Geet was hell nervous with just the thought. She was definitely not scare anymore when he sahib was standing right next to her touching his arms with her. If anything could happen or the boy dared also , she knew she could just grasp his strong arm. In fact her sahib would not let anything happens , he will just knock out his breath before the boy do something. 

She looked at him yet again not believing his words , he knew she can’t do it .

Slap him now , Jaan! !

He repeated keeping his posture straight waiting for her to obey him at least now. His insides just crave for her one move . He wanted her to do this .he desperately want and he hope she will not disappoint him today.

Geet was still unsure keep looking at him to that boy who now disgusted her with his silent glares. 

Remember what he had tried to do with you. He started to spoke seeing her still unsure. 

Do you like that the way he had touch you , hold you here. He grasp her waist furiously just reminding it himself his blood boil to no extent then how could she keep calm .

It’s only mine right ,  is it not , Jaan? ?

He asked his eyes blood shot red now making her flinch back no the less she has to agree what he just said.

Yes it’s only your right , I am only yours . Her palm touch his stubble cheek lovingly liking his possessive hold on her waist.

Then you also deserve a slap MSK.  As I know how Casanova you are bed with every other girl everyday.

The boy was furious seeing the scene blasted not thinking anything as he just couldn’t bare that insult. He did not knew the MSK he was talking about had already changed.  Changed for better .

Geet , she was shock hearing him , her small palms clutch on to his collars tight.  She knew her sahib too well now .he was before Casanova but not after meeting her . Not at least now . He had changed,  he loved her dearly.

Her insides started burn with the words of that boy. She at once fumed red hearing him talking against her sahib. 

And next second she just flew her hand on his cheek angrily bursting like a volcano. 

How dare you ??

And she slap him on his other cheek being furious hearing his words. She couldn’t bear it as she saw Maan’s face who didn’t showed any emotions .

The boy turn furious and raise his hand on her but before he could make a move Maan punch him hard on his already bruise face.

Don’t you dare . And he beat him again bursting his all bolt of anger on him. Now his task has accomplish so now no more holding back.

Once they sat in the car , he speed up his car towards Office directly. Geet looked at him silently , to knew his expressions but there were none his face was blank devoid of any emotions.

She frown glancing at her plam once for she couldn’t believe she actually slap anyone.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t get when they reached to Office.  He got out of his car followed by her . As they entered inside , she followed him silently into his cabin.

Once they were in he closed all blinds locking the door behind.

Geet stand silently behind him where as he was bursting with emotions bolting up inside him.

He was furious on that boy for he dare to talk about his life. How dare he? ? He tried to mess up with MSK talking about  his personal life.

He wanted him to beat right at that moment but before he could do something like that his Jaan did the much needed thing.

He was still in a sweet shock,  with her actions. She actually make move after that boy said those words against him.

He knew what  could made her do all things  and it was only him for she love him so dearly and the innocent angel she was.

His thoughts broke with her soft touch on his shoulder followed by her sweet voice.

Sahib,  aap khush nahi hai. ?  Humne wahi kiya. .

But before she could complete he turn furiously and crush her in tight hug .

Thank you , thank you so much Jaan.  He whisper feeling over the moon just with her little gesture of love today. He thank God for sending this innocent angel in his life , only for him.

Geet felt her eyes welling up now with the realization.  He was all the while only fighting for her .trying to make her strong to understand the things and she was acting all dumb.

She curse herself for a ignorance till now though it was not her fault entirely if she had to go through from all sufferings from childhood. Still she blamed herself for her negligence .

If this is what makes you happy , I will do it. I can’t bear anyone saying bad things about you. I can’t see you at a losing end.

She cupped his one cheek lovingly looking directly into his chocolate brown eyes which were shining hearing her each word.

You are My Love,  I can’t bear anything or anyone hurting you or insulting you.

You did the right thing of beating up that boy.

Geet felt her insides burning just with the thought. Reminding him insulting her sahib.

Her hands went around his neck holding him tight.

Maan couldn’t wait more , he just slam his lips hard on her making her gasp non the less she soon got drown in his passionate kiss as he started to kissed he hungrily opening her lips with his own he stuck his tongue inside her mouth sucking her all sweetness. 

Geet tried to match his passion holding him tight, ,her eyes closed enjoying his furious kiss.  More than that she was happy seeing him so in delight mood just with her small act.

He suddenly swept her off in his arms still there lips glue with each other .

He place her softly on the sofa breaking the kiss he hover on to her.

Geet left her breath with her eyes droopy she looked at him with all the love she has inside her for her sahib.

He looked at her mess up state non the less she was looking more beautiful with her messy hairs,  her droopy eyes.

He pulled out her duppatta and threw that aside making her blushed hard.

She turn her face as he started to shower wet kisses on her bare neck.

Umm. .she moan out feeling his teeth nipping her upper b***** followed by his tongue he lick the area. 

His hands went inside her kurti pushing up the cloth from her tummy. He press her soft skin in his palm when he remembered her words.

He ..hold…me..here ..

He roll down on her bare tummy and started to kiss there vigorously making her moan in with the burning passion.

Geet soon started to giggle feeling his beard scratching on her soft skin.

He at the end pulled out her kurti furiously as his senses got on fire feeling her so close after few days.

Geet was as much as lost in him to notice anything. She pulled him on her chest making him to buried his face inside her valley. 

Jaaann. .he groan feeling her softness for he could control no more.


He could control no more feeling her raw beauty . His rough lips rub onto her soft flesh of chest making her moan out loud for she was new to this raw passion.  She clutch on to his hairs , her eyes shut tightly feeling goosebumps all over. She wriggle under him craving for more still there was unknown sensation ran through her body.

He shower wet kisses on her half bare chest while his hands ran over her bare tummy feeling her to his heart content.

He pulled down her both straps using his teeth while he pushed her hands on the sofa clutching her wrists in his fist to devour her.

Just when he was nipping her soft br**** he heard the loud knock on his cabin door making him halt his movements.

Damn..he groan in anger and looked at her face to see her still lost with her eyes close shut.

He adore her lost state looking all pink with his assault and got up from her . Maan took her cloths which he had thrown and called her.

Geet got up with a jerk feeling scare all of a sudden.

Easy jaan.  He hold her in his arms that’s when both again heard the loud knock which made him frustrated . He wrap her with her duppata and send her inside the room which was there in his cabin.

Making himself comfortable on his chair he called the person in .

That was Adi who fumble seeing angry glares of his boss.

Maan talked with his mom about Annie and decided something.

Geet was in worry for her Annie di,  she knew she had bad habits or her friends are bad but she was not .she knew maybe because she was her saheb’s sister.

Aap please Annie di par jada gussa mat karna.

Geet. He was furious on her listening to her.

Why should I not get angry on her , do you forgot how she had behave with you in past or now also.

Ha..but she is our family. She is your sister , she can’t be wrong.

Now he was shock hearing her. Because she is his sister,  she her to be nice despite all her cruel behavior with her.

Its not matter she is related with me or not but she is wrong here jaan.

And don’t you think she need to leave her bad habits and those friends of her. How dare he , he dare to touch you.

He grasp her waist again turning furious.

Geet nodded silently turning uneasy just reminding that.

Maan felt her uneasiness and hug her patting her head.

Relax jaan. Now you are safe here with me . Hence forth you are not going to do that silky thing again. You got it ??

Geet looked at him confused when he cupped her face.

The thing you did going alone in front of that friend of hers to help her alone.

Par hum kaise unhe akele chodte?

But that was not the right way when you yourself needs help every time. He mock at the end when geet pulled out angrily .

Why so hurry jaan ? He pulled her again when she tried to wriggle out and he just slam his lips hard onto her shutting her struggles as well . Geet pulled him more closer kissing him deep making him chuckle in a kiss.

After they broke the kiss geet not stop herself to said him

But aap please unhe pyar see samzaiyega.  Thik hai. ?? Geet hold his arm and nudge him looking at his face for approval.

No .. I will make her understand in my own way.

Maan.. she whine.

Phirse kaho? ? He was lost in her voice the way she called him uttering his name . As it’s only few times she said his name despite his asking.

Aap unhe please. .

Not that . Say my name he urge her holding her in his arms.

Geet blushed hard before calling him again


Phirse ..

Maan..my Maan she hold his cheek when he again took those lips in his own cherishing a moment.

It was evening when Annie entered inside the mansion .

Stop there only .

His roaring voice came from the staircase where he was standing .

Annie stand still hell scared with her brothers angry avatar  today.

Maan came down glaring her followed by geet which make Annie fume seeing her.next they heard his rough voice .

You are not allowed inside till the time you do not change your ways .

Annie was shock so was everyone .sumitra was though not accepting this decision of him but she knew everything that happened other day and now she was getting worried for her only daughter. That she didn’t stop him but Dadima interval

But son , you are over reacting,  she will change. Hai na Annie beta.

No , Dadima,  in fact it’s high time now she stop intervening in my life. Annie pointed her finger on geet who was no confuse with her sentence. She was though little bite scare with this both brother – sister due who were fuming in anger .

Stop blaming her for every other thing .for God sake Annie,  she is my wife !! You should respect her , can’t you understand this simple thing ??

Maan blasted on his spoil sister who was now crossing her limits insulting his jaan.

Then why did you beat my friend other day. He is still not in good condition. For that girl you beat my friend.

Annie was no less as she thought it’s now or never. She was highly drink that time when geet had came to help her. She didn’t knew that her friend who misbehave with her didn’t told her whole truth only about her brother beat him badly because of that girl.

Annie was already furious on geet and this new thing added fuel to her anger.

So he didn’t told you why I beat him and want to beat him right now also. His fist tighten in great fury just reminding that while his eyes spotted fury on his sister for making bad friends.

Geet hold his arm tight just reminding the same incident .it disgusted her making her feel sick.

Maan hold her hand which was on his arm assuring her.

I don’t need the reason I only know she is the main reason for all mishaps in my life.

Annie.  You are crossing your limits. This time Dadima scold her.

Why Dadima?  Everyone are against me after she came into our lives.Annie again pointed her finger at geet who was now on the verge of breaking down hearing so hatred for her .

Its not you dear , it’s your bad ways of living. Dadima try to make her understand.

I am not going to change my ways .Annie back fire.

Annie beware .you are talking with your grandma.Sumitra blasted this time.

Mom.now you too.

You are leading your life in wrong way dear. Its not good dear for you nor for us.  Dadima said

Not for you or for her ?? annie asked frustrated 

ANNIE! ! Dadima and sumitra said in unison being furious on her behavior today.

Just throw that girl outside first.. but before she could spoke anymore there was loud sound of the slap and whole mansion became silent.

Everyone tried to register what just happened standing shock on there place glaring the horrifying sight before them.


Whole mansion broke into loud scream of Dadima.

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  1. Wow superb so geet did slap that boy as she cannot bear the insult of her saheb…loved it the way geet was saying maan to handle things calmly with Annie was cute..so she did call him by his name superb…now who slapped Annie waiting to read more ❤️😘

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