What is this ?? Sumitra barge inside fuming in anger to see that creature. Shona on the other hand started to bark though his voice was low but that irritated the whole family.

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Geet , when did you brought it back when we had threw him out. Sumitra was disappointed with the thought that she didn’t heard her and even keeping it in there bedroom.it’s ridiculous,  she glared at the puppy .

Geet was frighten to the core getting flashes from her past where how they ruthlessly threw him , if it was not Rajeev then her shona maybe.. 

No..she scream out suddenly and as instant she was beside him pleading him with her eyes to save her shona.

Rajeev was shock to find her near him , so was Maan .it infuriated him to see the scene.

Geet !! He called her but she shook her head in no like a small child. As she knew he was the one who had threw him out that day.  She totally forgot , it’s only him who had brought him back. 

Maan ,you can’t allowed her ? Sumitra fired at him this time. 

Geet was on the verge of tears now , she snuggle shona more in her neck like her own child. 

Mom , it’s me who brought it for her . 

Now leaving Dadima , everyone turn astonished , it’s so not Maan. But they knew it’s his love for her.

So you can allowed it ??Sumitra pointed towards softy.

Why are you creating fuss ?? Its her wish , she wanted to have a pet .Dadima sided geet which infuriated sumitra more.

Its not the place to keep him here . She barked feeling angry.

Mom..just calm down , will you ?? Maan came beside her.  I will just shift him to outhouse.  Maan decided and looked at his jaan knowing how much she would be broken and angry now.

Aap.. humare..shona ko humse dur nahi kar sakte. Geet cried now.

While whole family rolled there eyes at her antics .

Jaan. We are not throwing it out. Just keeping him in outhouse only which is the part of Khurana mansion. Maan tried to be soft  keeping his calm.

Annie and Dadima muffled there laugh while sumitra was just controlling herself not to melt her anger just because of her tears .

It is better , if you want to keep him with you. Saying that sumitra went out followed by whole family biding both good night.

Jaan..he will be safe there beside he will get big place to play and for himself. Maan tried to made her understand which Geet did but still she was sad to think that now onward it will not sleep beside her in one room.

Whole night geet didn’t let him to climb down the bed , softy also didn’t left her side sleeping beside her. 

Maan was infuriated but he control himself seeing her crying all night . It make him worried as it was after a long time she was crying this much. 

He snuggled her from behind sticking his chest to her back. While Geet suddenly turn to him hugging him tight. Maan was more than glad to have her in his arms. 

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Its been a month now , Geet was back to normal , she always went to meet her shona in outhouse, to give him food , looked after his needs. Play with him in the garden Or even to give him bath. 

Rajeev started to go to office initially with Maan , then by himself leaving the Couple alone to have there privacy though it always pinch him somewhere to see them close but the relations they share with him as his big brother and bhabhi beside there love , this things sooth his heart .he couldn’t came between both or have any right when the reality is something else.

Maan was surprised with his joining , but he was glad for he was now becoming responsible.  Indifference between them seems to vanish soon and It became normal again like before. Maan forgive him and Rajeev was over the moon with joy to get his forgiveness. 

Another month had pass , Geet was growing successful in her career off course with Maan’s efforts and hidden support behind his anger or scolding.

It was another day when they got one meeting fix with one of the clients for new project.  

Geet was nervous heck like always for presentation . Maan always pushed her forward not listening to her any fears . 

If  you don’t know how will front person reacts before doing nothing , then what’s the problem.  were his words always when she feared and that always encourage her to take each step further to success .

The presentation went well , in fact clients liked her idea very much ,  they even praised her , she was all glowing in happiness with her bright hazels not leaving his sight. He mutter her congrats while she blushed silently.

Mr.Khurana,  we are in.. deal is final . Mr.Sharma, the middle age man handshake with Maan signing the deal.  

Congrats Geet! ! Sameer  , Sharma’s Son forwarded his hand to geet for handshake which she happily obliged not knowing the upcoming trouble.

As there hands met he hold it tight almost caressing it feeling her softness. His eyes narrow on her beautiful face lust fully. 

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Geet  was now frighten getting his intentions just then they heard Maan’s roaring voice.

It’s MRS.KHURANA .Maan broke there handshake and slap him hard across his face just right on the spot not caring for anyone. 

Whole room echo with the sound and gasp with shock.

Mr.Khurana ?? What’s this rude behavior?  He is  my son. Mr . Sharma was fuming as he came forward to hold his son.

Asked from your son , how he was misbehaving with my WIFE . He spoke more possessively wrapping his hand around her waist he pulled her in his arms which Geet willingly obliged.  

Geet was frighten and feeling disgusted just with his sight that she buried her tears stricken face in his chest and that gave the hint to Mr. Sharma. He was known of his son’s flirty nature. 

It will be great if we will not do this project or we should cancel this deal right now. Maan was furious he spoke each word ruthlessly glaring at Sameer who was fuming as well from inside but keep his head down feeling insulted having no words to spoke.

No. No..Mr.Khurana!  Its alright. I am asking sorry from Mrs.Khurana behalf on my son. He will not be in. We will handle this project. Don’t cancel it .

Asked sorry from MRS.KHURANA . Sharma nudge his son to do so glaring him when he had to just obliged non the less he sworn to get his revenge glaring at the girl who was hiding in the arms of MSK.

Part 52

Geet was still feeling uneasy with the events happened in the office. She had tried diverting her mind by spending time with Shona still on her back of mind the thought linger. 

Maan saw her sad face and couldn’t help getting angry. He dash beside her and scoop her in his arms ,Geet was startled at first non the less she hold him closed dearly.

You don’t need to stick with just one incident that hold no importance. His voice was huskily dangerous that sent shivers through her body.she looked at him trying to understand the meaning of his words and she did cupping his one cheek lovingly. 

I no need to when you are always there beside me , don’t you ? 

Her lips peck his leaving him in sweet shock 

Yes..always and forever he seal the promise to his Jaan kissing her breathless.

Next day Geet was back to normal in fact after there kiss. She blushed yet again just reminding there moments. She don’t know why this happening with her now a days. She urge always to be in his arms, to be kiss by him breathless.to be touch by him , and she again went into her non-stop blushing mode . Her face was crimson red glowing in happiness just with the thought of going with him alone for shopping. 

What’s with my Jaan today ? why are you blushing ? 

He smirked looking at her crimson face , while continuing his driving. 

Hum bahot khush hai aaj , she chirp happily forgetting her blushing session.

He watched her excitement , while couldn’t help but smiled himself seeing her chirping in joy. 

Hum pahli baar aapke sath shopping ja rahe hai na ? Her words pinch him suddenly making him sad. It’s first time actually with dadima’s reminder to took geet out for shopping . It was the party going to take place in two days , for the new deal happening with Sharmas . 

Aap Kyun udas ho rahe ho. ? Hume toh aaj bhi yaad hai humari first date after marriage and after that more that followed. She blushed slightly while she didn’t let him sank in sadness for she had started to understood him more now often. The thing made him astonished ,non the less he was happy with the thought. 

He hold her hand with his free hand and adore her when she said further.

Hum bahot khush hai aur aapko bhi khush dekha chahte hai . She smile cheekily trying to make him understand as well.

He nodded kissing her back of palm .

So what do you want to do today? He asked getting her point for he did not wanted to ruin the moment with his sweet wife.

Hume icecream khana hai .aur ..aur..she thought before starting again aur h..golgappe . Her eyes went wide describing it. It’s been long she had tasted it and now with him then it’s cherry on cake now for her. 

He didn’t said anything just continue to listened to her each innocent demands. He was actually getting emotional hearing her. He did took her with him for dates after marriage but not actually this type of outing .

Not for once she spoke about cloths or fancy things , it’s only her innocent cravings which he actually wanted to fulfill .

And now they are here doing  her ice cream and golgappa party in the mall , he was only ogling her openly without any fear or shame , drops on her lips , dripping down on her chin The girls on the stall giggle seeing the scene while geet without knowing anything laugh along with them which left them amuse.

Aap bhi khaiye na? She offered him from her bite itself and he happily took it hearing hooting around them ,the teenagers on the stall tease them , Maan was ignorant and preferred to be lost in his Jaan while geet was innocently smiling at them now and then unknown to there teasing session actually she enjoyed it being in nice atmosphere along with her Saheb.

Once they done with her party ,they entered inside the main area when she grew nervous yet again clinging to him. 

I said no need to be scared for anything when you don’t know what is going to happen . He spoke softly looking into her eyes , his warm hands comfort her and she relaxed instantly in his warmth. 

Let’s get everything of my Jaan wishes. 

Hume kuch nahi chahiye , dadima ne bhi humare liye bahot se new dress kharide hai . She spoke nonchalantly.

He stopped in his track and stand face to face with her. 

I will not hear no from you today , just let go all your inhibitions or insecurities today , Geet. He cup her one cheek trying to made her understand.

You wanted to enjoy with me , don’t you ? He asked her gazing her eyes intently.

Hmm.. Hume bata nahi…kaise… She murmured lost for a while , he could make out her sadness , this was what he wanted to disappear. 

Just follow my lead and you will know everything. He hold her from her waist while they started there mission.

Then it was no stopping , geet got lost in the atmosphere, different cloths , accessories , or more other things. 

She had visited with Annie few times but not this happiness or excitement she felt which she was feeling now with her husband. It was what the precious thing for her and for Maan it was her glowing face in happiness.

Later she drag him to every section and stall like a small child to just show him , it was him who buy everything and anything for his Jaan ,  asking her choice .she quickly nodded on everything , for she knew her Saheb could get her everything and anything as she wished like the first gift he had brought her on Christmas.

And she wanted him to get her all things she had craved her whole life , she felt overwhelmed just with the thought. 

she was trying every dress he asked her , she was now hell tired but seeing his calm face which actually show how happy he was, she couldn’t have heart to denied him.

She got one more fancy gown from his hand and drag herself towards changing room yet again , it was almost night now when they had came in the morning. Both didn’t realized in there own happy World or not wanted to when they had got the chance today after a long time which both cherished to the core and thanks to dadima. 

He looked at her tired face and followed her behind , he had already asked the sells girl to leave them privacy.

He followed her inside before she closed the door. 

Geet blushed slightly not denying him with her new urges or cravings and add to this more her new found happiness, she got today just because of him . 

She had always worshiped him more than anyone , and now her respect and love for her husband had just increase the tenfold as the time gone by after there marriage. His support or authority in making her what she is today is tremendous.

She was more than tire and just wanted to be in his arms that she didn’t said anything when he closed the door behind. 

Part 53(18+)

The door locked behind them and her heartbeats raise extremely,almost he could heard them in small room, he smirk .Her face turn crimson red as his hands pulled down her dupatta slowly teasing her senses. She sticked her back on the mirror behind while he put his palm on the mirror behind ,gazing her intently.she could took no more that closed her eyes tight . His other hand went inside her kurti and he press her soft tummy teasingly making her snap opened her hazel eyes. Her eyes widen in shock to see him in extremely teasing mood today. Saheb..she gasped seeing his smirk as his hand went more up toward her chest.

Shh..not that word. Call me only by my name he put his forefinger on her shivering petals that were seducing him to no extent. Her dazzled look on her innocent face. He just wanted to make her his that instant. Or else..he left his words in mid with his tone turning dangerous as his fingers played with her soft petals.Or else ???? She asked in her innocent soft whisper as her rag breaths touch his finger.Or else and he took her lips in a swift move leaving her startle.

Maan..she moaned before her voice died with his furious assault. He kisses her furiously , he went out his all held up passion. It’s been long.too long he had held up , just only for her innocence. Only for his innocent wife.only for his life.only for his precious possession. But he wanted to claim her now , do not wanted to wait more . But ?? His Jaan ?? Is she ready ?? He had waited this long. And can wait more if that needed but don’t wanted to hurt her . He left her lips hurriedly finding her breathless as she whimpered into his mouth .her hands clutch his shoulders hard to leave her.She cough a bit before giving him accusing look adding more to his guilt.I am..he was about asked forgiveness but before he could she peck his lips shying half but her hazel eyes glisten in unconditional love for him.

You don’t need to .. it’s your right and you can never hurt me. I know. I LOVE YOU .she again confesses innocently melting him yet again with her pure innocent love.He hugged her overwhelmed with emotions , there hug soon turn passionate as he slowly pulled down her chain of kurti. she tightened her hold on his back almost crushing his shirt in her small fist.Slowly her top was off from her body.his big palms press her flesh making her moan in his arms. His lips trail down wet demanding kisses on her neck line as she bend backward a little to gave him space.He rolled down his tip of tongue below on her valley between her chest. He unwrapped her pants which rolled down as well .

Saheb.. she moaned hugging him more tightly. His palms roll over her bare back as he snap opened her b** hooks .I said , no more of that word and he took her lips again in his own as per his warning before. Geet was highly arouse, though unknown of it all, she was pleased by the way things were going .she completely surrendered to his demands. Maan was out of control today feeling her surrender , he took her one mount in his mouth and started to suck it hard nipping her pink ni****. 

Geet almost left a small cry of pleasure feeling all together alive again with his raw passion.He has just was feasting upon her other one when both heard the announcement in the Mall which was going to be closed soon . He groan pulling apart from her and saw her flush face looking all the more beautiful with her eyes closed tightly. Geet slowly opened her dizzy eyes feeling his drifting apart , as she was oblivious of her surroundings including the announcement.He gave her a warm smile pecking her forehead with all the love pouring out of his heart for his lady love.She blushed furiously once she realized her condition and hug him at instant in intention to hide herself from his piecing gaze but that turn wrong move as he groan wildly hugging her back. Geet. He pulled her apart softly making her wear her new gown . He once looked at her , she looked a real princess , his gaze decline to move away from her beautiful sight. She looked herself in the mirror and dazzle her beautiful dimple smiled at his way through the mirror. I love it . She twirl around in that small room banging on his chest. I love you . He confesses gazing her lovingly .Me too .she replied innocently .He squeezed his brows together and she giggled biting her tongue .Loves you. She blabber kissing him on his cheek . He smirked at her innocent gesture for he loved it. Once hiding her bare shoulders in dupatta they flied out towards Home.

He parked his car , and got down to took her sleeping form in his arms . She was hell tired with their day adventure that slept off soon just when they started the journey back to home .He smile seeing her sleeping like just small baby ,innocent and cutest creature ever. He thought to himself chuckling on his own thoughts he lift her softly in his arms carrying her inside the mansion.Enjoyed a lot ,son ?? As he heard the words ,he stop in his track and lift his gaze which was till now on his Jaan. There were standing his mom and grandma . He smirk telling them his answer, they both raised there brows ,smirking at him back.Did you troubled her , son? Sumitra asked patting Geet’s head lovingly who seems in deep slumber snuggling more into his arms seeking his warmth as it was cold outside.Thanks a lot !! Just whispering his thanks to both the ladies he ran upstairs carrying her. You didn’t answers my question.Don’t trouble her more . Sumitra shouted in mild tone from behind while dadima chuckle along with her.

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  1. Passionate update. Happy for Geet as she has been taken out for shopping and also she is changing a lot.she has almost changed every one in the.mansion in favour of her with her innocence. Eager for next update.

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