Geet was anxious, as she got herself ready by mind and heart. She was never been so habitual or comfortable with any gathering. 

And only God knows, which are those guests of Kunal to whom he was taking her to meet with…

Her thoughts came to halt with kunal’s entry behind her, Geet, here, take this, he handed her a packet.

She frowned, kya hai ismein.

Dress for you…wear this for today.

She nodded, opening the packet, once the dress was revealed to her eyes, they shined in appreciation.

His heart skipped a beat, seeing small smile lingering on her lips. He was satisfied just seeing that…and walked out giving her privacy. 

Geet was bowled by the beauty of the dress, she stood before the mirror mesmerized by her own beautiful reflection. 

As beauticians got her ready for the special night ahead, she became lost again in the memories of her only beloved…how did he make everything special for her on her birthday? She had never celebrated her birthday before. She couldn’t stop smiling revising the whole day again before her eyes. 

In the afternoon, he had taken her out for the lunch…against her denial, he could get so stubborn at times. 

It was special lunch indeed, she wasn’t interested much but her eyes widen soon seeing the huge cake approaching her way. 

Maan..yeh…she got up startled, he didn’t let her speak a word further, as he grabbed her hand, to cut the cake, everyone surrounded them. He guided her to cut the cake, her hands were shivering, Maan could feel it.

She felt so overwhelmed that she just turned around and hugged him. 

Everyone smiled seeing the cuteness of couple. Maan gestured the staff and soon everyone left them alone.

Geet, it’s okay… He rubbed her back soothing her, she broke into hiccups, making him worried, muze nahi pata tha, my this surprise will make you cry, agar malum hota toh…

She didn’t let him complete as she pulled back and nodded him for no… 

Maan smiled, wiping her tears… Chalo now…taste the cake, it’s your favourite, isn’t it? 

That’s when she looked at it properly and realized, it’s whole of chocolate pastry. Her face lighten up in delight, his heart did somersault seeing her dimple smile. He couldn’t resist to touch her dimple cheek. 

Aapko pata hai? She sounded excited, 

Ji ha…Humne sab kuch pata kar Liya hai, humari shehzadi ke bare main..if I wouldn’t then I couldn’t be called as True Lover…he chuckled

She blushed, feeding him the bite, he licked her fingers, making her shudder in pleasure.

Maan called the staff again and asked to distribute the cake to every guest. He ordered her favourite meal and then turned to face her, 

She avoided looking at him being shy, he grabbed her hand, rubbing her palm, she shivered, he smirked feeling it.

You were behaving as if you never celebrated your birthday before….he began the talk to make her comfortable but seeing her face, he knew he said the truth. 

Geet became silent, as she turned her eyes down again, her face sulken. 

Jaan…koi baat nahi, 

Geet looked up, trying to get hold of her emotions as she looked into his warm and love filled eyes, 

I am fine, aur hum ek baat aap se kahna chahte the..

He nodded her to continue, 

Aaj aapne humara pura din special bana diya, uske liye, iske liye aapka shukriya…

Maan put his forefinger on her lips shutting her there by, 

Nahi Maan, she removed his finger from her mouth, aaj Hume kahne dijiye, she pleaded with her eyes making him nod at her.

I know thank you is such a small word to appreciate what you did for me, not just today but from the time you entered my life. 

She smiled with moisten eyes.

I didn’t do anything for you for any appreciation Geet, he became upset hearing her. 

I did everything for your happiness, I want to see you happy, tumhe khush dekh kar jo sukun mere Dil Ko milta hai, woh main bayan nahi kar sakta Geet, he cupped her face bending to touch her forehead with his.

Tumhe apna banane ki kasam
Khaayi hai, khaayi hai
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam
Khaayi hai, khaayi hai
Teri aankhon mein chaahat hi nazar
Aayi hai, aayi hai

She sighed with close eyes, somewhere his words soothed her wounded heart, she wants to believe this man.

Just then the waiter came in breaking their moment.


You look absolutely breath taking!! 

She came out of her trance, hearing those words of appreciation, she looked up to see all ladies gapping her with a smile.

She became uncomfortable and looked up to become startle herself seeing her own beautiful reflection staring her back.

Her eyes widen in amazement, as she looks at the women…they chuckled seeing her, and she blushed further, Kaash aaj Maan hote yaha, Hume dekhne ke liye..

She thought looking herself in the mirror, this beauty is incomplete without him watching me without his eyes on me, she blushed looking down…not able to bear her own gaze upon her.

Without him touching, what’s belong to him only, she sighed, knowing this won’t going to be true anytime. 


Shock could be understatement of what Geet felt, seeing their car entering inside the huge gets of Khurana’s Outhouse. 

Kunal kept watching changing expression on his wife’s face, she smiled seeing her wide open eyes, knew she never expected him bringing her here tonight.

He stopped the car and getting down, opened the door for her, come out Jaan, your surprise is waiting for you. 

Geet had her mouth open all the while as he guided her out, giving the key to the chauffeur to park the car.

 Surprise!? Which surprise he is talking about? She looked confuse at him, her birthday was long forgotten by her own, it didn’t occurred to her either that he would know about her birthday.

With those questions in her mind, she followed Kunal to the outhouse. As soon as she stepped inside, the lights went off, darkness spreading around the whole place.

Kunal, she grabbed his hand, soon the flashlight was on them… followed by the birthday song sung by everyone welcome the couple.

Soon the whole hall illuminated with the lights, Geet’s face lighten up seeing her family, even honey was there who barked to let her go and soon she ran towards geet, Kunal step away in fear as the creature literally jump on Geet, making her stumbled back.

Honey…honey…calm down baby, I am here, she bend to her level, fondling her sis affectionately and then walked inside to the welcoming arms of dadima first. 

Happy Birthday dear, humesha aise muskurate rahna bete, Dadi blessed her.

Geet then turned to her parents, for her surprise, her father was also there, looking happy …she wondered how this change came in him, but she was glad.

Tum khush toh ho na beta, Aarav asked patting her head, 

Bahot dad, Geet said getting overwhelmed with the happiness today. She hugged her parents…then met with everyone, it was only small party arranged by Khuranas specially for her birthday, so there was no one apart from her family, only few associates of of Khurana’s were there .

She walked up to Maan at last, aapko pata tha, and you arranged this…? She asked with soft voice.

Maan smirked seeing her small pout and nodded in yes, “Happy Birthday, again” he said forwarding his hand to her. She held it, both shared a deep eye lock, as he slowly took her hand to his mouth, placing a kiss on her palm.

Kunal watched them from far, his heart burned but he composed himself knowing if he would doubt her then definitely he will loss her forever. 

Cake was cut, when Rajeev along with Riya walked inside, both hated Geet like anything, it only increased seeing her getting all the attention and pampering from everyone.

That bitch…she doesn’t deserve it. Riya gritted out, seeing her father pampering her.

Happy Birthday sis, 

Geet shivered just hearing that tone and voice, she looked up knowing whom it belongs to.

Thank You, she said out softly…with a fake smile.

Here is birthday girl’s gift…he hands her the packet. 

Geet wasn’t interested to take anything from him but she took it unwillingly before putting it down on the table.

Madhu asked the servants to distribute the cake to everyone, when dadi spoke out, hum toh bhai humari beti ke hath se hi khayenge,” 

Hum bhi… Rajeev followed her saying…then kunal

Geet looked up startled, but she composed herself and fed Dadima first bite, then Kunal…when she walked up to Rajeev, she was whole Shivering… 

Madhu looked at her daughter, she looked scare and shivering..

Geet, kya baat hai beta…she called from behind.

Geet turned and gave her fake smile nodding in no then look at Rajeev, come on geet, I am waiting. 

Geet was on the verge of breaking down, thinking he is there to spoil her birthday surely, both brother and sister couldn’t think anything but only about how to destroy her happiness.

As Rajeev opened his mouth and Geet forwarded her hand with a bite with close eyes but suddenly that was met with warm mouth of someone.

She gasped knowing that touch, she opened her eyes to see Maan standing there with a smirk, just before her.

Maan, what’s this….Rajeev was surely angry.

What Rajeev, ek bite hi toh khaya hai, why are you behaving like a child. Maan mocked shutting him.

He turned to geet who thanked him through her eyes silently, he assured her through his eyes. 

Kunal grabbed her hand taking her to the dancefloor, while Maan kept watching her. From the time he had read her diary, his protectiveness for her only increased. Today when he saw Rajeev, his blood boiled seeing the stunt he pick up to torture her. He couldn’t stand watching it, and henceforth he step in between stopping his nasty step there by.

Kaisa laga surprise? Asked Kunal, as he watched her face intently.

Both swing softly the music, Geet was lost in the stunt Rajeev pulled sometime before and then how Maan saved her, she thought for a while, how did he came exact at the moment and then his eyes, does he know the truth about him…but how, she wasn’t confirm though.

Geet…kaha kho gayi… I asked you something.

Um…woh..Kunal aapne Hume bataya kyon nahi…she began making him smile, hum yeh soch soch kar pareshan ho rahe the, ke yeh kaun se guests se aap Hume milvana chahte the…aur aapko Humara birthday yaad tha.

Kunal nodded, ha, aur tum toh janti ho Geet, mera is duniya mein aur kaun hai… Sirf tum hi toh meri apni ho Geet, he got emotional touching her forehead with his, she closed her eyes hearing his next words, ” aur mein tumhe nahi kho sakta Geet, Kabhi nahi..he looked up.

She could see tinge of something different there today, his eyes shined differently. She doesn’t know but felt shudder, seeing those eyes.

Soon the song changes, so as the couples…Geet went to another man, she looked up to see smirking Rajeev. 

Tumne bilkul bhi achcha nahi Kiya Geet, he gritted out, staring her angrily as he clutched her waist tightly.

Hume chodiye, you are hurting me, she tried to wriggle and looked out for Kunal but nothing was seen much in the darkness. 

Now you see my worse, koi nahi aayega yaha tumhe bachane ke liye…he smirked devilishly. 

Kya chahte hai aap…kyon har pal Hume Dard Dena chahte hai, I didn’t harm you in any way…finally she broke down.

He jerked her close, never expected she could speak out to him, “tumhe dard mein dekh kar mujhe Khushi milti hai Geet, I could never see you happy… My heart felt peace seeing you in trouble.

Geet made a disgusting face, aapke paas Dil bhi hai…Hume yeh aaj pata chala, she bites out angrily, even she didn’t know how it come out today. Maybe the presence of Maan somewhere near and the Khurana family, it gave her courage today to speak out to him…whom she always feared.

You little witch…he grabbed her hair, making her hissed out, she muffled her scream not wanted to grab unnecessary attention. Everyone only would sympathies her, will do nothing…and first of all the question was, will do anyone even believe on her, if she tell, how her cousin brother abuses her.

He slowly let her go, as she went in the arms of Maan.

He gave her smile, but when she looked up, his smile vanished, face broke into worry seeing her forlorn look on face. 

Kya hua Geet, tum thik ho?? 

She nodded, and he only pulled her closer, 

Maan, she gasped, koi dekh Lega.

No one will see us in the darkness. He assured her cupping her face.

Geet was still anxious, she compose herself and held him closer, her heart heating faster with this uneasy feeling, like this is the last moment she would be sharing with Maan. No…how could that happen, she hugged him getting emotional, if anyone would try to part her away from him, she would surely die rather than staying away from him.

Jaan, he ruffled her hair, kya baat hai…muzse nahi share karogi? He asked lovingly.

Nahi Maan, bahut Ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi hai.. Aisa lagta hai, jaise ki yeh khubsurat pal tut jayega aur hume aapse alag kar dega.

He crushed her more tight against his chest hearing her painful voice, kuch nahi hota Geet, Hume koi alag nahi kar sakta, aur koi kitna bhi koshish kare.. 

He pulled her back, cupping her face, “I will never let you go, agar tum chaho toh bhi nahi…he smirked.

Mohabbat kya hai main sab ko bata dunga
Mohabbat kya hai main sab ko bata dunga
Zamaane ko tere aage jhuka doonga
Teri ulfat meri jaana voh rang
Laayi hai, laayi hai
Teri ulfat meri jaana voh rang
Laayi hai, laayi hai

But she couldn’t smile, still feeling restless, 

You didn’t tell me, tumhe surprise kaisa laga, 

Bahot achcha… But you didn’t tell me earlier.

To see your big smile Jaan, 

Geet smiled hearing him, yes I am really happy to see my dad today, aur honey Ko bhi… Dekha na kaise kud padi mujh par, and there she went on blabbering completely forgetting about her tears.


Maan smiled just admiring her, she looked breathtakingly beautiful with that glow of happiness on her face, that dimple smile, does she know?? He wondered, only noticing her moving lips, one moment she stopped, he looked up with frowned, then remembered her words where does she stopped, “aap bhi toh mile hai na honey se, aur yaad hai, aap ke upar bhi…” Then she had stopped.

Tumhe apna banane ki kasam
Khaayi hai, khaayi hai

He looked at her waiting for her to complete but she didn’t, his heart clenched in pain, when would she trust him to share everything with him, kaisa dar hai tumhare Dil mein Geet, I want to know…Aisa kaun se Raaz chupa ke rakha hai apne Dil mein, he thought admiring her, playing with her hair strands, 

She is looking too beautiful to resist tonight, he couldn’t control his heart and mind, which he lost totally to her. Those marriage ornaments which should belongs to him, but it has rights of someone else on her. 

He couldn’t bear the thought, how could that possible, Geet pe haq toh sirf mera hai, air hona chahiye…he thought possessively, when she loved him then why and how does she married Kunal, first time that question raise in his mind making his heart burned in jealousy ,

Lost in her, he didn’t know when he get so close to her and when did he put his lips on hers.

Tere honton se main shabnam churaaoonga
Tere honton se main shabnam churaaoonga
Tere aanchal tale jeevan bitaaoonga
Meri nas nas mein tu banke lahoo
Samaayi hai, samaayi hai
Meri nas nas mein tu banke lahoo
Samaayi hai, samaayi hai

Maan…she gasped in shock.


So now, what do you guys think will happen? 

And I want to know also, what Rajeev had gifted her, I want to know your thoughts regarding Rajeev’s gift to his sis, whom he hate insanely.

Any ideas…?  

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  1. Wow,.🥰😍💖 Maan celebrate her birthday and geet become emotional, Kunal also plan birthday party for her ,Maan came on time ,rajeev ka sach sabke samne aana chahiye 😡
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  2. Loved it maan’s surprise made geet happy and kunal is trying to hold on their relationship uff rajeev is so disgusting waiting for geet to open up about her past why couldn’t she trust maan when she loves him so much waiting to read more ❤️

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  3. Nice update.Maan celebrated her birthday.she was so happy that he ordred her favourate cake.Kunal’s surprise was it planned by Maan or he himself took her to Khurana out house.Geet is so happy to see her parents but the way Rajeev behaved is disgusting.thanks to Maan that he came in the right time to take the cake piece from her hand.Maan wants her to open up and share her feelings but geet is still feeling insecure.Hope she gets her love soon.waiting for next update.

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  4. geet is very happy with maan’s pampering.
    what type of mother madhu is who can’t see geet’s fear around rajeev .
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