Geet stood in front of the mirror getting ready for the reception party.she never wanted this to happen.she had dream of all this to be with her love.Rajeev.

she gulped her painful cries not wanting to get weak in front that monster. Last night he had prove himself disgusting person ever she had met in her life till now. She felt shiver remembering last night. But what if he again done the same which he have done  last night. No.she will not let him come close to her now. Determine to her decision she step outside there room come in the corridor to see downwards party had started already but her mom dad still not come. She felt her eyes getting moist .they will never gonna come definitely making some reason to dadima. She smile painfully as take step towards stairs to descend down.


All hall got silent seeing the spotlight on the golden mermaid descending down the stairs.

Maan just forget to breath seeing the beauty descending down in golden saree wearing golden ornaments .he felt proud about the fact that this beauty is just for his. Only his. HIS Possession.

He take step forward to receive her,and forward his hand to take her in party as he reach her.

She didn’t made any move to receive his hand standing there with attitude totally angry with him therefore insulting him in the crowd .

Geet..he gritted his teeths,to see her attitude that was insulting him.

Woh . bro bhibhi shayad apne devar ke sath aana chahti hai.what say bhabhi hai na..

His brother come from behind making the atmosphere light.but he is aware of something had happened between them to made his bhabhi this much angry.

He come forward and take her hand in his where as she glaring at maan place hers in his,burning him with all jealousy he could.his blood boiled to extent that he broke the glass in his hands unknown to everyone as all crowd got busy in the song that started to play at the background.


He stared at her getting comfortable with his brother. He tighten his fist as blood drop down through his cut.his eyes turning red in anger. She his dancing with him and she didn’t felt to come close to him. Always running away from him.

Hamen Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa, Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate

How much I love you, I do not know this

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

But without you I cannot live

Hamen Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa, Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate

How much I love you, I do not know this

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

But without you I cannot live

Geet on the other hand try to show him her anger but she is feeling uncomfortable here with his brother. She don’t know him .in marriage also she didn’t had any interaction with him.because it’s in never get time. But today he himself approach her.she try to smile at him.

Hey bhabhi. What happened why are you angry on bro.

He try to make her comfortable seeing her getting uneasy.

It’s nothing. .she hide the fact.her eyes turn moist remembering all the events till now.what he had don’t to Rajeev.

Sunaa Gam Judaai Kaa, Uthaate Hain Log

I heard that people carry the pain of separation [ from beloved ]

Jaane Zindagii Kaise, Bitaate Hain Log

Don’t know how people live survive such life

Now I feel that  one day is like a year now

She blink her eyes looking downwards. They were softly swinging to the melody.

It’s ok.if you not wanted to disclose it bhabhi. He asked from her softly.seeing her getting upset…don’t know what  his big bro had done.

Why are you calling me bhabhi.its sounded to be..

an Old .isn’t it..he complete her sentence chuckling softly.

Yes.she chuckled along with him.

His whole burned seeing them laughing together. He was standing there along his business colleagues. It’s not looking like an reception party.she to him. He clenched his fist gritting his teeths together controlling his anger.


Din Bhii Yahaan To Lage, Baras Ke Samaan

Hamen Intazaar Kitanaa, Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate

I do not know how long I wait for you

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

But without you I cannot live

Hamen Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa

How much I love you

Listening the lines something stirs in his heart.he felt it bursting with the pain she is inflicting on him through her this act. It’s whole day he did goes close to her on a fear to hurt her again with his anger. But she also didn’t make move towards him busy with his dadima or sister. Why would she,he close his eyes in pain standing alone there ,open them to saw her smiling with his brother.

Tumhen Koi Aur Dekhe, To Jalataa Hai Dil

When someone looks or stare at you, my heart feels pain feel jealous

Badii Mushkilon Se Phir, Sambhalataa Hai Dil

With great difficulty  heart gets convinced

Kyaa Kyaa Jatan Karaten Hain, Tumhen Kyaa Pataa

You don’t know how much I suffer, what consequences I go through


He at once rushed towards them almost snatching her from his brother. Geet and aryan gasp in shock.but aryan let it go knowing his brother.

Geet try to go but saw that dadima and annie along other guests was staring at them,she keep plaster smile on her face and continue to swing in his arms turning her face away from him.


Ye Dil Beqaraar Kitanaa, Ye Ham Nahiin Jaanate

How much is my heart restless I do not know

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

But without you I cannot live


He smirked seeing her anger. He started to get habitual of it now from the time they met.its only her anger that he had came face to face always.

Hamen Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa, Yah Ham Nahiin Jaanate

How much I love you, I do not know this

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

But without you I cannot live

Hamen Tum Se Pyaar Kitanaa

How much I love you

They continued to dance softly on the Sweet melody describing their feelings but for maan it’s is his Geet. His wife upset with him now.and for geet it’s her love.her Rajeev who was far away from her now and the soul reason of there separation is this monster who is smiling at her like a mad.yes he is mad.dont know how he is now or where he is.tears rolled down her eyes but before its touch her cheeks that got cage in his fingers.he never let them roll down further.its Precious only his.

They come out of there reverie as the sound of claps.geet at once come out of his hold finding an opportunity and run towards dadima’s side getting her blessings.

Sada suhagan raho. Dadima bless her unknowingly wrenching her heart.geet smile faintly.

You are looking beautiful bete. She praised her.

Thank you dadima.

Why not,it’s bhai’s choice afterall. Annie commented.

Geet’s face colour paled hearing this. She now wanted to be out of this cloth as soon as. She hated it.hated it because it’s from him.she hated him with all her might.

Kya hua bhabhi.annie asked worried seeing her lost somewhere.

Kuch nahi. Woh.

Bete kuch guest se mil lo maan ke sath phir room main jake aaram karne lena. You should be tired.  Said dadima caressing her cheek lovingly.

Geet nodded her head softly respecting that old lady. She wonder how could be she is his grandmother whereas he is monster. Heartless.he would be having no family as well.

Why are you trying even when you will not be out of this cloth soon.he whisper  behind her back.

And why so.she asked angrily slanting her head towards him glaring at him.

Because it is my love for you. He whisper near her ear as he come very closed to her from behind .

She was trying to strip out of this saree wanted to take it out soon.its suffocating her. She was trying vigorously to open the chain of her blouse but it’s got stuck because of her furious way.

Let me help you jaan.he whisper huskily holding her hand that was holding the chain.

She jerk her hand out of his hold gritting her teeth. Before she knows he open her chain briskly bearing her back. She gasp in shock ,as a reflex turn towards him quickly hiding it from him.

You are just disgusting. Will never change. She spited on his face ,her expressions were disgusted  burning him with anger.

He pulled her harshly from her waist glaring her angrily.

Why are you kept on increasing my anger all the time. Ha..geet.he pulled her more closer ,she turn her face away like always.

Look at me.he pulled her chin making her to looked at him.

She shiver seeing his anger as his eyes turning red in anger.

You are my wife.isnt it jaan? He asked her in his husky voice.

I am not.  This relation not meant to me anything. It’s force of yours. You have force me in this. She pushed him yet again bursting on him.

You have snatch my love from snatch my happiness.everything .you are monster.a heartless monster. She scream as her tears rolled down again because of his disgusting behaviour. She rushed to washroom not wanting show him her weak side.she slide down on the washroom floor crying furiously .

She wanted to go away from him.he always gets closer to her without her will.

Maan bang the mirror with his bare hands injuring it again and again as blood oozed out. But he felt nothing. No pain at all but the pain she is giving him in his heart with her behaviour or her calling that b***** name again and again. 

It hurts him to see her tears. See her in pain. And for that boy she shed  her tears .it angered him more.

hey guys, forgive for all grammar mistakes as it’s my beginning ff, so plz ; ) this reposting is only for my lovely readers, i want to cherish the feeling of those days back when i was having so many readers.. now only half of them are with me, but i am happy with new readers joining in my readers group as well. thankful to each one for being here with me…

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