho. ho.

Ae. he. hm. mm.

Maan looked at the closed door of washroom. He can heard her cries. He just rushed outside not bearing this pain more.he goes in his bar that was in the mension and drink to calm his burning heart but it’s still burning .it’s not listening’s going to her again and again.why dammit. He broke the bottle throwing that on the floor.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Why cant she for one day even bear him.his closeness. Always trying to run away from him.its hurt him.much to his self control.his ears pain to heard that baster name from her lips.that belong to him.only him.yes.he stand up suddenly stumbling on his steps he reach the room to see the room still empty.she didn’t come out of the washroom. He got worried for her in his drunken state even.

Meri inn saanson se, kehte ho. kehte ho

Baahon mein, aa jaao, sapno mein kho jaao

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

Geet..geet.he banged on the door worried for her. Geet who was sleeping on the cold floor itself, crying there her heart out which she cant infront that monster. She will not show him her tears or weakness.

She snap opened her eyes hearing the loud banging on the door. Her heart feared daring to go out.

Geet the door and come out now. .he told her in his rough voice worried for her from inside.

I am not coming out till the time you are there.she declare in her authoritive voice.

Geet don’t be stubborn. You will fall sick.. jaan. Comes outside now..he try again.but she didn’t listen instead she repeated her sentence again.

Ok.i will not come near you or touch you without your consent. Just come outside now. He finally declared her knowing exactly what she wants. His heart pain with the thought of her desire that was staying away from him.his all senses got back to work seeing her in trouble right now.

Der na kar, duniya se na darr

Sun le duaaon bekhabar

Der na kar, duniya se na darr

Sun le duaaon bekhabar

Rooth na mujhse jaan-e-jigar

Kat-ta nahi tere bin ye safar

Geet’s mouth widen in shock.her heart jump in happiness at what she heard…did he .no.geet.he must be joking. Don’t get in his trap easily. He will again start his act of disgusting. She thought getting angry.

How can i trust you.she asked from inside though litterelly shivering inside in cold.

His heart pain again at her question. But it has to be come, what he had done to make her trust on him.its been only one day though for there marriage. His mind asked him. Keeping his emotions in control he reply her. as you wish. I don’t have problem if you are interested to sleep there on the cold floor. I gave tell you the fact it’s on believe me or not. He smirk imagining her wide mouth in shock.definitely she maybe muttering some curses on him.he goes to bed and wait for her laying on his one hand.his eyes was on the washroom door waiting for his jaan.

Nazre dhoonde tujhko, aa mill jaa tu mujhko

Baahon mein, aa jaao, sapno mein kho jaao

Geet turn shock at his change persona. She mutter few curses on him turning red in anger she jerk open the door seeing his attitude. She barged outside directly come on the bed and lift him angrily from the bed catching his vest in her small fist.

Tum dil ki dhadkan mein,
rehte ho, rehte ho

What did you didn’t had problem if I sleep there on the cold floor. If I die..her words died in her mouth as he clasped her lips in his rough one kissing her furiously letting his all anger drown in the kiss.

Geet gasp with shock and when did she realised it she pushed him harshly. Eyes glistening red in anger and pain.

Kuch na kaho, chup hi raho
Dekho dhadkan kehti hai
Kuch na kaho, ab chup hi raho
Dekho toh dhadkan kehti hai

don’t you dared to  take die word again on your lips, you are not going anywhere from me, he said in dangerous voice from inside really scared to think on that line, but she didn’t understand instead saw his anger as always.

You monster. .how dare you to touch me again. .you again kissed me without my will.didnt you said before sometime that you will not come near me without my consent. You dhokebaaz.

She started to bang his chest with her fist.but it’s not affecting him.its her words that hurt him but he ignore it seeing the fact that she is touching him atleast and opening up to him .Her anger is coming out on him,he smile

and you have been drunk, she make a disgusting face,

yuckkk. you just kissed me with that mouth of yours, she make face again.

his anger reaching to its peak seeing her behaviour, but he reply her in his calm way.

When did I come near to you.its you who come near me litterly pull me near you.he husk seeing her stopping her fist on him.

And even now it’s you who had hold me.look.

Geet at instant make distance in between them, glaring him angrily.

You look sexy you  know jaan,with your anger.

He said with the smirk on his face staring her beautiful face continuously.

Geet turn more red in anger hearing his comment. She quickly hide herself in her coat of nightgown…storming towards bed she take one blanket and cushion for her sleeping there

Maan at once present on her side.

Jaan.why are you sleeping here.lets come on the bed.he try to lift her.but she instantly sat up..

Stay away. .stay away. .she glared him.

I am not sleeping near you..she said with her chin high in attitude.

You have to jaan.we are husband and wife. I had said you before.its not.i don’t want to start it now again.just let me sleep peacefully. I am so much tired now. She yawn really tired with the day event.

Maan Looked at her laying closing her eyes ready to sleep. he just pick her quickly in his arms without letting her know for a second what happened. when she knows, she was on his bed, she feared instantly sitting up on the bed.

maan’s heart pained seeing her scared from him. 

Baahon mein, aa jaao,
sapno mein kho jaao
Tum dil ki dhadkan mein,
rehte ho, rehte ho

sleep here, i am not going to eat you in an night, he replied as softly as possible.seeing her again ready to leave the bed.

geet tried to but seeing his demeanour she just lay there like statue on one side, fearing from his next moves,cover herself till neck with blanket.

maan goes off towards sofa adjusting himself there as its too short for his height,but he not wanting to stress her more, laid there staring at her back.

 Tum dil ki dhadkan mein, rehte ho, rehte ho

geet looked at him turning on the bed feeling uncomfortable, he did sleep there though its not his size, leaving her in peace on the bed alone. she sigh in relief as take steps towards him to cover him with blanket. 

she try to go but his hand’s wounds catch her attention, his hand was fill with dried blood,it’s looking horrible. she gasped in shock. 

omg. how did this happen, and did he knows. her anger and hatred got down below her humanity, as her humanity woke up inside her, she rushed to drawers to take out first aid kit. he was in deep sleep. doesn’t he feel pain she thought cleaning his wounds, as she looked at his face, he still in deep sleep, why not afterall  he was drunk. he doesn’t have those emotions to feel any pain. she thought reasoning his demeanor.


geet comes out of washroom getting ready for her mission, he was not at home has leave for office. she wonder, how did he managed to be that early for his office after his late night adventure, anyways, why did she thinking of him. it’s not her concern. 

come early beta, dont make too much late, ok. dadima asked her out of her worry, 

geet nodded her head smiling softly.

bhabhi, can i come with you, annie asked her as she was free today.

geet fumble before answering her, nahi annie, we will go other day together, i have imp work today to do. she try to as humble as possible,praying from inside, she wouldn’t pester more.

bete, unhe jane dijiye, its maybe imp for her. kahi aur din chali jana ,ok. dadima also sided geet.

ok bhabhi, annie pouted, but next time i will not leave you,

geet just smiled sighing in relief from inside.ok annie.


Geet stared in she came down on the road after meeting her friend who knows her and Rajeev too well.she thought she will get the much needed info of rajeev to her heart content but nothing she get nothing of her heart desire instead leaving it in pain again as she remember how he had brutally beaten him till he goes in unconscious state. Her tears rolled down her cheeks as she take steps on the road oblivious of her surroundings. Where as one truck coming in her way buzzing horn but she heard nothing. It’s his painful screams coming on her ears.she closed it feeling unbearable pain and in a moment she didn’t get what happens felt jerk on her and fall down on the mud felt herself wrap in strong shackles. She slowly opened her closed eyes coming in contact with his red one.the monster.

images (4)

Maan first turned shock seeing her on the did she come here and when and for what many questions band in his mind but the scene in front his eyes make him to widen his eyes in shock. His was just milliseconds all that happened. He storm towards her  in hurry to save his jaan. And he pulled her sideways before she get hit by truck, cocooning her in his secure arms to not let any  harm touch her.

Geet just got blank at the sudden happenings, first she didn’t get any info of Rajeev then this accident and on that he came here seeing him her all straight gone  leaving her in unconscious.

video2gif_20171110_202914 your eyes geet. Look you are safe now..geet..he patted continuously on her cheek to woke her up but there was no moment from her. He quickly pick her up in his arms and rushed towards his car through the crowd.

Nothing to worry Mr.Khurana it’s because of stress.she must be in some kind of tension from past few days that’s the reason.dr.clarified making him leave a sigh of relief.

He looked at her pale face.she show herself to be strong but from inside he knows she must be so much broken.he realised it today.she fear from him.he caressed her face softly that was on his chest.she still didn’t get her  conscious. It’s he asked to Dr. To take her home.dr.had asked him to take care of her for 2 days she needs tension free is that going to happen when himself the biggest tension of her life. He smile. A painful smile.he can’t live away from her for a second.



How are you feeling now. He asked as soon as she opened her eyes.seated himself beside her on the bed.

She sat up jerking her body seeing him.

Hold her head quickly as its make her dizzy by her jerking suddenly.

Geet.aaram se..he cautions her supporting her from her shoulders.

She jerk his hands getting angry .

Geet..he gasp at her behaviour..

I don’t need your support.i am not that weak.she bursted on him turning her face away from him.

What is your problem ha ..? He shake her furiously clutching her shoulders.


You were fainted there in the middle of the know how I felt. You were going to have that accident..

So why did you save me…why…she bursted on him remembering the events that took place.

Why Didn’t you leave me to die..

Geet…he husk dangerously pulling her furiously towards himself.

You are not going to go away from any condition. Do you get that..he muttered huskily as their faces comes closed to each one touching their noses.

Leave me…you are hurting me.she wince having no straight to fight with him.

He at once leave her and rushed out of the  room.

She falled on the bed lifelessly as tears made there way from corner of her eyes. Finally she let go of it her all control and cried furiously.

Geet felt one hand on her back.she jerk and turn towards it to find annie standing there worried for her.

Bhabhi.what happened. Are you OK. She asked her softly.

Yes annie I am OK. It’s nothing..she fake wiping her tears.

Bhabhi.bro is not that bad as what he shows.he is like coconut bhabhi.all soft from inside but from outside shows as if he is so strict and khadus. She chuckle saying so as she seated beside geet.

He hided all the pain and love inside his heart never to show others.even we.his family is still unknown of that.he didn’t even let us see what is there inside his heart and mind but one thing is sure bhabhi.he seems to be in so much pain as if he is craving all day and night to get something which he cant able to get. Don’t know what is that. He is having us.his family who love him as much he loves us but didn’t show that but who knows it she chuckled in between her moisten eyes.

she continued, his success. His business. This royalty but don’t know for which thing he is craving.

But ha you must have gotten his hidden love.didnt it bhabhi.annie try to tease her not wanting to make her more senti.

Geet try to smile though it was not reaching her eyes but for formality she just smile said nothing.

Annie stand up to go when she saw something on sofa.she took the thing in her hands reaching near confuse geet .

Look at this bhabhi.she show her sorry card and red roses in her hands which she got from the sofa.


Geet turn confused. Of how did it comes here.and what for this.

Oh fo bhabhi.its for you only she said her looking her confuse face.

From my bro.she added smirking teasingly.

Geet dumbfounded look at her bewilder getting red in embarrassment.


Oh ho..look at your face it’s just get red at the mention of bhai’s name.

Annie. It enough now.geet said her getting uncomfortable with her continuous teasing.

Achcha thik hai bhabhi.but I wanna share you important thing is that I am so shock with this.she showed her the things 8n her hands.

Geet looked confused at her.

Bhabhi, it’s first time he ..The Great MSK is saying someone sorry .he didn’t utter those words before to anyone.its like that word never exist in his dictionary.

Geet turn shock at this reveallition.

How is that possible. We have to ask sorry if have done any mistake or hurt anyone.

Nope bhabhi.its our big bro . annie interrupted…he is like that only.he never utter this words even.its other way around.annie chuckle.where as geet fumed from inside seeing his attitude.

Yeh kaisa insan hai.akdu kahi ka.she murmur but loud enough to be heard by annie. Annie laugh out hearing her calling akdu to his brother.

Ha ha.bhabhi.good going..Agar bhai ko pata chala to unka face dekhne layak hoga.

You will not tell him,will you? Geet quickly asked her getting caught.

I will try.she smirk playfully.

Annie..geet cautsion her.making puppy face.

Ok ok baba..I  will not tell anyone.

So let’s hear the second important thing of my brother.

Geet turn curious .it’s new things she is getting to know about that monster. But what she knows of him nothing. infact she didn’t even knowing about him anything.its him who had force her in all this. She control her emotions hearing of what annie has to said.

He didn’t even brought this roses before. Infact he hated it.its colour.but maybe it’s your magic bhabhi he had brought this for you today.look.geet  caressed it softly feeling it’s petals as annie forward that before her.


feel his love in them for you,bhabhi.

Geet is confused after annie leave her room.she had somehow filled her with the info of her weird brother.yes he is weird .who on the earth will not like any colours or flowers. But here he is hating them but why did he today brought them for her. It is his love is that true.did he loved her really.she can’t believe on this line as sees him only a heartless monster to snatch her love from her.only wanted her for her body because of her her thinking reasoning all the situation that took place from which she have gone through. But yes. He didn’t touch her from the time they got married it’s just a kiss.just a kiss ..he had kiss me.she fumed crushing one rose in anger. Unknown of it it will hurt him like she was.

And sorry.for how many reasons he will asked sorry from her. Her all burn in anger remembering all what he done in her life.frustrating tears rolled don’t her cheeks as she remember her mom dad and Rajeev.

Though talking with annie had reduce her stress somewhat. And she knows now there is some hope for her if he trully loves her.she smile in her tears finding  an hope in this darkness as she looked at his sorry card.


Sorry for what pain I have made you gone through..

I love you jaan…

yours maan.

8 thoughts on “CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 6 & 7

  1. Nice updates.As per Geet Maan is a monster who snatched her love but she is amazed hearing from Annie that he never tells sorry to anyone and he hates flowers.But he did the two for her.hope she understands his love.

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  2. Superb update…geet is getting to know the other side of her husband through Annie and was shocked to know the facts and feels there she got a ray of hope in darkness… waiting to read more ❤️

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