It’s been few hours after which doctor walked out only to be greeted by desperate men.

How is she now?? All three asked in unison looking at doctor expectantly.

Can’t say now…we have taken out the bullet, but she has lost so much blood…we could only say after she gets unconscious…pray for it.

Everyone left a defeated sigh….

Can we see her…? 

We will shift her to the ward soon….then you can.

She was about to walk away leaving all heartbroken when she again turned back, 

Mr Khurana,…she called out and all three looked up.

She took a breath and then continued, do plz filled in the form, sister will bring, it’s mandatory. And she walked away to attend other patients.


Tu bichdann
Kehndi hai

Tu bichdann
Kehndi hai…

[Bichhde to jee na payenge] x 6

Maan watched her pale lifeless body lying on the hospital bed…she was lying still unconscious away from the world…it’s been ten hours now, still she couldn’t wake up.

Doctor had said about if she wouldn’t wake up in 24 hours, she will go into coma.

How unfair is that…he thought walking closer to her bed, and sat besides her holding her hand… couldn’t do anything apart from just watching her and as memories of their past moments together ran before his eyes like a film.

Wake up now…how much more hours you need to sleep. He complained pressing her hand, but there was no moment in her. 

He was getting frustrated now… because he had never been waited for someone or something so much… but here he was doing so desperately…just to see her smile back. That shy smile which she gives him only him…after his slightest touch, just to his mere gaze. 

He wanted to hear her complaints…her sweet complaints. He chuckled with wet eyes.

He never realized when tears sting his eyes, but she did this to him, after his mother, no one taken this special place in his heart.

But she did finally… He never given that place to anyone, but …” You stole it Geet…” “You are the culprit and you deserve my punishment, so now get up…” He demanded again…and stopped suddenly as the realization dawn upon about what he is speaking.

Yes, you deserve punishment from me for stealing my heart without my will…” 

He was speaking his heart out to her, so that she wake up and hear him out.

He picked her lifeless hand to his mouth , kissed her palm lightly, those moments from party flashing through his mind…her blushing smile…after his kiss, everything was going around his mind…making his determination more strong that he isn’t going to let her go away from him.

“I love you Jaan…”

“yahi sunna chahti thi na tum…” he somewhere realized her heart desire, that night she really confessed to him but he take it as her subconscious state of mind.

“Now I am confessing…plz come back to me now…” he was getting desperate to see her loving gaze upon him.

Jaan…he called out so lovingly, with yearning heart …cupping her face, he bend upon her and put his lips on her to kiss her vigorously in his anger…only to get jerk back by someone.

Maan stables himself and his eyes widen in shock to see the fuming eyes of his father. 


Everyone was worried for Geet, Maan and Rajveer couldn’t inform at KM…yet Dadi got to know about it through the media. She became scared for her favorite child and called Rajveer immediately who request her to not hurry to hospital in her old age, she surely can come once in the morning.

Morning turned to another night, still there was no response from geet. Maan and Rajveer finally decided to send back dadi to km since she needs rest as well.

“Hum thik hai beta,” dadi. Aap humari chinta mat kijiye.

Ma plz, samazne ki koshish kijiye…we are here for Geet, also you can come back in the morning to see her, maybe till then she would have woken up.

However stubborn Dadi ma was to stay, all three Khuranas couldn’t risk her health, they were more stubborn to send Dadi home.

Maan, drop her home…

He nodded and was ready to go when few police officers walked in for the investigation.

Seeing the need of Maan’s presence there, Kunal decided to drop Dadi at KM himself. Hence both left from there leaving Rajveer and Maan to handle the cops and their questions.


Rajveer has been there on the door, he listened his son’s confession and his heart became heavy knowing the reality of the situation. However, he couldn’t digest the scene, she was someone’s wife, he couldn’t claim her like that…kissing her was far away thing.

What are you doing, hosh mein aao…” Rajveer scolds him in low voice.

Maan gulped hard turning his face away from his father’s raged eyes. 

She is someone else’s wife, that someone is none any random but Khurana!! She is family and whatever. You can’t cross your limit…he warned him burning his already sore heart.

Maan kept mum, trying control his emotions, he knew he couldn’t go against his father…for he respects him and dadi much more.

Now, move out…

Seeing him still standing on the place looking at Geet, he repeated, “let’s go out.” 

Both walked out but behind them, Geet was slowly gaining her conscious, her fingers moved so as her eyeballs behind her close eyelids.



What was that? Rajveer couldn’t left that as it is…he wanted answers for he was fearing, if he had tried his Casanova tricks on innocent her behind his back.

Woh dad….I just…

Got flow in emotions.., his father completed trying to read his sons eyes, but he very cleverly avoided the eye contact.

I can’t see her like that…how can I dad…Maan looked up this time, Rajveer could see sea of emotions floating in his eyes. 

You loved her!?? 

Yes, I do…I just realised it today how much…Maan confessed looking into his father’s eyes, knowing he had already heard him inside room, so there is no hiding out more.

Rajveer saw him with painful smile coming on his face, for the fate of his son.

You can’t think about her like that Maan, she is married, devoted to someone else….loved her husband…Kunal bhi toh usse…

Before he could continue further, nurse came rushing to them, “Doctor is calling out for Maan Khurana, as patient has woken up and calling out for him continuously.”

Both shared a look and then ran towards the ward…with happy hearts that finally she has gained her conscious back.


Geet was getting hyper seeing her surrounding, it was not those four walls of hospital scared her but it was the flashes of the night that was the first thing came to her mind making fear for her love. 

Maan…she screamed seeing him running to her and in no moment, he was cocooning her in his arms, as she sobbed like a baby in his arms.


Sh….Geet…it’s okay…. it’s is over now….he patted her head, cradling her like a baby.

Woh…gun…shot…you …are okay….hai…na…she was hyper, she parted and looked at his face, to get the positive sign to her question, 


Maan cupped her face, wiping off her tears, his heart pains to see her like that, “yes, I am all okay… Now stop crying, “He pecked her forehead tenderly.

Geet calmed down after a while, that’s when her wound began aching badly, and she winced in pain.

Maan immediately left her and laid her down softly…she was still holding his hand, never to let go.

Staff and Ranjeet looked at the scene silently from the door in astonishment having soft smile on each one face.

Geet was startled seeing doctor rushing to her, with nurses, and she left his hand slowly, but Maan caught it firmly, she looked at him to see his assuring eyes on her making her smile despite her all pain.

How are you feeling now dear!? Rajveer asked softly coming into the scene.

Geet was taken a back with his presence, she tried to wriggle out her hand from Maan’s clutch, seeing her discomfort unwillingly he let go.

Ji..hum…she stammered.

It’s okay…take rest now, we all was so scared for you dear, he took seat beside her. “I can’t thank you enough for saving my sons life” he caressed her cheek, patting her forehead affectionately.

Geet was overwhelmed, as she missed her father so much at the moment, “you don’t need to say thank, uncle…” Geet however managed with her teary eyes and chocked voice…he gaze shifted to Maan, who gave her soft smile.

Rajveer followed her gaze, he couldn’t think enough as doctor sent them out again to do her proper check up and dressing again.


Rajveer looked at his son busy on calls, he knew MK is in devil mode and no one could save the cuptrit from his clutches now. 

Maan even called his personal investigators, to avoid the delay in finding the culprit.

Don’t worry son, we will find him soon.” Rajveer patted his shoulder.

I won’t leave him alive dad, just let him once come in my clutches, he curled his palm, his eyes showing red fury for hurting his Jaan.

Calm down Maan, hosh se kaam lo…


In no time, everyone surrounded her, asking her questions…. Dadi was there at her side, patting her head affectionately while Kunal sat at other side holding her hand without her notice.

As her eyes only searching him desperately… apart from him every Khurana was there. 

Aapko kaise pata chala bete….

Dadima humne dekha, woh red laser…I know that much, as I read it in books… although hum sure nahi the…but I couldn’t have taken risk…and she went on blabbering to Dadi.

Everyone was surprised, how much she talks, and dadi was really impressed with her bravery and knowledge.

You are really brave beta, god bless my child!! She kissed her side forehead affectionately showering her love on her.

Dadima, Geet hugged her getting emotional.

Annie looked at both somewhere not liking her dadi pampering Geet but she couldn’t do much, within feeling great for her, because she has saved her bro today. 


She twisted and turned on the bed being restless as her would couldn’t let her sleep…she was given sedatives and nurse left her to rest.

Kunal has left for home to freshen up and to change into fresh cloths. 

Maan sent everyone home forcefully as no one was ready to leave her side. 


After a while she open her droopy eyes, feeling him close to her. Automatically smile came on her face, as he sat beside her on the bed, she tried to move… he took her on top of him…

She gasped, Maan….koi aa jayega…

No one will come, I have lock the door. He whispered softly, tucking tendrils of her hair to back of her ear…his fingers played softly behind her ear, then roaming down on her neck.

She shivered in his arms, he only engulfed her…she laid her head on his chest, getting cosy.

To be continued….

Precap: – same


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