She stand in front of huge building of kc again reminding the same thing happened in past.  Gathering her courage she looked on her side to see her mother in law standing beside her assuring her with a smile.

Chale. ?

Geet nodded silently feeling as if she is going inside with her mother . The feeling was so unreal she didn’t even felt with her step mother. Her eyes filed up but she control herself.

Stepping inside the lift there was deja vu feeling inside her .she still feared of this lift thing clutch on to sumitra tightly.

Sumitra looked at a fragile girl beside her and patted her head giving her comfort.

It’s alright geet. There is no need to fear. We will reach soon.

Geet just nodded still little scared till they reached the floor , she left a sigh of relief but kept holding her hand like small girl do with her mother.


Sumitra smile adoring her innocence and guided her out on the office floor.

All gasps could be heard with widen eyes of employees . Whisper sounds started to become louder till the time his office door open and he step outside only to be rooted on the spot watching two ladies hand in hand in his office or there own.

What made you to come here today ? Maan asked from his mom seating on his chair while both the ladies take a seat on the sofa.

Why. Can’t I come without reason. It’s mine office as well son , of you have forgotten.


Sumitra replied in attitude to which maan just nodded making face.

By the way , you didn’t introduced your wife with your staff . She asked.

I will mom. He curtly reply

Hmm.. It’s lunch break , so your wife have brought lunch for  you. Sumitra said surprising him further. He looked at geet who was all shy and nervous,  

seating like a doll with her head Downcast,  she was fidgeting with her sari pallu in her absent state of mind.

Hmm..lets have it then. He stand up and geet looked upward to see his handsome persona standing in his own aura.

Yes sure , you two continue. I will take a leave.  Sumitra said starting towards door already as she didn’t wanted to come in between both . She knew her son well .

images (2)

Mom. You too have lunch with us. Maan demanded confused with her behavior.

No. Son I will have it at home with your grandma.  Saying so she left smirking behind.

Once sumitra was out he come near geet to see her still nervous.

What happened?  Why are you Looking Lost ? 

He hold her hands pulling her in his arms.  She breathed heavily keeping her head on his chest , clutch his waist cot tight. She was hell confused with sudden changed of behavior of her memsaab or mother in law . She even  demanded from her to called her as maa.

Her eyes well up feeling that motherly warmth after long time from her . It was always dadima even though.

Maan felt something wet on his shirt and he pulled her apart to looked at her sniffing silently. Her whole face became pink with her crying giving her barbie look.

Jaan.. Kya hua ?? At least tell me something.

He demanded cupping her face. She sniff wiping her tears with back of her hands and murmur with her pouting lips.

Unhone hume…maa ..Bhulane ko …kaha. . And she broke into more tears again.

(She told me to called her mother)

Maan stood shock as well but he knew his mother better , even though she is vicious but circumstances had made her and he don’t regret it either.  It’s her life. She should live it if not then this world had not let her live .

(With geet he didn’t thought like this ,as he was being over protective and possessive for her that wanted to her to be strong and fight for her own self but he was unknown she was unaware about all this had relay on him for everything. Her unconsciousness knows that he is there for her always. To catch her protect her if she will fall  )

But today he can really saw that glint of happiness accepting geet as her daughter in law.

He looked at his Precious Possession who was no looking less than a barbie doll crying her eyes out like a child.

She and her crying session. He sigh and went to the side table to fetch tissue papers for his wife.

Here take it jaan !! He offered her and she grab it still crying.

Now for God sake stop crying , your tears will take my life someday .. he groan in frustration seeing her tiring herself with her damn tears.

Ji..Kya. .kaha aapne .she frown cutely and  started to bang on his chest with her meek strength.

Maan amused hold her wrists tight preventing her from hitting him though it didn’t affected on him but it was sweet music to his ear with her zingling bangles.

Kyun aisa karte ho.. she pouted.

He take her lips in his own kissing her madly .he was happy for his jaan , finally she will get motherly love from his mom.  He was grateful towards her.

Geet forgot all other things and kissed him back hungrily making him chuckle in her lips.

Before they proceed towards the sofa , there was knock on his cabin door.

Geet flush furiously pulling apart while he smirk seeing her condition.  She turn her back towards the door and comb her hairs behind which were messy because of the kiss.

Jaan take a seat . He whisper while she sat on the  sofa fidgeting with her pallu.

Come in..he sat on his chair.

Sasha come inside flaunting herself and give him the files asking signs on them.

Leave it here . You can go now.

She turn and about to go outside when her feet halted seeing the gorgeous girl with her married ornaments seating on the sofa.  She gaped at her. She is the same girl who come sometime before with Mrs. KHURANA.  She thought. But she had seen her before somewhere .she thought narafyioing her but she couldn’t able to remember whee it is and when .

SASHAA  get lost from here now.

He shouted from behind making her flinch back to reality . She ran for her life banging the door shut behind.

Maan drank whole glass of water trying to calm his nerves , seeing sasha gaping at her .it didn’t go well with him. How dare she  ??

He looked at geet to see her seating there scared like a small kitten.

Subpost 5 - Nandini in today's episode _heart_eyes_ - silsilabadalterishtonka - drashtidhami


He murmurs smirking on his own words.

Part 36

Geet was scared with his high angry pinch of voice , she crawled back seeing him coming closer to her . 

Geet.. He called out seeing her behavior and sat beside her . Before she could make a move he pulled her on his lap. 

Geet gasp feeling his hands on her waist , he press his palm more onto her soft skin making her moan . 

Lunch nahi karna?  His voice was husky as he softly kissed her on her chubby cheeks trailing down his lips on her chin he bite it softly .

Ouchh. . She pouted trying to push him but instead he buried his face inside her neck rubbing his stubble there. 


Saheb… she giggle feeling goosebumps while her bangles zingle making sweet sounds in his ears. He pulled out and looked at her glowing face looking as ever beautiful.  

He kissed on her forehead lovingly then coming down peck her perk nose .her breaths were heavy with her eyes turning droopy .He watched her beautiful sight before pulling himself away .

Let’s have lunch jaan. He called out taking the lunch box from table which she opened it and he didn’t fail to notice the new smell of food . 

It’s mom ? Mom made it today ? He asked shock and gaped at her to which she looked nervous and just nodded her head silently though she wonder how generously  he found it that it’s his mother. 

Why ? She looked more nervous now and kept hiding her injured finger inside her saree.  

Oh. .unhe aapke liye khana banana that toh.. unhone bana diya..hum bhi nahi rok paye. She mumble all words nervously while not meeting his piercing gaze. 

Is it the truth or are you lying to me ?? His voice become strict and he pulled out her hand suddenly from her sari making her gasp .her eyes widen in fear she watched his angry expressions.

Don’t dare to lye to me geet . I hate it. He gritted his teeth making her flinch back in fear seeing is fuming face so closed to hers. 

Is it still paining ? His expressions turn soft with worried voice while few tears spill from her hazels eyes making his heart split in pain. 

Humne zuth nahi kaha.  ..unhe apke liye. .Lunch banana tha.She pouted to control her cries. Don’t hide anything from me geet . It’s pain me more to see you in any pain . He wiped her tears while she turn her face angrily sniffing. He brought glass of water near her lips from which she take few sip .

Hum..aapse bahot naraz hai..Aap bahot gussa karte hai..woh bhi humpe.  

She blabber out still not looking at him. 

Accha.  He come closed to her lips and flew hot air on it making her quiver.her lips opened in anticipation. He take her shivering lips in his untamed quenching her thirst as well his while she hold him from his neck kissing him back angrily.As they broke apart from the kiss,  she blushed furiously making him smirk . 

Both had there lunch which actually maan fed her owning to her injury. …

It was after lunch he called for his black coffee. Geet heard him Barking his order on phone , it’s not even a minute when boy came with his black coffee  , maan taking it asked him to leave. 

Geet looked at the coffee cup making faces . She knew he loved the coffee made by her own hands . So she asked him directly. 

Kya Hum aapke liye coffee banake le aaye ? 

Maan looked at her surprised before decline her offer. 

no need jaan. its alright. i will have this one. he gesture towards the mug in his hand,

Par aapko toh humare hato se bani coffee pasand hai na ? she asked with her puppy eyes which he couldn’t resist nor the taste of her handmade coffee. 

achcha. suno..make one for me.ok. ? 

her face lighten up listening him.

but one minute. he called pinky immediately asked her to come to his cabin. in a minute pinky was there munching her left over chips in her mouth , geet giggle seeing her face. but his one glare and pinky gulp all left over food in her mouth. 

she cough because of her hurry in eating, and at instant found geet at her side with a glass of water.  pinky looked at her shock to see her caring side for a stranger , wait stranger, she seems not, pinky thought. while maan just shook his head watching his innocent wifey’s  innocent acts. 

GEET.. is that you ?? hai na ?? pinky’s face broke into full smile. while geet literally jump in excitement seeing that she recognized her. 

yes pinky. she gave her million dollar smile..


he roar watching the drama making both girls flinch on there places. geet hold pinky’s hand in fear while maan burn seeing the scene. first her smile and now this. he shook himself in his mind to control his temper. he is getting over possessive for her. damn.. she is just a girl.. 

Pinky. i called you because . you have to show her cafeteria and show guide her back here. 

Yes .sure sir . pinky chirp up actually fro getting this work , as she will got to spend time with this sweet adorable girl. she thought. though she was still unknown of her real identity .

chalo pinky, .. geet literally drag her outside while maan just watched the scene bewilder, how did both of them know each other. he thought . 

both were coming back with his coffee while chatting away in there own little world , actually were lost. whole office gaped at the beautiful angel, few girls jealous , few adore her while few looked at her in a bad way. 

as they took a turn to reach his cabin geet bump with sasha spilling all coffee on her dress. all three turn shock, silent for a while and sahsa started to fume in anger looking at the audacity of the girl. first of all she was jealous of  her , finding her beautiful and coming with sumitra. and now her fuse burst , getting the right chance she shouted on her. 


to be continue ..

Part 37

Geet stumbles back seeing the intensity of rage from her. Her whole shiver as she hold onto pinky tightly. Her eyes moisten seeing that it’s her fault . Sasha mam sorry. But it’s not her fault.  We..but before she could speak further Sasha show her palm to her gesturing her to stop. Hum..hum. .woh. .galti se..geet could only able to formally this words while Sasha scoff .
Bas ? Ho gaya . Itna hi bolna aata hai behenji ko. She scoff crossing her arms on her chest.Mam. .mind your words..pinky warned her not liking her behavior towards geet. You shut up girl ..Sasha fume .And you.. she pointed towards geet who was on the verge of crying now.You create this mess now clean it.  It’s not her fault. Pinky again try to interval when sasha glared at her making her shut. Ji..hum saaf Kar dete hai. Geet mumble between her cries. No  geet. You need not. Nahi. .Yeh humari galati hai.. Pinky. Hum saaf Kar dete haiBut..before she could argue further geet started to clean it with her saree pallu itself. hell scare from sasha , she kept down her eyes on the floor .Geet Yeh tum kya Kar rahi ho ? Pinky couldn’t believe the innocence of this girl while geet cried silently. Pinky rushed from there to inform maan as she could not see this more. While geet was busy in her task sasha walked away from there but not before putting her sandls on her one of hand and the heel stamp on her back of hand making her scream in pain.All staff was shock to see the scene and some looked at her in pity . While two peon  there came running. One was old man ,and one was young one who was the one who brought coffee for maan. Yeh aap kya kar rahi ho bitiya rani. Uthiye..the old man made her stand on her feet while she was crying silently feeling humiliated and with the pain in her hand. her old wound got bruise again along with there was some scratches from which blood drop started to appear.Yeh Hume dijiye aur aap jaeye saheb ji ke cabin main baithiye.The old man looked concern and guide her towards his cabin.geet silently went into his cabin and broke down in tears not able to know what to do. …When  Pinky rushed to his cabin but got disappointed to see its empty asking from her co- ordinates she got to know about his meeting . She rushed to conference room but stop outside itself dreading from his fury. After a while Adi come outside for some files when he saw her standing outside and looking tense.Kya hua pinky ? Kuch problem hai.Adi sir! ! Woh I need to talk to maan sir. But pinky he is in urgent meeting. It’s really important. You can’t disturb him.tell me. Adi asked. Woh sasha mam ..woh geet.  Leave it.. I can’t tell you. I need to talk to maan sir only.But. He might get angry pinky. Pinky made a face and left from there to look for geet first as she knew he gave her the responsibility and today seems her last day in this office because of that sasha mam. She thought making crying face ….
As she step into his cabin only to see her sleeping on the floor itself beside sofa. GEETT .. she rushed towards her and shook her to woke up.Geet slowly open her eyes and looked at her side and she flinch back reminding the scene again. Are you fine ? Pinky asked worried to see her condition. Her face was full of tears now had become red and when her hands touch her bare arms she find it warm up little.Pinky tu toh gayi ab. But not before you sasha. .she murmur pouting.Geet nodded silently while pinky try to pull her from down but geet didn’t budge instead started crying hugging her .Geet .stop it dear. Don’t cry. It’s not your fault . Pinky console her patting her head while geet hug her tight but mumbling his name when pinky try to listen her when she heard her calling for maan sir. She was shocked though with the way she was taking his name but let it go for the time being .geet drown in a sleep when door of the cabin bang open and he rushed inside looking hell worried for his Jaan. As soon as he step outside conference room , adi inform him about pinky and what she had to say about sasha and some geet and just hearing her name he got back to her.
JAAN .. he rushed beside her shocking pinky with his concern and the four letters he just utter now.What happened to her ? He asked from a baffled pinky taking her head on his lap only one feel her burning. Pinky. Are you going to speak or not !! He shouted making her come back to senses. 

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  1. Lovely update the way sumitra took care of geet and brought to maans office was nice maaneet were happy that his mom has accepted geet…this sasha had crossed all her limits when pinky says everything to maan I m sure he will teach her a lesson well geet’s identity will say it all waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Wonderful update.Sumitra accompanied geet to office wow.their beautiful moments.Sasha is jealous of geet now.After knowing what she did with geet will maan spare her.lets see.

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