geet sat there with her one of her friend waiting for her love, already fuming muttering few curses on him to her dear friend, who is laughing to see her red face.

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ab tu chup kar , i am mad already, don’t make it worse. she bursted on her seeing her laughing on her.

geet, wo bas aata hi hoga, tum kyun itna red ho rahi ho.

wo humeha aisa karta hai, muzse wait karwata hai, main ladki hoke bhi, i am always on time but he acts like a girl and make me wait for him , she pouted.

unknown to her someone was staring her with great intensity, he was flat on her the first he casted his eyes on her,her beauty that attracted him toward her like a magnet, he had saw many girls with revealing body, beautiful ladies throwing themself on him,, but her she is pure, angle for him, she became his at that moment, 


he smirk with his thoughts. see her pouting now maybe waiting for someone. her each expressions make him to fall for her at that moment.

he saw her standing with great fury with her friend and they started to leave the restaurant, her friend was instining her to stay more but she seems to be too much fury to listen anyone. he smirk ,he like that,

geet was already in furious self that one of the man intentionally fell on her friend and asked sorry smirking on her . her fuse bursted and she called him back , when he was leaving,

excuse me uncle, she called out little loud to heard by everyone present there, 

that man turn flabergasted on her called as he is not that old, he thought himself.

geet take steps forward, holding her friends hand who was also confuse at what  is she upto though she is aware of his push to her, but she thought is as unintentional one unlike geet.

 we dont need your sorry, 

you baster, and she slap hard across his face.

leaving everyone shock with her behaviour along with maan singh khurana who was watching her each moves with great interest. he saw each and everything that take place before his eyes, but that was not his interest to saw what was happening with her friend , his subject of interest is she, his girl, 

he was seeing her taking that furious steps towards that man,  he was desperate to see her next move as what she is goign to do now, he kept his fingers on his chin and continue to saw her.

GHSP 464 HQ_8395

But next moment he also turn shock with others, as he saw her slapping on the cheek that man furiously ,he forgot all other things , his surroundings, and continue to watch her furious eyes , that spitting fire on him for misbehaving with her friend.


Geet come out of her past, she was happy with her friends and love ,but he snatch everything from her, she is never going to comes in his clutches now. She thought furiously as she looked at him staring at her lovingly. Love, is there any in his stone heart, she mock as she heard him narrating how he have saw her first time.

She pushed him seeing him lost in her,, but he is devil. How can he leave her , he marche towards her grab her harshly pulling her closer almost touching her lips with his, he husk dangerously.

Geet don’t taste my patience. I am nice to you ,its not mean I will not harsh on you. He lick her lips softly warning her for  upcoming  events.


She gasp with fear as she continue to sruggle in his hold.

He lift her in his arms and take her to bed laying her there , he came on her and hold her hands furiously that was struggling  to free herself. Leave me, leave me. She shouted furiously  and he slammed his lips on her  silencing  her. He kissed her furiously caging her in his arms, holding her tight, her tears finally come out of her eyes rolling down her cheeks, feeling  disgusted with herself, she stop her moves at once feeling defeated ,being force by him.

Maan was lost in his kiss , she taste so sweet despite her furious self. He smirk in her mouth but soon he felt salty water and at once jerk himself from her.

What you want, damn.. what the hell you want.. he shouted furiously. Seeing her crying silently holding the cusion.

He pulled her furiously towards him ,shook her fiorm her shoulders, screaming on her face.


Cant you see my love,, cant you see. How much I love you.. ha.. geet. Cant you see once.. he burset on her frustratingly.

She shiver with his anger. As his eyes turn red with anger. She soon recover from her broken state. And shouted back on him,.

I want Rajeev, you get that monster, I want my love back, can you give me, she held his shervani in her fist.

Don’t.. don’t take his name on your beautiful lips, he hold her form her nape turning more furious seeing her love glistening eyes for that baster.

You are only mine, its mine right to heard my name from this beautiful lips of my jaan. He caressed it with his fingers, feeling it, she turn  her face sideway cursing her fate to caging her here  with him.

Don’t turn your face, jaan. Its hurting me.. he furiously hold her face.

And you are hurting me. She whisper painfully .

No its not jaan,its my love.. I love you jaan,he cupped her face with his hands wanting  her to believe him once. His eyes pleading her to love him back with the same intensity, he does. You can’t love anyone, you don’t love me. Your stone heart can never love anyone she scream on him, pushing him yet again And that’s it he turn much more furious listening her words, pushed her forcibly on the bed, she falled down on the bed with a bang fearing for worse now.

Today,I will show you, my love jaan, he mutterd in his dangerous voice.

GHSP 215_7447

Her eyes turn wide scare as she saw him taking off his shervnan baring himself form upper body.

What are you doing , she stutter scaring to extent.

Showing you my love jaan, he calmly reply to her again caging her in his arms coming on top of her


Her throat turn dry as he furiously tear her blouse baring her upper leaving her in her b**, she try to protest him but he was nowhere to stop. He started to kissed her furiously on her bare body giving her pain with his hard kisses and bites, she cry out of pain, please stop..please, she sob.


He stop himself hearing her hard sobs, he can’t give her pain ,he can’t, but she make him to do the things which he never wanted. He sigh in frustration.. he stand up from the bed and cover her with bedsheet  , leaving at her one painful glance , he storm out of room banging the door closed.

She cried with her whole heart, hiding herself in bed sheet, how ever she wanted to be strong in front this devil but he make her vulnerable.

Maan come on the terrace and bang his fist hard on the wall, giving himself pain for the pain he gives her, his jaan. He can’t see her crying like that, shedding tears, why can’t she understand ,he love her so much , she is his life, how can she called his love fake , how can she called him stone hearted, when he love her so much.

Humein Tum Se Pyar Kitna, Ye Hum Nahi Jaante

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

When will you understand me jaan, when will you believe my love.. he stand there in darkness of night,

Humein Intezar Kitna, Ye Hum Nahi Jaante

Magar Jii Nahiin Sakate Tumhaare Binaa

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  1. It’s so hurting to see maaneet like this geet is still in love with rajeev and fails to understand the depth of love maan has for her…no matter what maan cannot hurt his jaan waiting to read more ❤️😘

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