Jaanam jaane jahaan
Jaanam jaane jahaan


Both laid in silence for a while before he broke the silence with his soft voice, “you scared me…First time Maan Singh Khurana was scared,” his hold tighten on her confessing so.

Jaane jigar jaaneman
Mujhko hai teri kasam

Tu jo mujhe na mili

Mar jaaunga main sanam

Geet was utterly shock, she looked up to his face, which was showing nothing, he looked straight continuing further, ” I was really scare to lose you when doctor told that you need to get back to conscious fast…or…his voice chocked just reminding those painful hours he waited for her to wake up.

Her heart twitched in pain to see him like that first time, that too because of her, she was happy that she made him feel so for her, but was sad as well to see strong him breaking like this.

“I am fine now, she said in her hoarse voice, cupping his cheek softly making him look into her eyes, and she out her lips softly on his as a need aroused in her heart to sooth him.

Maan was astonished with her kiss and he let her do so what she desired, her lips softly moved upon him, he chuckled on her innocence, and grabbed her face, sucking her mouth feverishly.

Both broke apart after a while, Geet shyly hide her face in his chest making him smile with contentment…warmth spread across his heart again.

“You were looking so beautiful, shayad meri hi Nazar lag gayi tumhe…” He whispered huskily in her ear, making her shudder in response, she looked up surprised, “aap kabse in baton par vishwas karne lag gaye?”

“Jabse tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho, Geet.” 

She looked upon at his face with teary loving gaze, feeling overwhelm with his sweet confession.

Maan nodded to her, asking her to believe upon his words, she smiled and snuggled in his arms as he engulfed her lovingly stroking her back delicately as if to sooth her wound.


Geet looked at her mother little frightened, while she was chocked seeing her father after long while. 

Papa…she lounged into his arms like a small girl, indeed she was for Ranjeet…who couldn’t control his emotions and cried holding his daughter dearly in his arms.

Meri beti….how this happened? He cupped her face, giving wet kiss on her forehead.

Others just watched the adorable scene, as geet explain her father animatedly about the incident.

Aarav had few words with Khuranas, and then walked out with his brother. Maan looked at their back, thinking something…

Everyone walked out from the room leaving Madhu alone there. She sat near her on the bed, and Geet hugged her tight feeling the need.

Feeling okay?? Asked stern Madhu…wiping her tears away…Geet nodded sniffing silently as she mumbled, “I missed Dad,” 

Tumhare bare mein sunkar, daudkar aaye woh…she smiled , a painful smile , “or else he wasn’t ready to leave his drink.” She scoffed.

Mom…Geet gave accusing look to her mother for talking like that for her father.

“I didn’t expected this stunt from you,” Madhu continued ignoring her stare altogether.

Geet flinched knowing what coming next…

Remember Geet, what I told you…, She gives her furious glare, Geet looked away trying to control her emotions, Madhu just grabbed her shoulder jerking her to face her.

Aahhh…mom , you are hurting me…Geet pouted to stop her cry.

You are walking on the wrong path Geet, and I can’t let that happen…” Madhu warned her.

You can’t see me happy, yahi baat hai na mom..Geet whimpered,

if it’s for your daughter’s happiness then also….?

Kisi Ko dhokha de kar…kisi aur ki khushiya chin kar kabhi koi khush nahi rah sakta have to understand this.

Geet turned her face angrily, I am doing nothing wrong mom, pyar Kiya hai humne, and even I will talk to Kunal, phir koi galat baat nahi hogi…we will get divorce on both agreements, before she could continue further, she was rewarded by tight slap from her mother across her face. 

Dare you do something like that, you thought it’s fun to break sacred relation like marriage. Her mother said huskily in dangerous low voice.

By now Geet was shivering so badly in terror of her mother, the pain she was going through both emotionally and physically as well.

That’s how Maan found her, as he came to take his cell which he had forgotten before walking out.

Geet….he immediately rushed towards her, holding her shoulder, Madhu got up trying to control her rage, as she saw Maan comforting his daughter asking her what happened to her suddenly.

Jaane jigar jaaneman

Mujhko hai teri kasam

Tu jo mujhe na mila
Mar jaaungi main sanam

O.. rokega hum ko ab kya zamaana
Mar ke hamein hai waada nibhana

Jaane jigar jaaneman
Mujhko hai teri kasam
Tu jo mujhe na mila
Mar jaaungi main sanam

Geet looked at Maan with painful eyes which glistening tears, her lips bleeding because of the harshness of her mother. 

Kya hua tumhe…yeh kaise hua…he asked going hyper, seeing her like that,  but she was in no state to answer anything, next moment she falls back on the bed going limp, ” I need to take rest,” she whispered closing her eyes in pain…

Maan couldn’t fathom anything, he patted her head lovingly, combing back her hairs, then turns to look at Madhu, What happened to her, before sometime she was fine. ? 

ممثلين مسلسل سجين الحب

Madhu was silent not knowing how to open her mouth … Maan didn’t waited either as he quickly rushed out to call the doctor.

Madhu silently walked near her bed, she raised her hand to stroke her head but instantly stop herself, ” you need to understand it can’t break this marriage, or I don’t know what will do in my insanity…and she walked out of the ward.


Kaise hua yeh…? Tell me the truth, demanded Maan with stern voice, he had maniac look on his face, ready to kill the person.

She kept mum, and closed her eyes…clearly ignoring his question…how could she tell him and what, she has so many things to tell and confessed yet she couldn’t , bounded by this unwanted marriage. 

Bin tere guzarte hain kaise
Mere din raat na poochho
Bin tere guzarte hain kaise
Mere din raat na poochho
Jo dil mein chhupi hai mere
Hum nasheen woh baat na poochho

He closed his eyes to calm his anger… He knew, for now he couldn’t lose it on her, seeing her condition. ..he thought for a while, and remember , she was alone with her mother only. 


His eyes widen in realization, then brows arched in confusion, how could she hit her daughter when she was hospitalized, it was so confusing…and he was getting frustrated by each day with her silence. 

Just then Kunal walked in bringing flowers for her. He saw her quickly opening her eyes, with a small smile tugging at her lips.

Champa… She exclaimed happily.. getting up, Maan helped her much to dislike of Kunal. Geet looks down feeling consious.

Kunal ignored him and walked near her, yes Champa, your favorite…”

He offered them all in her opening palms, she inhaled the sweet fragrance from it, with beautiful smile lingering on her face. 

Thank you!! 

You don’t need to mention, Jaan, he added cupping her cheek. 

Geet looked at him uncertainly, then at Maan, 

Do dil jab dhadakate hain
Aise hi tadapte hain
Tadapte hain
Tadapte hain


he was looking angry…rage in his face… his face broken by such violence. It made her flinch, as if she thought he was going to hit Kunal right at the moment. 

Then he turned away and got out of the room without a word.

‘Hey, what’s up with him?’ Kunal looked at the doorway.

She looked round her face was very pale, trying to smile, to hide her nerves.

She looked at him grimly then. ‘How do I know?’

Maan walked away, his stride quickening with a new anger. She had hidden many things from him, every damn thing… He recalled her reaction to flowers given by Kunal… Bull-shit!

His anger had reached a dangerous level by the time he arrived at his Office. 


Few Days flew by, Geet was healing slowly, with everyone around, with their love and care she forgot the bitterness of her life. She didn’t see her mother after that day but her words kept ringing in her mind , making her pulled away herself from Maan sometimes.

That day, he came to hospital to meet her, bringing red roses along for her.

Geet looked surprised with those, she caressed the softness of the petals, inhaling the sweet aroma, as she hugged those closed to her chest.

Main phoolon se, kaliyon se, taaron se
Teri maang bhar doonga
Main phoolon se kaliyon se taaron se
Teri maang bhar doonga


The gesture , stole Maan’s heart away, he bend to kiss her forehead, ” how are you feeling now,? He asked softly, cupping her face.

Better….she smiled cheekily, loving his gesture.

I talked with the doctors, they are going to discharged you soon…

Geet just gave him smile, all the while fondling those beautiful roses.

You liked it?? He eyed the roses,

She blushed, ” I loved it.” ” Thank…” 

Shhh… ” He put his forefinger in her lips, “it’s my right…” 

She shuddered in response, his thumb playing with her soft lips, “this are just the replica of the roses I brought…” 

Main saanson ki mehki bahaaron ko
Tere naam kar doonga
Main pyaar tujhse karti hoon
Din raat aanhein bharti hoon
Aanhein bharti hoon
Aanhein bharti hoon

Jaane jigar jaaneman
Mujhko hai teri kasam
Tu jo mujhe na mili
Mar jaaunga main sanam

Jaane jigar jaaneman
Mujhko hai teri kasam
Tu jo mujhe na mila
Mar jaaungi main sanam

Geet blushed furiously hearing his remark..Maan bend to her level with a smile, seeing her red cheeks, their lips almost touching, he was going to seal them when they heard someone coughs .

Both instantly pulled apart, Geet looked above his shoulder to see the nurse walking inside for her her regular dressing.

Maan walked out only to clashed into mr.handa. 

I am sorry….

It’s okay son…he gave him warm smile.

Urgh…they are doing her dressing…he looked everywhere than him.

Aarav just smile, “I know…

Maan look at him, that means he was on the door, did he saw us…

Maan closed his eyes, he was not worried for himself but her, …Geet and I…he tried to explain himself before things goes in wrong way.

Geet se Milne aaye the…? Mil Liya usse…? Aarav asked instead seeing his struggle.

Maan was surprised but just nodded his head, 

I saw how much comfortable she is with you, even she keep on talking about you but nothing else, everyday I come to meet her.

Maan stood still listening to him, with his face clearly showing , how much shocked he was…


Precap :- finally past…will Maan know about his Childhood Sweetheart?

thanks for likes and comments friends, it really motivates me : )

I wanna start new Story on maneet… as the updates are going little painful, so wants to type some excited and light hearten ff on maneet .. to bring a change to updates.. you guys also will feel refresh with it… but i wanna ask, do you guys want to read Aashiq or Bodyguard or this new ff… with your replies only i will start one of this three… do let me know through comments.. or you okay with just one single update of M2.


28 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 67

  1. Wow how come madhu hit on geet does she see the pain her daughter going through..maan is full on rage…but Aarav seems to be understanding hope maan comes to know about everything waiting to read more ❤️…

    Well if you start a new story then still will support you or if u are planning to update the other stories too we are happy…

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  2. Thanks for the pm Di,
    The update was great,
    If I’m not wrong Geet’s mother is worried that Maan is womanizer, he will leave Geet after using her and as she is in love with him she will give herself, thereby ruining her life. But that doesn’t mean to hurt that person, if she is happy she must be let free for it’s her life and she have all rights to lead it her way.
    Geet is recovering, waiting for Maan to know the past and his reaction.

    About the story I’m Happy with which ever u choose,
    I would like to read Aashiq for it’s interesting as there is confusion and curiosity as to who is that person after Geet.
    When u update please pm me.
    Thank you. 😊

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  3. maan shock to see how can mother hit geet when she is recovering after this big attach which is for him
    geet is happy when maan confess his worry for her

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  4. Thank you for pm 😊
    Nice part 🥰💖 how can mother hit her daughter when she is already in pain.hope Maan come to know the truth.eagerly waiting for next part 🥰
    Please like to read all your stories

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    1. Nice update ,Hi Mugdha I want new story like comedy and romance,age gap concept or historical fiction please try for these concepts yaar please.

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      1. Thank you 🤗
        Thanks for suggestions…
        Historical fiction, already done, read “captive bride”.
        Although I am going to write another historical story soon…
        Age gap, it’s already in this FF…read cs..


  5. Lovely part with Maan showing his care for Geet. Glad he got to sense about Geet’s mother’s behaviour. Geet’s Dad was being very nice to him which is positive. Can’t wait for the past to unfold.

    Regarding next story would love to read Aashiq develop as it stopped at a high point. But love all your work so anything you write is a treat.

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  6. Thanks for the pm dear.Nice update.Geet is so happy to see the co cern of Maan over her.How could Madhu hit her daughter when she is already injured.she cant understand the pain she is going through. She didnt tell Maan what happened when he asked also.Does her father know anything as he talks with Maan about his daughter that how comfortable is she with him.Eager to know more.

    I think its better if you continue Aashiq than writing a new one.Its upto your wish dear.

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  7. Wonderful update I hate geets mom. Geet is suffering without her fault. This marriage happened without her consent when she truly deeply in love with Maan and is still. Hope everything get solve. Can’t wait for next update

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