And then, suddenly, her breasts were free. They were ripe and swollen, the nipples hard and red. She swallowed a couple of times, her face flushed. He moved closer to her and put his hand on her throat,warm and smooth, then drew his palm slowly down over her body. She stood very still, her eyes shut, her lips scarcely moving. He caught her in his arms,drawing her close, and both kissed, their bodies pressed tightly together. 


He took a deep breath, “I’m not used to being refused, Geet. It’s something that you should know.”

Her throat was dry and tight and the sweat beads appeared on her skin.

He kissed her fingers, looked down at her  `There’s been no one since I met you, jaan,’ Maan confessed earnestly. ‘How could there be…it’s only you fill my thoughts.

The naked emotion in his chocolate eyes told her the truth of his words. A truth that echoed in her own heart,revealing what she hadn’t realized until that moment.

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