Geet became numb with his move as she never expected him doing something like that in between his family or crowd. She tried to push him off but it only ignited him and he grabbed her tight. 

Maan has never felt this much pain before, but today he realised how much it hurts to see your own love has adorn herself in marriage symbols as other man’s wife. It hurt so much, his heart couldn’t stop burning as he let his heart took over his mind.

MEHBOOBA PART 21 & 22 – Mugdha Love Diaries

When the light was suddenly focused on them. Her heart skipped a beat in fear and collecting whole of her courage, she pushed him away.

He stumbled back in shock, clearly not expecting her to do that. But when he looked at her, her face was horror stuck, he followed her gaze to see kunal’s furious face, and then his eyes darted to the crowd, everyone was gapping at them in shock as if they had watched some horror movie.

That’s when he realised what he just he did in his madness. The forlorn look on her face, clinches his heart. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration…then saw her running out of the party hall.

How dare you!! Blasted Kunal marching towards him, he grabbed his collar in fury. 

Maan stood lost, he didn’t how and when he lose his control and ended up kissing her infront of people. How she must be feeling at the moment, she broke her trust before even she build that upon him. 


Geet…he at lost state of mind, muttered her name, that only infuriated Kunal further, “don’t take her name from your filthy mouth!! He gave him hard punch making him stumbled back.

Whole family just stood stupefied still comprehending the things that took place there, while guests began gossiping. 

Kunal raised his hand again to hit Maan when loud shriek took everyone’s attention, 


Geet couldn’t bear the sight she was welcomed by as soon as she walked back inside, composing herself somehow.

Kunal couldn’t listen her, he became angrier seeing her crying for Maan, he hits him on his other cheek. 

Stop it!! She shouted again running towards them and held Maan’s shoulder shocking everyone further, “please don’t…”

After what he did Geet, still you are defending him!? Shock would be understatement for Kunal at the moment what he felt. 


Geet wants to scream out, it’s not his fault completely, she was also lost in him, and had already given her heart to this man to deny him anything. 

But she kept mum, looking down in shame, Kunal again held Maan’s collar, how dare you to kiss me wife…he couldn’t get away with the thing like that, he kissed her before his eyes in the public.

Maan now was infuriated as well, he glared him back with the same intensity as Kunal but before the fight began between the duo, Rajveer interrupted…approaching them.

Both of you behave!! He warned both with the stern look, we have guests at house. 

Soon the party was wrapped up but not the mouths of people, then kept on gossiping before exiting.

Kunal stood dejected seeing his mother-in-law dragging Geet away towards the guest room. Maan rushed upstairs as well to his own room. 

The atmosphere suddenly turned heavy with tension. Rajeev and Riya shared victorious smirk. Still Riya couldn’t digest the news about both their affair. She had always wished for a chance with MK but being young maybe he ignored her. 

What was that Rajveer, I couldn’t understand the thing.. kya kami rah gayi humari parvarish mein..dadi sighed dejected, as she slump down on the bed. 

It is not your fault ma, shayad meri parvarish mein kami rah gayi…I failed.. he was ashamed for supporting Maan earlier. He never in his wildest dream had thought Maan would do something like that. He lose the control on his emotions. But he put stain on Geet’s character as well, doing that stunt in the public. 

Rajveer, jo Ho Gaya use toh hum badal nahi sakte ab, but now we can control the further damage, call the media, and warn everyone to keep this hide, no news would be leak tomorrow…not even a word about this…Savitri composed herself and said to her son. She knew media is only hungry for those hot stuff…

Rajveer nodded, considering the same, media ka toh thik hai na but un logo ka kya, jo humare guest the.

Dadi sighed before saying, hum unka mooh toh band nahi kar sakta, but let us try atleast, try to ask them softly…as it’s question of our reputation…most of Geet. 

She suddenly stopped thinking something, today, Geet’s attitude was something strange, unexpected for her, her behaviour was different, and she was more worried about Maan.

She looked at her son, knowing she would get some answers from him, after today’s incidents. But seeing his condition, she stopped herself.

You do this work first, son…hum phir kal ki kal dekh lenge.

Ji ma, 

Aur suno, after done,take rest, no need to worry much son.

He nodded and left from there, however she had advise him, she herself couldn’t rest in peace, nor could stop worrying about her grandson’s  absorb behaviour today.


Madhu pushed Geet away forcefully, making her land straight on the floor.

Ahh…Geet moaned in pain, looking at her mother with teary eyes.

Maine tumhe mana kiya tha na Geet, but you never listened to me, now see, consequences of your foolish behaviour.

Humne kuch nahi kiya, Geet sobbed, if downstairs what happened that wasn’t enough then her mother is also scolding her now.

Yeh Sab tumhari wajah se hua hai, Madhu pointed angrily to her daughter, failing to understand the pain she was going through now.

You had started this all…

Geet frowned, sitting still on the floor.

Now what will Kunal think, I don’t know…how would he react…what if he decide to break the relation with you…Madhu seem more restless than her with the thought, as she walked back and forth in the room. Geet sat looking at her mother’s weird behaviour.

Then she got up, ” toh achcha hai na mom, we both will be free from this unwanted relationship. 

Madhu slapped her across her cheek tightly hearing those set of words coming from her mouth.

I had warn you geet, again keep my words in mind, you can’t get divorce nor break this sacred relation. Madhu pointed her forefinger on her face, making geet shudder in fear and with the intensity, she was hit by her mother.

Don’t you remember, kitne mushkil se humne tumhari shadi ki hai…it’s not joke Geet. She blasted.

Geet had tears in her eyes now, while she hissed in pain and close her eyes, feeling her mother’s fingers on the cut of her lips.

I did everything for you geet, sab tumhe bachane ke liye Kiya, us monster se.

Geet nodded, crying furiously, accepting her mother’s words. 

Flashback to 7-8 months back…………………….

Madhu was heartbroken, she was numb with the new info she got,  

Rajeev’s disgusting deeds couldn’t escape from her eyes, once she caught him eyeing her daughter lustfully…and then frequently Geet would be found sick with high temperature. This all making her suspicious then after asking from her daughter, her al doubts were clear.

Geet couldn’t hide anything from her mother, when she was in lot of trouble because of Rajeev. She blurted her everything pouring her eyes out.

Madhu was dumbstruck, shock, couldn’t believe, whom she thought as her own son, stoop this law with her daughter. He put stain on the pure relation of brother and sister. 

She became so furious, but the knowledge of the being bounded by the debt of his father, made her helpless. She couldn’t share it with her husband who was drowned in his own sorrows. The knowledge only infuriated her further. 

As the days passed, Madhu was trying to find any solution to her problem. She looked at her fragile daughter, whose condition she couldn’t bear to see, Geet had become so thin and pale with no glow on her face. 

She couldn’t send her out because of lack of money. In between this once Geet’s uncle came with Kunal, to visit their house, Rajdeep seem to so proud of him and his achievements which he did in young age being alone. 

Madhu was also impressed seeing his attitude…

On the other hand, Kunal was totally flat seeing Geet first time, he had this special image in his mind about his partner and seeing geet that seems to be come true in reality. 

His visits became frequent to the house with Rajdeep, and once he collected his courage before offering marriage proposal to Rajdeep for Geet, who informed Madhu the same.

She was more than happy for this alliance, but Geet wasn’t…

How could you mom, you know I don’t want to get married this early and leave you guys..Geet was almost in tears, the thought of marriage, she couldn’t bear…

Don’t talk childish Geet, grow up now, don’t you know, how that monster is behind you, they won’t let you live in peace Geet, tumhe yaha se kisi tarah niklana hoga.

And you, Geet held her mother, aapko bhi toh kitni takleef hoti hai…but you suffered a lot, Geet sobbed thinking about the tortures her family has to go through everyday by both her cousins.

Humari mat socho Geet, you need go away first, layer everything will be fine, we will find some solutions. Madhu tried to make her understand.

Then marriage is the only solution for me? Geet pleaded, 

Geet, ladka achcha hai, usne tumhe pasand bhi Kiya hai, he has his own business, you know, he has great qualities and I am sure he will keep you happy forever, that you will forget us soon and any suffering you bear here.

No..that won’t happen, and you know mom, I love maan.

For god’s sake Geet, try to understand, come out of this illusion. Come back to reality, ab tum choti bachchi nahi Rahi… 

Humara pyar sachcha hai ma..Geet argue like a child.

No…pyar vyar jaisa is duniya mein kuch nahi hota, it’s only your illusion, once you get will forget him even.

Kabhi nahi…Geet blasted walking back, hum jante hai humara pyar sacha hai, 

But what will you do with this so called love of yours, kuch nahi…Madhu taunted seeing the stubbornness of her daughter, will your so called love will come to help you… 

Geet became silent, she doesn’t have answer, 

Bolo Geet, kya tumhara Maan aayega yaha har pal tumhe bachane, from that monster, she hissed in low voice.

Geet, her heart slited with great pain, she looked at her mother with tears rolling down on her cheeks, hearing the reality.

Does he even know your existence..? Does he know the Geet Handa loves him like crazy?

No.. you too don’t have answer to this… He is more elder than you…how could you claim to love him still.

Geet cried, having no solution to her problem, her mother’s words were true but they bite her venomously, her heart bleed with the thought of marrying someone else than her Maan.

I don’t want to marry, please mom…she rolled on her knees, crying furiously, pleading her mother.

How could she make anyone understand her love for him, no one seems to understand, not even the man whom she loves with her heart and soul. She knew it’s her fault to not let him know her feelings but now it seems too late.

Madhu put a stone on her heart and fixed the marriage date. She forcefully close her ears and eyes to her daughter’s pleads. She knew what’s better for her daughter, when her husband wasn’t in a condition, she took major decision of her daughter’s life.

I won’t marry anyone but Maan, Geet blasted like a child. 

You won’t then fine, muze bhi jinda rahne ka koi haq nahi ab…when my daughter don’t listen to me, and Madhu took the knife to cut her wrist.

Mom…Geet was horrified, she knew her mother’s madness, and sometime she behaves like crazy. 

You can’t do something like that, you turned crazy? Geet screamed

Yes, I am… Now agree for this marriage or you will never see you mother alive.

Mom..please, Geet cried, 

Mom no…she screamed seeing her poking knife in her wrist, small drop could be seen and Geet snatch the knife from her hand, I will do whatever you say , please don’t pull that stunt again. She hugged her tightly, Madhu cried in happiness seeing her daughter love for her.

Mera bachcha..she pecked her head affectionately. 


Geet walked up to her mother lifelessly, seeing her lost, she put her hand on her shoulder, humne sach mein kuch nahi kiya mom, believe. I never go against your words, jaisa aapne kaha humne unse duri banayi rakhi.. I still love him and will love him forever but I didn’t tell him mom.

Geet cried hugging her mother from side, what had happened to their life, don’t know… everything seem mess. It seems they couldn’t have right to live for themselves, as per their wish. They have to live according others wishes and deeds.

Unknown to them, one person stood shock on the door, hearing whole of their argument.

To be continued…



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  5. Stunning update dear.Never thought that Geets mother has married her to Kunal bcoz of that her way of thinking she was right.she wanted to save her daughter from the monster who is a stain on brother sister relationship.but sad about Geet that she has to sacrifice her love for her mother.If Geet wouldn’t have joined Maans office he would never come to know about her and her love.Destiny had made them come together.What will be Kunals reaction.Definitely he will not leave her becouse he loves her.Eager to know who was at the door listening to Geet and her mother’s conversation . Update soon dear.

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