Before Annie could complete ,,she was stop by the sudden raise of hand by her brother who was in so much fury . and when he was about slap her Geet came from behind running seeing this. In intention to stop him she came in a middle and the slap which was directed to Annie for her ,fell on her soft cheek making her whole buzz with that sound.

She went numb with such a forceful hard hit on her soft cheek. she looked at Maan with her pained hazels before She felt her eyesight getting blurry and she fell down thud on the floor blanking out.

Everyone tried to register what just happened standing shock on there place glaring the horrifying sight before them.

GEETT … whole mansion buzzed with Dadima’s scream as she ran towards her dear child .

Sumitra ran forwarded followed by Rajeev who has came there in mid of there arguments.

He was shock as well with a turn of events. And when he saw his sleeping beauty lay there life less , he just ran towards her caring no more for his brothers reaction.

Annie looked at her brother standing still in his position so was she. Both were in great shock still , didn’t seem to understand still tat what just happened in few minutes.

Annie,  her eyes followed the way towards her only enemy who just saved her from her brother’s wrath but laying herself unconscious with its outcomes.

She couldn’t believe,  Geet did something like that for her , For her? ?

Is she that innocent to do so,  ?? Is she really innocent at heart ??

She stop dead still coming to reality  .her eyes lay still on that poor soul. Her family had surrounded her and crying for her now.

That’s when she heard Rajeev’s scream .

Bro , looked,  what have you done ?? She is bleeding now .

He shouted furiously for he could take no more of his foolish anger in which he hurted his only love.

He took geet in his arms ran outside followed by crying Dadima and worried sumitra who was now consoling her.

Annie could took it no more that she just ran upstairs towards her room leaving her big brother standing there .

Maan don’t know as well how to react or he was still in a horrible shock of the incident just took place.

His jaan.! He slapped her !!he hit her! !

The only thing kept running in his mind as he furiously went to his gym to punished himself.

He hit his hand badly on the wall till it started to bleed furiously.  Still he was in his own agony, ,he hit it again and again but there was no pain in his hand,  all was in his heart which was burning deep with the thought itself that he dare to hit her.

Dadima was still in tears while sumitra was beside her consoling her mother in law. Rajeev went to have a talk with other doctor and do the necessary things ,  while she was inside getting check and bandaged her injuries.

My poor baby  , hum kabhi maaf nahi karenge Maan ko ..

Dadima cried for her dear child. She was living in her old heart. The piece of her heart. How could she stay in peace to see her in this condition which was just because of her angry grand son and spoil grand daughter.

It’s only her family because of which Her child had to go through all tortures from the beginning.

Sasumom,  it’s alright. She will be fine.

Sumitra hold her from her shoulders supporting her. While she knew because of her children Geet had to suffered this.

Just then doctor came outside and all three circle him at once .

Everything is fine. Though more we can say once she will back to conscious after checking her again.

Doctor clarify giving them permission to meet her once she shift to privat ward.

Dadima caressed her head pecking her forehead softly. She sat beside her with Rajeev standing aside the bed starring her pale face.

Rajeev,  had you called Your brother? ?

Sumitra asked only to receive angry glares from her mother on law.

No one is going to call him , he is the reason my child is here.

Dadima patted her head while she spoke in stern voice for now she was furious to even hear his name.

But sasumom,  sumitra tried for she knew he needs to be here with his wife but Dadima stop her .

Its my final decision !! She glared at both of them .

Once calm down , Maan remembered about Geet.

Oh shit.

He rushed down wearing his cloths,  and saw the hall empty.  Reaching the sight where there arguments were going on few hours before , he spotted the blood drops there.

His heart just stop beating,  guilt rose in him , heart squeeze with the pain she must be going through for he knew how fragile is his jaan.

Nakul where they took geet ?

He asked from there head servant who was sad with all fiasco.

Ji , sahib Ji .. I don’t know anything,  just knew that they took her to hospital.

Sad Nakul replied in mellow voice missing his geet bitiya already.

Damn.. Maan groan in frustration calling his mother at once.

Sumitra looked at her phone buzzing which was on silent mode that was not notice by Dadima.

She came out excusing herself and took the call.

Son , come fast , she needs you !!

Her worrisome voice strangle his heart and he made his way fast towards his destination,  His Jaan.

Geet came back to consciousness giving all three relief and nurse ran out to called the doctor.

Geet took in her surrounding trying to find him but he was no where to be seen and this strange atmosphere? ? Its looked like hospital,  she frown cutely for she don’t like it.

Her eyes shine to see Dadima beside her , with her mother in law . She flinch with a sight of Rajeev and turn her gaze back to Dadima which hurt him and he went out silently not wanting to gave her more tension in this state.

Dadima. .she tried to speak but shot of pain hit her cheek going through her ear making her scream in pain.

Aahh. . And she broke into tears.

Don’t speak , dear.  Stay calm. Dadima tried to sooth her wiping her tears while Geet weep silently in pain. Her left cheek was swollen badly and Dadima couldn’t stop cursing her Grandson.

Just then doctor came inside and re check her.

She is feeling pain while speaking . Dadima said worried.

Nothing to worry , Ms Khurana.  I will give painkillers , it will be fine in few days non the less she needs lots of rest .one checking done, he replied

When can we take her home ?? Sumitra asked this time.

Early morning , we can discharge her. She is all fine , just do her dressing every day.

Doctor referred to her injure cheek.

Geet was waiting for him,  finally bearing no more she asked from Dadima who seem as well tired.

Dadima .. where. .is he..??  She whisper as she couldn’t able to utter any word properly.

Dadima control her anger for she knew geet couldn’t bear it. Sumitra stand aside waiting for her answer.  She had asked her to go home with Rajeev but she denied directly.

He is … Dadima was about to convince her when they heard the deep voice.

I am here Jaan . He rushed inside and the sight of her wrench his heart. Her face was swollen , most of her left side , she was having bandage near her ear as from where blood was drown out.

He took her in his arms softly while she broke into tears.

Shh. .jaan..calm down..don’t cry , it will hurt you. He console her patting her back.

Sumitra sigh in relief finding him there.


it’s been 2 days they are back from hospital. Her condition improve and she was now back to normal. Just thing that Annie di was much more upstate with her keep her sad. 

Dadima was angry on Maan for taking that step in his anger that he raise his hand on his sister,  if he would not have then Geet would not been injure herself in this. 

She was up sate because he could keep his anger in control.  She looked at both of them descending the stairs. Geet looked fine and smiling at him . 

Dadima.  I  am going to office today. Geet inform happily going near her. 

Bless you dear. Dadima peck her forehead lovingly while she continued to glared at her Grandson. 

Its not my fault , it was unintentional Dadima, why don’t you understand,  even i am in guilt to raise my hand on her. 

Maan spitted furiously for he was tire now to explaining her. 

Dadima. .inki koi galti nahi hai.. aap kyun inpe gussa ho rani ho. Geet asked sweetly , It was me who come in middle and got that slap.  Geet tried to defend him.

Yes I know geet but he should keep his anger in control . He almost raise his hand on his own sister and if he would not then you were not injured. Dadi spitted on him glaring him to death. 

Then first you must fill some senses in your spoil grand daughter. Maan barked angrily before rushing out.

Dadima aap please shant ho jaeye.  She made her to sat on the chair giving her glass of water. 

He should control it geet.  It is not going to be fine every time. She spoke thoughtfully.

Dadima was not wrong Saheb . geet tried to define her knowing about his anger.

so you mean i am wrong ?? he asked furiously .

nahi aap bhi nahi.. woh..aapka gussa .geet tried to say further but couldn’t seeing his angry glares. she gulp hard seeing him coming closer. 

Geet her eyes widen next moment seeing him closing the partition between them and front seat as they were on the way to office. 

aap.. her words trail off as he pulled her harshly on his lap and before she knew he took her lips for a furious kiss she startle for a moment kiss him back . his hands soon went inside her kurti seeking her softness . 

maan .. geet moan lost in his passion .his lips left hers and descend down on her neck line. he showered wet kisses on her bare skin . their moment halted with a blowing horn of car. 

geet was blushing furiously realizing they just kissed in the car. Maan smirked teasing her . he helped her to set her cloths and both got out of the car.

its ts been a week now Annie confine herself in her room only not going to late parties not even hard drinks for she was now disgusted with her friend who dared to lie to her . She just got all info from her other friends about the incident which exactly happened.  

How dares he even lie to her. It was only 2 days in between she just went to visit her other friends. With that boy she had arguments and broke the friendship bring furious. Furious on own self with all thoughts going around. Thinking about geet , she had seen her swollen cheek.  How she was moaning in pain now and then. She was drown in a pool of guilt. Guilt to being the reason of it. Her pain , her sufferings till now. How she humiliated her every other day but geet didn’t objected either in fact she bear it all without replying back even.

Her heart was restless to just get one glimpse of her that she had secretly visited her in those two days. 

She felt miserable to that extent that she stop going out. Khurana family was little surprise to see her at home and they understood it’s because of the incident. But no one even speak to her not even one word being furious on her. 

Geet was the only one who would just greet her or asked about her needs though little scare from her anger and other side from her saheb’s glares. He was angry on Annie because of her his jaan had to go through so much pain and tortures and from last incident his whole had shook badly. He was in guilt just because of his spoil sister. He still can’t trust her enough seeing her change of behavior that he would stop geet from even talking with her . What’s the guarantee that Annie could harm her anytime.

Annie was on the other hand was so broken seeing her family’s behavior . She changed herself at east she tried just for her family she realized her mistakes but no one are ready to even spare a glance at her. 

While her insides filled with warmth for geet seeing her loving gesture towards her. Her sweet little talks only with her. She would chuckle from inside seeing her innocent,  her fear from her. It was the time both got closed with each other like lost sisters,  Annie started to notice her , her innocence,  her beautiful smile , her soft giggles ,her stammering talks in fear of her Annie di .Annie wanted to laugh in front of her but she couldn’t , always muffle it seeing her pouts. She wanted to once pinch her cheeks but couldn’t get herself through.it was so new to her. 

In her proximity , Annie started to changed but no one notice her. It went almost one month but for them nothing has changed as they ignore her all together. Geet could see the changes in her Annie di and she was on the moon. She beyond happy to know that she was no more upsate or angry with her. She would told Maan now and then about both there activities like roaming in garden , playing with shona at weekend , off course , annie was at first shock and furious to find that little creature non the less she started to adore it with the time passing. Geet had even pleaded her to don’t threw him out almost crying for her shona. Annie was shock seing her innocent love for puppy that she agree instantly. 

Both girls go out as well at weekends but off course geet would take Maan’s permission. Maan was shock at first but later he would be just in hurry or tired to listen his bubbly wife who would inform him all about his sister. He thought sometimes hearing her that his innocent wifey was just trying to defend his spoil sister and taking her side but he could not believe on her any words. 


It was yet another day when Annie was again being ignore ruefully by her family.  She couldn’t had bear more that just ran from there crying to her room.

Dadima and sumitra was little taken a back with her sudden cries non the less they thought might be her one of acts of innocence to prove them wrong in front of her family .

Geet started to followed her behind when Maan stopped her.

Where are you going ? His voice was stern , eyes glaring her for her foolishness like always.

Woh..Annie. di..

You don’t need to.

But she didn’t ate anything.

Its her problem,  she needs not to ran away like that.it’s rude behavior from her.

Aap samaz nahi rahe hai saheb. Geet tried to made them understand.other three only heard to there arguments .

It’s enough of your foolishness . He roared standing up from his chair almost pushing his chair back furiously that Geet flinch back almost clutching her heart tight.

Son !! You behave !! Dadima warned him  while sumitra couldn’t took her son’s behavior .

First she needs to stopped her foolishness.

Aap bahot ..bure ho… humari kuch.. nahi sunte. .she blabber out started her crying by now and rushed towards Dadima who was glaring at Maan along with sumitra. Rajeev got up and went to Annie to get to the things .

As he step inside only to see her room was empty , he checked into balcony and found her standing looking outside.

Annie turn back feeling moments behind her .

Rajeev , ??

What happened ? Why did you have to ran away from there.

Annie just looked down don’t know how to asked forgiveness from him , from her family for its new for her , she didn’t before then now all of sudden , it was making her feel odd non the less she was truly guilty and wanted them to forgive her.

Do you want to asked sorry ?? He caught her while she looked shock and just nodded her head in agreement looking at him in disbelief .

I am your brother Annie , who know you from inside outside .he smiled warmly,  her past behavior had given him hint , also he had encounter with there little adventures of both Annie and Geet secretly.

But Maan Bro ?? Can’t he just believe me once ? She have tears of remorse now. While her heart pained with a thought .

He could have Annie,  if it’s not for Geet . He sigh ruefully.

We very well know how madly he loves her , how much he is possessive for her. And Geet is the one soul who always got hurt in all this in our family,  through our family only from the beginning. 

So it is getting difficult for him , I guess.  He sigh heavily trying to make her understand .

Annie only nodded in agreement,  while she chuckle in between her tears to see him talking like a elder brother while she is elder to him by one year at least.

What’s now ??


Annie di had changed and you all are ignoring her . Geet pouted cutely wiping her face with back of hands .

But her words made all three surprise as they looked at her to continue further.

She didn’t scold me in this days. She even didn’t went out to meet her friends. She played with me and my shona ,Geet blabber out not realizing she just blurted out about her softy. But no one also notice it as they were drown in Annie topic , the new and surprising facts about there spoil daughter.

Is it true , Geet ?? Sumitra asked bewilder

Yes. It is , hum Sach kah rahe hai . She turn towards her when her eyes drag towards Maan that she turn her face away from him angrily.

 Maan was astonished as well , for he always ignore her talks in past few weeks about his sister.

Ladies rushed towards anni’s room while Maan stand still getting with the new facts for he was still unsure.

I am really sorry , Dadima.  Annie cried out in her arms while Sumitra patted her back with her moisten eyes.  She was happy for her daughter , she realized her mistakes and had changed into good person all thanks to geet . She adored her , thanking her silently.

Maan stood on the door listening there talks and he could now able to believe on his sister who was totally new person now.

He looked at his jaan whom he know is responsible for this positive change .he admire her , crying along with Annie. 

In between her tears geet looked at her saheb’ standing on the doorstep , she twisted her lips and turn her face yet again from him .

He chuckle and went inside to confront all together. 

Bhai !! Annie exclaim and ran into his arms hugging him. Maan patted her head smiling warmly.

Annie know , her brother also had forgiven her , It was there silent talks , she don’t need to speak , he don’t need to listen now .

Geet entered inside totally tired now with her crying session that she saw him seating on the bed resting on bed rest. 

She was just going to rushed into his arms as she was happy that he forgiven his sister and she was happy seeing all family happy but just then she reminded about his anger at the dinner time. She just pouted and went towards her shona.

Geet come here . He sternly called her which she ignore all together.

GEET ?? he again called but before she could response to him this time , all family entered inside knocking on the door as she didn’t lock it.and next geet heard her mother in law’s scream as she couldn’t just digest the sight of small creature which had turn little big now. That added more to her dislike.

What’s this ??

Dadima stand still knowing about all this ,she tried to muffle her laugh knowing now what is gonna happen,   annie stand not affected already encounter with it while Rajeev was all confused seeing it yet again .

Geet , her eyes widen in shock and fear that she clutch her shona tight hugging him on her chest.

Maan could only shook his head in disappointment , knowing his family drama is just going to start now with his extra emotional and innocent wifey .

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  1. Nive update. Heet had to suffer for.Maans anger.Poor geet hospitalized due to him.Maans slap on geet changed Annies behavior. All are happy now.But Does sumitra accept her shona.eager for next update.

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