It was party night and Geet was really getting nervous to wear the saree dadima had given her, it was not saree actually but it’s blouse which was only two straps. she has her eyes widen actually as soon as she saw that piece of cloth dadima offered her. she was damn scared to wear it but dadima again made her agree saying maan like it that way seeing her in some fancy cloths ,Geet silently agreed again just for her saheb, as she remember there shopping together where he had brought her most of fancy cloths. dadima convince her to not to told him before making it surprise for him.

Maan was waiting for his jaan from last fifteen minutes now, she didn’t take this much time to get ready , then what happened today. he thought getting impatient to do waiting. finally he went toward her dressing room getting worried for her. 
Jaan. are you fine. are you ready ? as she heard his soft voice, she felt goosebumps allover her body just hearing him. she was getting awkward to step out of the room in this new thing which she is wearing. 
ji. hum thik hai. bas aa rahe hai. saying so she step out with her lower head .

and his heart skip a beat as soon as she was in his eyesight. she was looking  some golden mermaid with her long gorgeous curls flying open . 

he had never seen her like this before, so classical and gorgeous. 

his steps went towards her on own accord while her heartbeats raise with his each step. she clutch her pallu tightly waiting for him anxiously. maan came forward and hold her chin once he was closed to her.
you are looking Gorgeous ,jaan . his voice was husky that sent ripples of pleasure in hr body. she raise her hazel eyes and once saw his gorgeous face so close to hers. and next moment flung into his arms hugging him tight. 
Geet .. he was surprise with her move when he felt her tears wetting his neck, he was shock and worried now,what happened, jaan. ? kya baat hai ? he pulled her apart softly and hold her face in his one palm asking her while she sobbed silently still not uttering anything. 
geet, tell me. how i have to know, if you will not speak. he impatiently asked wiping her face.

hume.. hume.. ajeebsa..lag raha hai.. kuch thik nahi lag raha.. she cried telling between her sobs.
kisine kuch kaha.. he asked further getting confuse with her sudden sadnss. 
she nodded in negative, thinking to tell him about the cloths thing she was wearing but thought otherwise as she can’t tell dadima’s name . 
phir ?? he interrogate further , she seem too restless to even speak out her worries that thing hurt him non the less he keep his calm and waited for her patiently . 
Geet was actually feeling nervous to go with him in the business party as it is her first time for that,add to this , the fancy saree given by dadima made her state more worse. 
jaan. will not you tell me? he looked at her earnestly to speak something. geet couldn’t see that, his hurt face his sad expression just because she cant share her worries and she blurted out  one reason.
hume waha party main jane main.. hum bahot nervous hai.. hume ajeebsa lag raha hai. hum pahle kabhi.. she couldnt able to complete looked at him for his reaction.
He looked calm unlike his usual self .Aap humse naraz hai ? She asked with her wet eyes 

Maan understood her unsaid words and awkwardness and nodded in negative.I could never . Why would I when there is no fault of yours and if there will be also then also I can’t be angry on my Jaan.

He wiped her tears yet again , when she gave her cheeky smile feeling relief.You should not cry for this small things Jaan. She nodded .It has to be happened some day, and you need to be prepared. Don’t forget that you are now Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana. Geet looked convinced by then hearing him. His voice or aroma even can gives her strength.she loved her new name , joined with his. 

Maan peck her forehead lovingly and looked into her eyes cupping her face.he could read through her restlessness in new cloth.Why did you wear this when you are not comfortable in this. His hands rested on her bare waist while he looked at her baffled expression.aapko pasand hainaa ? She asked unsure.Yes Jaan I like it but you don’t need to do things which you don’t like just for me . Par Hume pasand hai. she blabbered then blush slightly hiding her face in his chest.Small smile came on his lips and he wrap his hands around her hugging her back When his palm touch her bare back and he jolted back while she shiver with his touch . 

But I would never permit you to wear such things outside this room.his voice was coated with over possessiveness. Geet was just looking at him confused when he pulled her back inside dressing room and search for her other blouses. once he got it he turn towards her. Geet looking at his hand got what was he saying and bend down her head seeing him walking towards her. 


He jerked her in his arms ,while geet pouted giving him accusing look,he mouthed sorry and softly pulled out her blouse in one swift move . Geet gasp hiding her bare chest with her hands she turn her back towards him .He smirk seeing her reaction .he looked at her back which was hiding behind her long curls. He slowly neared her and pushed her all curls on front and the sight just took his breath away. He rest his palm on her bare back and jolted with the contact. Saheb.. she moan out going insane in his arms. And he at once turn her into his arms smashing his mouth on her .The kiss was furious ,demanding taking away his all control.I can’t control more jaan.he mumble between the kiss while his both palm played with her hard n*****.Geet was all lost to hear his words or even to realized .she hold onto him dearly enjoying his each touch on her body.if not was the ring if his phone he would have never stop at that moment from making her his.Geet was all the while blushing and getting dizzy the way he was making her wear her blouse touching her here and there teasing her to no extent….

As both of them got down from the car in front of venue ,media people surrounded them asking about his relation with the girl who was clinging onto him dearly. Geet was damn scared as she never this would happen, she was all prepared to go with him but this media , it turn her nervous. Maan could sense her uneasiness but he need to reveal there relationship today infront of the world. It is the time now she should be introduced as Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana. His bodyguards tried to stop media but they started there questions there itself. Mr.khurana is this new girl.Is she your new fling.From how long . ?And He lost it with busting his fury on them on the spot shutting them.This is going to be forever my birth. For further seven births. Because she is my wife. Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana. My Love . My Life.


Geet was sweetly surprise with his declaration in front of media . She felt lost herself into him yet again. Her Saheb. She felt all past things rolling in front of her eyes making her emotional. She left a small muffle feeling overwhelmed. The little pain and hurt which was there listening about his flings again went away flying the time he claims her proudly in front of the world. If this thing make her overwhelmed with happiness, then she don’t know what is gonna happen in real when he will claim her body and soul . She felt shiver ran down her spine ,feeling goosebumps all over her body she hug him tightly .Maan looked at her worried for her as he knew it was her first time having encounter with media like this. 

Kya hua ?? Tum thik ho ? He asked holding her as they made there way inside . She nodded trying to calm herself . Are you alright Jaan ? We can take a break before attending party.He was still worried for her seeing her flush face. Ji. hum thik hai. She spoke softly ,still he was not sure looking at her fluster face. He took her inside the hall. Geet didn’t left his arm, kept clinging onto him like a small kid. They met with Sharma and other associates, who just got to know about the couple congratulate them.

Geet was hell nervous, just responded with little nod and soft thank …Once the dinner was over , the dance floor got open for everyone ,and Maan pulled Geet for the dance.Hume choriye..AAP yeh kya kar rahe hai. Hume dance nahi aata.She frown at him holding on to his hands which were on her bare waist.Toh sikh lo na ? Who denied you. He replied teasingly pressing her waist.She blush going all red she hit him on his chest softly for his naughty move.her heart flutter ,as she let go all her tantrums and fears just being in his arms. Her hands went on his neck on its own accord as she continues to watch his gorgeous face so closer to her without any flinch or shyness. Not wanting to waste this moment in her own inhibition.she knew once she is in his arms and he us with her, then nothing to worry. Everything will be more than fine .she have to worry for nothing. He is there to make everything alright. Thinking so she place her head on his chest hugging him. 

He is her life. She don’t know what will she do if he will not be there. There remain nothing for her , if he is not there. And she can’t give him anything ?? She tried to think on the reasons but there was not any coming in her dumb brain.Kya hua Jaan .he asked her seeing her move which surprise him , he hug her back moving with the rhythm. Ji kuch nahi.bas hum aapse phirse kehna chahte the ki…Maan waited for her patiently , while Geet looked into his eyes cupping his one cheek softly.

Hum aapse bahot pyar karte hai , jee nahi sakte aapke Bina her eyes moisten with the thought even. Don’t speak nonsense. He glared her furiously.Aapko yeh sab nonsense lag Raha hai ?? She pouted not getting his words.I said don’t speak about death thing.he hold her furiously, from her both arms. Ji. Hum samaz Gaye. She smile while he left a sigh of breath.Thank god.Hum bhagavan se yahi dua karenge ki..aapko humari bhi Umar lag jaye..she continue further caressing his stubble lovingly but he hold her palm furiously hearing her talking about that thing again and again.I said don’t talk rubbish geet. He was furious now.When you can’t live without me then how can you  thought even..he blasted , Geet frown before his words made senses to her.Ji..Hume yaad aa Gaya. She smile nervously making him confuse now.What ??Yahi..jo aapne kaha .hum bhul Gaye the. She made a cute face that Maan couldn’t be even angry on her , he chuckled non the less he scold her.This isn’t the thing to forget. .Ji.ha. sab aapke jaise toh nahi hote na , jaldi samaz jaye.Ji nahi .. All aren’t like you,who dont understand anything fast.he was amused with her talks taunted her back though loving her free talks with him , she is almost arguing with him like a small kid.It again took her time to realized the meaning of his words but once she done she pouted angrily on the verge of tears now. Chaddo..Hume aapse koi baat nahi karni.she tried to Wriggle out of his clutch but he hold her tightly and took her in the lonely corridor .Ji AAP Hume kaha laye ho. Leave me.aap Hume samazte hi nahi.humesha humara mazak udate hai. Aur aur..she tried to think and again continue.Aur har koi toh ek jaisa nahi hota na. She blabber when he cupped her face dearly loving her blabbering session today.

Aur har koi tumhare jaisa nahi hai. Massom , bahot hi pyara ,. Aur khubsurat. He spoke lovingly admiring her. She mellow down instantly and couldn’t help the smile that escape her lips .Aise hi chilmilati raho Geet , bahot Sukoon milta hai Dil Ko tumhe aise khush dekhke I felt bliss today to see you chirping in my arms , talking all your heart to me. Muzse baat karo . Whatever, say me everything . He pulled her closer. Tumhe kissise Darne ki jaroorat nahi hai, when I am always beside you. He peck her forehead while Geet couldn’t comprehend much more , listening him she started to cry.Now what ??he was so amused with her crying all of a sudden.AAP aisi baat mat kijiye, Hume…bahot Rona aata hai.she cried hugging him.Look.this thing I hate the most. Just stop it..don’t cry on every damn thing.he patted her back.Hum khudse nahi rote..woh Apne aap aa Jata hai..she cried and he could only sigh in irritation.Once she was calm his hands went inside her saree on her bare stomach making her gulp her saliva.AAP yeh kya kar rahe hai ? She asked innocently while his one touch made her dizzy.Romancing with my wife.remember??I had taught you. He smirked playfully while she blushed hard reminding there romance in his room other day in past.

His hands went down on her back sticking her tightly to his body length while Geet don’t know where to hide herself as she was dying with shyness. Koi as jaeyga, choriye Hume. She made futile attempt to Wriggle out while she couldn’t dare to meet his eyes.First give me kiss , then we can go home . He whisper ever so huskily making her condition more worse. Why are you blushing this much today, Jaan ? When you love to kiss me, I mean my lips..he spoke teasingly that she almost giggle hiding her face in his neck.He pulled her slowly little away and touch his lips on hers, 

she felt bliss just with the contact while he was already going crazy with her soft petals. How much he had kissed her, it felt not enough instead he craved for more even more violently.He mold her lips in his own passionately enjoying every bit of it, both closed there eyes to enjoyed the fever. She hold on to his neck dearly getting lost in his magnificent lips ,his aroma, and kisses him back dearly almost like tasting some of her favorite candy.He hold her tightly ever so possessively from her bare waist ,his hands roam on her small back holding her protectively in his arms ,he kissed her deep almost bending her backwards.Once finding her breathless , he left her lips breathing on her mouth. She was feeling so mushy today that didn’t object either instead kissed him again this time it was soft and slow both never wanted to broke apart feeling each other’s aroma in the kiss.
to be continue..

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