Maan was staring at her drenched form constantly, she was looking no less than a beautiful mermaid…dancing in the rain.

Both had walked out to the welcoming rainfall. Maan had quickly ran to stand into the shed, but when he had looked for her, he found her circling around in the rain…as if trying to forget all her worries.

She had close her eyes, enjoying those rain drops on her face, looking above at the open sky who has been worshiping her as if… 

Then a moment has been passed, and he saw her feet moving automatically to the music of the rain… 

He could as well hear soft music playing back from one of the houses in that area, his feet rooted, he stood stupefied, just watching her without blink.

Kabhi jo badal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

He had discovered this new shed of hers today, and was really glad to see her this much happy and smiling and letting herself free as if.

Few kids who saw her, joined her as well, all began jumping in the rain…making Geet too followed their mischievous act. She couldn’t stop giggling, then it converted to musical hearty laughter…which held him spellbound. 

After a while she was alone, kids ran into their houses, following their scolding mothers.

Maan walked towards her still spellbound by her innocent yet sexy ada.

Kabhi jo badal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khud ko pagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan seh loon sathiya

Geet stopped her moment feeling his hit breath on her nape, she tilted her head to see him behind her, she blushed and turned to walked away but he grabbed her in his arms, holding her tummy, she gasped with their burning proximity.

Koi nahi, tere siva mera yahan
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahan
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujh mein tu jhaank le
Main hoon kya

His mouth descended down on her neck, sucking the rain drops from her neck, she closed her eyes feeling him.

Copy of giphy (11)

Maan continued his assault on her neck, eventually turning her in his arms, she hugged him tight, shivering badly out of cold and his proximity.

Oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yea, yea
Yeah, yea, yea, ah

He squeezed her against his chest, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck…both were burning in the fire of their love….their feelings were overpowering their senses.

He pulled her apart, and looked down at her face, she was struggling to keep her eyes open in the heavy rainfall.  

Maan noticed her shivering lips, his urge was so bad to claim those beautiful pink petals. 

Geet felt his intentions as he bend down to claim her mouth, she shuddered badly, his hot breath teasing her senses, and she pulled back suddenly, getting conscious of her surroundings.

Maan came back to his senses and looked at her standing with lower head, while arms crossing her chest, he pulled out his coat and wrapped it around her, along with his arm protectively going around her. 


She hugged him, feeling the need of his warmth. 

Geet, Hume thodi der yahi rukna hoga…till the rain stop, he said her when both had walked into the shed again.

But maan, where we will stay, hum toh puri tarah bheeg gaye hai..

It’s all your fault, Mrs. Khurana, 

She opened her mouth wide, kya matlab hai aapka.

Bahot shauk hai tumhe baarish mein bheegne ka.. aur sath mein muze bhi bheega diya.

Mein bheega diya aapko…aapko kya jarurat thi mere piche aane ki…it was me alone drenching…you came behind me…she argued back like a little girl.

Then seeing his passionate gaze remembered what transpired between them, and instantly move her gaze down.

Kabhi jo badal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khud ko pagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan seh loon sathiya

Tum Jahan bhi jao Geet, ab mein tumhe akele nahi chodunga.

Geet looked at him with so many emotions overflowing inside her, she was still unsure, unable to trust his words.

He somehow caught the meaning of her unsaid emotions in her Hazel eyes and held her hand, rubbing it… silently assuring her.


Kunal looked stupefied at her, ” for your own benefit you are trying to break our marriage!?”

Sameera had great laugh on this sentence of, “God, how could be a person that stupid to ignore his surrounding or his own wife for that matter.

Sameera!! He became furious.

Don’t take out your anger on me, reserve that for later, “you don’t even know what’s happening behind your back, your own wife having affair with your own cousin…” 

Kunal hissed with her dirty words, he closed his eyes, couldn’t still come to the terms that his Geet could do something like this with him.

His Geet?? He stopped and open his eyes, she wasn’t…for that matter, usne muze Abhi tak apnaya bhi nahi…it was always me, who did everything to work on this marriage.

In his ego and anger, after hearing Sameera’s words, he forgot even his wife’s small efforts for him to get adjusted in this marriage.

Don’t think much, jab sochna chahiye that, us waqt toh nahi socha, you were busy in establishing your company and your wife … somewhere else…she had a devilish smirk on her face.

How do you know so much about us…me..he poke finger to his chest, getting suspicious now.

She stood stupefied unable to answer him.

Don’t tell me you have kept spies to look on me…he narrowed his eyes on her, she stole her gaze getting uncomfortable.

How dare you, woman? He blasted losing his anger.

Okay, cool down first…but I don’t have any option than this, it was not specifically for you but your wife. Sameera tried to explain him.

Get lost…get out from here now, he show her the door, I don’t have time for your nonsense. And dare you to again follow me or my wife, along with those spies of your, you will sure be behind bars. 

Sameera was furious now, ” listen Mr. I come here to just warn you, but you are so blind in your love for your wife…if you can’t believe me then I can’t do anything to save you from your further heartbreak.

Saying so, she left him alone, banging the door shut behind her. She curled her fist in anger, cursing Geet, thinking that her plan failed for what she had come to Kunal. 

But she was unaware that she has been successful in rooting the seeds of doubts in his mind. 

Kunal couldn’t concentrate on anything, he was so frustrated and disturbed that he cancelled his further meetings and immediately dialled her number.


Both Maneet got the room in the same elderly woman’s house for a while, until rain stops.

Geet was shivering like hell, seeing her condition, Maan was worried but mausi got them fresh set of cloths. 

Maan changed into kurta pajama while Geet came out wrapped in the cotton saree.

His eyes got stuck on her pure beauty, her feet halted seeing him different today, and he really looked young and dashing. Her cheeks coloured immediately with her own thoughts, then his passionate gaze couldn’t help further.

Jo Haal Dil Ka Idhar Ho Raha Hai
Woh Haal Dil Ka Udhar Ho Raha Hai
Jaan-E-Jaan, Dilon Pe Pyaar Ka
Ajab Sa Asar Ho Raha Hai

Geet, come here, sit near bonfire…you will feel better. He offered her hand, she put her cold palm in his, and clutched it tight, both shared a deep eye lock.

He sat one side while she sat across him on either side of bonfire. 

Itna dur kyon Geet, yaha paas asked baitho…he offered in his husky voice.

Geet couldn’t refused, she simply nodded and sat near him uncomfortably. All the while her gaze stuck to the floor feeling his hot gaze not moving at all from her face. 

Silsila - Season 01 - Episode 69 ( 720 X 1280 )_6642.jpg

He enjoyed her restlessness, and entangled his fingers in her, she shuddered not expecting this move from him.

She raised her face to look up, their eyes met and everything around faded, her control loosen…it had always happened with her. 

His charisma always makes her crazy, she lost herself in his bewitching eyes, so was his, he moved his face closer to her, cupped her face, and moved his fingers on her wet curls, enjoying their softness. He tucked them behind her ear she closed her eyes, submitting to his warmth..

Galey Se Laga Loon
Labon Pe Saja Loon
Tere Afsaanon Ko
Main Apna Bana Loon

She couldn’t move. She was caught and held in some kind of spell. She was spellbound by his charisma, by the warm grasp of his hands, by the movement of his shapely lips as they parted. In the next instant they were touching hers. Finding no resistance in her, his lips moved experimentally, exploring the softness of hers.

Dard Hai Halka Sa

Magar Ho Raha Hai
Jaan-E-Jaan, Dilon Pe Pyaar Ka
Ajab Sa Asar Ho Raha Hai

Impulsively she lifted her hands to his face to caress the lean bearded cheeks. She stroked her lips, warm and generous, quivering with passion, against his. She swayed against him and his arms went around her, strong as iron, locking her softness against his hardness. For a few sense-inflaming, mind-reeling moments they seemed to be fused together by the heat of mutual physical desire that blazed up between them and, like wildfire.

The kiss ended as abruptly as it had begun. Maan lifted his mouth from hers still his arms wrapped around her. Her hands slid away from his cheeks, yet still the spell held and they continued to stare at each other in a bemused silence, oblivious to the reality of the world, the creaks and groans of the old house as it withstood the battering of the rainy storm.

It was the shrill ring of her cell phone  which broke the spell of both,  which made Geet flinch back from him.

She got up and fetch her cell phone from her purse, seeing the id, she was dumbstruck for a while, not knowing how to speak with her husband at the moment… Still somewhere their moments, the kiss they shared now swimming in her mind making her thoughts process dizzy.

Geet…Maan too got up seeing her standing like a statue. 

Hm…she came back to her senses and hurriedly pick up the call, hello…her voice was meek , while at the same time Maan spike from behind, ” kya hua.

Kunals whole world stopped as if at the moment, did he really heard Maan’s voice from behind.

Hello Kunal….? Geet was getting restless with his silent.

Kunal are you there? She again called getting no responce from him. 

Geet, where are you now? 

Yeh kaisa sawal hai, hum toh office mein honge na is waqt…yes…right now I am out at sight seeing..she clarified.

Tum akeli ho.. ?

Ji nahi, hum Maan ke saath aaye hai..she confessed innocently.

Kunal became agitated hearing her, he somehow controlled his anger and replied her calmly, ” okay, take care, bye.” 

But why did you…she couldn’t complete the sentence and he cut the call.

Geet was confused, she turned to look at Maan, who was hearing her conversation, ” he cut the call but didn’t tell me why did he call me, she frowned.

Maan became suspicious hearing her, but didn’t reveal anything before her.

GHSP 273 HD_9293.jpg

He looked outside, it’s turning evening now, rain had also stopped.

Let’s go, we should move out now, look the sky is clear also.

Ji…she nodded and both walked out thanking the woman heartily for her quick help. 

Aisi koi baat nahi beta, you both are like my child, bhawan aapki Jodi Yuhi banaye rakhe, she again blessed both of them.

Her heart skip a beat, again she blushed while Maan silently adores her.


He threw all things from the table angrily, making his staff startled with his rage, he has been always a calm and patience person, never behave like this, not he show his anger like this. Then what happened today…

What would anyone except from the person who got betrayal from his own wife…his love…his everything…

Why did you do this Geet…kya kami rah gayi thi mere pyar mein… I always asked you, yearned for your love… 

But what you given me in the end, betrayal.

You will sure get the punishment for this, Jaana deserve punishment, .

You have seen my love Jaan, not my junoon of love, now get ready to face the consequences of your deeds. He smirked evilly, seeing the blood oozing out from his palm.

to be continued….

Precap :-

Kunals strange behaviour, Geet confused….


Imp Note, 

Most of readers thinks, Geet should have clear everything with Kunal, or would have tell him about her love for Maan.

Yes, you are right readers, but then story hasn’t move forward with extra marital affair theme..

Let jokes apart…

But Geet had tried few time…but she couldn’t, either her mom threaten her or her own fear, reaction of Kunal, she is so sensitive and fragile and nave here, with the circumstances she grew up, already going through depression, that she think for Kunal and his heartbreak…the way he loved her, 

In between she doesn’t remains in proper senses most of the time…

Apart from this, everyone are reacting from their own pov… it was only maan now who had come to understand her silence… and the things she is hiding behind it.

You will know more in next few updates…


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  1. maan enjoying his time with geet n there sameera plat seed of doubt n jealousy in kunal.
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  2. Thanks for the pm!!
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    1. Yeah, Kunal now knew everything…also Maan is always suspicious about Kunal…you will know more as the story proceeds further..😉


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  4. Passionate update.Maan is not as he was in the beginning.He is controlling himself more and trying to understand Geet her feelings and her love.Sameera has succeeded in brainwashing Kunal and raising the doubt in him.The phone call he made to Geet on hearing Maans voice added fuel to fire.God knows how Kunal is going to react and. Also his behaviour with Geet.How will Maan set right all these.eager to know.

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    1. Thank You 🤗
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