Maan stand there fuming within hearing what pinky just said, that just boil his blood to no extent. He dismiss her from his cabin called the doctor immediately. He watched her sleeping form and sat beside her on the sofa. 

his eyes went on her hand ,he take it near to get the clear view of it and was left shock to see its bruise and injured. 

jaan. his heart bleed to see her condition. but how did this happened. 

he softly kissed it and brought first aid kit to bandaged it . geet woke up after a while feeling his touch. 

how did this happen ? he asked in strict voice that made her gulp her saliva. she fumble before answering him in meek voice. 

woh.. sasha mam… 

maan was burning from inside but stop himself to hear her more.

she step on my hand and.. her tears spill down reminding it again.

he was furious beyond limits. he pulled her forcibly holding her both arms. 

and you let her to hurt you ? ha geet ?? he whisper dangerously on her face making her flinch back. 

you let anyone hurt you ?? he asked further disbelieving at the fact. 

are you that innocent or dumb ?? 

his words made her cried more .he is only accusing her than already she is hurt. 

there commotion stop with the entry of doctor. 

once a after checking her and giving prescription of med doctor left from there leaving her to his territory. 

but nothing like that happens as he left form there angrily banging the cabin door shut. while staff just gap at him in fear and shock . 

straightway he went to conference hall and asked adi to on the projector with cctv of today’s as he want to watch ,what had happened actually from the time both girls step outside his cabin.

his eyes shine to see her smiling happily with pinky, she looked so innocent and happy . just then sasha barge from the other turn and all that followed , seeing all this his blood boil to no extent . his hold become tight on the chair hand , eyes became furious red, he glared at aid who shiver with his one glare and switch off the projector. 

Ab kya karna hai , Sir ?? adi stammer fearing from her angry boss.

AB jo bhi karna hai, main karunga. saying so he rushed outside followed by frighten adi.. 


his one call and she was standing in front of him . all staff looked astonished, he dint either dismiss them for his own purpose. 

she flatter herself first but seeing his glare she was left frighten like other staff. 

Sasha from today onward for a month you will be worked as a maid here.. 

his on wards left everyone shocked including sasha herself, she thought she heard something wrong but his next set of words give her literally heart attack. 

You heard it right sasha. HE smirk devilishly seeing her reaction. 

you are gonna work as maid for next month.

MK. what are you saying. why do i have to do this work.. 

because i am asking you ?? 

but why ?? she dreaded to asked from him further as she was hell confuse 

Because you had dare to hurt and humiliated MRS. MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

WHAT !! all staff scream in astonishment. his one glare made them shut.

on the other hand sasha felt her head spinning, her heart broke brutally, she felt earth below her is shaking. she looked with her wide eyes at him. her dear MK. 

how.. when… ??? this words bang inside everyone’s brain but they knew they will not get answer from there dangerous boss. so they just shut there mouth but didn’t stop from thinking that who is that lucky lady.

but i did’t MK.. sasha was still confused but not soon her eyes widen in realization and she looked in horror at his way to which maan smirk yet again a devilish one. 

i guess now you remember it sasha. 

please MK.. i am sorry.. forgive me. i was not unaware that she is your wife.  sasha literally plead 

might be you forgot sasha, this words of forgiveness don’t existed in my life. 

pls.. MK.

if you wanna continue with your job, you have to do it for a month as your punishment to mess up with MRS. MSK. or else.. he left his words in mid glaring at her furiously.. 

sasha can only shed crocodile tears for this insult while from inside she was burning like lava ready to burst on the girl of her miseries. 

maan then turn to go but stop in his track and turn his head to others who were still holding here breath to see the injure lion  standing in front of them. 

your all salaries will be cut for his month,, who ever standing here and watching the scene without making any move

they could only gasp when he continue

beware .. i know all those faces.. he said in his dangerous MSK voice before leaving to hi s cabin again

NOW YOU HAVE TO FACE MSK, GEET !! he murmur before entering in. 

all could only curse sasha for all this fiasco while non the less they were surprise to find out there real MRS. MSK. she looks so young and innocent while he is much elder form her . and THE DEVIL MSK !! 


Geet saw him this much angry after a long time. he whole shiver to see his devilish smirk today. its gives a chill of terror on her spine and she knew it’s all because of her only.

pinky kept her one hand on her shoulder and smile at her seeing showing her how maan is punishing sasha for her deeds. they both were in his cabin and watching all the scene from window.

look, Geet, she get what she deserves. its not your fault dear, it was she who hurt you. and she was having no right to do so, not with you not with anyone. and you are not any servant to did that work.

she made her turn toward her, seeing her innocence and stupidity , she herself was left shock that couldn’t able to came with a fact still that she is MRS. MSK.

why do you let people to hurt you like this. ? if you are giving them chance yourself, they will happily oblige and harm you geet.

her words made her tears rolled down, as she remember his words. he was right and she thought him wrong that in her condition he was scolding her. she looked at her realizing the new facts.

sometime we didn’t get things from one close person after long time also but when other someone particular person whom we couldn’t met frequently, his/ her words , we can able to understands. the real meaning behind it. so its happen with geet hearing her words. pinky wiped her tears making her looked outside.

look at him geet, sir is fighting for you there. he is punishing all who dared to harm you , he even punished the staff who didn’t came to help you. geet looked through the partion of blinds. she felt new feelings indie her heart , its fluttering . its felt proud of her Saheb. her Maan. its first time she felt this new emotion. her heart thudded inside rib cage loudly in the pride of her Husband who was fighting outside for her and she couldn’t fought for her own self.

and you can’t fight for your own self geet ? pinky’s words widen her eyes.

she looked back at her when pinky just nodded her head at her in acceptance of her words.

hope you will understand geet !!

geet got lost in her thoughts. just then the door of the cabin bang open with angry MSK entering inside furiously and his one glare was enough to make pinky ran out.

Geet shiver forgetting all what pinky just said seeing his furious face. he lock the door angrily and take steady steps to reach her. while she just drag her slow steps behind with his each steps forward.

and finally she fall on the sofa sticking to it seeing him coming close. he rushed beside her.

have you ate anything ? he gritted his teeth for he was still angry on her.

she just nodded her head silently , as for not wanted to make him more angry she ate half of the food with difficulty which pinky had brought.

Medicines? ? 

She nodded further. 

just getting her sign he stand up to go when ,what came insider she just held his wrist softly preventing him form going.

Maan arched his eyebrows looking at her and jerk out his hand from her clutch and take further steps when her words stop him.

I am sorry  !! .

he fume more hearing her sorry ranting again and turning furiously grasp her from her shoulders close.

You are sorry ?? that what you have to be for your own fault. he rasp out angrily on her face glaring her furiously .geet was getting difficult to think anything in fear . but pinky’s words bang inside her dizzy brain and the words left from her mouth further.

I know it’s my fault .. i will. she was going to assure him that she try to be strong further , will not give anyone chance to hurt her, she will try at least for him but before she could speak he pushed her behind blasting on her.

Yes Geet, its all your fault. that you let her harm you. its all your fault to let others hurt you , mishandle you. YOU ARE AT FAULT GEET , ONLY YOU !!

she cried out hearing his harsh voice , but he din’t stop further , its long enough, she has to realized it .

he jerk her bandage hand closer while she wince n pain.

you like it. ? this injury . this pain. ? that you can’t protect yourself. ? he show her , her own badaegd hand.

her tears never stop , but his words bang on her innocent heart making it flutter badly in realization.

hume.. maaf.. kar dijiye.. .. i.. she sob.

if you really want my forgiveness then go and give one tight slap to sasha for what she had done to you.

geet was shock, she could not even think to harm any one or anything and here he is asking her to slap her.

YOU WILL NOT. hain na Geet ??

i know . you can never change . he scoff which angered her innocent child heart  and she wiped her tears furiously glaring at him like a child.

she takes fast stpes to reach the door when he asked her.

where are you going. ?

to do what you said… to get… your … forgiveness… she said between hiccups..

and with this tears of yours you will go there. ? he again mock her furiously for he could not believed on her words that she is really going to slap her.

she came back and take a glass of water and gulp it down while he could only stared at her getting amuse at her each actions.

while she opened the cabin door silently and looked outside. only to halt in her rack. her fear again come back seeing his staff outside as she step outside little further . she just rushed inside .she can’t do it.. she closed the door slowly with her lower head.

while he just shook his head getting back to his work.

geet don’t know what to do , while he decided to ignore her. she stand few minutes just on the door fidgeting with saree pallu while soon he got lost in his work.

geet after sometime started to felt her knees wobbling because of her fever and medicine effects. she drag herself near sofa and slept on that in a few minutes she was snoring cuddling herself.

it was late evening when he decided to take a break and lookup closing his laptop only to see her sleeping like a baby cuddling in herself. the sight made him to forget all what happen while day.

he walk towards her switching off the ac. and caressed her soft cheeks lovingly while she cuddle her face into his palm seeking his warmth.  that’s when he found her still burning. and all flashed in front of his eyes making him pulled out his hand. he is not going to melt this time not to her, her innocent. her pure love , dadima’s words or any damn thing. he decided.

shutting all things he again came near her and take her in his arms when she snuggle in his warmth  hiding her face in the crook of her neck .holding her sleeping form in his arms securely he come out side. . whole office was empty leaving few of employees along with adi and sasha. sasha was still busy in her new work given by MK.

the sight burn her heart, as she saw him carrying that girl. while other few employees gasp with the sight.  adi could only laugh seeing his boss this new side. he was happy though to see this change in him. and bless the girl in his heart.

leaving devilish smirk at sasha’s way maan step out of his office carrying his dear life in his arms protectively.


He got out of the car and went to her side to take her out when she woke up suddenly . He derived away as soon as he saw her opening he eyes and turn to go.Geet looked at his retreating figure and hurriedly got down from the car between that she stumble in her saree.  He stop for a moment turning his face at side hearing her , then went inside with fast pace.Geet managed herself and curse him under her breath for he didn’t turn towards her today to help her out.

Dadima was waiting outside when she saw him coming alone.for a moment her heart scare but she take a breath of relief seeing geet rushing behind him after him.the looked on her face told her there must be something had happened.  She looks worn out as well. 
Aap thik toh hai na? ?  Dadima rushed towards her at once ignoring maan all together. 
Ji Dadima. .Use kya hona hai? ? She is all fit and fine. Your scare little kitten. He scoffs angrily as all flashes of what happened in the office ran before him making him fume. 
Dadima. .geet whine almost on the verge of tears hearing him.  
Look! ! 
Aapko toh bukhar hai bete? ? Dadima spoke out worriedly checking her forehead.  Just then she notice her hand which was having bandage on it.
Aur Yeh kya hua? ? .your hand is injure also.Woh Dadima. .
Now tell her everything cry baby ..he scoff again.SAHEB! !  
He glared at her before narrating everything to Dadima leaving her hell shock and disappointed on geet. You did not do right geet. You are not any servant now but you are daughter in law of khurana’s. And most importantly you are Mrs.  Maan Singh khurana.  His wife  . In fact you have all rights to punished sash a or any other employees or get the work done by them. You are there boss just as Maan. 
Dadima blasted on her feeling really disappointed with her today. 
I am sorry,  Dadima.  Geet murmur pouting trying to control her tears.  You have to give her tight slap for what she done to you . Dadima was much more angry listening what Sasha had done to geet. 
Where as both maan and geet turn shock hearing her as that’s what maan had asked from geet as well. He smirk while geet was still looking at her with her wide innocent big eyes. 
That’s My Dadima.  Maan Came forward and hug her dearly , geet could only make face seeing the scene. 
She is mine dadima.  She whine taking slow steps towards them and stop there coming near to them.when dadima pulled her for a group hug laughing on her cute antics.
His hands went on her bare back and he pinch her hard making her shout.Kya hua ?? Dadima asked.Inhone pinch kiya Hume.  She innocently told the truth to dadima making both maan and dadima embarrassed .non the less dadima never left a chance to tease him as she wink at him and broke into laughter. 
Geet did you take any medicines ? Asked dadima after sometime.  
Yes dadima.  I had . I am fine now. Geet reply softly when dadima went towards her room .once she was gone out of there sight maan glared at her.
Tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta.  He spitted before rushing into his room.Ab humne kya kiya.. ek toh inhone hi Hume pinch kiya.  She rub the place where he just pinch her.

It was midnight when she woke up feeling his absent near her and she was right , he was nowhere in the room. She went out in search of him when she heard rash sounds coming from gym. She frighten ran into gym only to see him breaking big ice cubes one after another harshly almost bleeding his hands.MAAANN. . she scream running inside towards him but he didn’t stop , she reach near him and hold his hand that was again going to hit another ice cube. Geet go from here. He warned her furiously pulling out his hand from her soft  clutch.  He was totally mad today on her. On himself for lacking in to give her that much needed courage to go on and fight without any fear for he is always there for her.
Nahi..maan.aap ko toh bahot chot aayi hai.. band kijiye ye ab. She spoke meekly fearing from his red furious eyes. Kyun tumhe kya farak padta hai..muze chot aayi hai. He glared at her to which she cry out seeing his behaviour today but yes she had answer to his this question. Geet thought and blabber out.  Hume takleef hoti hai.  Bahot hoti hai. she sobbed hard hugging his sweaty body . She can’t bear more his so different behavior today. His ignorance. So have you thought ,how much it must be painting me to see you in any pain. He pulled her apart and shook her hard .
Have you thought , how must be in  feeling to see you in that condition , getting injure from other person and you didn’t even punished that damn woman . He blasted all that bursting inside him till now.
Geet was numb Hearing his words . Yes he is very much right. Think of me geet , just once . He jerk her closer as his heart burn in uncomfortable pain today. Think of me , if anyone had hurt me and..before he could speak anymore she slam her palm on his mouth shutting him.
Aisa mat kahiye. . I can’t bear more. She cry hugging him again.
She can’t think even in that line. No one can hurt her SAHEB! No one have that right. her eyes widen in realization , he is right , when she can’t imagine him like that how could he see her suffering and getting humiliated. On that she didn’t tried to defend her own self. 
He wrap his arms around her feeling her shivering in his arms.Hum samaz gaye hai. SAHEB! Hum aapko aur nirash nahi karenge.  
I understand it now. I will not disappoint you further ) 
Geet spoke out determine locking her hazel eyes with him.he could only admired his jaan now cupping her face .
She hold his hands in her own and her tears spill out falling on his blood filled palm. No more this tears now !! He warned her to which she only nodded taking the first aid box she bandaged his hands carefully and kissed it softly. 
Are you alright?  He asked her to which she nodded silently. 
He take her in his arms and both went to there room to begin a new fresh morning. 

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  1. Noce updates.Sasha is too low to behave with geet that way.but Maan give her the correct punishment.Thank God now Geet understood what actually Maan wanted from her.To be self defensive.Hope she will not repeat the mistake again of getting hurt by others.

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