Maan looked at the way, she ran out… away from him. His heart conflicted. He never wanted to he the reason of her cries but unfortunately he became the one.

He ran a hand through his hair in frustration, and slammed his palm angrily on the huge glass window. 

Main tumhe aise nahi dekh sakta Geet, agar tumhe mere najdeek aane se itni takleef hoti hai..toh thik hai..I won’t ever force myself on you. Jaisa tum chaho Jaan…he closed his eyes and could only see her sad face in his mind.

Remaining day, he avoided her…she wouldn’t mind, although somewhere heart pained but she was tired now to feel those emotions which only gave her immense hurt & pain.


Kunal walked in to his ever so silent house, only to see lost Geet, Yashoda was trying to fetch her attention but she was lost in oblivion.

He gestured her to leave and slowly approaches his lost wife.

Jaan… He held her shoulder, jerking her back to the reality. She almost stood up in shock, Kunal balanced her quickly.

What’s the matter? He asked firmly, he had been observing her behavior recently…she looked all the more gloomy and lost from past few days.

Um..what…matter? Everything is fine..she couldn’t even smile however she tried to out fake one.

Really?? He gave her look, she avoided to look at him.

Fine, then…get ready, we are going out for dinner.



But Yashoda had already cooked the meal.

Really Geet? But Yashoda toh yaha nahi hai…see..

Geet looked around, and realized she is really not there.

Where did she go?? Geet checked the kitchen and walked out, humne toh unhe jane ke liye nahi kaha, before she finishes her work…Geet frowned.

Maine kaha…

Geet looked at him confused.

Just before your eyes, but you was lost somewhere.

Now she became embarrassed and tried to steal her gaze from his intense one.

Let’s go now, saying so he turned to walk upstairs but her voice stopped him from behind.

Hume nahi Jana kahi bhi…

He turned around trying to control his rage,

Um.. humara mood nahi hai…she gulped and avoided looking at his angry stare

Tell me, kab tumhara mood hota hai…? He taunted clearly annoyed with her denial.

Geet kept mum, fidgeting with her saree pallu,

Ha Geet, answer me, he descended the stair case, keeping his anger in control not to bust upon her.

Geet flinched back, making him close his eyes, still he couldn’t control his emotions today, “tell me, I can have some pleasant moments with my wife, after whole day of tiresome work.

Geet blinks her eyelashes to control the tears, although at the end, sob escape her mouth…followed by few more, she couldn’t control, and broke into cries.

Kunal couldn’t bear to see, he just left upstairs to his room, Geet flinched again hearing the loud thud of the door closing.

She rushed to the couch, and cried her heart out.

Whole night, she didn’t move from there, nor Kunal walked out, his appetite has already die, seeing her aloof behavior. It has went over his tolerance level.

Next day,

Kunal walked down, ready for the office, his feet halted seeing her on the couch. He approached to wake her up, but took back his hand instantly, “nahi Kunal, bata chala madam phirse naraz ho gayi…” Let it be…he shook his head in disappointment and walked out of the house, 

After a while Yashoda walked in and woke up Geet, only to find her burning with fever.

She became scared, as she saw her slowly opening her eyes, 

Madam, aap thik hai?? She supported her..

Geet slowly shook her head, which was busting with pain.

Yashoda, Hume humare room tak le jaiye…

Ji madam, she took her upstairs, and went down to make something for her.


As it turned to afternoon, Maan became restless not finding her at office, he tried her number, which she didn’t answer, his worry for her only increased and he finally decided to just give her visit…that won’t do any harm, will that?

Yashoda was just rushing downstairs, when the door bell rang, it wouldn’t stop for a second, but continued to ring much to her irritation. 

Kaun hai…as rahi hoo..seediya utarne toh do….!! She shouted running to open the door.

Maan barged inside, completely ignoring her, Geet…? He called out.

Yashoda was perplexed, still she managed to uttered, woh upar wake room hai apne…

Maan couldn’t waited for her to complete, straight way rushed upstairs, 

Yashoda, looked up at his back for a while, then went to kitchen to wrap up her work.


Geet… He became angry seeing her sleeping but then worry took over him realizing something must had happen, to lead her to the bed at the hour.

Jaan…he stormed near her bed, patting her head, he felt it is burning, tumhe toh bukhar hai…his brows squeezed. 

Geet woke up, feeling him beside her, Maan…she held his hand, her eyes moistening with pain.

Ha Jaan…main yahi hoon…tumhare paas, he understood her need at the moment to be close to him, however she deny, her heart only craved for his warmth.

He pulled out his cell to call the hospital, as he watched her clinching her eyes tight in pain, her hand moving again and again to her head.

Just then, Yashoda walked up, to give her medicines.

Madam ji yeh…

Ruko…Maan stops her with deadly glare that she almost stepped back in fear.

Maan…it was Geet’s low voice that pulled his attention to her, “she is just concern for me, she called my family doctor who prescribed me this…Geet somehow managed to explain him.

Iski koi jarurat nahi, we are leaving for hospital now…

Nahi…please, Hume nahi Jaana, 

Maan knew how stubborn she is, bas ek baar, let your check up done, and I will bring you to home back…

She made faces, nodding in no…then closed her eyes in pain.

Bas, main kuch nahi sun raha, he got up seeing her condition and lifted her in his arms before Yashoda who gasped seeing it.

Main umeed karta hoon, ke tum apan muh band rakhogi, or else…he warned her with menacing look, giving shudders to her spine…which made her only nod her head in yes silently. She gave them the way as she watched him carrying her geet madam out, like a feather.

She couldn’t think much but was glad that there is someone to take care of her, as she really was disappointed with kunal’s behavior towards his wife recently…for she has been developed the soft corner in her heart for her Geet madam.


Maan please, Geet still couldn’t stop.

I am pleading you geet, mere liye…

And she put her shivering palm on his mouth nodding him in no, she couldn’t see him like that…

Maan smiled affectionately at her gesture, and jerked her close to his chest, she slowly put her head there, snuggling close to him, fetching some warmth..

His driver pulled the car in front of them, as he made her sit inside slowly at the back seats, before taking sit himself near her. 

Let’s go to the Sanjeevani Hospital…

Geet was restless, although she pushed that feeling aside feeling Maan’s hand on her shoulder, he pulled her in his arms, and she laid there feeling so at peace after a long.

She was put on the saline, against her will, please, Hume yaha aur ek pal nahi rahna.

You have to…, mere khatir…please, just till evening..he pressed her down, caressing her cheek lovingly assuring her silently, he is there for her always, besides her.

She unwillingly agreed, turning her head on the pillow, few tears spills from the corner of eyes.

After my childhood, no one think for me this much, not even my mom, who seem have forgotten somewhere, then why are you doing this, Maan? Kyon Hume khudki lat Laga rahe hai aap, jab ki hum jante hum aapko haasil kabhi nahi kar payenge…shayad is janam aap humare kabhi nahi ho sakte…

She looked at him painfully, Maan could read her silent pleads, tum janti ho Geet, iska jawab…bs jatana nahi chahti, ke tum khud kitna pyar Karti ho muzse…he said in mind looking back at her, only to see her averting her gaze and she closed her eyes.

Tum aaram karo…he patted her head, main doctor se baat karke aata hoon.

She nodded absent minded, unaware of the fact that her life’s most hidden secret was going to reveal to him soon…with that one nod of hers.


It’s not new Mr. Khurana, its normal for her to fall ill frequently, especially with her current condition.

Maan raised his brow hearing her.

I mean, I see you cared a lot for her, (she remembers, last time also he had bring Geet to hospital,) 

So I tell you, she is so delicate, woh bahot hi sensitive hai, Mr. Khurana. 

Maan just nodded curtly hearing doctor’s words, 

And she has skip her doses of dp as well. 

Maan became alert hearing her. 

He clear his throat, “could you tell me doctor, from his long… How long she has this disease?

Doctor was unsure, 

You can trust me with her…I need to know everything about her, to take care of her, he assured her and she nodded.

It’s been 5-6 months,( after her marriage, I don’t remember, how many months that counts guys 😉 )

She is bearing this, I warned her, about the doses, but she couldn’t listen me, she is skipping them, don’t know from how long and it’s affecting her health more I guess. And recently she might have been so stressed out, I guess it couldn’t help her much.

Maan sighed as doctor went on explaining about her current condition, her medical history.

“You need to keep her happy, I know her from long, she is such a sweet girl, and then what happened to her, she always remain scared and low. Doctor put her worry before him.

Don’t we have any more options doctor, like you just said, she skipped her doses, may be there are other methods as well to cure her. 

Yes, we do have other few therapies, it can help us a lot with her, she thought for a while, Maan waited patiently.

You first make her open her heart, 

That’s the problem, doctor, she is not saying anything to me, I tried a lot.

Try again..she needs to speak out, share the things, only that will help in her condition.

Maan was silent, when she said again, alright, if she still doesn’t open her mouth, we have other therapies.

Are you sure, doctor, that will work.

100% Mr. Khurana, it will help us a lot in her case. She smiled, she too wanted to see geet happy, as in this period, Geet has created special bonding with her. 


In evening, Geet was discharged, Maan dropped her home, where Yashoda was already waiting for her, she followed them to her room, as Maan carried Geet again to her room against her protest.

Take care of her, and he prescribed her medicines schedule to her.

Yashoda nodded, looking at Geet.

Thank you sir, you take her to hospital, or else she was not ready to listen to me… she joined her hands.

He looked away nodding curtly, and then looked back at Geet to see her sleeping cuddling into the duvet.

Where is kunal? He asked strongly.

Woh toh subah hi office chair Gaye, leaving Geet madam like this…she blurted then shut her mouth realizing what she said, 

Maan curled his palms to control the rage, his jaw tighten, and he gave one last glance to Geet then stormed out without a word.

How much he wanted to stay with her, he couldn’t, he knew she won’t approve because of her husband who simply don’t care about her.

He didn’t want her health to worsen which surely will happen with his stunt, so he dropped the idea to stay close to her. 

He pulled out his cell, making few calls.

I want few guards here, 


Take the address…

Make sure to hide your identity, no one will know who you guys…are

Alright, make it fast.

He cut the call,”I know Geet, main chahkar bhi tumhare Kareeb nahi rah sakta but now I won’t make you suffer more, now I will know about you every minute detail.

He smirked, which turned devilish soon thinking about Kunal, he need to take care of him as well.


Precap: – Maan finds her Diary

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