MAAN… she screamed in so much anger and hatred for this man who is soul reason for her love in pain now.

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She look at her love painfully with love glistening in her hazels who is bleeding so much because of  continues beating by his mens.


Dare you screamed at me like that again, dare you darling , I love you madly , it’s not mean you can scream on me like this. You scream as much as you want my name but that only with love for me and at the time of our honeymoon. On our married night, you get that jaan. When I will be inside you.will make you mine with your body and soul.

She disgustingly move her face sideways only to be taken by him harshly  ,He nibble her soft lips again, licking the blood on that, making her hissed in pain of his passion. And she wriggled yet again in his arms to get free which was not possible still she try, but all her straight leaving her body with the bleeding sight of her love.


You baster , leave her now. Rajeev tried to get up seeing his love is getting abused by this monster named MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

As he try to stand but only got bitten again by his mens finally going into unconsciousness.

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Rajeev , no,, Rajeev, wake up. She try to go there but he was not leaving her , he will not let her touch other man than himself.

Rajeev… wake up lo..before she say more got her lips lock in his own. And he passionately kissed her out of fury.

You will not called anyone this words , they are just meant for me, you understand jaan. You can called me love,  sweetheart, whatever as your wish jaan.

He calmly said her caressing her soft lips with his thumb. Wanting to taste them again but he have more works to do now and have her in there married night which is not so long , he smirk on his thoughts.

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You are monster , you are insane. She spite her hatred on his face.


Yes jaan. I am. He calmly reply to her with pure devil reside in him which only want this angle for himself.

I am insane for you. He added roughly.

Take him out and do something of his body and make sure nothing should be find by anyone, he ordered his mens. And geet gasp to hear like that of her love.

No, no you can’t do this, she again tried.

Yes I can jaan as he is hurdle in our way, he is coming between us.

No, please , maan leave him, I will do whatever

You have to do jaan either he live or not.he glared at rajeev’s lifeless body in utter fury


No she gasp with anguish to think even on that line.

If he keep his mouth shut and don’t come in between us , then I can leave him but if .. he leave his sentence glaring at her with his red eyes to see her pain for that boy. He wanted to killed that boy but he can’t see her in pain.

He took her lips again to calm down his anger.geet just lost all her all hopes now to live with her love happily. 



Handa mansion was decorated beautifully for the marriage of only heir of KHURANA  family, MAAN SINGH KHURANA. This is so sudden as 1 hour before only this thing was decided , there marriage , maan and geet. 

And all the arrangements have done in haste. But now everything is ready. Groom was in mandap and there comes a called for the bride to come down seat beside groom for further marriage rituals.


Her parents are happy not for her but they was saved from getting humiliated in this society because of their daughter who is the reason to bring shame on them as she decline the marriage with her boyfriend whom she claimed to love  and he also don’t show up. But she herself declined it first that why he also didn’t come as they got called from his parents on that. They are to much furious and already had disown her as they are on the edge of getting humiliated in guests which were present there. But khurana family who is well known in this city or business world saved them. And MAAN SINGH KHURANA got ready to married with there daughter after all this fiasco also. They are really grateful to him and his family which include his sister and his dadima along with his brother


Geet   got ready without any emotions, though she was ready for her previous marriage with her love. She dream so much for that. But all her dreams got crush by this monster who make his words true like he warn her before that she have to marry with him only. She cried silently again as she remember rajeev’s state.


Finally marriage took place with all people present there in front of god and fire. She take step to her parents to bide them as it is vidaai right now but her parents turned their face from her which hurt her really as what is her fault in this, this monster played his game, and here she is suffering in this with her love.

Mom. She called her once, her mother also not believing her or let her speak also , they only blamed her for there reputation, which was on high place that there love for there daughter or there is any love for he now she is suspicious or just mere responsibility which got fulfilled today with her marriage.

Her parents bless her not by heart but in the eyes of guests as they cant make them suspicious again on their behavior.

GEET  just goes with her husband MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Not return again to this house as she knows her parents has abandoned her now.

Thanks for warm welcome to this. FF again, Friends… it made me enthusiastic to post this story again for you guys : ))

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23 thoughts on “CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 1 & 2

  1. Maan is such a devil here…. Maan showed up as the saviour of Geet’s familie’s reputation and saving them from getting humiliated by coming forward to marry Geet, as Geet’s love didn’t show up on their wedding. Geet knows that all this is ploted by Maan and she is helpless as her family is not taking her side. She obviously hates him for making her go through all this, and getting married to her with out her will by creating such a situation where she has no other way but to bow down before him.
    Di, Please continue soon 🙂🤗!! Eagerly waiting for next…

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  2. Thanks for update. After reading the prologue I thought Maan is her love n been beaten up but got shocked. Different concept altogether. Interesting

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  3. Wowhooo so maan is completely a shetan here who is madly in love with geet and is all ready to burn anyone who come in his way for geet… maaneet are married waiting to read more ❤️

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