He took hold of her hand, his touch warm and calming. The gentleness of his touch made her vulnerable to him, 

You heard me right, Shona…I love you…

Her eyes flicked to his. She saw a gentleness there too as lightly his other hand came to stroke her arm.

She wanted to look away, but felt mesmerized by the dark brown eyes that held hers.

I…she began huskily, but couldn’t held the same courage as him to continue…Maan waited impatiently…his heart was about to kept out but she broke the spell, 

I don’t know..she struggled in his arms, but he held her harshly against his chest, this time her back plastering to his broad chest.

You don’t know, or you don’t want to give me answer…? He whispered huskily smooching her neck, his hands cupped her breast, squeezing it in a moment.

She gasped, I don’t love you…rasped out heavily…clinching her eyes tight, to prevent tears to fall out…it was the moment she was waiting for her whole life but now when it is here she couldn’t cherish it nor let him to also.

As the words her mother said had been roaming around her mind, it had been in her head all the while.

All that fixed in her mind was that she had said

Maan swiftly turned her around in his arms, seeing her trembling with her close eyes, he could see how hard she was trying to control her feelings.

He took a deep breath, “I’m not used to being refused, Geet. It’s something that you should know.”

She slowly opened her eyes listening him.

Her throat was dry and tight and the sweat beads appeared on her skin.

Maan noticed her discomfort and let her go, she hurriedly move to cover herself with the sheet.

You are getting late for office, she tried to avoid the topic.

Maan sighed, he doesn’t know why she is denying her feelings, he need to know the reason.. thinking for a while, he went ahead, pulling her on his lap again, 

Let me go…she struggled angrily, feeling vulnerable after hearing his confession.

He kissed her fingers, looked down at her  `There’s been no one since I met you, jaan,’ Maan confessed earnestly… thinking she might be refusing because of his Casanova image. ‘How could there be…it’s only you fill my thoughts. 

The naked emotion in his chocolate eyes told her the truth of his words. A truth that echoed in her own heart, revealing what she hadn’t realized until that moment

He gently gathered her into his arms and she felt his mouth capture hers, his kiss deepening, having her responding, clutching on to him.

He held her there in the circle of his strong arms, looking down at her so that she could understand the depth of his feelings.

Her heart was beating rapidly, after a while he broke apart he looked deep into her eyes again.

I am sorry, but I don’t love you…it’s just..

Affair for you…

She gasped in pain, giving him accusing smile..

Then what do you think I assume out of your behavior…why did you save me that night… aisa kyon kiya.. jawab do.. his fingers running on her stitches softly without hurting her but making her aware of her feelings..

She gulped, and saw him smile..he gave a bitter smile to her,

She closed her eyes in torment, he couldn’t understand, what she is going through at the moment..or all these years.

You don’t understand me…she whimpered hearing his accusations, how could he thought of her so, when it was her pure love only which always made her go against her morals, and laid in his arms like this.

Then make me understand Jaan, I am always here besides you to hear you out, say it out.

He was urging and the shell around her was slowly breaking down…

He looked at her, trying to read her face, which showing conflict of her emotions.

His hands went to her hair, he released the bun of her hair, he sighed in satisfaction as he buried his head in the scent of her long tresses.

`I so love you geet,’ he breathed. I realised it seeing you on the death bed that night in hospital.

I felt I couldn’t live without seeing you a moment more…I was dying each second to see you not opening your eyes. 

I was a fool to agree to dadi for the marriage, he sighed, empting his heart to his lady love.

But it was only after your words, I did so… now I know because I loved you even before I realized…

He looked down at her, to see her looking at him with the love shining in her eyes, it made him joyous.

`Keep looking at me like that, shona,’ maan said softly, ‘and you’ll know just how impatient I am to hear you…you holds this heart.’ he held her palm on his chest, where heart lays.

His longing for her showed as he pulled her close, his hand at her breast, his mouth caressed her eyes, her throat, 

Her eyes widened at his touch, but more from the wanton feeling he was arousing in her 

Believe me Jaan, he said, reading her lost look.

She felt the caress of a kiss feather her ear as, still speaking softly, 

Geet had to fight with all she had against that need, fight against the longing he had aroused.

His mouth was about to take hers once more, passion increasing, when Geet suddenly stopped him, don’t…” she turned her face away feeling miserable, stuck in the web of her own emotions. She didn’t dare to see the look in his eyes. 

She thought, she definitely made him angry. 

But her assumption turned wrong when she heard his soft and gentle voice..

Alright, I can see…you don’t trust me enough, toh mere pyar par yakeen karna toh dur ki baat hai..

Her breath stuck, she looked at him bewildered, could see his hurt eyes, she couldn’t found any words to sooth him, make him understand her point of view. 

Her silence only bruised his ego..he had tried beyond to make her understand, he even noticed his heart, which was not in the nature of MSK.

He got up leaving her shattered, I will wait for the day when you trust me enough to share your worries Geet, and believe my Love.

With that he got up taking his shirt he stormed out of her house.


Geet hides her face in her palms and sobbed hard…not for her own but for him…for his heart ache, how could she break his heart like that…when he only does to make her feel special at every step…he took care of her like a baby.

Even today he was only loving her, but what give him in return, only heartbreak…his words rang in her mind, 

“you don’t trust me enough, toh mere pyar par yakeen karna toh dur ki baat hai..”

Why I am so helpless that I couldn’t even sooth him…? 

She pulled on his overcoat, which he had left thee in hurry, she buried her face in it, trying to fetch some solace from it.

Her thoughts were broken by the door bell, she immediately got up putting on her nighty, she tried to cover up her messed up bed and threw his coat in her cloths, hiding it somehow there.

She rushed down hurriedly to check whos it.

As soon as she opened the door, little gasp left from her mouth seeing him on the door.

Was you sleeping Jaan? Asked Kunal walking inside that’s when Geet did notice changes in the atmosphere.

She looked at the clock hanging on the wall, and her eyes turned bigger seeing the time, it’s almost 5 in the evening.

Um..yes…I was taking rest… she replied nonchalantly as he walked towards her.

He cupped her chin, making her look at him, she avoided to look at him.

Yaha dekho, did you cry?? 

He was confirmed, after seeing her lips doodling..Geet couldn’t control, after hearing his concern voice, she broke into large sobs.

Geet, he pulled her against his chest, while she clutched his shirt tightly, sobbing hard against his chest.

hqdefault (2)

Kya baat hai…muze batogi nahi. He asked after her cries subsided, she just nodded in no, as more tears flew out, remembering, just how brutally she broke his heart.

Alright…fine…he offered her glass of water, she kept looking at him as how tenderly he smiled at her..his face looked tired, and here he is looking after her.

Does she have any right to break his heart as well…her mom says right thing though, she couldn’t live in peace or be happy breaking anyone’s heart.

Already she had done the crime for getting closer to maan, in the end, breaking his heart… her own heart wasn’t in peace from ages..

She knew how it felt to see your love going away from you… Her love was being mocked always a mere crush…now she couldn’t give Kunal the same pain from which she had gone through once and even now going.

Feeling okay now? He patted her head, combing back her hairs, tucking them behind her ear, her reverie was broken there by, she shook her head and saw him going away

When she held his hand, she need to give response to his care atleast, he atleast deserve this much, 

Kunal looked surprised, somewhere happy with her advancements today.

Woh..I was missing ma Baba…she said in low voice.

Kunal smiled, bas itni si baat, he cupped her face, go get ready, we will leave now.


Nahi…she quickly reacted, I mean, at this hour, it will take few more hours for us to reach there, you are also tired.

Mere bare main chinta karna chod do tum…think about yourself.. he assured her.

Still she felt something missing, no..we should visit them tomorrow, if you have no busy schedule.

Okay…I will see, and confirm you .okay..

She nodded with a small smile, somewhere feeling bad for lying to him.

He pecked her forehead, and lifted her in his arms taking her by surprise.

What are you doing? 

Nothing…just taking my Queen to our chamber, because she needs lots of care and rest.

Kunal…she whined, struggling in his arms but he was adamant.


Next day, as per his promise, he took her to her parents house, who were pleasantly surprised, 

How are you feeling now? Madhu cupped her face, why did you traveled here, doctor has advised to take rest. she scold her making her pouting her lips angrily.

Don’t worry, mom… She is fine now, I had talk to doctor and then only brought her here, she was missing you both so much, I couldn’t have see her sad face.

Itna pyar Ko karte hai ap apni patni se…Madhu teased..making him blushed, non the less he nodded his head.

Geet was not pleased much with their talks, she excused herself and rushed inside to meet her little sis, honey…she shouted like a little girl.

And her baby came running in her arms, jumping on her, it began licking her face.

As usual Kunal stay away, scared from the creature. Honey tried to reach him but he was stepping back…

When will you stop fearing…my poor honey, you can’t even pat her little head. Geet complained.

Little…? Kunal wonder, as per his knowledge, the creature was big enough, so was his face.

Aarav walked out laughing his heart out, seeing kunals face and then Geet’s complain.

Geet looked at the source of voice, baba…she ran into his arms, she was so overwhelmed seeing him first time out of his room without those drinks.

How are you my child??

I am fine baba…how are you..

You see…I am good, he gave her his pleasant smile, which she had miss all those years.

Do you want to share anything..? Geet asked suspicious for this sudden change in her father, although it made her happy, but she wants to know the reason behind it.

I will beta , very soon..he patted her head lovingly.


Madhu pulled her inside kitchen, “did you thought on my words, remember what I said..?

Geet gulped her saliva and shook her head, she was distracted somehow till now but hearing her mother’s words, again she was drowned in self guilt.

Madhu could see it, see Geet, I am talking for your own good, tumhare us affair se kisi ka bhala nahi hone wala,you will damage not only our reputation but Maan’s familys also. 

Geet looked up teary eyed, hearing her.

Madhu ignore her look, ek baar bachcha ho Jane do…then you will see, sab kuch thik ho jayega. You will even forget Maan.

How could she…Geet wonder, how could something like that happen, she would ever forget him, her heartbeat…her own soul. She clutched the curtain thinking about her mother’s words, then him…

Subpost 5 - _heart_eyes__heart_eyes__heart_eyes__heart_eyes_ - nandini - silsilabadalterishtonka - drashtidhami @dhamidrash

Kunal was bewitched by his wife’s beauty, he walked behind her and grabbed her in his arms.

Geet was horrified, she tried to control her urge to push him away.. she closed her eyes tightly trying to adjust…she have to do it she knew…she have no other way than to accept Kunal…not for herself…but for others…

Her eyes filled up by self mercy, she tried to remember only his face, when Kunal smooches her skin. But couldn’t..

Please…she whimpered and next moment he left her making her rushed away to washroom.

He slams his fist to the wall, seeing the door closing..aakhir kab tak Geet… At the end, you have to come to me…and I will make sure, that happens very soon..he vow angrily going to bed.


It’s been few days, Geet joined back the office. Everything was normal, except she avoided looking at him, doing his every work, she control her each emotions…tried put stone on her heart but his mere look melted her like never before.

How she wished to just run into his arms and lay there her whole life, soothing her and his heart. 

Now after knowing about his feelings, but alas nothing could happen as per our wishes..

Especially hers, her desires were never going to come true, now she lost the hope.

Maan kept looking at her time to time in whole meeting, he observed, she looked lifeless, pale…devoid of any emotions, very thin, and at of life was taken out from her.

His heart bleed, seeing her condition, he knew what she had gone through from childhood and even know now also she couldn’t be in peace, might be fighting with her own self. That’s why he did not forced her at the first place… maintain the distance in those two days, they behave only professional…it pinched him but for her he could do anything…she need to ask, he would bring her whole words happiness.

But that is the problem, she never asked or demand anything from him…never shared what’s hiding in her tender heart.

As he noticed everyone leaving conference room, she was at the last, absent minded, collections all papers, he caught her wrist, making her startle, and she gasped, as she was so lost in her own thoughts somewhere.

She gave him daze look, 

Kaisi ho…? He asked softly.

Better…she curtly reply ready to walk out when he pulled her back in his arms, itni berukhi…? Why??He gave her hurtful look.

She couldn’t see him like that, avoided to looking at him, tried to struggle in his hold, 

He kept looking at her, she struggled for a while then became tired, and stood with lower head.

He smirked, silently observing her, as she stood like a doll, he went closer, ticking the tendrils of her hair behind ear, he admired her, even paler, she looked beautiful…

His fingers teasing her soft cheeks, she fist her palms and step away, don’t…she looked up with black eyes making him startled.

Shona…he cupped her face, was about to kiss her when she cried out, “don’t do it plz…she joined her hands, being vulnerable suddenly.. humare liye aur mushkil mat kijiye…

Don’t come near me, she walked back, seeing him walking closer.

Geet…he raised his hand to stop her, seeing her frying his heart ached.

I don’t deserve you…I am married to someone else… She went on sobbing now..


No..she shouted closing her ears with both palms, don’t say that..” her heart melting, and yearning to go in his arms.

To be continued…

Precap: – first meeting of Maneet…Journey to the Past

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  1. Nice sad for Geet.She so wanted to listen from Maan that he loved her.but when he accepted his love she was drowned in her iwn miseries.she is not able come out from her mother’s words too.Its true that she can neither accept Maan nor leave Kunal.Why she is not able to share her feelings with him.He may find some solution. Don’t know what isnin her destiny.eager to know more.

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    1. Thank you : ))
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    Her mother is again and again blocking her way, is Madhu genuinely concerned about her daughter or just faking and hurting Geet, I can’t stand her scolding Geet, with no fault of hers!!
    Geet is not only hurting Maan but also her, she trying to accept the truth that she is married and trying to keep Kunal happy there by she is arising hopes in him. I wish she for once thinks about herself as what she is doing is for others which is breaking her more.
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