Maan stood rooted after hearing their talk. He had came rushing upstairs, to ask sorry from her for his deed. He knew, it is unforgivable…still he owed her that much…after all because of his insensible act, she has to face humiliation. 

But after hearing their arguments, he couldn’t able to control his rage, yes, she loved him, still love him, yet again she confessed so. He knew to which person that “him” belongs to, whom she claims to love. He also got to know the monster here her mother was talking about. He clenches his fist in rage. He was already sure about him the day he read her diary. The past had came flashing down but now her mother herself confirmed it. 

He stood for a while contemplating on the things he just got to know, she married without her wish when all the while she only longed for him. How he cursed himself for not being there for her when she needed him. He cursed their fate for making them stuck in those situations. He didn’t know her existence before, if not for her joining his company and then he coming back to take it over, he would have never crossed her path…not this soon.

He shuddered thinking to himself, now still things are in control of his somehow. He would still get her by hook or crook. He smirked with the thought, and giving one glance to his ladylove, he storm away from there. Now some new plans formulating in his mind.


Against her will Madhu dragged her daughter downstairs, then out of the door of mansion. 

Dadi tried to stop her but she was rebellious to hear anything. Aarav stood helpless, he had tried many ways make Madhu understand but she shuts him with one glare and reminding him about his past deed. 

Main meri beti ko aapke steps follow nahi karne dungi…she should be faithful to her marriage. 

Kunal was not in his senses anymore, anger and betrayal blinded him. Still he stood silent trying to make some senses, yes, he kissed my wife. She is still mine and pure. He is like that, Casanova. He didn’t even leave my wife. Bastard… He thought furiously banging his fist on the bonnet of his car. Where Madhu rushed along with her crying daughter.

Kunal quickly rushed take her in his arms, “tumhe rone ki koi jarurat nahi Geet, he wiped her tears cupping her face, she looked at him, more tears flew out of her eyes hearing his next set of words, “he should regret for laying his dirty eyes on my wife. ” Kunal gritted his teeth in pure rage. 

Geet wanted to protest but she again she kept mum…dying hundred deaths silently hearing Ng something like that against her love. 

Madhu gave her hand in his which he willingly took hold of tightly. When her eyes went to the window upstairs, sensing his gaze, and she was right. He stood their clutching the curtain in his fist, seeing the scene downstairs with his pained angry eyes. 

She couldn’t bear to take his gaze, and turned her gaze away and follow Kunal into their car. Their car zoomed out of the km gates to never to return maybe. 

Koi kitna bhi tumhe mujhse dur karna chahe par aakhir mein tumhe mere paas aana hi hoga Geet, I won’t let you go away from me like this. You are mine and you are destined to be mine only, in this life and forever. 

Tum sirf mere liye bani ho aur mein tumhe haasil kar ke hi rahunga…


Geet was so numb to her surrounding, to notice even that they have reached home. Kunal mustered the courage and asked her finally which he was fearing to ask, “Geet, did Maan misbehave with you before anytime at office? 

Her heart leapt and began to pound against her ribs as she looked up to his concern yet angry gaze.

No…He didn’t…she removed his hands from her shoulder, quite angry with his question. “You forgot, he is the one who saved me from goons other night?”

Yes he did, Kunal turned furious, now I understand there might be some dirty motive behind his stunt, what if those goons were arranged by him…


He turned to look at shivering Geet, she was beyond angry, how could you think so low about him, he is your brother.

I am ashamed of this fact now…

You couldn’t come to conclusions like this without knowing the things.

What more is there to know about, after my brother’s disgusting act with my own wife…he blasted, do you think it’s digestible for me…when he dared to do so before my own eyes…

Geet closed her eyes trying to compose herself, suddenly she was dizzy…she held her head, Kunal rushed to help her. 


It has been two days, Geet became aloof again…Kunal never tried to raise the topic again but he couldn’t pushed the doubt either from his mind. Why would she care for Maan so much…has their relation went that far…he looked at the photographs again, they didn’t look morphed or anything of that sort? 

If it was not enough, he started losing the deals because of the Fiasco. Although warned by Ranjeet everything was under control yet we couldn’t shut few people. Few investors who was willing to hide with him, take step back at the last moment. He losses new huge contracts.

His business began suffering huge losses, something he couldn’t bear. His business was his everything…he worshiped it more than anything, he care no one not even his wife before his company. 

And today just because of his wife, he had to faced it. It made him furious and he rushed to their house to confront her.

On the other hand, unknown of the storm coming her way, Geet was busy in her work. She became senseless after the night. She had never imagined she would even get to celebrate the day in her life, but when it happened, it was also ruined by her fate. Her expectations of having small happiness also were broken. 

In between her eyes always tried to search for him but she didn’t found him near her. He was not at office, her longing gaze always roamed to his cabin but he was out for some work, she got to know it by adi. 

She had found the sorry card with rose bucket from him on the next day… He was really sorry for the act and knew she might find it difficult in his presence next to face everyone that’s why he went out of town for few days to avoid her, also to give her some space. 

Hum aapse naaraz nahi hai Maan…how could I, naaraz toh hum khud se hai…humari kismat se hai…and because of my bad faith you too have to face the humiliation and problems. Geet mumbled caressing his handwriting on the card. She kissed it and kept it in her drawer. 

She has never been upset with him, yes she was before in the past, but that time she was young, childish, couldn’t understand the things much, only one thing she knew, that she loved him.

But as the days and years passed, she realised the depth of her feelings…she understood it was not his fault when he knew nothing about her existence, it was solely hers…to loved him.

After last night, she realised her own fate is hard. She couldn’t blame anyone. Even kunal’s questions and all concerns were right. She couldn’t bear to see Maan with someone else then how did she blame him for being angry on Maan for his stunt. 

She laughed out painfully reminding the incident of her life, when she was too young and obsessive for Maan.

Her friends were only few and had got to know about her crush for Maan, they were unaware, it was turning into love and something more for her.

That day, her one friend had came running to show her the magazine having cover of Maan with some random girl. Geet had become so furious, she had almost blasted on her friend.

Tu itna kyon gussa kar rahi…I came to show you your Maan, 

You show me now, but never repeat it henceforth…Geet was so angry seeing him with other girl, 

Her friend had took step back seeing her behaviour, tu pagal ho gayi hai Geet…yeh sirf ek tasveer hai…an it’s his life, you can’t take it seriously…for mere crush.

Just shut up, tu kuch nahi janti hai, so stay out of it. 

From that day, she became deprive from her friends even, in fear that they might show her about Maan or she would hear something which she won’t able to bear. 

Slowly she became alone, her friends too didn’t tried to talk to her seeing her weird behaviour. 

Now I know, they were saying true, I took it so seriously…and see where I am now…hum sach mein pagal ho gaye hai…Maan aapke liye…she closed her eyes thinking so, as few drops of tears rolled down from the corner of her close eyes.

Geet, tu ro rahi hai…?

Geet open her eyes to see worried pinky at her desk, she instantly got up wiping her eyes, it’s nothing pinky, she wrapped her work and took her purse.

I am going home, I am not feeling well, can you plz inform adi sir about my leave?

Pinky nodded, and then grabbed her wrist, when Geet looked up, she said, don’t think much…and take rest after reaching home. 

Geet smiled warmly giving her assuring nod she walked out of office.

All the way back to home, she felt restless like something gonna happen…she gulped hard thinking it was the same feeling she felt that birthday night also. She looked at his name on her cell but couldn’t dial his number. 

Humne hi unhe humse dur rahne ke liye Baar baar kaha hai…now I can’t trouble him anymore. If he want distance then let it be, she wiped the lone tear from her cheek.


Kunal stepped inside his room in the early evening and the sight just shocked him. His wife stood across the room painting something or rather someone on the large Canvas. He took few more steps to get the clear view of the painting. 

And he stood rooted with the face which was painted so gorgeously on the Canvas. As Geet’s back was towards him, she couldn’t see but after a while she sense someone behind her and turned around. 

The brush from her hand fell down on the floor. She gasped, looking wide eyed at him then followed his gaze to the canvas where she had painted Maan.

She didn’t know for a while how to react and hide this…he had already seen. 

Her mood was so down and she began feeling breathless once coming back home that she had just pulled out the canvas and Colours , on its own accord , her brush had move on the Canvas painting his picture, which already made place in her heart.

Kunal walked up to her and pushed her aside, taking the clear of the painting. “What is this…” He muttered under his gritted teeth, taking his steps back. If what he had to face in office last two days wasn’t enough…

His anger doubled as he again asked her harshly,

What is this…why did you have painted him?”

She doesn’t have any answer, stood caught off guard…

I am asking you something Geet, he threw his bag on the bed harshly making her jump back then step forward facing her angrily, why did you have paint his face…? 

She gasped and moved back a little…  the expression in his eyes frightened her. They smouldered with barely controlled anger.

I felt to…she said breathlessly, then looked up to see his brows quizzing, “you felt to…”

Yes…I…I felt…to…my heartfelt to draw him…she stammered, then finished in one breath, going sweaty in own restlessness to end this all and reveal him everything…this is a moment.

What!? Geet do you know what are you talking about?? He grabbed her shoulder, shaking her furiously, 

I know…she stammered, 

He was appalled, let her go, slowly the truth was dawning upon him, then he looked up into her eyes again, “didn’t you feel to draw me … didn’t your heart felt Geet…” Anything…just anything for me..?” 

Geet was appalled by his question, doesn’t know what to answer and how to…

Didn’t you feel for me…he blasted…getting mad with rage, she shivered still mustering her courage she answered him back.



First it was a mere whisper then little audible, “no…” then she raised her voice, I don’t feel anything for you at all, Kunal.” It’s only Maan…it’s only Maan…it was only Maan, and it will be only Maan for whom I feel anything at all.

Hum sirf Maan se pyar karte hai. 

To be continued…

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  1. Awesome update.At last Geet confessed her love for Maan before Kunal.Now the story will take a turn.Madhu is trying her level best that her daughter’s married life doesn’t get spoilt with the incident . that’s why she dragged Geet out of the Mansion ignoring her Husband and Savitri Devi too.Eager to know what will be Maans next move as he already heard the conversation of Geet and her mother and came to know that she still loves him.eager for next update dear

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