Part 3

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He entered in the dark room of his now.but them.he and his jaan.he smirk at the thought of his victory. She is his now. All his .no one can have the right on her now.she is all his now.finally MSK got what was his.with this thoughts he take step towards bed in candle scented was decorated beautifully with flowers and scented candles. So was there bed was ready for there SUHAGRAAT (WEDDING NIGHT).

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but the bed was empty. She was not there. It is here wedding night and his bride was not on the bed waiting for him,the way he wanted.his fist tighten in fury. GEET.Where is she .

but next moment his all anger and fear goes off seeing her seating on the window of there  room .She is the first bride maybe seating there instead of seating on there bed waiting for her husband to come and lift her veil. But she is  his Geet.His jaan.he sigh in happiness of having her all for himself.

She love to amazed him with her each acts.

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He took step forward and lift her in his arms without waiting for a moment. Making her gasp in shock. He was so desperate now to have her. The atmosphere is adding more fuel to his desires.

Geet who was seating on the window lost in her thoughts shedding tears on her cruel fate who snatch everything from her the moment he led his eyes on was him only who had left her with nothing but with him.pure devil.

She was not going to let him win this time.he have snatch from her her love.her Rajeev. Though she fear from this night.this room.decorated for there wedding night.

The moment she entered inside room it gives her dangerous chills through her spine that  make her shiver for a moment.


Though his Dadima and annie .his sister is giggling looking all happy teasing her for wedding night.but they are unknown of what storm is going inside her. They are unknown of there GS and BRO respectively. His true colors. Or how he has trap her in his own devil trap.

Her all burn in anger at the thought his devilness.  They were teasing her but there teasing not making her shy but it’s scaring her more at the upcoming events.

Her thoughts broke brutally with his interval.she felt herself in air making her gasp in fear and shock of sudden action of his. Yes, the Devil.He lift her all of sudden in his arms to brought her on his bed.

She fear for a moment before blasted on him cradling Back on the bed.

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How dare you to touch me. She scream collecting some courage .

He turn amazed at her sudden act. he reply as calmly as he could.

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It’s my right, isn’t it jaan.he asked her taking step closer to her.

She cradle back on the bed fearing yet again at his sudden change demeanour. 

Didn’t it jaan.he clasp her legs in his hands pulling her towards him.

Maan..leave me..she try to wriggle out of his hold on her bare leg which was going upward and upwards towards her bare thigs.she shiver with his cold hands on her bare legs.Her voice quiver.

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I have not married to leave you jaan.he said with passion oozing out of his each words and his eyes that captivate her in his brown orbs. His hands rubs on her bare things more sensually making her Writhe in his touch of passion .her body is going against her wishes of her mind that was saying not get under his dark spell which he was cascading on her.

All of a sudden maan felt jerk on his chest as she push him with all her might jumping out off bed she storm right to door to open it and run somewhere far from this devil.

Maan at once reach on her back caging her in between door and him.

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Why are you trying to do the things in which you will not going to get success. He husk passionately yet again blowing his hot breath on her bare neck as her dupatta had long back fell somewhere leaving her bare from Back with her tight blouse of her wedding dress which left nothing to hide her bare body.He intentionally done that.she knew that.she gritted her teeth. It’s him only who had choose the design of her wedding dress.

Maan had made that intentionally for his bride to look all ravishing on their wedding night.they will be alone in the room and it’s her dupatta that can hide her body from the can he let others to see his jaan ,that was his right only.

He bring her more closer sticking her bare back to his chest pulling her from her bare waist he rubbed her bare stomach. As a reflex she arched it inside.


Her each action provoking the devil inside him. He buried his face in her neck sniffing her feminine scent leaving there wet kisses he bite her leaving his marks on her. And that’s it.she lost her all patience bursting on him in frustration.

hadn’t I said you to don’t touch me.she turn briskly in his arms pushing him yet again. She spitted fire on him through her eyes.

He grasp her from her hairs furiously earning small scream of pain from her mouth . As a reflex he leave her instantly. His anger..damn.he fist his hands to control it.he can’t hurt his jaan.

He heard her bangles to saw her taking step again towards door.

He rushed to her again caging her in his arms .


Leave monster..dont touch me..she continued to bang on his chest.but it’s all futile she knows .he hard chest was as if something stone like his heart.he can’t love someone. He is pure devil the said he loves her.if he did.then she couldn’t be here.or her love wouldn’t be in that condition.


tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha.she spits fire yet again with her furious eyes not fearing from him.

Your this spitting eyes that what I love .that what had catch my attention the first time I saw you. Your this furious self. Meri Sherni (My Tigress).HE smirked.

Her hazels quizzed in confusion.

8 thoughts on “CAGED IN MY ARMS CH.3

  1. So maan is being patience with his jaan but she is hell bent to test the beast inside him…but geet is Still feeling shattered by the events and by the forced marriage only his pure love can make geet happy waiting to read more ❤️😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice update.Maan has married her against her will.He says he loves her but she treats him as a monster who snatched her love.Nice story.lets see whether his love succeed or her hatred.

    Liked by 1 person

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