Part 62 Cake was place on the table, Geet came around and was just going to sit on her own chair when he called her in stern voice.   Geet , come here .Geet was confused , she walked near him , as soon as she was beside him, he pulled her on his lap , Geet was shocked as she landed in his arms , she hold his neck for support. Her lips rub on his own in that process. Geet blushed crimson red hiding her face in the crook of his neck. His hands went around her waist and he hold her closed.  Shona barked taking there attention.  Arey..Hume chodiye.. hume Shona Ko bhi cake khilana hai.. First feed me , Jaan !! He replied huskily really frustrated with her Shona chant.  Ha..hum aapko bhi khilaeynge, first let me go , she pouted trying to removed his strong arms around her.  He slowly let her go and Geet cut few pieces of the cake . She feed him first bite , he was not ready to leave her hand, he lick her each fingers lovingly teasing her senses, after he left her she gave few pieces in shona’s plate for him. How is it ? She asked chirpily coming near him.  Amazing Jaan. He pulled her again on his lap  Sachi ?? She chirp in his arms. He nodded in yes seeing her happy , her all tiredness was gone hearing him.after a while she realized that where she was seating and there position.she tried to get up feeling shy but he pulled her again that she bang on his chest. Aise hi baitho !! He said with his strict tone that she lower eyelashes. 
Kya hua..don’t you like it ? He hold her chin and asked her seeing her behavior. Nahi..Hume accha lagta hai.she blurted out innocently and blushed furiously seeing  his smirk. Softy went towards his small bed , and slept off leaving his mom dad to romance. Maan , took out one piece of cake and feed her lovingly , little bite of cake spread across her lips , she was just going to lick it when he stop her and took her full lips in his mouth . His tongue lick all her mouth hungrily , leaving her breathless, his hands which were on her waist travel down on her bare thigh ,making her hitch her breath feeling he said move. Her eyes turn droopy, as he slipped his hands inside her short dress reaching on her p****. Geet kissed him back pulling him closer.  He left her mouth after a while finding her short of breath. He didn’t stop there, taking another bite from the cake, he offered her again, Geet innocently ate it relishing the taste when he again all if a sudden slam his lips on her making her shock now. He lick the remnant from her mouth relishing her taste . Geet was on the verge of losing now. Once after the kiss she pouted cutely , Hume khana khana hai. Bhook lagi hai. He chuckled seeing her face and let her go for a while.  Geet serve both of there plates, and this time before he could make a move or said something , she herself went near him and sat on his lap.He looked at her surprised, Hume waise khicha mat kijiye.aapne Hume bas Kah diya hota. 
Now he was dumbfounded with her words non the less he replied her back. Bas isme woh maza nahi hai , which is in pulling you closer like this and he jerk her closed . Geet giggled with his words as  his hands tickle her waist.
tumblr_mzde00C3vv1sjask3o1_250 - Copy
Maan looked at the dish which was again his favorite Italian food. 
You don’t think anything other than me ? He asked her lovingly caressing her one cheek while he kissed her other cheek with all his love. His stubble prick her , giving goosebumps all over her body.
Geet blush giving him her full dimple smile she replied. Hume nahi pata, par hum aur kuch nahi soch sakte , sivay aapke.., jab aap paas nahi hote toh..humesha aapke khayalon main khone ka man karta hai..she hugged him feeling shy, nervous, happy, all together with this feeling. Maan was overwhelmed with her innocent love , he hugged her back tightly feeling the most lucky man in this world. 10155315_1006735339385313_5976748544019471550_n Both fed each other afterwards, in between his hands touch her here and there teasing her. He pushed up her dress baring her thighs completely , Geet was so shy, she closed her eyes tightly feeling shy for she couldn’t denied him. Jaan..he called her with his husky voice that she opened her eyes slowly , he gestured her with his eyes to fed him next bite. Geet was so nervous, her hands shiver while feeding him, he hold her hand smirking on her condition. Hume aise mat ..sataiye..she whisper lost in his touch as he licked her fingers sensuously, while his hands caressed her bare thighs. He tried to feed her but she was so lost in him that denied to took the morsel in her mouth . Feeling defeated he let her go and feed her remaining food. …. After the dinner , Maan took her in his arms and ascended the stairs towards the room upstairs.
Geet was just watching his face closely , her hands were bound on his neck tightly. He pushed opened the door with his feet and get inside locking the door behind shut.  Geet jerk back from her lost state and found out they are now inside the room. He lay her down on the bed , and himself remove his cloths one by one making her red, she closed her eyes finding him standing just only in his pants. He smirk and hover on to her , Geet slowly pulled apart her hands from her face and gasp seeing him so closed . Jaan..he whisper huskily feelings his raw desires burning in his heart , from the time he saw her on the door he was keeping himself in control but not anymore. Thinking so he shower wet kisses on her whole face showing her his passionate love. Mm ..she moan in his kisses feeling overwhelmed with his gesture. She hold him closer, there eyes met passionately, she couldn’t bear the intensity in his gaze that downcast her lashes, his hot breaths fall on her face making her quiver in his arms.there breaths mingle with each other, he put his lips softly on hers, knowing her next move and as he thought. , She started to kissed him madly chewing his lips as if some sweet candy. He enjoyed her authority on him and kissed her back furiously. His hands travel down on her thighs, caressing he soft skin. After a while he broke apart,and pulled out that mini cloth from her body furiously almost tearing it into pieces. Geet gasp hiding herself with her hands. He pulled apart her hands from her body, Jaan plz. He whispered almost pleading her for he couldn’t hold himself today. Geet couldn’t see him pleading , she pulled away her hands feeling shy , she turn her face at side closing her eyes. Maan adore her each gesture, and kissed her cheek lovingly , I love you Jaan. He whispered on her cheek rubbing his rough lips there, his stubble rub along giving her goosebumps, he shower her full neck with his wet kisses leaving her to quiver under him, as she moved her neck from one side to another feeling ripples of pleasure going through her body just with his little act. He came down on her half open chest and bite her softly making her moan in pain and pleasure. He lick the area quickly to sooth her pain. Maan then open her b** hooks and pulled out that cloth baring her full globes to his hungry eyes. MAANN..she moan out feeling his hungry gaze, she was all wet now. He took her one mount in his mouth , and suck it hard making her moan loudly with anticipation. His other hand mold the other one in his big palm. Geet closed her eyes feeling all new emotions waking up inside her yet again. She hold him closed, massaging his nape , He came down after his fist was done, he kissed her waist possessively, biting there leaving his marks on her body. He rolled down , kissed her thighs sucking the skin there . Geet was now moaning continuously . He roam his hands all over her body feeling her and finally he came to her core, Geet shiver feeling his hot breaths there. She jerk opened her closed eyes and blushed furiously seeing him kissing there.  He suck her c*** making her moan loudly. After a while he pulled down her last cloth from her body leaving her completely naked. He stroke her softness with his fingers giving her sweet pleasure. Her throat was dried now, she Wriggle on the bed feeling his burning passion with her eyes half open now. He pulled apart for a while , and took out his pants hurriedly with his last cloth. Geet was no more in her senses now that she continued to gap at her bare husband shamelessly .he looked at her lost state and hover onto her. He peck her forehead lovingly , taking her lips in his mouth for yet another kiss , he murmured in her mouth, tire ?? She didn’t replied just kisses him back softly closing her eyes. Her hands roam all over his bare back feeling him. He groan in the kiss, kissing her more passionately. I am tired .but I want you ..she whispered back braking the kiss. He looked at her amused, she didn’t left a chance to amused him everyday with her each and every gesture. He rub his nose with her lovingly , making her smile.he peck her smiling lips and entered inside her with a swift move. Maan..Geet moan in his mouth , as she closed her eyes tight feeling the pain and pleasure together. He hold her tightly in his arms and loved her passionately , yet he was soft seeing her tired . Geet engulf him into herself and let him love her , as that what she loved the most . Precap :- Epilogue
Next morning , Geet woke up and slip down from the bed hurriedly as she had something in her mind .She chuckle thinking on the consequences. Maan woke up with her moments and looked at her smiling like never before. Geet. He called her from behind and pulled her fragile body to himself. She lost her balance and fall on his body. Humne kaha tha ke Hume aise mat khicha kijiye. She pouted angrily and tried to get up . And I had also told you, Jaan. That it’s fun pulling you like this in my arms. He smirk naughtily , jerking her closer,he took her pouting lips in his own for a morning kiss. Geet got lost soon and he was again inside her giving her and himself pleasure. After a while Geet opened her eyes again, and saw it is late now. She pouted angrily at his sleeping face and got down, this time almost running inside the washroom. Jaan.he whisper opening his eyes, seeing her running , he chuckle and again closed his eyes to take little nap. It’s been just an half an hour , when he felt something wet on his face , he ignore it for a while but then hearing giggles he opened his eyes to get little shock as his whole family was standing before him , as he rub his eyes to see they are laughing at him.he couldn’t digest, they are actually laughing on the face of Maan Singh Khurana ! He checked himself to see he had wore his track pants and vest , he was confused but the thought that Maybe Geet had made him wore as he could remember those moments when he was in deep sleep early morning . Now he got up angrily and all broke into loud laughter watching him. His gaze went towards his Jaan who was also laughing holding her stomach.  He was lost in her for a while but then get his posture seeing them no where to stop .finally bearing no more he shouted,. ENOUGH !!  His one shout and everyone stop ,but seeing his face again everyone muffled there laughter holding there mouth. He glared each one furiously to stop.  anyone gonna tell me ?, what is  so funny here to laugh or most precisely on my face .and hearing him everyone couldn’t control now and there was again fits of laughter. He now turn furious when Dadima thought to now tell him. Hum batate hai , bete, come here. She drag him slowly towards the mirror while Geet suddenly turn nervous and panic . She just tried to ran out from the door , Maan saw her when she was the door , Geet, stop here !! He strictly order her that she has to follow now. She pouted her lips muttering few quick prayers to her babaji seeing upwards. Maan watched her each gestures curiously and was damn sure now that she is behind all this. And as he looked himself in the mirror , he was shock seeing his face that was filled with color, there was funny mustache draw on his face . He was total mad now , because of  this whole family have make fun of him laughing on him, that he was so furious and now seeing it own self he couldn’t control his rage. No one had before dare to do this on him. GEETT !! He shouted furiously , everyone hold there ears and flied out of his room fearing for the volcano to burst . Maan , don’t shout. She had just did little fun. Don’t be so mad at her , saying so Dadima also went from there giggling along. His one furious glare and Geet finally ran out of the room , she ran downstairs and hid behind curtains. Geet..Geet..you can’t get away from MSK now.Maan shouted running down . It was bad luck of Geet, softy saw her and went towards her, Geet tried to shove him outside the curtains only that’s when she felt a pull on her wrist and she was pull out if the curtains. He jerk her in his arms angrily that she wince in pain , her eyes filled up that he instantly left her hand , and hold her from her waist. Geet looked at him accusingly, while he was lost in his beautiful angel who was wearing white sari for the holi festival. Chodiye Hume..AAP bahot gussa karte hai humpe..hume aapse koi baat nahi karni..she turn her face at side making him amused. He rub his wet color cheeks on her own giving her goosebumps, she hold him tight from his shoulders and there eyes lock passionately. Happy holi , Jaan !! He whisper rubbing his cheek on her another own applying his own color on her. BR4oHXp Geet blushed, loving the way things are going when she felt his lips on her, he suck her soft petals hungrily demanding the entry in her mouth, she oblige opening her mouth, he thrust his tongue inside and cherished her to extent. Holi party was going on full speed,whole family was enjoying it with there close relatives and friends , along with his office staff was also present there. Geet was just  moving like a rabbit from one place to another. Dadima and Maan stand aside watching the party. . Maan was just lost in his Jaan. lxo8VXy Just then lost in the play Rajeev came from her behind and applied color on her cheek and he was pushed on her from behind by the people there. Geet, her smile vanish seeing some  stranger there as his face was full with color that she couldn’t recognize him. She stood still for a moment , Maan was watching it , He turn worried for her seeing her standing shock.he thought Togo there , though he knew it was his brother but seeing her like that he was worried for her . Dadima stop him holding his wrist Dadima ?? He was confused with her stopping him like this. Maan . He is your brother and her brother in law, he had changed for good, do let them mingle fir a while, he is her family part after all. Maan though was little reluctant also jealous but he understood her point if of viand thought to waist and see what both are up to. But both if there astonishment , they saw Geet slapping Rajeev across his cheek , the crowd around them stop on there place. Geet was reminded about the previous incidents and how Maan had asked her to slap that boy . She thought  not be scare and teach him a lesson when she is standing in her own place and between her family. Bhabhi ?? And she heard his voice , her eyes widen in shock and recognizance , she fumble with her sari pallu. Rajeev hold his cheek with his palm watching her horrified, it is first time that some girl had slapped him that too in public that too his own bhabhi. Oh..aap..hum mafi chahte hai..Hume kaha koi aur..humare sath chedchani kar kar raha hai..she tried to explain herself when Maan and Dadima both came there and heard what she said and all burst in laughter. Rajeev was embarrassed , non the less he forgive his bhabhi knowing her innocence, and he still loved her, she is first and last live till he get his would be. It’s alright bhabhi !! And he applied the color on her already colorfully cheek . Bura na Mano..holi hai !! He shouted and after him all people around shouted together getting lost in the playing again. Yeahhh.. holi hai.. Geet shouted turning chirpily around and she bang on his hard chest. Dadima went from there sat on the chair enjoying the view. Maan eyed her passionately , while she blushed furiously seeing his passionate gaze and possessive hold on her waist. There small moment broke as colorfully water splash across there whole body from around drenching them in there own love. Geet giggled ,and pulled from him and ran away from there inside the corridor of mansion. Maan followed her behind. Maan was chasing her in the corridor and she was running at front binding her sari little up on her waist. Jaan..you can’t rescue from me..Maan shouted and ran fast getting hold of her. He caught her from behind and lifted her making her scream . Mann..she laughed loudly as he twirl her around.he also smile along seeing her sweet laughter. Dadima and Sumitra admired the couple and went out blessing them heartily. Maan slip her body down rubbing her each parts to his own. Geet shiver, blush. Both of there bodies were already sticky wet . Her sari was gluing to her body like a second skin. He rub his color fill hands on her bare waist sensuously making her shiver both with his touch and cold. His hands went upwards towards her belly, he pinch it making her moan loudly , he quickly took her lips to shut her and continue his assault on her wet body. He cup her br**** with one palm pressing it , Geet moan in his mouth pulling him more closer. They kissed each other hungrily forgetting all the world around , his hands opened her sari pallu , and he took out her whole sari , as they were alone there . He lift her wet body in his arms and rushed towards his room upstairs. Geet was high on her desires, her nipples poke from her thin material of blouse giving him clear view, he eyed it naughtily climbing the stairs. She wrap her arms on her chest feeling shy from his gaze. Once inside the room , he lock the door and went inside washroom surprising her. He put her on the cold marble floor , she shiver standing at the corner hiding herself from the cold and his hot gaze. He was hard just with her wet view, he pulled out his all cloths standing name in front of her , she as always hide her face in her both palms not looking at him He pulled her closer without any word, and took out her sticky material of blouse from her wet body. Geet felt goosebumps on her whole body, she stand still letting him do the work on her . His hands rub across her full br**** on her b**. She was so shy , she moan in his touch that only arouse him to no level. He pulled out her remaining cloths rubbing her whole body sensuously, making her arouse with his passionate touch. He turn on the shower tap pulling her below it , water cascade down on both of there bare body, Geet looked at him throw the water, she couldn’t take his gaze away from his gorgeous face that was wetting in the water. He hold her closed below the shower and continue to stared at her beautiful face.  After a while both come near and press there lips together for passionate kiss. Both couldn’t get enough of each other. The kiss turn long taking there breaths away. His hands snake around her back hips , he press it making her moan in his mouth. His hand went upward snaking her flat tummy , he went up and cup her both br**** with his both palm and left her mouth finding her breathless. He rub her whole body , taking off the color, then took a soap and started rub it on her. Geet was so mesmerize with his each gesture, her core was dripping wet now. She put her all weight on his body letting him to pamper her. She loved it that way. Maan adore his Jaan pampering her to his heart content. After having there bath, both come out of washroom , he dried her with her soft towel and later dried himself. He slip her naked body on the bed, and she rolled in the sheet, wrapping herself in the blanket , she giggle feeling excited  , happy , shy with his pampering today. Maan adore her antics and went inside the blanket along with her. Geet gasp with his sudden advance, he took her naked body in his own , and shower wet kisses on every part of her body leaving no space untouched. Geet was so touched feeling his love , she hover on to him suddenly making him surprised and replay the same act which he does every time that was showering wet kisses on his body. He was amazed, overwhelmed with her move, he pulled her closer to his face , and kissed her passionately on her lips. Geet gave in as he swift there position, his hands rolled down on her already wet core, he thrust his finger inside her, making her shout in the kiss. She rock her body back and forth just feeling his move. He was yet again left mesmerize with her acts, he left her mouth and went down on her chest to fist upon on her b***** and pulling out his hand from her private part, he thrust his m****** inside her core . Both got lost in there love making .


  1. So it’s the end of this beautiful story loved it… maaneet came a long way and passionate moments are super hot…poor geet slapped rajeev thinking him as stranger…her innocence is something I love. . thanks for this beautiful story❤️

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